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Google’s JBQ speaks out on Android updates, Google selling the Galaxy Nexus and more

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Jean-Baptiste Queru is the technical lead for the Android Open Source Project at Google. When he talks, we tend to listen. Many a time now, JBQ (as he’s more commonly known) has come to the aid of speculating bloggers and explained situations with updates, Nexus devices and much more. Today, with the Sony Tablet S getting updated to Android 4 and Google selling the Galaxy Nexus directly recently, JBQ took a moment to share his thoughts on updates on Google+.

When it comes to Sony updating their Tablet S, JBQ says that the five months time it took them to complete the update was, “very reasonable.” He continues on to say that the changes from Android 3 (Honeycomb) and Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) to Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) are huge. A lot has changed from previous versions of Android to now, and the only reason Sony has managed to stay as up to date as they are is thanks to their contributions to the AOSP. ASUS’ updates have also been very timely, but that’s because of the tight relationship between ASUS and NVIDIA. Both companies are extremely focused on keeping their products up to date.

Continuing on the subject of updates, JBQ isn’t too happy on how the Nexus program is playing out. But Google selling the Nexus directly will help that:

The part that blows my mind is that some variants of the Google-engineered flagship devices still haven't received Ice Cream Sandwich (or are stuck with older versions of Ice Cream Sandwich) because of delays introduced by operator approvals. I'm very glad that Google is back in the business of selling phones directly without any middlemen to interfere, and I'll be even happier when I see that program expanded to more countries.JBQGoogle

Personally, I take two important things out of this. For one, Google is most definitely aware of the woes delayed updates cause. Especially when it comes to Nexus devices. And number two, those delays aren’t going to change if you buy a carrier regulated device. If you really, truly want your updates from Google, you have to buy your device from Google.

While none of that may be new information (in fact, it’s starting to feel like we’re beating a dead horse here), it’s especially relevant after this past weeks news of Google deciding to sell the Galaxy Nexus directly. Even the support website for the Google sold GSM Nexus will be directly managed by Google. And that’s all there is to it.

What do you think of a five month wait between updates for carrier regulated devices? Is that too long, or is it worth the wait? And while we’re at it, is anyone planning to buy an unlocked Nexus from Google? Have you already? Let us know in the comments.

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  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    Yeah, this is absolute bullstuff that VZW is holding back our updates! GNex and Zoom 4G – VZW is DEFINITELY the problem!

    • http://midweststitch.com ajonrichards

      I don’t believe that radio issues are stalling updates. Cyanogenmod, MIUI, and AOKP don’t have nearly the delays that that are common with OEM updates, especially incremental ones.

      • nerdshowandtell.com

        Doubt its issues, more like not giving a crap, and wanting to sell newer devices, marketing, and not dedicating the resources to getting the updates out there.. What’s in it for them, they got your money for the phone, and prob a 2 year contract to go with it.. they can take their time from then on..

    • Jedediah Sweetser

      My G1 i bought from Tmobile – i didn’t know better. My Nexus One i bought from the google store and used on Tmobile – it was bliss. My Gnex forced me to go to VZW – i knew better, and now that the Gstore is open, i’ll never buy another nexus phone from a carrier. I still have an awesome phone, and rooted and flashed – does everything i want, but i learned my lesson.

      • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

        But will you be able to buy VZW/Sprint phones at the GPlay Store? If not, that means that a very large percentage of us are simply screwed. :-/

        • Chad

          Nope. You’ll have to be with a GSM carrier (AT&T or T-Mobile) to be able to take advantage of buying devices from the GPlay store. GSM phones require sim cards

          • Mark Maurer

            Verizon 4glte devices now have sim cards. So
            Would we still be able to use a gstore phone with vzw?

    • evilR3

      Im thinking class action lawsuit… The end user buys a device and is held hostage to the carriers blatant disregard for ensuring the end user has access to the purchased software.

      • JSW25

        Uh, what? Did your phone not work when you got it? Does it work today? So you are saying that the software does work?
        Are you just upset that you don’t have the latest software? Because you know, the legal system really will care that you might have to wait an extra couple of months.

        Yeah, your class action lawsuit has no chance.

  • Steve Barry

    If there was any possibility to buy an ‘unlocked’ CDMA device through Google, I would’ve already gone that route. I have Sprint, and am a fan of the unlimited data plans they have. With their network vision rolling out (I spend most of my time around Chicago and the burbs) it will only get better. If they ditch unlimited data, I’m ditching them, simple as that.

    I looked at the options of brining my own device to T-Mobile via their Value Plans, but with a family plan (me and wifey) it doesn’t appear as though I’ll be saving any money at all…

    • Steve Barry

      I guess my next question would be this…what are the chances google starts putting out more of their own devices, besides the Nexus? I mean, what if they came out with their own version of a Note? Would that be possible/probable? What if all of a sudden, Google had an option for about 4 different phones and you could take them to any (GSM currently) carrier?

      • http://facebook.com/jestertx2001 Jesse Moreno

        That would be nice and is worth debating. It sounds like Google wants to start flexing their Googlerola muscle now, yes? I say more power to ‘em.

        Now put up the Nexus tablet so I can just throw my wallet at the site.

        • masterpfa

          I’m waiting for exactly the same thing and in other markets too, Europe awaits

        • Richard Yarrell

          Yes I can see the NEXUS TABLET sold in the Google play store. That along with the gsm galaxy nexus will be the start of a long adventure and this time google will get it right…No more carriers dominating crap…

          • squiddy20

            “No more carriers dominating crap” …or you could just root your phone and get the latest and greatest/circumvent carrier crap for free. Don’t need to spend $400 or more on a Nexus for that. Dumbass.

          • squiddy20

            *Slight correction: ANOTHER Nexus

    • Fineous Tweed

      If it somehow was able to operate on AT&T’s LTE network I’d already have it on order. As it is, i’m waiting to see what Samsung rolls our at their conference next Thursday before i order one. If i’m overly wowed by the S3 then i’ll just deal with terrible carrier update delays i guess :(

    • Wes

      If you were looking at T-Mobile Value Plans, you should also consider a service like Straight Talk’s bring your own device plan: http://www.straighttalk.com/ServicePlans

      You can choose to either be on T-Mobile’s network or AT&T. I’ve been using my unlocked GNex on Straight Talk for the last 5 months and it has been an outstanding value. $45 per month buys me unlimited talk, text and data (though, I believe data may be throttled after the first 2GB). Prior to that I was on T-Mobile’s network and I have all the same coverage and speed with Straight Talk that I did with T-Mobile.

      I’m a big fan of prepaid services. It gets away from carrier contracts, which is a big contributing factor why they are able to exercise so much control over handset manufacturers.

    • rpras

      I just signed up with Sprint and got the GNex. If/when voice over LTE goes live, I hope Google will have an LTE Nexus compatible with Sprint for direct sale. Then I could upgrade and keep my unlimited data. Possible, do you think?

      • Fineous Tweed

        The nexus you bough is going to work on LTE when they flip the switch. Though, the frequency it operates on is going to be abandoned in a few years when everything goes to 800MHZ.

        • rpras

          I doubt I’ll have this Nexus more than three years. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that all US carriers are going to LTE. At that point, I expect Google to have an LTE-only Nexus for Sprint/Verizon. Or do you think the “true” Nexus would still be GSM/HSPA?

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      Living in Long Island, NY, there’s really very little incentive to go T-Mobile … or any carrier other than Verizon. Verizon just has better coverage, period (on top of that, I am grandfathered into the unlimited data.) I hate the fact that I cannot pick my own phone, but this is the reality. An unlocked CDMA device is not likely to appear (especially it’s a dying standard), but what troubles me is that you may not even bring your own LTE phone in the future even if CDMA completely disappears because Verizon may not let you activate your phone.

      May be the best scenario is for Google to come up with a super small personal hotspot — something you can just clip to your belt. Then we could just buy any smartphone and use WiFi and VOIP.

    • Erik Hanson

      I’m not sure how it is that Sprint is cheaper.. I just checked yesterday to compare plans, and my T-Mobile Family Plan is like $30 a month cheaper than Sprint for an equivalent plan.. Granted, it’s got a cap on the top end of data that I may or may not hit every month, but still, not like they are way out of the ballpark when compared to each other. No complaints about Sprint, as they were my likely choice had that AT&T merger gone through (*shudder*) but the T-Mo value plans are pretty awesome!

      For example, as of today the Value / no-subsidy Family plan with 1000 minutes, unlimited text, and 2GB of data is $80 ($110 with 5GB, or add $20 to each for unlimited talk), and the Classic w/ subsidy is $120 or $150 (so $40 more per month than each of the no-subsidy plans) All this adds up to $40 x 24, or $960 over the life of the two-year contract. That buys a whole lot of phone for two years. Example phones include the HTC One S, $199 on subsidy, and the Galaxy S II at $229, saving you a max of $370-400 per phone, which doesn’t match the $960 spent in extra monthly fees.

      Sprint’s equivalent is $149 for 1500 minutes, and unlimited text+data. You can get the Galaxy Nexus there for $199, saving you $350 per phone (if they sold the CDMA Nexus in the Play store, it would be even less savings) so even if you went with the T-Mo subsidy plan, you’d be saving $30 a month just on that — obvious differences between minutes and “unlimited” data plans aside — and up to $70 a month more expensive than the no-subsidy T-Mo plan.

      Again, none of this is a knock against Sprint, just pointing out that T-Mobile has some seriously competitive value plans, and their network is just fine here in Dallas where I am, so I’m sticking with them for the foreseeable future!

      • Steve Barry

        Family plan…that’s what gets me. I think I went through the steps and I save a decent amount each month through Sprint. Also, truly unlimited data really gets me. I rarely use more than 2GB/mo right now considering I’m on wifi part of the time, but we all know more data usage is going to happen. Better quality video, sound, etc. all add up. I also get an 18% discount on Sprint on a monthly basis so that helps too.

        Once I get a Sprint LTE phone, I’m sure I’ll use that more often as it’ll be faster than my home wifi, so I’ll go through way more than 2GB/mo once that happens.

  • ashclepdia

    If VZW doesn’t get on board with quicker nexus updates I’m definitely leaving for a carrier that I can use a GSM nexus on, wake up VZW, it can’t be that freaking hard to have a dedicated team help get these updates pushed out faster….

  • spazby

    unlocked gsm nexus is out for delivery as of right now, so suck it manufacturers and carriers…. unfortunately, this will be my wife’s phone and i still will be at the mercy of this drama…

  • patruns

    I have my Nexus on order now, replacing an unlocked Nokia 5800. Nokia was good about updates initially, but even they tended to update certain markets first, ie; Europe while North America waited sometimes 5-6 months for the same update. That’s just as bad as the carriers. I hope Google does not follow this route.

  • Shaun

    I bought my GN last night. Been holding on to my Nexus S (and loving it), but couldn’t resist the upgrade.

  • uzunoff

    My Galaxy Nexus is waiting for me at home by the door. I agree that Verizon is the problem. It definitely puts you in a tough spot when you recommend the Galaxy Nexus to someone and they have connectivity issues. They are thinking that the phone is the problem…. and they are correct.

    But they don’t realize how much fault Verizon has in this.

    For the last 3 years I have been buying my phones unlocked and getting cheaper service from T-Mobile. I don’t see that changing any time soon…….

    …….as long as there top of the line phones running to T-mo at least…..

  • Joshua Wise

    I purchased the Galaxy Nexus from Google the day they started selling them. Got it yesterday, and haven’t looked back. So happy to have this, though its not my first Nexus, I had the original and skipped the S. Nexus devices just can’t be beat. There’s nothing to it, timely updates from Google, and no contract to sign.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Great purchase my friend I am not to far behind you after the bump in the road I just suffered wasting my time on Verizon. By Wednesday I will be 100% happy…

  • BanjMedina

    the Long wait is not fair at all… by that time my phone is already over used, and might as well buy a new one?


  • bellken

    wifi tablets are not dependant on carriers, and, alot of them have not received ICS. The upgrade to ICS isn’t an easy one, which is why we wait. It is better to run an old OS, that works, versus, a new OS with issues.

  • Nathan D.

    Finally some answer and hopefully Google keeps there storethis time.

  • Santa

    I read all JBQ’s comments before this post was up and all I can read in your “article” is just twisted words, far from what JBQ said and a lot of very important bits were ignored. JBQ answered 30+ questions…

  • Raymind David Smith

    I bought the gsm unlocked version, out my TMobile Sim in it and couldn’t be happier with the whole experience, may only buy unlocked phones from now on… Screw the carriers…

  • Ps3y3Ops

    It’s been five months for the GNex and no update yet. People bought the GNex for a NEXUS experience, instead they wound up with a NEXUS phone with a CARRIER (VZW) experience. No wonder Google is stepping in and good for them, it’s about time!

  • rauelius

    After getting two with defective USB ports (would charge, but windows or anything really would not “see” the device…This was a confirmed hardware issue by NewEgg.) GNex’s from NewEgg I decided to do a refund and bought the phone directly from the Google Play Store. Not only will I have US Warranty support, but It’ll get updates quicker. I don’t plan to root it as my G2x (overclocked to 1.4Ghz and Running ICS 4.0.4) annihilates the Gnex in benchmarks(checked XDA and the OCs on the Gnex are pretty low), but is no where near as stable. Should keep me happy till the Exynos 5120 based Nexus in Octorber

    • OnIn2

      Whoa…whoa…whoa. Back up.

      G2x with ICS. What ROM ? Is it stable ?

  • aranea

    Google going back into selling Nexus phones (and hopefully tablets too) is of course great news. The carriers especially in US have so much power over the phones. One main reason I think is that they are simply too big. Just like banks that are too big to fail when a carries is too big things get ugly.

    One thing that still surprises me is that though Google is getting back into selling hardware directly, they are also trying to get rid of Motorola. Wouldn’t it make more sense to not only sell but also manufacture some flagship devices?

  • mihavit

    i just wish they just take the nexus line more seriously. i left t-mobile to go to Verizon wireless to get better coverage and the Google Galaxy Nexus device. which i thought was a great move i ave coverage and the best Google device out. was i wrong about having the best experience dealing with googles updates. i now wished i waited to purchased the unlocked version under t-mobile network and deal with the not so good coverage. im just tired of going from having a dominate device the so called Nexus device to a carrier like phone dealing with updating issues with carriers hold updates that makes user experience better when they are needed. i just wish Google will just drop the ball and start flexing there muscles telling carriers to release the update to these specific Nexus devices. as a customer if i buy a phone becuz i want the updates faster i should be granted that becuz i spend my money on that device for that reason alone. point blank Google should start selling unlocked phones for all carriers that is capable in getting the updates as they are available. they would kill all the carrier holding updates for crazy periods of time before releasing it after all these bugs that plague the user experience. Google start selling unlocked phones for all carriers so this problem can stop once and for all. jesus this is so annoying now easy fix. if not start forcing carriers to update the nexus line only as the updates come out. this has been going on to long not to have found a solution that is so simple. everyone that owns a nexus device should have exclusive bragging right with there device.

    • Richard Yarrell

      I know your feeling we basically got clowned as far as I can see. I left Sprint to go to Verizon which 5 months ago I thought would be a great move. Yeah I give Verizon the credit ”double the data got a lot of suckers aboard the most unstable network around. Verizon can kiss monkey balls now….

      • squiddy20

        “got a lot of suckers aboard the most unstable network around” Oh, like yourself? You were one of those “suckers” who bought into Verizon’s crap. And to think not even a month ago you were saying how Verizon was “pimp slapping” other carriers and “BOSS”. Ha. What a f*cking joke.

        • HawaiianGuy

          1st I want to say thank you Richard. Your stupidity has brought me many many hours of amusement today at work.

          2nd squiddy, keep it up man. Most of the stuff your saying is dead on. Someone has to keep this tool in check. I will defiantly do a lot less lurking and a lot more posting in the future. Looks like your just having to much fun to not join in.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I must say so myself I am extremely glad to see this post. We on Google Plus have been discussing this issue for a little while now. Being able to communicate directly with googlers like Jean Baptiste and Vic G as well as Phil Nickinson have been a great wealth of information. It’s honestly SHAMEFUL what Verizon has done to the Galaxy Nexus on there network if I was Samsung I wouldn’t place another MAJOR PRODUCT on Verizon but I understand they are in the game to make as much cash as possible. People who have purchased the Galaxy Nexus not only paid TOP dollar for the device but deserve the updates that are given to the carrier as soon as possible which doesn’t happen on Verizon. Personally this is Verizon’s attempt to not only slow down people’s desire for the galaxy nexus but more so to prop up there failing line of crappy droid devices and the Motorola Razr with all VZW’S crappy bloatware that nobody wants. I knew years ago that Verizon was the WORST carrier when it came to updates but I wanted to give them a chance 5 months later they have shown no desire to do the proper thing. How does a person correct this failing carrier issue?? I will KICK Verizon to the curb and move on I haven’t been to happy with the overall network and overall constant issues they have had anyway. I will sell my Verizon galaxy nexus and purchase the other galaxy nexus from the google play store and take my 2 verizon lines over to T-Mobile gladly. People pay lots of monthly cash to Verizon and recieve poor service to a point where Verizon doesn’t even have the common courtesy to address the paying customers concerns about any issues. There network has slowed down considerably since December 2011 and truthfully they are nothing to write home and tell anybody about. No carrier is bigger than android and the overall problem with Verizon is they have gotten to big for there britches from a business standpoint so they don’t care about disregarding customers needs all they look forward to is your monthly money. Hello T-mobile I worked out a great deal for 2lines they were glad to assit with the transition I will be porting over my number and purchasing the GSM glaxy nexus by Wednesday. I will be adding the other line for my Galaxy Note2 when that arrives in late May or early June. I got unlimited data plus wifi calling plus for switching T-Mobile gladly added 10gb of data monthly for tethering my galaxy nexus to any laptop device ALL FOR FREE on a monthly basis. My overall bill will be 90 dollars can’t beat that with a stick plus now I will get my updates from GOOGLE DIRECTLY exactly how it should be. A person that pays for 2 lines monthly should recieve the proper service including updates and should not have to feel like rooting and roming my device is the only option in order for my smartphone to operate properly. Carriers should live up to there responsibilities and obligations especially when they recieve your money like clock work every month. Verizon won’t be pissing on me any longer…On a seperate note I could care less who down votes this post or whoever decides to respond with there overall stupid opinions. My response to you would be go out and pay for 2lines on Verizon every month then sit around with a thumb up your ass waiting for a strong 4g LTE signal in areas they claim have LTE or worse wait for your phone to stop switch from LTE to 3g every 5mins because that’s what you will see. Who knows you might just wake up on many mornings and not have any LTE service at all and no response from Verizon which is too common place. Nobody spends more money on devices and networks like I do I put my money where my mouth is I don’t need a rooted 3 or 4 years old device placed on boost or virgin mobile then enter these forums acting tuff behind fake names and being a coward. My advice to you is leave the college campus move out of your mothers basement then grow up like a man and do mans things because real men don’t hide they handle business coward ass college boy and we all know who I am talking about. Meanwhile welcome tmobile/google galaxy nexus to the fold ”The pure google experience device with the name google on the back not some crappy ass Verizon 4g Lte..This will be an awesome upcoming summer….

    • squiddy20

      1. “No carrier is bigger than android” Again with this crap? How many times do I have to tell you, Android is NOT a “carrier”, it is an OS (Operating System). Sprint, Verizon, AT&T (AssT&T as you’ve called it), T-Mobile, Cricket, and the like are carriers. And you seriously told me *I* need to “become better educated in this space”? Eat your own words Dick.
      2. “There network has slowed down considerably” It’s “their” you uneducated dumbass. See second to last sentence in point #1.
      3. “Verizon won’t be pissing on me any longer” Ummm… When were they ever “pissing” on you and what is your fascination with pissing and shitting on things/people? Seriously, all you ever say is “shit all over yourself” or “Galaxy Nexus pisses on everything else” and other extremely juvenile stuff. Again I have to ask, do you have some piss/scat fetish or something? I mean, you talk about it practically nonstop. You truly are one fucked up individual Dick.
      4. “On a seperate note I could care less who down votes this post or whoever decides to respond with there overall stupid opinions.” And yet you don’t understand the fact that because you are saying this actually means you do care. If you truly didn’t care, you wouldn’t have felt the need to say anything dumbass. And it’s really sad that you think other people’s opinions are “stupid”. But hey, at least you realize they are opinions now. Congratulations Dick! You’ve finally learned something after 2 years of my telling you what an opinion is!
      5. “I don’t need a rooted 3 or 4 years old device placed on boost or virgin mobile” If you would bother to take the few seconds to do even a basic Google search, you’d find that the Moment hasn’t even been around for 3 years, let alone 4, and that it was a *Sprint only* phone. Boost or Virgin never got it. Again, see second to last sentence in point #1. Ignorant dumbass.
      6. “real men don’t hide they handle business” No Dick, “real men” don’t call other people “useless bums”, “homeless”, “peckerwood”, and other juvenile, stupid, and offensive names. “Real men” don’t say “I’m gonna shit all over you”. In fact, NO ONE says that except mindless crazy people, such as yourself. “Real men” don’t tell others their *opinions* are “wrong” or “useless” simply because one does not agree with them. You clearly have a thing or two to learn about being a “real man”. You should go ask that younger brother of yours who’s in one of the Armed Forces (pretty sure it was the Army) about it. He looked like a sensible guy, unlike yourself. (Yes, I’ve seen that cover photo on your Facebook and I have two words for you: “dental plan”.)

    • Steam

      “Nobody spends more money on devices and networks like I do” You are completely out of your damn mind. Richard, you have a TV from 1973 that you found in a dumpster. You’re an idiot. You’re pissed off at Verizon, act like you know everything, but you’re to stupid to root a freaking GNex. You are so severely screwed up in the head, that you can’t keep track of your own lies. You can’t even afford toothpaste and a decent TV, and you think that owning a few (imaginary) phones makes you a big spender? Once again, you may believe your own bullsh*t, but no one else does. Who, exactly are you talking to when you post your psychotic rants? No one likes you. In fact, in decades of internet interactions, I have never, ever seen anyone so universally hated as you are.

    • Steam

      “A person that pays for 2 lines monthly should recieve the proper service including updates and should not have to feel like rooting and roming my device is the only option in order for my smartphone to operate properly.” Who do you think you are? Let’s say you do have two lines; so what? You think you’re special because you have *two lines*? How many times did your father hit you in the head?

  • jlschulz

    The true BS behind all this is that it’s solely the carriers behind this. If they know that Google will slow their releases to a carrier for this abberent behavior or better yet put them on a watch list to pull android from them alltogether if they don’t put more emphasis on this necessary customer service, then things will start to happen. Google has the power, the truth is they care less about the customer since the nexus line is their future bread and butter, and the more they can piss customers off and blame it on the carriers, the better off they are. Seriously, does anyone really believe that they can’t get the update for the 3g xoom out in less than three or four months after the wifi model and just blame it on verizon when google is the one doing the push. There isn’t that much bloatware on theoriginal xoom. Some crappy games no one cares about anyhow.

  • swamis

    Regarding carrier/OEM updates, the projects are scheduled three or more months out. Some updates I’ve worked on with with OEMs took six months. I would love an ICS update for my phone, but i realize that it is not financially beneficial for carriers and OEMs to back port updates to already released models. The OEMs have to juggle this with their new projects as well as working with third party vendors to ensure that the whitelisted applications have been fully tested and verified to work with the new OS.

    I love that Google is directly managing the sales of the Nexus and hope it removes some of the power that the carriers have on customers and third party vendors.

  • android.fa.life

    I said this once and Ill say it again VZW is money hungry if they could have they would have changed that ICS google search bar into a Bing bar

  • GE918

    I’m just curious, why does Android and Me allow the juvenile personal attacks on this forum?

  • http://twitter.com/simontaghioff caffeinedependent

    Wait – so how come Apple can release an update to every iPhone on Day 1 without needing ‘carrier approval’?

    Is Apple working with carriers to get approvals in advance of each iOS release or do they have better terms with the carriers?

  • scott

    Im going in the route of lawsuite against verizon. I also dont remeber signing a contract that says you will get updates when we one to send them lol verizon. First step BBB i have sent my compaint and i am waiting if nothing the next step is to sue.

  • josh

    I would buy a gem gnex off google if it would work with vzw as no other carrier where I live has as good of data speeds bur I agree vzw is shitty with updates the last few weeks though they have been bringing a lot of updates to older phones maybe preparing for ice I’m hoping. This is why they have something called rooting ive rooted every phone due to this issue hell I had gingerbread on my droid eris bf even the newest and best of phones did. The dev community is awesome screw vzw updates I can get and do whatever I want with no issues with software from the devs

  • klcow92

    wonder what will be in android 5.0, now that they have 4.2 with multi user support etc