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Google begins selling Galaxy Nexus on Google Play Store for $399


There were rumors that Google would re-open their online device store, and today that new strategy is being revealed. We just spotted the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus on the Google Play Store for $399.

Android chief Andy Rubin just posted a blog to announce that Google would begin selling the unlocked Galaxy Nexus to customers in the United States starting today. Mr. Rubin wrote, “We’ve come a long way since the first Android devices started hitting shelves three and a half years ago and since the launch of the first Nexus device.”

Google attempted to sell the HTC Nexus One phone to consumers back in 2010 (I bought one), but that didn’t go so well as the top 3 carriers rejected it and Google was forced to shut the store down later that year. When the store closed, Andy Rubin said, “The global adoption of the Android platform has exceeded our expectations, the web store has not. It’s remained a niche channel for early adopters.”

One of the main complaints with Google’s online store two years ago was the lack of customer support. People who purchased the Nexus One back in 2010 did not know if they should contact Google, HTC, or T-Mobile when they had problems with the device.

This time around, things should be different. Rubin said, “We’ve implemented new customer support services to improve the purchasing experience on Google Play. We’ve taken all of this into consideration in designing Devices on Google Play.”

Google is only selling the device in the US today, but it will be expanding to additional markets. “We hope to bring it to more countries soon.”

Since the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus ships unlocked, without a carrier commitment or contract, that means users can use it on the GSM carrier of your choice. The device supports both AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s HSPA+ networks, with speeds up to 21 Mbps.

A lot of customers who purchased the fake Nexus from Verizon were disappointed with the lack of software updates, but that shouldn’t be a problem with Google’s version. They will control all of the software upgrades and won’t need the carrier’s approval before pushing out new updates.

I’ve been a little critical of the Galaxy Nexus, but it remains one of my favorite Android phones. There were definitely some bugs at launch, but many of them have been resolved with the recent Android 4.0.4 upgrade. At a price of only $399, this is the best deal that US consumers can find on an unlocked Android phone.


Via: Google Mobile Blog

Source: Google Play Store

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  • MrMrMan

    Which version, what specs?

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      the unlocked GSM version. Same specs as every other version MINUS LTE.

    • AceoStar

      In case you didn’t know what GN had by default.

      4.65″ HD (1280 x 720) Super AMOLED
      Contour Display (curved glass)
      135.5 x 67.94 x 8.94 mm
      135 g
      GSM / HSPA+ 21
      WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
      16 GB Internal Storage
      1 GB RAM
      5 MP Continuous auto-focus
      1.3 MP Front
      LED Flash
      Zero shutter lag
      HD Video recording at 1080p
      Micro USB
      GSM/EDGE/GPRS (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
      3G (850, 1700, 1900, 2100 MHz)
      HSPA+ 21
      1750 mAh
      Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0)
      1.2 GHz dual-core processor
      3 color LED
      2 Microphones
      Proximity/Light sensor

      • AceoStar

        ew, sorry for formatting :( Users rank X and above should be able to edit :/

      • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

        I just figured he could click the link ;)

      • kent depp

        awesome :)

    • Nate B.

      Are you serious?

    • mcdisease

      I just picked one up.

  • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

    Taylor. Buy me one. lol

    • jak2rocks

      No… Buy me one first. :)

  • AceoStar

    Boom goes the dynamite!

    Seriously tho, I hope they keep this up. They have the purchasing power to help push these unlocked devices out.

  • Smile

    As always, seems to be US only. T-T

    • Gongzi Liu

      As a Google & Android fan, it’s a pity to be a foreigner.
      More disgust, I’m living in China who Hates Google!!!

      • Gnex

        I feel you. I’m from the Philippines. But the Philippines love anything android!

  • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

    OK, so I was planning on getting the One S tomorrow, but it’s really hard to justify spending an extra $200 when I could get a stock ICS device directly from Google for $399.

    • ruperto17

      I was tempted for a second to go with the GN but I think I’m sticking with my decision to go with the One S.

      Slimmer, slicker, smaller, faster speeds, better camera, and Sense. I’d love to appreciate Sense mainly because of the email client. It’s second to none.

      • nathan118

        Sense is a plus? What does “slicker” mean?

        The way I see it….

        One S Pros: Better Camera, 42mbps, faster processor

        Nexus Pros: Better Screen, Vanilla Android, faster updates

        The One S pros are all marginal to me. The Nexus Pros are all worth it. To each his own.

        • Quasar

          I chose the GN too. I like the software buttons and Sense 4 looks more like an update to the Gingerbread UI, which seems like going backwards to me. The Holo UI looks nicer to me.

        • mark

          vanilla andoid is a minus
          sense is a plus

          that’s what I believe
          not everyone love vanilla android
          I love Sense

  • Toonshorty

    “We’re sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.”

  • stevoo

    damn at 399$ it is a bargain.
    I wish this was available outside US !
    I would have picked one up right now ( although i do own one )

  • thaghost

    This is extremely tempting. I want the One X in white. IF it ever comes to tmobile it wont come in white cuz they would want to differentiate it from at&t. Hmm…maybe i should.

  • http://www.openintro.com OpenIntro

    I love this. I don’t think the public was ready for their initial selling of an Android phone. But now that Android and the store have become the giant in the space and everyone knows them, it makes more sense. One click purchasing? Awesome.

  • http://thebackslash.com G3K

    Does this mean T-Mobile won’t be selling it subsidized?

    • CTown

      I doubt it. It seems T-Mobile is going to focus on the HTC One S.

      I really think T-Mobile should focus on one phone and make sure customers see it as “a status symbol” like a certain phone on every other major in this country. Yeah, people can be fickle.

  • George

    Any ideas on the shipping cost?

    • RonD

      $10.50 shipping and state sales tax. T-mobile here I come! Sprint 3G data just pushed me over the edge.

  • jonathan3579

    This is an amazing deal!!!

    • Richard Yarrell

      So what does this mean your buying or just posting something here as usual??

      • squiddy20

        Why do you think that everyone on this site *has* to buy something to comment here? If we were all like you, we’d all be just as “broke” and “jobless” as you were 5 years ago because we’d be buying crap that we’d all have little real need for. Good lord you are stupid.

      • jonathan3579

        For your information, DICK… I already own the Galaxy Nexus so I don’t need to buy anything.

      • Max.Steel

        STFU, Dick.

  • spazby

    really good deal for this phone

  • Noriega713

    Thanks for they heads up Taylor, I bought one…the total came out the $440.01 Two day shipping… Now i’ll just wait for the International version of the One X to drop down.

  • Hinds

    This will be great going forward. I know where I’m getting my next generation nexus device that is controlled and updated by google right away, I’m enjoying that right now with my current gnex. Updated in a timely fashion.

  • SK!

    Can someone please explain how the billing and data plans work with unlocked phones? The information online is outdated and not overly helpful. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • http://www.healthytiger.com Healthy

      you take it where you want. if you are overseas you can buy prepaid service (i just came back from a trip where i used my gsm gnex in spain and egypt)

      in the USA i know T-mobile used to have a plan that did not include any subsidized phones which allowed it to be cheaper month to month. I’m on that plan now, but i don’t know if it is available to new customers any more. (just look through their options)

      if you are At&t you are probably out of luck. worst case when you sign up for new service you can ‘get your subsidy’s worth’ by taking the best free phone they have to offer and keep it as a backup phone. you will be still paying the same monthly, but at $400 this phone is a huge steal and hopefully breaks the back of verizon who is somehow getting away with charging $300 and still locking in on contract.

  • Darknight42020

    My… Pocket… Hurts… So… Bad… Now… I guess patience does have a price. In this case, $100′s…*sobs*

  • Harry Ward

    I brought my Nexus one when they sold them like this, it was great that google were selling them directly! And they shipped to the UK! I was hoping for something similar when the Galaxy Nexus was released but i had to get mine from amazon. If this wasnt US only i would have regretted buying one so soon!

  • Dave Clary

    Uh oh. Negri has a lot of inventory that just became hard to move!

    • jonathan3579

      I just tweeted them asking what their plans are now, lol. The total for me here in Texas is $440.55 so unless they can mysteriously beat that and find a way to offer me US warranty, I’d call this one done! (At least in the Galaxy Nexus market)

      • Dave Clary

        If you looked at my search history the last couple of days, I’ve been scouring sites looking for a good deal on a GSM phone to use with the WalMart $30 plan. I was leery of paying big bucks for a phone with no warranty, so this is the perfect solution. This will be for another family member. I’ll stick with my “fake” Nexus because VZW has the only signal that penetrates my office walls.

  • virexed

    It’s about time google. Would have been nice if you did this earlier this year when all the buzz was about the Galaxy Nexus.

    • Quasar

      That’s how I feel too but the price now helps make up for it. I couldn’t resist because my N1 was just not keeping up anymore.

  • redraider133

    This is a really good price, especially when it is selling for around half of that with a contract. I think Google should do this every year with their nexus line.

  • Sam

    i want a white nexus, what’s the chance of it being sold via Google Play?

  • Trinhbo

    I can’t wait to see more devices on here. Nexus Tablet anyone?

  • Nate B.

    Do you have options for color?

  • rond

    Just checked Amazon. There price was $560 yesterday and it is $440 now! So Amazon’s price is about the same as Google after tax and shipping. Those outside the US might want to check Amazon for the new price.

    • rond

      Sorry, make that $454 on Amazon.

  • teecruz

    Had I known they were going to do this .. I totally would have bought one through them instead of Verizon.
    I love my Nexus! :)

    But .. $399 UNLOCKED? that just seems to great of a deal. right!? :)

  • MrMrMan

    Who is voting my comments down just for asking a question? Besides this is late and the 16 GB version is unappealing. I’ll wait for the Galaxy S III.

    • nathan118

      You complain and you get voted down more, haha.

  • dVyper

    Only in the US boo! :(

  • rpras

    Great-just 2 days after I get my GNex with a 2-year contract on Sprint. Now I need to figure out if getting the HSPA unlocked version on a prepaid plan (probably T-mo) is better.

    But this is really a welcome development for future Nexuses. Hopefully they’ll have Nexus 5 ready for me to get directly from Google.

    • ginafrom Orange

      T-Mobile are crooks, very tricky crooks at that.

  • Mix

    Would they ship to Canada?

    If the SIII is not tempting enough I might have to grab a Nexus, if possible, as Bells cell contracts make the devil look like a stand up guy.


    this is good news for the next Nexus !!

  • elijahblake

    WOW!!!! If they would have done this when the phone came out I would’ve been WAY happier.. Atleast this confirms the Nexus Tablet will be done this way.. and i for one will be snagging one up with a quickness…

    Sad thing is.. my Galaxy Nexus just lost a lot of resale value.. that’s cool though b/c i wasn’t planning on selling it anytime soon

  • Maximus

    Great news I will be picking up a GSM unlocked GNEX either today or tomorrow

    Prior to this i was looking at purchasing it from Amazon and the cheapest you can buy a Brand New Unopened GNEX was for 452USD

    This just made my decision that more easier

    Look for Amazon prices to Drop dramatically if they want to even compete with Google

    • Bpear96

      If i where to checkout on google play (which im not i have a i9100 atm :) ) it comes to Total:
      $438.16 , with tax and shipping. So the amazon deal isnt much more atm, since theres free shipping and no tax, but if amazon does drop down to $400 which i have a feeling they will, and keep no shipping and tax of course, it will be awesome!

      • Maximus

        i agree the Google deal and Amazon deal isnt much of difference especially seeing that some are being sold with free shipping on Amazon

        However 400 is better than 452 lol

        BTW im a Current NEXUS S Tmob user and have been since the Launch last year Dec 16 2011

        I vowed to never Buy a A phone that wasnt Nexus Bradnded then the Galaxy Note came and i was tempted to take the plunge and install the Mod to get it working on Tmob

        But i didnt

        If the NOTE 2 comes to Tmob that might be the only device that gets me away from Google Flagship devices

      • nathan118

        Those Amazon phones are grey market with no warranty. Have fun!

  • Bpear96

    Par this with a straight talk $45 “unlimited” monthly plan sim card, and it just gets awesome :D http://straighttalksim.com/

    You can chose at&t or Tmobiles network on straighttalk, im running a i9100 galaxy s ii on ST at&t network and it works GREAT :D

  • droilfade

    I was just wondering…since it’s unlocked…..will this work if I buy it in the US and gift it to someone in another country?

  • Nathan D.

    Finally some type of support to T-Mobile costumers that want this phone but don’t want to import it.

  • rond

    Quick question. Does ths take a regular SIM or a micro SIM?

    • William

      Regular SIM.

  • RaptorInTheCountryOfBugUpdaters

    Thank you, Andy. Now Updaters may die happily.

  • Raptor_FromTheBillOfMaterialsDept

    Interesting how much Sammy charges Google for this precious $399 cargo which will be obsolete in May3 and which costs today probably just $110-140 to build ?!

    • nathan118

      I’m guessing you won’t be able to buy an S3 on May 3rd though…

      • Quasar

        And to add to what nathan118 said, this phone has everything I need for a couple of years. I bet the full price of the S3 will be a good deal more too. I don’t buy subsidized phones because I’m still using a no contract plan from T-Mo and saving $10 a month. I’m not interested in signing a contract to spend more and get less.

  • Ichigo

    Amazing, for 399$ you get this killer, awesome phone.

  • CM

    Can anyone confirm that ICS has built in wifi tethering without the need for root?



    • Moebius

      Confirmed. I bought my GSM GN from Amazon in February and tethering works out of the box. On Tmobile

      • CM

        Great. Thanks!

        • Moebius

          Also, it has Bluetooth tethering, although I haven’t used it yet.

  • rauelius

    Little upset because about 2 weeks back I got a Gnex from Newegg for about $440 with a free SimpleMobile sim. Well, the first one’s USB port stopped working after a day of use so I sent it back. A week later I get another one, but this one came with a wall USB adapter that was, I kid you not, 5″ tall from the outlet, that didn’t but me though. Still used the phone, and at the end of the day the USB stopped working again!!! I should be getting a 3rd one this week, but if that one craps the bed, then I’m gonna get my moneyback and pick one up from the Play Store. I loved my Nexus One I got from them and hope that the playstore offers other devices as well.

  • rauelius

    Little upset because about 2 weeks back I got a Gnex from Newegg for about $440 with a free SimpleMobile sim. Well, the first one’s USB port stopped working after a day of use so I sent it back. A week later I get another one, but this one came with a wall USB adapter that was, I kid you not, 5″ tall from the outlet, that didn’t but me though. Still used the phone, and at the end of the day the USB stopped working again!!! I should be getting a 3rd one this week, but if that one craps the bed, then I’m gonna get my moneyback and pick one up from the Play Store. I loved my Nexus One I got from them and hope that the playstore offers other devices as well. da

  • Moebius

    Any clues if it’s a yakju version?

    • nathan118

      It’s its own version….takju or something. Only difference is it has google wallet built in.

  • Stella

    An unlock smartphone for $399 is a great deal with these specs. I’m trying to hold out until later but at this price, I thinking of jumping in.

  • Gallon

    I would consider buying one if an AT&T contract GN comes out. GN will always be unlocked, even for a contract one. Operators like AT&T force smart phone users to subscribe the data plan no matter you use cellular data or not. In this way, non-contract smartphones are not deals any more. Why don’t you choose to save hundreds of dollars if you have to pay the same monthly fee?

    • nathan118

      Try using tethering or wifi hotspot for free on Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus…

  • Chris Clark

    Bought my Nexus One through Google, if they open this up to Canada I may buy my next phone that way too.

  • TaoRenCe

    Mine will be here today! Finally, so long G2Hexed!

  • android.fa.life

    i should have just waited 2 weeks instead of buying my Brand new White Galaxy S II from a dude on Craislist for $410 im pissed….

  • klcow92

    nexus 4, why no stock!!!