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HTC One S review roundup


As expected, the first round of HTC One S reviews is finally here. The HTC One S is officially available from retailers across Europe. The HTC One S has taken a back seat, since most have focused their attention on the HTC One X. But that doesn’t mean the phone is any less capable. When it comes to performance, the HTC One S is just as good (if not better) than the quad-core powered HTC One X; however, that doesn’t necessarily make it a better phone. The main drawback of the One S is its qHD Pentile Super AMOLED display, but we doubt the general public will be able to notice any real shortcomings.

We’ve read through a few reviews already and captured some of the highlights from each. Read on to see how the HTC One S performed. You may be pleasantly surprised.

What people are saying about the HTC One S


  • “In some alternate universe, the One S would be HTC’s flagship phone”
  • “…among those rare few phones whose design moves the whole mobile industry forward”
  • “My only gripe is that the removable end cap at the top of the phone doesn’t provide the same sense of quality as the rest of the phone.”


  • “After seeing it side-by-side against the high-definition beauty on the One X, we’re going to rule in favor of the latter”
  • “Pentile has become a dirty word in our industry”
  • “It looks great at normal distances, and that’s all that matters”


  • “The dual-core One S manages to trump its quad-core contemporary”
  • “HTC hasn’t been able to prevent the combination of Ice Cream Sandwich and Snapdragon S4 from working like a dream”


  • “Possibly the best Android cameraphone we’ve seen yet”
  • “HTC’s ImageSense software is my choice for best camera app on any platform”
  • “I like that you can shoot still photos in full resolution while shooting video”


  • “We hit just over eight and a half hours of constant video playback during our typical rundown test — 2.5 hours more than its sibling, the HTC One X”
  • “Even with a 40-minute photography session included, the One S managed to go a full 24 hours between charges for me”
  • “I’ve found the phone to be a pretty solid performer in terms of real world battery use.”

Sense UI 4.0:

  • “While it isn’t stock, it certainly holds on to more Android riffs”
  • “It’s brought no substantial improvements to the experience of using an Android phone”
  • “HTC has gotten back into the business of making the user interface work for the user instead of getting in the way”

HTC One S review roundup:

Video reviews of HTC One S:

Wrap up

The HTC One S will always be overshadowed by the HTC One X. There are a few drawbacks to the phone (Pentile display, no expandable memory and non-replaceable battery), but the HTC One S is still positioned perfectly to be a massive success. Since it doesn’t feature all the cutting edge specs of the HTC One X or the upcoming  Samsung Galaxy S III, the One S is able to undercut its better-spec’d sibling by $125.

While most of us are looking for the next super phone, it’s clear that the One S is a few steps ahead of the best phones from last year. Is that enough to make it your next Android phone? You tell us.

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • spazby

    battery looks to be promising

  • Joel

    I hope it sells well despite being in the shadow of the One X. The One S is getting some really good reviews and scores but since this is a unique launch in the sense that a budget, mid-range, and High End device are released around the same time – Its hard to find anyone falling head over heels for it.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Difference is really just the S4 which seems to be king of battery life as of right now… and ATT and Spring should have the S4 in their versions

      • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

        The Super AMOLED display also goes a long ways in conserving battery life over Super LCD.

        • french toast

          Wrong!! Modern TFT displays are more power efficient than AMOLEDS…during normal power usage scenarios.

          The ONE X does have a higher resolution screen..but thats countered by the fact the S4 has a significantly smaller battery.

  • GE 918

    I’m going to wait on the Samsung Galaxy Note.

    • inviolable

      Coming to where?

  • jonathan3579

    Why oh why does T-Mobile have to put their branding on the front of the device? It’s a shame.

  • Dragonithe

    I would have gotten this phone if it had 32GB of storage.

  • Michael Oryl

    Actually I do give the phone a score. It’s on the first page of the review. 4.6 out of 5 possible stars.

    -Michael, editor of MobileBurn.com

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Must have missed it. Added it in.

  • inviolable

    Despite being a tech geek and loving all things latest and greatest, I’m quite fine with the One S being a ‘downgraded’ version of the One X. My devices do not have to have absolute specs in order to be a buy for me, and in pretty much previews, the One S seems to hold it’s own against every phone on the market anyway. I love HTC design and I love how the S4 has shaped up. Being on T-Mobile obviously makes the choice easier, but I’m liking my options regardless.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    At least it gets something (longer battery life) for having a pentile display over a Super LCD2 like the One X.

    S4 Krait performance kinda blows my mind.

  • JustPassin’By

    You have a few typos. This is a review for the “S” not the “X”. There are a few “X”s that should be a “S”.

  • Vance

    I don’t think I can wait until mid to late summer for the rumored G4X so I think I’ll end up getting this phone when t-mo launches it. … unless I can convince myself to buy an unlocked One X instead :)

  • Cypher

    So is the one X coming to T-Mobile as well or just the S?

    • Vance

      The rumor is the One X is coming as the G4X with the Tegra 3 chip.. hopefully this summer..

  • glennw

    Having a better battery life makes me want to get this over the One X. Especially when the battery cannot be replaced.

  • MrQuestion

    If Samsung were to make a Galaxy Nexus with an S4 Krait, I’d buy it.

  • shadowxof

    I had planned on getting this device either way and now that I have a decent view on battery life I’m all in. Thanks for the article, this helped a lot

  • Nathan D.

    Thanks for the round up but I want a phone with 720p touch screen that rocks my world so I’ll wait until the summer to buy a phone that has a screen like that, there is the one X but I want to see what other companies have before making a choice on what phone to get.

  • dVyper

    Mmm… S…

  • adityats2020

    Absolutely! This makes complete ‘sense’ :P
    One X doesn’t make much sense for most people.
    Invariably, the One S is a People’s Champ!

  • semo

    I’m a big Fan of HTc and i waited too much for some thing ..and I’m happy withthis realse but thay cant gave any micro Sc slot in this phone which is quit disapoinment for us


  • Ezy03

    Nexus devices are much better!!