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Sprint reminds customers that Ice Cream Sandwich is coming to key products in 2012


If you have an Android device with Sprint and have been waiting on an update to Android 4.0, then listen up. Today Sprint released a statement which read, “Sprint will begin to roll out Google’s latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, to our customers in 2012. Ice Cream Sandwich will be available via an over-the-air update to a variety of devices including Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch and Nexus S 4G and other key products in our line-up. Stay tuned for more details and exact timing.”

Some might find it odd that Sprint would not mention the EVO 3D by name, but HTC has already confirmed that the device should see Android 4.0 later this year.

Sprint and Google began pushing out Android 4.0 to the Nexus S 4G earlier this month, but we have no time frame for when it will hit other devices. Given the recent speed at which updates roll out, some Sprint customers might be waiting several more months before they see anything new.

At least a slow update schedule is still better than no update, right?

Source: Sprint

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  • spazby

    painfully slow process but better late than never

  • jonathan3579

    “Hey guys, ICS is coming out on the devices we’re phasing out. That’s pretty cool, huh? Told ya we’d do it…”

    • thel0nerang3r

      Well, it is if you have one of them… it’s not like you will buy a newer device out of contract… or most people will not.

    • Sifernos

      “You guys tired of waiting yet? Just buy the SGS3, it’s only 500 if you trade in your 6 month old device.” Sprint

  • spintrex

    I anticipated an update for GSII coming towards the end of Q2…hopefully I’m right

  • Alan Reboli

    This is just another carrot. Sometime in 2012? Oh so December would be an accurate time too? Give me a break. Just let us know when it’s due.

    • cecy

      i know!! I’m gonna get soo upset if they release in on December! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Richard Yarrell

    Updates are always great to have regardless of the devices you have.

    • jonathan3579

      Dick, I gotta hand it to you… I’ve never seen a single person continue to spout diarrhea of the mouth like you. You’re an animal.

    • Orion78

      I thought you left Sprint. Why the hell do you care?

      • Dougthemug

        Yea, but T-mobile is pushing their ICS upgrade out supposedly Tonight, and is really a shame that Sprint was really the very first carrier to release the sg2 to the us market period….

  • brad202b

    hmm 2012…..so what December 31 they will send out the update while all the other phone companies have once again outdone sprint by releasing it 8 months before sprint does. the list of reasons to leave sprint at the end of my contract is growing every day.

  • BigCiX

    Downside of android. Late updates.

    • thel0nerang3r

      I disagree with you. If you care about the updates, you will Google “ICS update” and it will show you many ROMs and how to install them. If you don’t care about the updates, then you aren’t going to bother to learn.

  • DInodan

    At least they are communicating to their customers what is going on….unlike others *cough-tmobile-*cough

  • Nathan D.

    You guys are still waiting for this!?

  • Rashaan

    I have the Nexus S. I got tired of waiting so I did a manual download of ICS. ICS should have been on the Nexus @ least the beginning of the year.

  • honourbound68

    Wish my HTC EVO View was a key product :(

  • BigCiX

    Really…..somebody gave me a thumbs down for saying the most negative thing about Android……the updates!

    • thel0nerang3r

      No, you said “Downside of android. Late updates”.. it’s a couple of posts above.

      • dougthemug

        dont be an “I-hoe”

    • kryt0n


  • josh

    So they’re promising to *start* rolling out an OS from Q4 of last year *sometime* this year? Nice.

  • Eugene

    Oh, they’re going to have them by the end of 2012 when the Sensation and 3vo updates were promised by the end of last month? Way to go HTC and sprint! You only lied by a few months.

  • Joel

    Alright Sprint, less talk more show.

  • Geah

    I’m starting to hate all providers. I have absolutely no loyalty to any of them at this point, since every single one has burned me. They all suck for various “controllable” reasons.

    Fuck you Sprint for giving us peanuts and not including the View on any list and yet including the Flyer… I feel incredibly sorry for people that bought the View on contract thinking it was a flagship tablet.

  • TnT

    I own a samsung galaxy s2 on sprint’s network.

    Poor me. I bought this phone in September of 2011 with two promises:

    1. ICS will be updated “real soon!”
    2. Great, fast coverage!

    On the ICS update, it is now May 29th and I have seen around 1 new update schedule every month, pushing the date back about a month each time.

    On my coverage, I get 3/6 bars max at my house on 3g and 1-2/4 bars max on 4g. Sometimes I’ll wake up and get no bars at all.

    Poor sgs2 users. I feel so duped. whether it’s on samsung’s behalf, or sprint’s behalf… I just feel so raped by these guys. :( They double-teamed me. :(

    • Sifernos

      I bought it thinking it was good for a year solid as a top tier device… 6 months later they release a slightly improved device and still haven’t updated my SGS2. I’m sitting here thinking, maybe I’ll just cancel my contract and go to another shitty network. Then I realized, they don’t care, in reality they will focus on their new flagship phone ignoring SGS2 users assuming we’ll just Buy the SGS3…

    • Tykus

      You get the Android 4 update yet???

  • TnT

    They’re hoping they can keep their customers until the Mayan calendar’s apocalypse. Take everybody’s cash, build a bunker deep underground, and ride out the apocalypse. Take over the in-space satellites and create a new earth called “Sprint-Earth.” If you apply for a job at sprint, you’ll see in the fine print that employees have to make 400 sales before 12/20/12 in order to be permitted to the safe haven. Totally found out their method.

  • Thomas

    I updated my Sprint S2 my self will I still get the update?

    • cecy

      how did u do it?

    • Tykus

      No..if you flash or add on any OS you will never get an OTA update

  • Triton Moon

    Sprint lies about everything and here in Missouri there network service is junk. So even if they get the ics 4.0 my wife and I are leaving them for At&T or US cellular. When you call there tech support they don’t know nothing about the phones and can’t tell you what wrong with the phone and if they can’t figure it out they replace it with a refurbished phones that are junk.