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Android Gaming Weekly: BMX Boy, ZombieSmash, Cafe Nippon, Leisure Suit Larry


Welcome back to our regular column Android Gaming Weekly, where we recap all the new releases and highlights every Wednesday. We post small bits throughout the week related to Android games, but readers have requested a condensed summary that makes it easier to keep up with all the latest news. Read on for this week’s best in Android gaming.

New Games This Week

Zynga releases “survival comedy” ZombieSmash

Today Zynga said they would be releasing ZombieSmash! to the Google Play Store later this week, and the game just went live. I haven’t had the chance to play it yet, but Zynga normally doesn’t disappoint. The game runs $0.99, but the teaser video makes it look pretty tempting. Zynga even says the game features the proprietary SplatterEngine, which “renders adorable cartoon blood and gore in a convincing and entertaining fashion.”


Kairosoft returns with Cafeteria Nipponica

Kairosoft has a winning formula for mobile games, so you can’t blame them for sticking with it. Their latest 8-bit sim Cafe Nippon lets players find ingredients, make menus, and run their own restaurant empire. The game runs $4.99, but it provides endless hours of gameplay without any annoying in-app purchases or ads.


Hambo was Born to Bacon

From Miniclip, “Hambo the war hero needs help rescuing his best friend Bacon from the enemy’s evil clutches! Make use of your deadly arsenal and destroy those who dare to oppose Hambo on his noble rescue mission.”


iSlash reminds me of that old Windows game I can’t think of

Watch the video and then tell me the name of the retro game I can’t remember.


Help the creatures get their trees back!

We missed this game last week, but the visual style is so damn cool I just had to share it. From the developer Mikrotie, “Tap on the screen to cast a rope, second tap makes you fling yourself to the direction of rope! Swipe the screen to swing and gain speed. Pinch to zoom and view the 3d environment.”


BMX Boy accelerates onto Android

BMX Boy by Runnergames just came out two days ago and it has already racked up over 100,000 installs with an average review score of 4.7. The game looks fairly basic, but it has that twitch action gameplay that makes it addicting. Features include various cool tricks, 75 levels over 3 terrains, and simple two-button controls. BMX Boy is free to play, so give it a ride.


Sammy the stickman loves motorsports

If you don’t feel like paying $0.99 for BMX Boy, then just grab StickMan Stunts. The game doesn’t have as high a rating as BMX Boy, but it appears to feature the same twitch action gameplay.


Angry Birds Space gains 10 new levels

From Rovio, “A new moon rises and puts pigs in motion! If you thought it was hard to pop pigs in space before, just wait til they’re orbiting around the icy planets in these 10 new levels!”


Android Games Coming Soon

Max Payne Mobile delayed?

Rockstar Games was supposed to release Max Payne Mobile on April 26th, but we are hearing rumors that it was pushed back a week. I guess we will find out tomorrow.

Leisure Suit Larry gets funded on Kickstarter

Austin based Replay Games announced this week that they hit their Kickstarter funding goal and will bring Leisure Suit Larry to multiple platforms, including Android. It might be awhile before the game is released, but you can follow the progress over on their Kickstarter page.

Activision’s award-winning Rigonauts comes to Android in May

Activision’s first Independent Games Competition produced an awesome physics game called Rigonauts that is now coming to Android. Developer Engient describes the game, “The story follows a band of small, hapless yet determined engineering Hobs (as in hobgoblins) as they steal the valiant ship, the Rigo in an attempt to flee the clutches of slavery and their former masters, the Komandants.” Droidgamers reports the game should be available in May.

Kairosoft keeps it going with Pocket Academy

If you can’t get enough of Kairosoft, they have a new game called Pocket Academy that’s supposed to hit the Google Play Store tomorrow. Not many details have been released, but it looks like another sim title where you run your own school.

Mini Motor Racing

DroidGamers reports that developer Binary Mill will be bringing Mini Motor Racing to Android later this year. A hands-on video is embedded above, but head over to their site for the full details.

Games I’m currently playing

Deer Hunter Reloaded: I grew up in South Texas, but I have never been deer hunting in real life. I absolutely love Glu Mobile’s Deer Hunter series, and the latest Reloaded title has not disappointed. I’m a little annoyed that they made it a freemium title, but you can still progress through the game without having to spend any money.


Cafe Nippon: I had to see what all the Kairosoft fuss was about so I purchased Cafe Nippon. As many has previously said, these games are terribly addicting. I’m not sure why I have wasted so many hours on Cafe Nippon, but I’m almost finished with the 11 year phase and I have two restaurants that are ranked #1. I will say that I enjoyed the lengthy replay value without being forced to make in-app purchases. It’s nice to see someone do paid games right.


What Android games are you playing?

Find any great new Android games this week? Share your favorites in the comments below so we can check them out.

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      Yep! That’s the one.

  • Kyle

    Great format for the new games of the week. I will be trying some of these out on the GNex, especially ZombieSmash.

  • kwills88

    Zombie smash is such a great game

  • Zagrash

    Jesse is right, you’re thinking of Jezzball. There’s a free version on the market called Trap!


    it’s not quite as polished, but still a lot of fun.

    I will ALWAYS recommend Kairosoft titles though, you wouldn’t think you’d like them, but then all of a sudden, it’s 4 hours later and all you know is that you need to combine octopus with Japanese noodles just to see what the hell will happen in your kitchen

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    Why does Leisure Suit Larry look like Rob Reiner?

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    waiting for serious zombie game

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    Leisure Suit Larry!

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    Yeah Jezzball, at first I was thinking Qix

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    Canadas Noodlecake Studios — makers of successful SuperStickman Golf will be introducing their ios game LunarRacer next month. Also look at companys blog..theyll be helping other devs port their ios games to android & releasing new games every week starting may 10

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    I can’t wait for Leisure Suit Larry! We used play all the time in college!