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Vodafone opens registration for the Samsung Galaxy S III

The wait is on.

The next Galaxy phone will be unpacked by Samsung on May 3rd, and some retailers are jumping the gun to take advantage of all the hype. Today Vodafone UK put up a teaser page so subscribers could register for updates on the highly anticipated device. We still don’t know the final product name (we are guessing Galaxy S III) or the specs, but we still expect Samsung will introduce one of the best Android phones of 2012.

Samsung previously said they would reveal the successor to the Galaxy S II “closer to commercial availability of the product“, so we could see the device go on sale as soon as May. There is no indication on when the next Galaxy will come to the United States, but we are hoping it’s much quicker than the 6-8 month lag that we experienced last year.

Source: Vodafone

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  • spazby

    just around the corner… and then we wait for u.s. carriers

    • jonathan3579

      I’m thinking I might just go unlocked this time around. Screw U.S. carriers!!!

      • Fulaman

        I hope you are on AT&T or T-mobile, unfortunately some of us are on Verizon, but I will probably leave them in favor of AT&T.

  • Oskar Wismierski

    There’s always an unlocked one somewhere..

  • aranea

    The teaser page suggests the name will have Galaxy in it. So I assume Galaxy SIII is a safe bet.

  • Nathan D.

    I just want to see the phone already!