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Court documents reveal original Google Phone, unlimited data plan for only $9.99


Google’s ongoing court battle with Oracle has revealed some interesting details about the early days of Android. Bryan Bishop of The Verge has been reporting from the courtroom and shared a bunch of new documents which Google released today.

Among the more interesting tidbits are that Google wanted to subsidize a $9.99 unlimited data plan with T-Mobile, Google wanted to sell 10 million Android tablets and have 33% market share in 2011, and Google thought a touchscreen could not replace physical buttons back in 2007. Hit up the source link for the full coverage of Oracle vs. Google.

The mobile world looks much different than it did back in 2006, but damn would I like a $9 unlimited data plan.

Source: The Verge

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  • Alan Reboli

    Holy nostalgia batman!

    • breaking

      bayern munich DESTROYED annal madrid gooooool

      • Mario

        annal madrid looool… madrid sucks

  • Lightning7

    So this is where it all started..

  • Lightning7

    A $9.99 unlimited data plan? Smack some LTE on that SOB and you got a deal! (A man can dream :/)

    • professandobey

      BTW Taylor, that’s pretty much a $10 data plan. Don’t fall for the trap.

      • caledan

        Yeah but it’s unlimited data but @ at&t it cost a minimum of $40 & that is bare bones for smartphones plus they want extra for texting. That is in the New England area as of Feb 2012.

  • Bryan Stoner

    That phone looks kinda sexy considering 2007 @[email protected]

  • enoch161

    What Google thought could not be done became a reality

  • redraider133

    It is a shame something like this never took off. I think now the carriers would definitely pass on this but wish this would have caught on and data plans probably would have been a little cheaper today.

  • fonix232

    Actually, the first documentations of the Android SDK (and the first beta SDKs as well) contained more touch-with-buttons layout, including a whole QWERTY model (a very BB-ish feeling, in red), what got a 480*320 landscape display, but in 0.9 it was changed to the more known red touch with d-pad model (optionally a slide-qwerty could be enabled). So the phone part isn’t news at all.

    About those data plans, well, it would rock. But it shows Google was again thinking about giving privileges to US people, without love to the other countries.

    • NotRelevent

      Well they are a primarily US company.

      • gad

        That argument is quite baseless…..google although based in the US has an international presence

  • spazby

    pretty amazing

  • LittleGreenDude

    Today you can’t get anything for $9, let alone an unlimited smartphone plan :(

    • Mix

      Totally true!
      My grandma has an emergency only phone that has something like 30 minutes a month on it and I think it’s $15/mo!

      • bpear

        why would she not just get a per minute prepaid plan like tracfone ? Or even a daily plan like boost mobile has, were it only charges you on the days she uses it (which could be never..)

  • kwills88

    I keep arguing with my iPhone loving friends that Google wasn’t trying to copy apple but more so competing agianst phones like blackberry, but touch screens took off thanks to apple and thus the hybrid was born= The G1.

  • aranea

    $10 unlimited data?! Nowadays, I’d be happy to see $10 2 or 3 gb data. This shows how the policies of wireless companies are affecting us.

  • Stella

    If Google started the $9.99 unlimited data plan 4 years ago, the data pricing today maybe a little reasonable. I wish Google would absorb T-Mo and call it G-Mobile or something.

  • Rising33

    G-mobile LoL, I like the sound of that. :)

  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus

    Why didn’t they stick with the $9.99 unlimited plan? Heck, I think a lot more people would’ve had smartphones and carriers would be making more money if it were like that.

    • honourbound68

      Subsidizing that plan would have have been great in the beginning. No way that could happen now. It would cost them too much money

  • Shawn Clark

    Even back in 2006…9.99 would’ve been a hellava deal to get on…One thing for certain…plans would have been a lot cheaper.

  • jamal adam

    Looks like we’ve made a complete 180, from Google stating ” a touchscreen cannot completely replace physical buttons” to having the Galaxy Nexus be all touchscreen and from wanting $9.99 unlimited data plans to having tiered data plans and throttled speeds. We have a bright future for touchscreen technology and augmented reality stuff and perhaps 3D someday but on the downside data plans will never be unlimited anymore and will continue to be tiered though hopefully that will change.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    >> subsidize a $9.99 unlimited data plan with T-Mobile

    T-Mobile is looking for someone to save it now, may be Google can try again this time.

  • Lauri

    $10 data plan doesn’t sound unreasonable at all. In the UK you can get unlimited data, unlimited texts and 250 minutes for £10 ($16) a month on giffgaff.

  • seaps

    It only took 5 years for a $10 unlimited data plan to sound crazy. How unfortunate…

  • chinochino360

    It would be very nice indeed to wake up to news (although improbable) of T-Mobile being bought by Google. Specially now that Google’s Nexus direct sales is back up with support for both US GSM carriers, it would mean no longer waiting until a US compatible version gets made. We then could enjoy devices as they where meant to like Europe usually does.

  • android.fa.life

    boi would i love a $10 unlimited data plan

  • Deter

    $10 unlimited data plan would be nice, but i still would go to T-Mobile since they don’t have the speed or coverage I’ve grown accustomed to.

  • gego

    The “Christian Post” think this could be the next Nexus device. The QWERTY phone. What a bunch of idiots