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Android 4 now (FINALLY!) available for Nexus S 4G


Sprint has just announced that Android 4.0 is now available for the Nexus S 4G via their Sprint Community Page. The update will be coming as an OTA over the next few weeks, though owners of the Nexus S 4G can manually force the upgrade by going to their settings, click on about phone, and then update Android.

Once you’ve updated your Nexus S 4G, be sure to share your initial impressions of Android 4.0 by dropping us a comment below. Happy downloading!

Source: Sprint

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  • Mike Hale

    wow.. “only” half a year for an update on a Nexus device… Google is setting the bar pretty low here

    • ben steel

      You’re right Mike….it’s disgraceful, and disrespectful….
      And coming from the originators of the “update alliance” no less.
      I was hoping the Google acumen was going to rub off on Motorola Mobility…..not vice versa.

    • Killa357

      It has nothing to do with Google, it is because it is a CDMA device meaning it is closed source.

  • spazby

    that took a long time but better late than never…

    • jonathan3579

      Hopefully it doesn’t have the time without signal bug like the Galaxy Nexus!

    • Mauro

      Never late is better.

      • Eric Freeman

        But never late is… the whole idea behind a Nexus! ;(

    • CTown

      The only reason to get a Nexus device is for the belief that it will quickly get Android versions after they come out. It’s not like Nexus phones have better specifications compared to other Android phones (except for the Nexus One and its Snapdragon S1 chip).

  • Garets_10

    N I still haven’t gotten for my gsm galaxy nexus!!!

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      dude, your galaxy nexus runs android 4. I’m sure you know that already.

      • AsakuraZero

        i think he is trolling, unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful

      • Garets_10

        I think I know know that… Im talking about 4.0.4

        • Bpear96

          ..http://code.google.com/android/nexus/images.html#yakju it may not be OTA, but those are the offical GOOGLE BUILDS for the gsm galaxy nexus, flash with instructions, and you will be on offical 4.0.4 could have been for awhile

        • sunrise

          Flash with caution. Another site is reporting that the GSM Galaxy Nexus update is causing signal loss.

          • Garets_10

            Yea i heard that I’ll just wait it out maybe this week or the coming

  • kwills88

    I don’t even own a nexus device and even i am chanting words of finally on this one.

  • 00quantameister

    111 days. That’s how long it took from the original December 16th push to other Nexus devices back in 2011. Just wow. I just want people to digest that. I’m so glad there wasn’t a critical vulnerability to Android 2.3.7.

    • Dags -

      Just because Google took a long time to sort out some serious bugs in a major update doesn’t mean they couldn’t push out a minor update in much shorter time if required.

  • tdoyle

    Any battery life improvements with this over say CM9?

  • http://www.raymatthew.tumblr.com RayMatthew


    • Jon Garrett

      jellybean will be out by the time ICS is available on devices that should have gotten it months ago.

  • Instrumentals

    Dear God im going to be checking my system updates page all day…

  • AlexanderGS


  • YNWA

    Everybody knows the only way to get regular updates for your Android is to just buy the latest model every 3 months! ;)

    • Dags -

      Maybe that’s true in a world where custom ROMs don’t exist.

  • pjamies

    So when the hell are we going to see the update for the Nexus S up here in Canada Telus ??

    • http://facebook.com/jestertx2001 Jesse Moreno


  • AlexanderGS

    No one cares about Canada. Keep on topic.

  • mickjen

    I don’t understand, there’s no download on the Sprint site?

    Settings > About Phone > System Updates > Your system is currently up to date.

    Otherwise I’m still waiting for an OTA? !

    • mindzoid

      Same here.

    • thel0nerang3r

      Because you can’t force it. Not sure where the writer got the “force download.”

  • WlfHart

    About time!

  • Bpear96

    Slightly off topic, but i love my galaxy sii i9100 with CM9 :D stock ics is so nice. Compared to that crappy let alone buggy, Touchwiz ICS build sammy pushed.. CM9 on the gs2 is basically 100% stable now, everything working, atleast sammy released their ICS source code, so CM9 was able to easily make a fully working cm9 build. If your phone is offically CM supported, its basically on par with a nexus or even better update wise.

    • Bpear96

      That is if your willing to root :P. Any i9100 owners, check out cm9 though http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1419102 . If your not rooted, Codeworkx made a awesome ODIN package that you can flash in ODIN just like a offical samsung update (thats not OTA) and it will install CM9, CWM and root etc, all done very simply. Just a heads up.

  • txbluesman

    This is good news! Hope everyone with the Nexus S 4g is soon to be happy.

  • cabrone

    About damn time! Can’t wait for the ICS goodies

  • clocinnorcal

    So how exactly are you supposed to force the update? Because mine says up to date.

  • Lucky chauhan

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    For more info visit

    • r2k4net

      Nothing is there in this blogspot :(

  • Sgb101

    Yesterday I finally got my black one x, on T mobile, I’m not just here to brag, honest, the reason is my HTC Sensation ex, finanally got it’s official ICS update, at the exact time I was walking in to the phone shop to get the One X.

    It was like the phone was saying please dont replace me. Never liked the sensation, it never lived up to the Desire.

  • yankeesusa

    This is great news but some people have already sold their nexus since the update took so long. What makes it worse is that this is supposedly a nexus phone that gets updates faster than any other phone. Oh well. This would be a great backup phone to have.

    • YMS123

      Those lucky buyers!

  • karrob

    Just a thought but how many devices US devices have ICS? It really seems that alot of folks are pitching a fit for nothing…Smh

  • killmaxx

    Yeah, you can’t force the update. I would have bought the Galaxy S II but couldn’t wait that long for a phone upgrade so I bought the Nexus S 4g since it had nice specs and supposedly would get updates sooner. I hope this is actually hitting now and I won’t have to wait 6 more months for an OTA to slowly roll out.

  • Notafana Asus

    Beware Asus [email protected]$%ed up their ICS update for tf101 twice ad still have not fixed it!

  • Benjamin raibaud

    I leave in france and recieved ics 4.04 yesterday evening. Great.

  • Gimeti

    *#*#checkin#*#* will check for update

  • will

    Yea u can’t force the update and mine says its up to date even though its still on the original android… I am starting to really hate android alot

  • mickjen


    Official build, so eligible for future OTA updates, according to brief mobile.

    I haven’t attempted yet.

  • phltony

    Just bought an S 4G and had it flashed to Metro. Will OTA work, or will I have to take it back to the place I got it flashed at for ICS?

  • txbluesman

    Just got my notification for update to ICS. Install now or install later? What the hell do you think? LOL….I’m now stoked!

  • Adam Snyder

    got my OTA update for ice cream sandwich (about 7pm on 4/10/12) works beautifully, better late than never google, i wish for sooner though

    • elsantomoto

      I also received my update this evening, perhaps two hours after you did. I agree, it seems to be running beautifuly. I had no issues updating, it didn’t take very long, the new aesthetics are soothing and everything seems to be smoother and faster. Thank you, Google.

      • txbluesman

        I like everything about it except there is no facial recognition. What’s up with that?

  • Gimeti

    I got it too but it fails installing, is it because I have rooted phone? Anyone else with root access running into this?

  • txbluesman
  • alex

    Finally got my sweet treat!! Phone runs smooth and its beautiful to look at. So robust the changes how clean it all looks and comes together..Hope the rest of the android nation gets this love!!

  • mickjen

    So here it is, day 119, and still, no OTA push!

    I have tried the check-in (*#*#checkin#*#*) with all various combinations of wifi or gps on or off, restarting, etc…. I’m not gonna root it, cuz I have Chrome OS and my Ubuntu desktop needs some serious TLC before I wanna attempt dual-booting Windows, just for ODIN3.

    Spent over an hour on chat and phone w Sprint last night, to have them tell me that Samsung is in charge of the push. Samsung chat agent then told me to was up to the carrier. (Sidenote: neither chat agent was based in the US, and had the screen names Rachel and Isaiah, biblical names…. I wanted to punch both when they suggested settings>about phone>system updates. Ah der….)

    Then the Sprint agent on chat said that the push for Sprint’s network had only started in the last 24 hours and to expect it with 48 hours. That was 10pm Eastern 4/11/12.

    I had the Sprint agent note the account that if ICS didn’t VASTLY improve my call reception, data speed, text and email functionality, that I wanted to upgrade to the new LTE Galaxy Nexus FOR FREE!. I looked at my usage yesterday, because of dropped calls and shitty 3G data, this NS4G is a freakin iPod Touch…. And that extra $10 premium data pisses me off, cuz there is no 4G in my surrounding 4 counties and I had better speed on T-Mobile’s EDGE…. sigh…

    If there’s any trick I missed, please reply!!!! And it doesn’t help that Google just pimped out Chrome and G+ for ICS users!!!!

    • txbluesman

      The onlyl trick for OTA is patience. Hang in there. You will surely like it when you get it.

  • sir1bmw

    TMOBILE NEXUS S here – got the 4.0.3 on December 15 and received again the latest update of 4.0.4 on March 25…

    It just shows that from the 1st nexus one to nexus s – ONLY TMOBILE USA version ALWAYS GETTING THE LATEST UPDATE FROM GOOGLE…

    Thats why I always getting the Tmobile usa version since the nexus one…

  • Guess 1.0

    Received ICS update last week. Its been a bit buggy and notice that my battery life is shorter. All apps working fine except temple run, stutters a bit. It is nice looking, Cant find how to create folders though.

  • mohammed

    Can’t force the update