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Amazon lists the HTC One X at $149 on contract, $549 without


The HTC One X is not scheduled to hit AT&T stores until May 6th for $199, but customers can pre-order the device right now from Amazon for $50 less. The device is currently listed as backordered, but it doesn’t ship for a couple more weeks and Amazon always has plenty of stock on the hottest new devices.

Amazon currently list the HTC One X at $149 with 2-yr agreement for new customers, upgrades, and add a line. Those who wish to purchase the phone off contract can grab it for the pretty amazing price of $549.

Amazon links:

I’ve been playing with the international version of the HTC One X for the last week and I can easily say it’s my favorite Android phone yet. The camera experience is the best of any Android phone and the design of the One is simply beautiful. I’d highly suggest going with the white model if you are thinking about picking one up.

My version of the One X features a Tegra 3 chip, while AT&T’s version features the Snapdragon S4. Both versions of the device offer comparable performance, and we will post a full performance preview of Tegra 3 and Snapdragon S4 next week to let you know how they stack up.

AT&T’s 4G LTE network is pretty limited right now, but it’s blazing fast if your city has it. I have been testing 4G LTE devices on AT&T’s network in Dallas and I have measured download speeds of 50 Mbps down, and 20 Mbps up. This will surely go down as more devices come online, but AT&T has the fastest mobile network I have ever tested.

Some will say that the Samsung Galaxy S III is right around the corner, but there is no promise on when (or if) it will come to AT&T. Samsung could surpass some of the hardware specs of HTC, but it will be difficult to match the overall experience offered by the One X.

We always suggest going with the best device you can afford, and the HTC One X is easily going to become the top Android phone on AT&T.

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  • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

    I’m really shocked at the $549 price off contract. Normally a new device like this goes for $699.

    • http://www.jeffkibuule.com Jeff

      Meh, it’s not that shocking considering it only comes with 16GB of storage. Also, Verizon way overcharged for the Galaxy Nexus off contract at $799.

      • redraider133

        Actually verizon charged $649…

    • redraider133

      I agree that is a crazy price for what phones have been going for lately off contract.

    • anamika

      $549!!!. Its selling in India for around $700

  • oreo

    I wonder if one off contract would work with T-Mobile hmmm.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      If you unlock it, then it would only work on 2G/Edge. But T-Mobile has said they are refarming some of their spectrum to match ATT 3G/HSPA+ bands for the iPhone, so it could eventually support it when that occurs. If you can live with Edge data, then it might be worth it. But don’t go buying with the expectation that you could see Tmo HSPA+ one day.

    • Ishken

      Check XDA, they have been using software go arounds to change the antennas on the Galaxy Note to work on T-Mobile. You might be able to find out if they did the same to the One X.

  • Illrigger

    Pre-Oreded mine at Target, with the Redcard and pharmacy program discounts, will end up being $135 on contract. And Verizon is apparently going to charge $300 for the Ingredible HD, which is a much lesser phone – I am pretty happy I was forced to switch carriers now.

  • chief113

    I just ordered from amazon. Do they ever deliver new devices early?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Depends on the device. Sometimes they ship a couple days early and arrive before they hit stores.

    • sgb101

      Earphone warehouse was giving away media links with their pre orders, shame I couldn’t as at the time it was not showing as abalone on T-Mobile UK.

      • sgb101

        Carphone warehouse ^

  • chief113

    I also just got my confirmation. They throw in a free car charger too. Amazon is the best.

  • Hector Manzanarez

    Could this work on tmobile. If so do I get just edge or 3g

    • Anthony

      I would love a definitive answer on this also.

  • sgb101

    I mentioned the price last week, as in UK it isĀ£450 , 100 less than I’d of expected.

  • concerned

    Target Mobile and Radio Shack are also offering the One X for $50 off when you pre-order from them.

  • spazby

    good price

  • BigCiX

    I actually considered this device but I think I still want a removable battery and SD card……and for that one smart ass that’s gonna say, “does it really matter”. Yes it does!

  • DroidPower

    sweet price. i’m curious, how does Amazon make money from this? i’m guessing that retailers make a commission from the carriers for each phone sold on contract.

    Is Amazon subsidizing the cost itself? Maybe to hope that the customers will use its Amazon App?

    Or did Amazon convince the carriers to drop the price b/c they have large volumes of customers?

  • Nathan D.

    You lucky people, but I’m not going to get upset just yet I still have hope for a better phone then one s coming out for T-Mobile, hopefully it will come true.

  • Realnamez

    I work for tmobile and it looks like the one x should hit tmobile by July. It should be the same specs as the international version and have a quad core and run on HSPA+. It might get branded by tmobile and called the tmobile G4x since the G2X was just discountinued

    • Anthony

      Thought that was the LG phone.

  • Realnamez

    The G2X was an LG phone but The G series is tmobiles brand kinda like the Evo for sprint if you remember the G2 was an HTC

    • Anthony

      Oh ok. Well I will most likely buy the HTC one s, keep it until I find out if the one x can run on tmo network or if the gs3 comes out on may 3 buy the global of that.

  • Ardrid

    This would be a no-brainer for me if the upgrade didn’t force me to lose my grandfathered message/data plans. Looks like I’ll have to pick it up from ATT unless someone knows a way around this problem.

  • dVyper

    The One X ‘was’ my next phone but stupid Samsung ‘had’ to entice me with their new phone, delaying my purchases :’(