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Could this really be the Galaxy S III in the wild?


Samsung is set to unveil the Galaxy S III on May 3rd in London at an official Samsung hosted event. With May 3rd just about 2 weeks away now, it would seem that someone, somewhere, would have had a chance to snag a picture of the GSIII in the wild by now. Today may finally be the day we’ve all been waiting for, as some blurrycam pics of an unreleased Samsung device have found their way online that could very well be the Galaxy S III.

According to Gizmodo Brazil, the pictures you see before you are indeed the Samsung Galaxy S III. The device pictured looks extremely similar to what was rumored as the i9300 that was leaked by PhoneArena sometime in late March, except for one noticeable change: there is a home button on this latest device.

Oddly enough, this new device from Gizmodo Brazil is also being called the i9300. The i9300 was originally rumored to land as the Galaxy M, a midrange Samsung device, but now we’re not sure.

As far as which model number belongs to which device, there’s been a lot of back and fourth on that. But when it comes to the two separate leaked pictures, the original i9300 picture from PhoneArean and today’s Galaxy S III picture from Gizmodo Brazil, there’s only two possibilities. Either one of the devices pictured is a prototype of the other, or the device with the home button is the Galaxy S III.

We’ve heard the Galaxy S III will come with a home button, and if you take a look at the phone’s housing, it appears to be some sort of unibody enclosure. Which would certainly make sense for Sammy’s next flagship device.

Oh, and about the name Galaxy S III, which some have disputed, Samsung has at least taken the proper steps internally to secure the webpage for it. If you visit Samsung.com/GalaxySIII, the url redirects and reformats to /us/galaxy-s-iii. If you visit any other random Samsung url, like Samsung.com/ergerg for example, you’re taken to an entirely different page. Just some food for thought. (Thanks, Scott.)

If these latest pictures out of Gizmodo Brazil are of the Galaxy S III, what do you think? Personally, I like it. I just can’t wait to see it in white.


The Verge has obtained new information from “a source familiar with Samsung’s plans” that says pictures of the device Gizmodo has captured are “not even close to the final design.” Adding that, “no leaks of the final design have been accurate.” It looks like Samsung is working extra hard to make sure no information on the Galaxy S III (which still isn’t the confirmed name) makes its way online.

Via: Gizmodo

Source: Gizmodo Brazil

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  • oddball

    Love the unibody and metal in the construction but that bezel is UGLY. I thought they were going to go edge to edge or at least as close as they could

    • WlfHart

      Yeah, edge to edge is far more beautiful. Still confused as to why the Note wasn’t edge to edge either. I hope the final model has a thinner bezel.

    • Paul

      I believe this is the phone but is placed in a skin to stop people seeing what it will really look like.

      Is that 2 flashed on the back of the phone????

      • Joel

        Goodness people, please calm down. Im proud of Samsung this time around – they have everyone starving for information and jumping hoops for just a little “taste” of their new device.

        This is not the GS3. Period. The plethora of “UPDATE – this is a crap story!” on all the mobile/tech sites that posted this article is proof of that. I know that as an android community we love rumors and leaks – but im glad Sammy kept a good lid on this. And for everyone that ragged on Sammy when they read this….you’re gonna be in for a rude awakening.

  • JR

    If it is it’s rather disappointing. Maybe the rumor that the GSIII is to only be incremental design change is in fact true.

  • Owain

    Looks as if it is in some kind of case, either as to hold the prototype together or disguise it (like the iPhone 4 that was left in the bar).. I hope that’s the case (pun not intended)

  • Fulaman

    Like JR said, I seriously hope this isn’t the Galaxy S III. If it is which I doubt it is btw, I don’t think I will be getting one. No Ceramic backing? Thing looks extremely cheap and i would prefer onscreen buttons as well.

  • triangle

    The design doesn’t look anything as nice as the One X, but then again design has never been Samsung’s strength. Hopefully, the rest of the device hardware will be kick ass. I’m hoping for the Exynos 5250 processor that Taylor’s been talking about, along with a SAMOLED+ HD screen.

    • http://bodacioustripk.tumblr.com emaciscool

      Design has never been Samsung’s strength? Samsung’s products are often the most appealing to the eye. Take, for instance their 8000 series TVs, my Galaxy Nexus, or their Series 9 laptops (minus the signal issues).

  • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel



    • xsynth

      Haha, totally agree

  • Bryan Stoner

    Samsung can do better. I’ll wait for the official announcement.

    • ags29

      I like that the logo is on the back. That’s a welcome change, for me at least.

      • zerosix

        It has been there for a looong time already.

        • ags29

          Not in the U.S.

  • http://ericweiss.me Eric Weiss

    Very odd to have rounded corners then have a more rounded line inside (I’m sure there are technical terms for what I trying to say). I can’t wait to see Samsung’s photos and (more importantly) what it looks like in my hand.

    • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

      i think the inner round circle is actually a glass protector rather than an actual design feature

  • mkstvns

    If that’s really it, I’m out as far as style and proportions go.

    I keep hearing the GS3 will be even bigger than the GS2, and frankly that’s just not for me.

    I find the GS2 to already be pushing the upper limits of what I can stand in my hand – my fingers are too short for anything bigger. Curse my horrible genetics!

    And as for the look… that is super, super disappointing if it’s the real deal. I realise style isn’t and shouldn’t be everything, but I’m a designer – style matters to me.

    Not sure what I’ll get if I don’t roll with the GS3… not a fan of the latest HTC phones either. Perhaps the new Xperia phones will be my next port of call.

    Anyway, it hasn’t been revealed yet, so I’ll hold out hope for the GS3 for now.

  • Jorge Vieira

    I think this is a prototype just so they could test the display and iternals looks like alot could be shaved of that my take atleast. I do lobe the sg2 design alot so if its just a bigger s2 i would be dissapointed but i would still want it really bad lol

    • LittleGreenDude

      You know, there’s this little thing called proofreading. You might want to try it.

  • kwills88

    That bezel is bugging me for all the wrong reasons. But I am kinda hoping this is the Galaxy M.

  • Scott Robertson

    Yay, my quote :D

    I do think it’s a case too. Especially if you look at the right hand side of the top image.

  • cthonctic

    It looks as if it takes the shape from the Galaxy Nexus but was stuck in some weird case that makes it look more like the SGS2 (as some rumors have suggested in the past). I wonder what it will *really* look like though.

    • http://scottymeuk.co.uk Scottymeuk

      Yeah, it has to be a case!

  • Nik

    That is one UGLY phone. I have first 2 galaxy series phones but if this is it I will probably not get it even if the specs are beastly. Samsung needs to understand design and build quality are just as import especially to the general consumer who are not spec oriented. That is why alongside Apple, Nokia and the recent One X are doing well.

    • http://scottymeuk.co.uk Scottymeuk

      I think that they get design to be honest. Their designs are probably the best of all Android devices. It has to be a case!

  • Fayez

    This makes me believe the next ” Galaxy Coming ” is not Galaxy S3 rather its Galaxy M pictured above, Even Samsung invitation hints at different Galaxy

    • http://scottymeuk.co.uk Scottymeuk

      I can’t see them using their main event to launch the Galaxy M

      • swazedahustla

        it will be multiple phones announced.

  • John

    Its a screen protector, probably from the galaxy nexus judging by the rounded corners. Which implies a large screen.

    Take another look, imagining it without the protector, and it looks very much like a galaxy series phone. Rectangles have served them well, they won’t ditch it.

    The back looks nice, just hope its not scratch seeking chrome. That stuff only looks good for the first 5 mins out of the box.

  • swazedahustla

    That is one fugly phone. Lol wow

  • Paul Atreides

    Everybody should calm down, wait for a better picture and/or video. The real thing will be here in a couple of weeks. This isn’t the finalized housing either. I was hoping for no buttons, but now I’m hoping and considering Samsung might pull a HTC and announce a couple of devices May 3rd. Their strategy this time around has been pretty clever, but let’s hope they don’t fumble at the 5 yard line. So far it doesn’t look better than the EVO LTE.

  • BigCiX

    Like someone mentioned above. Looks like a case.

  • Robaire

    I agree with the person who said this I’d probably a test mule of some sort . I also agree with everyone who wants hardware buttons. The chin is not going away just because you go to onscreen buttons, there’s more hardware under there. And why would I want to add an extra tap every time I wanted to bring up my home button ? For the sake of some worthless trendy style? I don’t think so. Someone on another site said it looks like it is wearing a nexus screen protector and I wold tend to agree. I think we’ll see something much moor special come announcement time.

    • jason

      capacitive buttons maybe, but ugh, not a physical home button

  • h0ruza

    isn’t this the same low resolution screen device that was leaked a while back?

    If anything this is the prototype from last years GSII.

    The truth is two weeks away peeps


  • that 1 guy AnM banned from commenting


  • SGB101

    if that is a 4.6/8″ screen, and with the size of the bezel that phone will be huge. the oneX has a great screen but over all feels smaller, due to design. that will be GNote size, but with out the screen real-estate of the note!

    ive got to call bogus on this, im expecting more/better from sammy.

  • Nate B.

    I don’t think this is the SGS III. We should expect a very sexy design.

  • Louis A

    If this really is the phone then the only attractive thing about it is gonna be the internal hardware. The external exoskeleton looks awful. Sammy, what’s going on?

  • Eric Rossman

    Did you see the reflection of the device that took the front picture… Apple FUD monger trying to shame the GS3 already.

    Dustin thanks for the update, the layout of the front camera with the small screen dimensions would have me guessing that the device in the picture is perhaps a refresh of the Galaxy M.

  • noes

    it sucks Taylor was getting peoples hopes up about the a15 stuff. He should have known that wasn’t happening.


    • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

      That article is full of rumors, just like every GS3 article so far. Nothing has been confirmed by Samsung, so we won’t know until May 3rd. If you would’ve read Taylor’s article more closely, you would realize that he was speculating it would be the 5250, since Meizu is using their quad core processor in an upcoming device.

      He has a good point though, why would Samsung let such a small company like Meizu, use the same chip that is going in their flagship device? It just doesn’t add up. Samsung has something up their sleeves and they aren’t the type to disappoint.

      • zymo

        ” why would Samsung let such a small company like Meizu, use the same chip that is going in their flagship device?” Why? Let me think about. Maybe Samsung is running a business and wants to make money by selling their products like displays, SoCs….They are even selling components to their biggest competitor, Apple. And Meizu is by no means competition for Sammy. You also have to consider that the Meizus’ quad core device won’t be available worldwide, but just in china. Beside that I assume Samsug will use a higher clocked version of their SoC (maybe 1,8 Ghz). Last but not least, the quad core cpu won’t be the only selling point of the S3, it will have for exmple the first “real” Super Amoled HD display (RGB) and some other goodies.

        • swazedahustla

          Wow, great points. I am inclined to agree with your assumption. I definately think they will upclock the SoC but it will be the same one used by Meizu.

      • swazedahustla

        We haven’t gotten a lock on exactly which quad-core processor will be in this phone, but it seems like a reasonable guess that it’ll be the same 32nm Cortex-A9 based Exynos teased earlier this year and slated for the new Meizu MX this June. In other words, don’t expect a Tegra 3 here as HTC is using in the One X.

        Notably, our source points out that the quad-core part will be in the global version of the phone. That likely means that certain regional variants will substitute other chips as necessary to meet requirements (for instance, to support LTE, AT&T is using a Snapdragon S4 in place of Tegra 3 in its own version of the One X). But that’s not necessarily a bad thing: “As we’ve seen with Qualcomm’s S4, [quad-core] isn’t automatically better than a dual-core,” our source says. Non-Exynos variants of the Galaxy S II (on T-Mobile, for instance) haven’t been slouches, so there shouldn’t be any big concern that Samsung will be selling “slow” phones this year, either.

        all make sense to me.

  • Nathan D.

    Can’t wait to see how the GS3 will look and what processor it well have. :-)

  • Shawn Clark

    Too many rumors… I’ll rather wait for the conference to see if this thing can live up to the hype.

  • jack

    FUCK you for this false information. My heart is broken

  • skugern

    I’m happy with the direction they’re taking. I”m just not sold enough (so far) to take the leap from the SG2 to the SG3. Due to my budget, I’ll be waiting for the SG4 :)

    • SGB101

      Most people are on a two year cycle and will be thinking the same.

      apple figured this out from day one, hence only one major jump every 2 years.

      a 3gs owner will now have a 4gs then will wait for 5gs. likewise I went g1, desire then now one x. most peeps miss a hurdle.

  • Graham Parkes

    I may be in the minority, but I actually like the physical home button on my S2 and hope the S3 retains it.

    Phones I’ve tried without a physical home button just seem weird to me.

    • SGB101

      We said this about physical keyboards. not even sure u can even get a decent device with one now.

      • dVyper

        True, the last one for me was the Desire Z. To be honest, while I loved the keyboard, in day to day running I actually didn’t use it that much. My next phone won’t have one.

  • Louis A

    Thank God it’s not that ugly thing!

  • Alex Belko

    I still don’t believe samsung can make galaxy s3 with such an ugly bezel

  • e36bmer

    That has to be in a dummy box. No way it’s the final design. If it is, then I’ll just keep my One X. But, I’m expecting good things!

    I do like how the photo is taken w/ an iPad though. haha

  • spazby

    i highly doubt this would be it, just a couple of weeks of wait though, we can handle that

  • BeatRoot

    This looks like a PCD (Pre-Commerical Device) which depending on the age of the device (most large companies will have had these for many months) can bare no relation to the retail device.

    I would be very disappointed if this is the final design, if so Samsung need to look seriously at there design dept.

  • aranea

    I’m glad that this is not the real SIII. The design although good was no where near what I was expecting.

  • inviolable

    No sir, I don’t like it.

  • leo

    Any one notice how there is a galaxy nexus screen protector.

  • jon davis
    • Joel

      According to the “Update” on their site too – No, it really doesnt.