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New Android wallpapers: CyanogenMod mascot and a crowd of Androids


To celebrate the release of our new shirt series, and because a few of you have asked for them, we’re happy to release our newest set of free Android wallpapers.

Based on the latest shirts by Ray Frenden, we’ve got four wallpapers, each available in two resolutions. Nowdays there are too many screen sizes to even begin to keep track of, so we just went with generic ‘Huge’ and ‘Normal’ sizes. Crop to your heart’s content.


This CyanogenMod mascot might be retired, but in our hearts he skates on in all his glory. Now that glory has been captured and put into a wallpaper. Enjoy it.


Communitee is a multi-headed beast. We had the community submit ideas and we voted, selecting a concept we thought would look rad Frendened-up. Nailed it.

Of course, to download any of the above wallpapers, simply click the ‘Huge’ or ‘Normal’ link under the thumbnail, depending on the resolution of your device.

If you love any of this art, especially if you think it would look good slathered across your chest, don’t forget that these tees are still available for a limited time. We’re doing a special pre-order-only sales period, after which we won’t be selling them again.

Buy ThrowbackBuy Communitee

You can head on over to get.androidandme.com for more information, or check out the announcement post from this morning.

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  • CTown

    Does any one know which Cyanogenmod nightly will finally include Cid (the new CM mascot)? Or is there no plans to include Cid in the boot splash?

    Nice shirts by the way!

    • Dustin Earley

      I’ve been wondering this too. And when they will include themes again. There’s a place holder for them!

  • jonathan3579

    Wallpapers were one of the things that made me love this site. I’m glad to see it’s happening again. Thanks!

  • Nathan D.

    Thanks for the wall paper =)

  • Zagrash

    definitely! I’ll have to work these into the rotation. Lately I’ve been stuck on this awesome image of space:


    • Zagrash

      yeah, I’ve seen those before, really amazing stuff!

  • Ashkan