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Update: HTC is moving away from QWERTY keyboard phones


HTC fans hoping for a new Android phone equipped with a QWERTY keyboard will be extremely disappointed to learn that HTC is moving away from producing new devices with physical keyboards. HTC creative director Claude Zellweger made the announcement in Seattle during a press event, stating “As a company the QWERTY keyboard we’re moving away from in general.” Zellweger goes on to say “putting too much effort into that [QWERTY phones] would take away from our devices.” Rather than spending extra time on new hardware designs for QWERTY equipped devices, HTC will focus on improving its on-screen keypad software to consumers.

Even though most of the popular smartphones released in the past few years have not had physical keyboards, QWERTY devices have played a key role in the development of Android and its growth since the very beginning. Couple today’s news with HTC’s revelation from yesterday that they scrapped  plans to release 3,000+ mAh battery-toting devices and you have  a recipe which will produce some angry and frustrated HTC fans.

Having owned three QWERTY phones made by HTC, I am personally disappointed to hear that there may never be a true T-Mobile G3 device to replace my G2. Do you think HTC is making the right decision by abandoning development of new QWERTY devices?

Update: It seems we jumped to conclusions a bit too early. Claude has clarified a few things in another statement, acknowledging that there is a “diehard community” waiting for new QWERTY devices, but HTC is waiting for a few technologies to mature before they test the waters again.

I think the market's there, the sort of the diehard community, they keep wanting it, there's definitely still a market for it. We feel that putting too much effort in that would take away from our main focus, being a whole-screen device. I think people recognize the trade-off with size. There are a couple of technologies that we are waiting to sort of mature that could make a big bump suddenly in the evolution, that we are looking at very closely.Claude Zellweger

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Source: TechCrunch

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • triangle

    I may not agree with it, but it makes sense since they’re focused on thin phones. Hopefully, they’ll see all of the negative reaction to their battery life decision and shift to focusing on longer battery life.

    • HW4EVER

      Screw HTC and any manufacture to force me into touch screen typing hell. It sucks on 10″ tablets and it sucks harder on mobile telephones! Anything more than typing a password on-screen is a pain. You can almost touch type with a real keyboard. Try typing and driving on an on-screen keyboard!

  • jonathan3579

    At this rate, HTC is not gonna have any customers left.

    Byebye power users, we prefer chic thin phones that actually do nothing except fit in your skinny jeans.

    Byebye keyboard users, the on-screen keyboard should suffice for your typing needs. If not, go buy yourself a USB-attachable one and hope to God it works.

    Sigh… HTC, what the hell are you thinking?!

    • nsnsmj


    • snowbdr89

      Your forgetting more men wear skinny jeans then chics in today’s world!!

    • WlfHart

      What next? Bye bye large screen sizes? I’m sad to read these changes… HTC used to be my favourite smartphone manufacturer, now Sammy is on the rise.

    • Walla

      I agree htc need the physical keyboard because G2 was a classic….you don’t wanna cut customer off from there…and leave them hanging

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Every company should have a keyboard available. Like the mytouch 4g slide for example, should have a keyboard bundled in the box. The size of the keyboard for the phone and it should be attached by the USB port, for those that want/need a keyboard always have it.


    Wow, who is the genius at HTC that made those two calls. *facepalm*

  • Dee

    Im really disappointed with this. At the very least they could make just one?! Tbh i think qwerty keyboards add some spice. How many thin phones can make without have similarities that overlap? Sheesh… I would much rather have a qwerty phone with a big battery than a thin phone that can barely last…
    However in their defense i suppose the newer the phones manage power better(so says the reviewers) so maybe the battery thing isnt that big of an issue?

  • Meister_Li

    I’m quite disappointed by that, as I was hoping for a One Z down the line or something like that. I can understand why they’re doing it, but it’s still disappointing. Touch-Keyboards are well and good, but if you want to chat or write many e-mails, you really can’t use them well.

    It’d be good to provide some kind of keyboard (and gamepad) attachment that could hold up the phone whenever you need it. That’d be a good alternative.

  • Lightning7

    hTC-No Longer Brilliant

  • RibCage

    That is terrible news! I love my G2, but I know its not gonna be as fast as other phones in the near future, and I was hoping to replace it with an HTC G3 or even the HTC MyTouch Slide 4G and that doesn’t seem possible now. I hate typing with the screen. Loved QWERTY on cells since the original Sidekick!

  • lawrenceh

    Damn, i was hoping to wait for a replacement for my G2. Well, oh well.

    • toadpole

      MyTouch 4G Slide or Samsung Captivate Glide. I picked the MT4GS, though.

    • Byron

      Me too. My dream phone would be a G2 with a front facing cam and better pic quality (and no the MySlide whatever you call it doesn’t count!)

  • http://pixelswim.com Steve Heinrich

    The hardware is what truly separates Android… taking away the keyboard option completely could be a mistake. I can go either way myself, but a lot of people will only use a physical keyboard.

  • Oskar Wismierski

    I had a g2 (desire z) and loved it.. would love a new version! Plus my girlfriend is constantly looking for a qwerty phone .. and the aren’t many out there! It’s a good niche market..

  • Steve Barry

    This is a disappointment, but I’m more of a Samsung guy right now and I hope they don’t continue this route. I’m not set one way or the other, but I know a lot of people love their sliders.

  • http://midweststitch.com ajonrichards

    Fine with me. I know no less than three people who have moved from QWERTY phones to full touchscreens, and have not regretted it. The old 320×480 phones were difficult to type on accurately, but these new qHD and 720p phones have more than enough screen real estate to type onto.

    • R.S

      I know several, most of which are older but even I, before my GS II (T989), had only owned phones with an actual keyboard.

      There are several advantages to having an actual keyboard. Not only is typing without looking at the screen possible but I made less errors, hardly any in fact. That and I didn’t have to proof read everything I write to make sure auto correct didn’t chose the wrong word.

      Like mentioned in my first sentence, most of the people I know that have a phone with an actual keyboard are older. It’s just easier to use.

      One bad thing about phones with an actual keyboard is the lack of good cases for them.

    • masterpfa

      I moved away from physical keyboards when I moved from WM phones HTC Tityn II to my Andrtoid HTC Hero and have never looked back. They were great for typing but not essential for my needs.
      A move by HTC I will welcome as personally never seen the need for a keyboard on a phone in 2012

    • pjax

      QWERTY 320×480 phones aren’t ideal, but what most people here are looking for are those slide out QWERTY phones that feature full sized touchscreens. Best of both worlds

  • Alan Reboli

    I think this is a good move. Qwerty keyboards used to be nice because the Virtual Keyboards at the time sucked. But now with VK’s like Swype they really render the hard keyboard useless. The only reason they would stay kind of relevant is emulating. But I would also assume that this goes with the “Thinner > battery life” movement.

  • Vance

    This obviously falls in line with their recent announcement committing all future development to their devices’ thinness.
    Personally, I’m a fan; but then again, I wouldn’t buy a phone with a QWERTY keyboard. Obviously the number of people who would buy a phone with a QWERTY keyboard is not sufficient to warrant R&D dollars in that space. At least HTC is clearly defining themselves and what they stand for in what is an ever-competitive space. I think it’s smart. At the end of the day, when a customer walks into a local cell phone retailer to get a new phone, the wall with the most sex appeal will belong to HTC and that will lead to sales.
    Of course time will tell, but I applaud HTC for taking a stand, carving our their niche, and standing behind their strategy.

  • malejko

    Scratch yet another Android vendor off my potential list.

    Samsung still sometimes makes qwerty android’s, but usually on the low-end, or with a really thin keyboard, which is ok, but not as great as some of the HTC, Motorola, LG or Sony qwerty keyboards.

    So .. down to Motorola, LG and Sony for my next device I guess… and I think even Sony and LG might stop making the qwerty one’s.. we’ll see I guess.

    The rest of the devices are really starting to look all the same to me. The biggest variety among them that I’m seeing is the screen size for the most part. That and software customizations..

    I can now ‘type’ on a virtual keyboard, but if I have to type more than a couple of words, I pop the keyboard open. On my tablet, I can type a bunch better with the larger keyboard, but even then sometimes I pop out a keyboard.

    • Vance

      I use the Flex T9 keyboard on my phone because it uses Dragon for voice to text, which is superb. I can dictate full emails, with multiple paragraphs and punctuation, and not have a single error. Plus the swype feature on the Flex T9 is as good as any.

  • Newmexican

    Was hoping for the G3 made by HTC (to follow my G1 and present G2). This would have kept me as a HTC customer. Now nobody making decent phones with hardware keyboards is left. Might as look for other options too.

  • spazby

    i got so used to swype, that’s all i ever use now

  • Dave Clary

    If you search my comments here over the years, you’ll find several lamenting the fact that there wasn’t a decent replacement for my wonderful G1 keyboard. But I’ve now given in to the fact that with a big screen and decent software, I can get by just fine without it.

  • Nathan D.

    Is it me or is HTC going down to the dark side recently?

  • Stoyan Deckoff

    QWERTY keyboards might be useful in English and some other western-language speaking countries, but in a lot of countries they are not. Bulgarian sports 30 letters, Russian 32, German 4 symbols more , not to mention Chinese, Japanese and so on. 105 PC keyboards provide enough extra keys to which the extra letters are assigned. Phone keyboards does not. Software keyboards does not have this problem, as much buttons are added as needed. Hardware keyboard slider is a part that can easily break.
    I support this HTC decision. I do not support their decision to ditch the mega-battery development.

  • McLovin

    I’m not happy about this at all. I am a G-1, G-2 owner and was hoping for a G-3 with a keyboard and a power processor. But that looks like its not going to happen.

  • Dyl

    This is not good news. I am deaf and my phone’s primary purpose is email/sms/IM. I dont even have a voice plan. I hate typing on a screen.

    I’m really not looking forward to the eventual replacment of my very-difficult-to-find-850mhz-UMTS Milestone. It seems there’s only ONE other phone that would be a worthy replacement (the Samsung Captivate Glide).

    • Dyl

      ARG, sigh.. a little sea water and my Milestone is out of order. Back to my G1(which is stuck on 2G w/ AT&T) until I can find a new Milestone. I must have jinxed myself.

  • oddball

    I had hoped this would be the year that HTC bounced back from losing market share. It looks like instead they are going to go the Motorola route and piss off as many of their loyal customers as they can while slowly moving themselves into obsolescence. That is sad as HTC makes some great products. Maybe this is what is needed for HTC to come back strong in the future

  • D Thomas

    this is horrible news, period! I am an original owner of the G1 and naturally moved on to a G2, the fact that a successor with dual or quad core processor, 1 gig of Ram and 16 to 32 gig internal is just sad to say the least…

  • CTown

    Moving away… I would think HTC can only make that argument if they released many of their flagships as a keyboard-equipped phone. But all that comes to my mind is the Dream and its variants (G1) and the Desire Z and its variants (G2, Evo Shift…).

    To make a long story short: I can only recall two Android phones with keyboards (and technically the Dream belonged to Google).

  • Orion78

    I’m not into keyboards. I love my huge touchscreens but HTC is making a big mistake. There are still a number of people that still want keyboards. You need to have options.

  • Blake Gerry

    More stupidity from HTC.

    Give me a phone with a keyboard and a 2-day battery life with last year’s processor speeds and I will be happy.

  • Brian

    My wife and I are both former G1 owners and current G2 owners. I was looking forward to an upgrade in the near future to take advantage of better specs, especially in the camera dept. HTC is pissing off a lot of people with this and the battery decision. I am using an extended battery pack on my OC’d G2 and loving that I can squeeze 2 full days out of it. Hey HTC, maybe you ought to spend some time on Android community sites like this to get a pulse for what consumers want. Don’t forget most of us are early adopters which means we will pay way too much for devices when they come out.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      I’m completely on the same page with you, but I think we forget that we are the overwhelming minority. We may be loud and extremely opinionated about a lot of things, but we don’t even represent 1% of HTC’s customer base.

      What I’d really like to see is the numbers HTC used to make these decisions. I’m sure HTC is keeping their market research details private since they don’t want to simply give things away to their competition, but I’d like to see how big of a gap there is between customers who want touch-only versus QWERTY devices.

  • disappointed

    I *need* hardware keyboard, I practically live in terminals and unix/linux shells.
    Thus, qwerty/dvorak is a must. Or should I carry along a separate bt keyboard? Maybe not.
    Another thing is that battery must last a whole day while having ssh connections on.. thin is NOT in, HTC!

    • Jeremiah Akin

      Here, here. If you ssh with your phone a physical keyboardis a must.

      • dVyper

        I found that too

  • bobodod

    Terrible news. I don’t want any phone other than an update to the G2/Desire Z/Vision.

  • monob

    Very sad news, i will Have to change my smartphone company then… Goodbuy htc. Hopefully someone else is smart enough to fill the gap. There still IS a Market for qwerty

  • rashad360


    In a world where all phones look exactly the same, keyboards are a way to stand out from the crowd. It weighs heavily in my choice of phone. As it turns out, there are so few of them that I could not find a suitable one and ended up with a G2x. It is a great phone and all but I really do miss the accuracy and satisfying feeling entering text gives me with a hardware keyboard.

  • cthonctic

    Makes me a bit sad to see variety recede in favor of the mainstream “big slate” form factor. While I am certainly a fan and user of the latter and don’t see myself going back to a hardware keyboard phone anytime soon, I feel variety and user choice mustn’t suffer as manufacturers compete for profits.
    Someone out there wants a keyboard phone and shouldn’t have to be forced to pick some forgettable mid-range device because it’s the only option with the required feature.

  • Blind Bob

    How am I, a blind person, going to use a smart phone without a qwerty physical keyboard?

    Just kidding! :)

  • Max.Steel

    Woooooooooooooooooooow!! What a stupid call. I’ve had my G2 since when it came out and even after 2 years, it’s still one hell of a device. Even with no dual core or 1Ghz, it hardly misses a beat. I hope T-Mobile finds a better OEM to continue the G-series. Not LG though. The G2x was an abomination.

  • Jeremiah Akin

    In breaking news; HTC has just announced that in addition to reducing battery life and removing physical keyboards from their phones they will also be removing the screens from all future models.

  • David Tanner

    Add my disappointment to the group of unhappy keyboard lovers, along with the growing trend of removing the micro sd card slot…..Apparently no one listens to customer wants and needs anymore.

  • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

    While this may be disappointing to hear, people need to realize that HTC is making their decision based on research and sales figures. There may be a subset of customers who want a QWERTY equipped phone but HTC seems to think that it’s not worth their time or money to produce a device which would have limited appeal to general consumers.

    In a perfect world, HTC would make a phone that’s adapted perfectly to every need of every consumer. But we live in a real world where HTC is struggling to meet profit expectations form share holders. When you are a public company, priority number one is to make money.

  • JadedCrusader of Dfraggd.com

    HTC discontinuing qwerty keyboard phones isn’t such a great idea because that’ll take away from their competitiveness. They should implement the larger capacity batteries into the qwerty phone and omit a large battery for the thin virtual on-screen keyboard phones. As funny as it may sound, people have an emotional connection and appreciate being able to press physical buttons. Those kinds of customers will decide not to buy an HTC phone any longer if the buttons aren’t there.

  • hoosiercub

    For the longest time, and still IMPO.. HTC is the only company to get Full QWERTY right, the G2 is a glorious phone, as was the EVO Shift and Merge. *hint hint* A new LTE packing, Qualcomm S4 powered, 5-Row QWERTY on Verizon to replace the next iteration of Moto Droid nonsense would be great. Just one.. please HTC. :(

  • curtisas

    So who does that leave us with? Moto and the Droid line? Go ahead and shoot me now, I will never buy one of those again. Unless they start unlocking the bootloaders, then there’s a possibility.

  • jamal adam

    This is definitely a *double facepalm* 1) for the thinness is greater than battery life and 2) for this, no more qwerty keyboard phones.

  • lokesh chauhan

    very good post really liked it..

  • Paul

    This is stupid. I love my Qwerty keyboard on my G2 and them my MyTouch 4G Slide. Now they’re moving away from better battery life and Qwerty keyboards. HTC is off my list now.

  • dominik

    Add me to the list of very disappointed and loyal HTC customers. My last 7 phones were all HTC starting with the predecessor to the Mogul down to the HTC EVO 3D and I was very much looking forward to successor to my beloved G2. So very disappointed with their decision!

  • SGB101

    Have apple taken over at HTC.

    you can have whatever you want , as long as it is this one.

    what ever happened to choice ?

  • Pippe

    When is LG Optimus 4X HD coming? next month or what??

  • Tipika

    Oh no I love my G1 and HTC Espresso….

  • Arena Social

    Well, It took me a long time to learn this keyboard then I downloaded an app that makes it easier for you to type from http://www.arenasocial.com

  • Jari Rahtu

    That’s the trend, isn’t it? I don’t feel anything difference between a virtual keyboard and a physical keyboard now, used to virtual keyboard. In long run, I don’t think it’s a wrong decision.

  • masterpfa

    I cannot see this affecting HTC success well not in Europe at least as keyboards have never been a big deal over here.
    Well done HTC

  • pjax

    If HTC is only going to make the One X, One S and One V this year, what are they going to do for the rest of the year?

    my device history
    HTC Magic -> HTC Wizard -> HTC Dream (G1) -> Motorola Droid 2

    I love QWERTY keyboards and will never buy a phone without it

    Shame, since I really like the industrial design of the One series. I was really looking forward to a QWERTY version. Now I don’t know who’s going to make the next good QWERTY phone. The Droid 4 looks ugly (and I’m fed up with Moto), Samsung doesn’t look like they’ll be releasing a GSM Epic any time soon.

    LG? Sony?

    PS: I feel that HTC is trying too much to be like Apple, concentrating on one device, not heeding to customer demands like QWERTY keyboards, unique features (3D, kickstands) and thicker batteries.

  • Fady

    Statements like this, in addition to deciding not to include an external memory card option in its new line of phones, makes me less likely to consider HTC as my next device. The reason why most of us got the G1 and choose the android route was the degree of openness and options but it looks like HTC is heading more in the direction of Iphone..

  • Dr.Carpy

    I don’t get why HTC is so quick to abandon the one thing that could keep them unique, and help sell more phones. I agree with going with quality over quantity, but a keyboard offering gives them a niche market to try and capitalize in.

  • Jeremy

    Response to the update: What technologies need to mature? HTC better not give us a full capacitive keyboard!!

  • Al

    Battery life over thinness any day. A thin phone isn’t gonna be much use if I can’t go through the day without a charge. Personally, I find the N1 thickness just fine. C’mon HTC, give us a new N1 with upgraded internals!

  • EWilliams

    The keyboard on the G2 was a monster plain and simple. I never thought I would dig a phone with a physical keyboard, but the G2 was the truth. That phone is definitely on my list of all time favorite smart phones.

  • Daniel

    I agree,every company should have a device with a physical keyboard,I really,really like my Samsung Captivate Glide,it feels so good and so convenient when I text,play games etc…


  • tbalden

    If interested, please check this petition. Lets try to show that we want htc keyboard phones :)
    HTC: Release internationally a powerful, new phone with hardware keyboard!

  • Burnd

    I think people who’re used to keyboards just need to try the touch screen for a while. I can type blindly on it and it’s really not that hard. I’m actually glad they won’t waste time and energy on other things than their main goal. Although I do feel for the people who would’ve loved another QWERTY phone. A friend of mine is waiting for it as well and I understand the disappointment.

  • adam

    I think the samsung stratosphere and htc g2 have best keyboard hands down.

  • michael

    HTC please release the HTC One Z!

    I will not use any other phone without a keybord on it too.

    I really don’t understand the road you try to walk without a keyboard and small batterys.

    HTC must reconsider where they do stand now!

  • eenicker

  • Tangent

    Glad to see the update that they aren’t abandoning QWERTY phones entirely. I’ve gotten used to Swype and upgraded my MyTouch 3G Slide for a Sensation, but my wife is a die-hard keyboard user. It’s already hard enough to find a decent keyboard-equipped phone without having my favorite vendor give up on them…

  • yankeesusa

    I myself don’t like the qwerty keyboard phones but I know a lot of people who still do. Lately htc has been making some bad announcements after turning around and energizing the mobile market. First is getting away from removable batteries and then announcing that thin is better than better battery life. Its crazy. I love htc but if the new evo lte gets only slightly better battery life than my evo3d I’ll be looking elsewhere for my next phone.

  • KRS_Won

    Am I the only OG Droid owner that was jealous of the WinMo Touch2 tilting keyboard?

    I was hoping HTC would bring some of their old WinMo styling to Android.

  • AT

    This is truly a sad conversion of one of the best smart phone manufacturers to a vanilla phone company that I will no longer patronize. The G2 was the best phone I’ve ever owned (I’ve owned 9 devices in the past 10 years) and when it finally packed in, I was forced to switch to the MyTouch 4g Slide. Frankly, while the MT4GS has more features, the build quality is cheap and cluttered. I’d trade back to the G2 any day and live with fewer features. There was just something sexy about that phone–and the keyboard was absolutely amazing. The MT4GS keyboard is definitely a huge step down.

    I was banking on a G3 or the long-rumored G-Infinity and would have paid top dollar for either. I was a diehard HTC fan ever since the G2. NO MORE. I need a physical keyboard and a sturdy and sexy design. HTC has been dropping its standards clearly (evident from the frugally poorly-constructed MT4GS) and the recent news of its intention to suspend indefinitely any future physical keyboard phones has just made my decision: I’m switching brands. Back to Sony Ericsson.

    BTW, I’ve had 3 HTC phones and was an avid fan… Until now.

  • Jacob

    An on screen keyboard can NEVER replace my ability to effectively play emulators, or text without looking with 100% accuracy, or read the whole web page/text message/etc. while typing and not need to close and open just to read it comfortably.

    There are things that software just can’t compensate, and we shouldn’t be forced to sacrifice all that efficiency just because manufacturers are getting lazier.

  • Christina Tanguy

    I had a G1. I’ve had a bunch of crappy phones since. Yeah the password screen jammed occassionally and the camera needed improvement but I’m ready for a G3 ~ an improved G1 and I want a white one again. I came across your site here while I was searching the web desperately for a new G1. The reason there are google and android lovers is that we are anti i everything, so you go and make your phone just like theirs?! And there are die hard Black Berry users but I’m not one of those either. It’s like when they messed with us original Coke lovers when they tried to give us a gin’d up Pepsi version of Coke. No, thank you. ARE YOU LISTENING GOOGLE/ANDROID I want a new, white G phone with a flip out qwerty keyboard and an awesome camera and I don’t mind paying some good $ for it. I’ll even wait to buy it when it comes out. That’s how much I’ve decided I don’t like anything else. Thanks!!!!!

  • Leese

    This saddens me. I have damage to my fingertips which does not allow it to be picked up by swipe keyboards. I depend on a physical keyboard to be able to use my phone.

  • Linda

    As with Leese I have a disability and am unable to use touchscreen only phones. I’m stuck with a blackberry as a result but really want to move other to android. HTC and other phone manufacturers are really missing out big time by not having qwerty keyboard options. So many disillusioned blackberry owners ready to move over…

  • JDMSteez

    I have owned the G1 and G2. These are the best phones out there hands down. I think HTC should keep the G line of phones and make some improvements.

  • JDMSteez

    I have owned the G1 and G2. These are the best phones out there hands down. I think HTC should keep the G line of phones and make some improvements.
    1. Make screen larger by up to .75″
    2. The G2 camera is very good but can use some improving still.
    3. Battery technology update for longer life
    4. 64gig capacity not including SD and 64 gig SD capable.
    5. Built in internet firewall.

  • Jessica

    NOOOOOOOOO! HTC.. I have been patiently waiting for a 4G LTE Verizon HTC slider QWERTY smartphone!! I love Sense, and I love having a QWERTY. Why can’t you merge the two?? Sense isn’t going to keep me on HTC forever. Having a Qwerty is becoming much more important to me than the GUI, because I absolutely HATE onscreen keyboards. Motorola has now come out with a sweet Qwerty slider on its Droid 4. I was always reluctant to switch to Motorola because I was waiting for a Sense phone that also has qwerty, but now that I know this, I will be thinking long and hard about my addiction to Sense and deciding whether or not the time has come for withdraws.

  • Jaime

    I’ve been rooting and my phones, emulating and being an intensive user since I was 15 years old (I’m currently 24).

    I’ve always had phones with an actual keyboard and my current Desire Z makes me more than happy. I truly think it’s the best phone I could ever have, and eventhough there are more powerful phones, I wouldn’t choose a different one (even if someone offered me to change it for free).

    As usually, some users support my idea, and some others not. But the ones that support it are a fixed market niche that HTC could keep for them. As someone said above… wouldn’t it be nice to have, at least, 1 phone with hardware-keyboard?

    And now, seriously, what’s the size of the Sony PSP joystick? Is it impossible to put something like that (a small joystick) together with a QWERTY keyboard? It would be an excellent phone for playing and emailing.

    It’s not playing all I do. I manage 2 companies and I work as an export manager. I always thought it’s a better idea to have a device that does everything instead of having a mp3, a phone, a keyboard, and so on…

    It’s just my opinion. From Spain, thank you for keeping up this excellent community.

  • L2DaLegend

    This is bullcrap and I am flaming mad. I have been waiting to upgrade my Evo Shift (best phone I’ve ever owned) to a successor based off the One X with QWERTY. These fools have basically just gave me a reason to get an IPhone.

    Guess I’m gonna go get this One X this week. I am extremely disappointed!

  • Hillary C

    I am frustrated with this statement. I bought the HTC Evo Shift 4G right when it came out, and have loved it along the way. Until now, I have never had any issues with it. Now I have so many software issues, Sprint cannot fix it, but instead are offering me an early upgrade.

    This frustrates me because with the upgrade, I cannot buy another HTC Android phone (especially one with Ice Cream Sandwich), that has a physical keyboard. I had the HTC Hero which was full-touch after I had the Samsung Rant. And yes, I got used to it. But yes, I went back to the physical keypad when it was an option.

    I like the keypad, and I know a lot of people out there do too. I just wish they would make at least one phone that was as upgraded as the new EVO 4G LTE, with a keypad.

    I’m tired of having to choose a huge phone and not be able to have a keypad unless you want an out of date phone. :[

  • John

    Love HTC and my G2, hate not having a slide out keyboard. On screen takes me twice as long.

  • Uyi

    I planned on using my MyTouch 4G Slide for a very long time, looks like I have to now.

    Swype is great, just not great for typing a lot.

  • stanley

    Give me a phone as big as a tablet…. just keep the damn keyboard, will ya?

  • a kairis

    Problem is the Galaxy S Relay is a solid phone…with a poorly designed keyboard.
    Playing with it in the store I was very disappointed with the keypad. Everything else was excellent.

    Maybe they should have someone who actually plans to USE the phone to design the keypad, not someone just looking to make it look cool but be unuseable.

  • tes

    I really hope they make a g3 I’ve had the g1 & g2 they were both amazing phones I hope they don’t just cut them off amd stop!!!! Htc make a g3 samsung isnt cutting it for me!!!!!

  • tannalein

    Way to force-feed to users what they don’t want! We are not all the same, we don’t have the same needs. If they want to make all the phones the same, they should make just one model and that’s it, that’ll cut down production costs significally. They should make an iPhone. Oh wait, it’s already made. Why diversify your market? Let’s just make the same phones like everybody else, and ignore all the serious bussines people that use a smartphone for work and NEED a useable keyboard. Gees.

    I’ve been using HTC phones with hardware keyboard for the past 6-7 years, and I can tell you that there’s no way in hell I’m ever buying a phone without a keyboard, especcially not with today’s capacitive screens that can’t use a decent stylus. If that means good-bye HTC, so be it. I’ll find a manufacturer that actually listens to the users and knows it’s market.