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T-Mobile’s network is fast, their web team is not


Yesterday we learned that T-Mobile was ready to makeover their image with a new $200 million campaign that would “set the record straight” on who has the fastest 4G phones. We saw a teaser video of Carly putting on a leather suit, and today the full TV spot was posted online.

Peter DeLuca, T-Mobile SVP, brand, advertising and communications, authored a blog post to explain the new “Alter Ego” series of ads. Peter said, “The ad is a metaphor for what T-Mobile is all about — challenging the status quo and taking bold steps in the marketplace as a challenger brand. The makeover from the girl-next-door to an edgier, more tech-savvy and spirited Carly is synonymous with the evolution of the T-Mobile brand as we continue to push the envelope with device and service innovation to deliver amazing 4G experiences at an affordable price.”

Both the new video and blog post invite the audience to visit t-mobile.com/testdrive to check out their competitive 4G experience first-hand.

Unfortunately, the site is not live yet and just loads a blank page. We reached out to find when the page would be up and a T-Mobile representative responded, “The test drive site will go live later today in line with the ad, which airs tonight on national television.”

Check out the full ad below and be on the lookout for the Test Drive site to go live soon.

Via: T-Mobile Blog

Source: T-Mobile Test Drive

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  • LaRosa

    No more “Mr. Nice Girl”??? Shouldn’t that be Ms.??? Just saying…

  • Dirge

    Aren’t they touting their “4G” network as the largest, not the fastest? Well, at least according to the commercial.

  • bOb

    Damn those misleading ads!

  • jonathan3579

    Despite the fact that I am already with T-Mobile, this doesn’t make me think anything more of them and I doubt it does it for many other people. Sigh. On the other hand, Carly looks damn fine in that leather outfit.

  • pikahatonjon

    who noticed the one s :D

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      I don’t know if you were joking, but I totally forgot there was a phone in the commercial until I read your comment. All I was focusing on was how Carly’s new look reminded me of Jessica Alba from her Dark Angel days — and that’s a Good Thing.

  • skugern

    Funniest part about the commercial is how the T-Mobile jingle clashes with the background music at the end.

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      Agreed; they should re-do the jingle with an electric or bass guitar to fit the theme.

  • KG

    EDGY? Edgy is announcing the SG3 will be available for TMO on its release day. Save the $200M BS push marketing.


    lets face it.. if you polled 10 people about network speed only 2 or 3 will know.. that leaves 7 people who will be influenced by the commercial. I however am not impressed. they need to focus on price for now and when LTE is live , then go speed. because if ou took the same poll of 10 people most will know LTE is faster based on the commercials thtat verzon has been flooding there mind with for the last 6 months

  • Max.Steel

    How about spending the $200 million on increasing current network coverage, acquiring better phones and upgrading existing phones to 4.0 instead of dressing some ditsy girl in faux biker outfits.

    • clocinnorcal

      Thank You! +1

  • Nathan D.

    Good ad and all but it doesn’t “set the record straight” at all yet and I’m on T-Mobile all ready so this doesn’t change my opinion on them that much either.

  • spazby

    t-mobile girl looks good in her new outfit

  • Winski

    Yes sir… We’re slamming on all cylinders now baby…. It’s 3:10 PM PSTand the lame web site from T-Mumble STILL doesn’t exist… These folks are just clueless…

  • glennw

    I think most likely it’s not that their web team is slow, but whoever is making the marketing business decisions decided that they do not want the website to be live until the commercial airs.

    Whether or not that makes sense is another matter entirely.

  • WlfHart

    It’s up.

  • rogelio

    How do yall say u have the largest 4 g and my friends have t mobile and he is always in edge epic fail att is better

  • WlfHart

    Ha, check the vs AT&T Netflix clip… the announcer claims they have time to jump to another part of the flick, yet the video shows AT&T done before the finger even comes on screen to try the jump. I’m still with T-Mo, but that’s bad advertising…

  • Allan

    Why is it that in every one of those speed test on their test drive site it’s an iPhone 4s? *gasp* Might it be due to the fact that the 4s is not a 4g phone? Well played T-Mobile, well played.