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HTC One X battery life boosted 10-20% with unofficial Tegra 3 power management fix


While putting the final touches on the HTC One X software, HTC’s developers managed to place an application in the wrong directory, causing some issues for the Tegra 3 power management software on the phone. The misplaced NvCPLSvc.apk file was discovered in the /system/bin folder by mike1986 while developing a custom ROM for the HTC One X. To correct HTC’s mistake, users can push the file to /system/app via ADB. Those who have already tried this fix are reporting a 10-20 percent improvement in battery performance on the HTC One X.

Over the past few days, we’ve heard rumors that HTC has been prepping an update for the HTC One X to enhance its battery performance. There’s no guarantee that HTC’s fix will address this specific issue, but we’d definitely understand if you don’t want to take fate into your own hands when an official fix may only be days away.

For detailed instructions on how to apply this battery fix on your own, check out the source link below. If you do give it a try, leave us a comment and let us know if your battery life on your HTC One X gets any better.

Via: Engadget

Source: XDA-Developers

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  • spazby

    thank god for custom ROM developers

    • honourbound68

      yep. pretty darn substantial increase. too bad there wasn’t a similar mistake for my GN lol.

  • Ps3y3Ops

    Thank god for open source development, too, that’s a good catch

  • seabass978

    Thank …. Wait I have HTC amaze 4g, there’s no battery fix to increase longevity, damn how about us.

    • kazahani

      Don’t whine. You have a pretty darn good phone.

  • Stale

    I got my One X to day. U think it is a problem on mine to.?

    • Ps3y3Ops

      The article says HTC is working on an update, which hasn’t come out yet, which may or may not include the fix. I wouldn’t wait, but you should know how comfortable you are using adb. Instructions are on XDA, though if you want to give it a go. Just remember if you bork your phone, it’s all on you, not anyone else.

      • thel0nerang3r

        Also, the developer found a fix for his issue. It may not be what others experience. Whatever you phone may be, have you found issues that you have that others do not? or have others found issues that you do not experience? When you have millions of devices with various configurations, it’s difficult to find a culprit for problems. I’ve worked on large software deployments… internal tests have gone well.. then we have gotten reports of big problems.
        If you think that one person finding a solution for one device solves everyone’s problems, then I would advice you to find out more about large software projects. It helps to put things into perspective.
        I don’t mean to know down this developer’s work.
        I have a Samsung phone and I have GPS issues, many others do not. One phone’s problem, may not be another phone’s problem.

        • Tyler

          I would think that this would apply to all phones because it has to do with the power management of the processor. and since all the phones have the same processor there would be no differences.

  • Ganesh

    How much longer(%) will you get after the fix?

    • Lorenzo Sanchez

      WTF!? Read the title! 10-20%

  • Ps3y3Ops

    If there is a misplaced apk on one phone, then it’s on all of them.

  • inviolable

    Well that’s classic

  • Raptor

    Same stories again. Hot fixes promising get you into eternal battery life nirvana.

    Will not touch any HTC phone with integrated battery. 10-20% will not save you from your misery.

  • SGB101

    im glad this has been found, as my X battery isnt that great.

    i was running cm9 on my desire and that was getting about a 50% battery increase over any 2.3 roms. so i was expecting quite decent battery out of this device, even tho the battery is small, iirc 1800mah.

  • Ichigo

    Another proof that HTC don’t kno jack shit about what they’re doing. Xda dev are awesome!

  • Slith

    Love it when the users out think the man!

  • theluck

    Great. can’t wait to get this on to my new HTC one x. Battery works well without it anyway.

  • dVyper

    Hold on let me join in. Moan moan moan!

  • KC

    All about software quality control and Factory Acceptance Tests, which is obviously lacking in HTC. HTC sh hire better professionals than some half baked nerds.

  • Lorenzo Sanchez

    So, did everyone else forget the fact that when the iPhone 4s came out there were battery life complaints and Apple had to release an update to iOS 5? Quit complaining people, it happens.

  • htconeclub.com
  • JHON

    I would like to buy htc one x, but one thing that is in my mind, is the battery issue, the unofficial tegra 3 power management issue. No doubt, Htc one x is one superb smartphone this year, but with the non-replaceable battery, that one of my doubt. Almost perfect phone, Attention HTC.

  • GT

    hi there, the above all seems great however, when i tried to move the NvCPLSvc.apk file the system would not allow me to do so. it states that this is a read only file. can you help??

    • Greg Hicks

      Are you using Root Explorer? If so, click on the R/W tab and make sure it says R/O. This means it will be mounted as R/W. Then you can move it from system/bin to system/app.

  • jay.z

    Can anyone plz tell me the exact steps i should take to fix that problen with my battery? And is anyone having problems woth the keyboard (slow in typing)??