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HTC One X receives first OTA update with battery life and performance enhancements


If you own the European HTC One X, you might want to go check for software updates. HTC just pushed out a new update over the air (OTA) that upgrades the firmware to version 1.28.401.9. We don’t have a full changelog yet, but we think this is the update that includes the fix that increases battery life by up to 20%.

Some press units of the HTC One X shipped with firmware 1.26, that had some issues with battery life and this was reflected poorly in some early reviews. HTC updated some devices to 1.27, which improved the battery life and fixed some bugs, and it’s nice to see an official OTA hit the European units now.

A quick check of the software settings shows this latest 1.28 update includes a new baseband version (1.1204.103.14) and new kernel ( The build date of the release is April 14th, so this is hot off the presses.

We hear that performance scores have also gone up in the latest software release, but we have yet to run it through all the benchmarks.

If you have the One X, let us know if you grab the latest update.

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  • Paul

    Lets hope this fixed the tinny video recording sound. I emailed HTC complaining about the audio tinniness & they replayed with eh following

    Thank you for contacting HTC regarding your HTC One X.

    My name is Carola and I am a Technical Support Agent for the HTC Written Team.

    I understand the phone camera has a tinny video recording sound as shown in the youtube link http://tinyurl.com/bvy7w8w
    I believe the reason for this is the volume phone configuration.

    To resolve this, Paul, I would advise to perform the following steps:

    You can increase the volume from settings, sound, Volumes, and make sure the volume for ‘music, game %other media’ is set to maximum, click OK to save it.

    I’ve it tested myself and the volume is good.

    Should you require additional support please reply using the link below and confirm the following details.

  • aDoayen

    I’ve got the update (hungary). its 29MByte,
    of course theres no “whats new” list,
    for the first look, there is no changes in UI or apps,
    i’ll check battery and performance in next days.

    • Ps3y3Ops

      I don’t understand why OEMs can’t/don’t /won’t include a changelog when they push an OTA update. Not trying to be negative…just sayin’ is all.

      • BigCiX

        One good thing apple did with all their updates.

  • luillo
    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      ummm…. okay… Just refreshing our memory there buddy?

      • Ps3y3Ops

        He must be on Verizon 3G and just received the news about Sprint launching the GNex…

    • Leo209

      Random much?

  • theluck

    Great thanks. I am in the UK and downloaded the update and it works fine. I tried the update the first time and it said your system is up to date. Then tried again and it downloaded the update and installed as expected.

    Will report if anything does not work.

  • John81

    Is anyone having any problems with this update? I’ve just tried to install it and my phone is now frozen on the screen with the little installing icon thing on it. There was a timer bar which completed about 10 minutes ago and since then it has just been frozen like this. I tried switching it off, but it just restarted itself and went straight back to the same screen again!! How long did it take to install for other people, or does anyone know if my install has gone wrong?!


    • John81

      Problem solved!! It was plugged in and charging, but as soon as I unplugged it, it has restarted and is now working fine!

      • Matthew Baggett

        Mine just did this too. How strange. I thought it was busted. :T

        • Matt Conway

          Exactly the same! I was shitting bricks when it sat on my desk for half an hour! How odd!

      • JuliaBeech

        phew!!! thought is was busted, was about to get very cross lol. i have been looking at the update screen for an hour and a half but the minute i unplugged it it seems to be working fine, thank goodness for that x

      • Eric

        Thanks a lot.

        My update system is still continuing with frozen as I plug with charger. I still leave it in my home and hopefully it is working when I come back home to remove charger.

      • Andrew Stokes

        Thanks for that, you’d think it would tell you that at the same time as making sure you have at least 35% battery life!!

  • Barthez

    I downloaded and try to install the update, bu I can’t. When try to install, I recieved the error, ” message. I think the problem about the file’s signature.

  • Nick

    According to xda-devs this still doesn’t include the battery life fix (NvCPLSvc.apk)


  • Stephen

    No update showing for me in the UK, Sim Free model, still on v1.26 :(


    Hai friends…..i was wishing to buy HTC one x….but wen i browsed through the web found tat HTC one was having serious battery issues and also had some software problems…..can anyone of u help me to take a decesion……Thank you all…

    • jj14

      “browsing the web – read comments about serious battery issues and software problems…”
      Sorry, that isn’t really much to go on.

      Which variant of HTC one did you read about? Where did you read about these issues? What “software problems”?
      The phone is relatively new – HTC just pushed out update today to fix some battery drain issues (not sure how serious the issue was before this though)

      What carrier are you on? (which country?) What are the other phones you are considering? What phone do you currently use?

      • VINCENT

        ok…thank you for ur reply……first of all i am using samsung galaxy S2……i usually spend time 2hrs for gaming and will continue playing videos for another 1 hr and will spend some time for browsing internet for another 2hrs…..so including the standby time..my moibile will be almost dead in 24hrs…..In case of battery backup i dont expect anything more from my GS2…so i would hope almost a near backup time from the new HTC one X…..ive browsed throug the web and saw that people having serious trouble with the battery drain issue…..and HTC updates its version to 1.28 coz of this issue …but it only achieves saving a10 to 20% battery time….its all over the web…in u tube….and here also…you can find it…..
        And about some software issues…like the whole OS is laggy(even its havin 1.5GHz dual core Processor)….and is resolved to some extend after the software update…..
        but .i dont care for software issues…they could be resolved in another update….but for Battery draing issue…what can be done….
        i am living in qatar….and my mobile carrier is Qtel.

  • SGB101

    cool thanks, updated.

    i was on v.1.26.401.2, now its showing as 1.28.401.9. in in UK and is an unbranded device.

  • tildy

    I have a UK version ONE X, but I didn’t get it.

  • lee

    My battery is even worse. Lost 34% in 90mins.

  • Rachael

    Just applied the update in the UK, but NvCPLSvc.apk is still in /system/bin :(

  • kelvin reed

    just applied update i notice signal strengh was better right away and the device is quicker as for battery i will confirm tomorrow night


      waiting for ur reply…

  • Andrew

    hey just wondering when the update applies in the Australian One X’s, thanks.

  • chris

    im in UK and it says no updates available….? still on 1.26…. would be nice if the battery fix works coz its an awesome phone but is very power hungry at the moment

  • Malc

    I have a ’3′ OneX and I too have no updates yet, I wasnt experiencing any particular problems with it until I let the battery completely discharge and now it is taking forever to charge up again. I am back up to 37% after over 18 hours of being on charge :-(.

    • Matthew Baggett

      Try getting a 2A charger, such as the one that came with my tablet. Your power source (laptop, I’m guessing?) might only be chucking out [email protected], or something.

      • VINCENT

        A 2Ampere charger wouldnt damage the mob..?..i know the charaging will be faster….

        • Matthew Baggett

          The phone will only draw as much as it can to saturate its max draw. Its not like turning on a firehose. Its like having extra lanes on a motorway. They can be empty OR full. But having empty lanes doesn’t affect anything.


      oh….tats takin alot of time…!!!!..


    A 2Ampere charger wouldnt damage the mob..?..i know the charaging will be faster….but still

  • Dan

    I got update two days ago, the phone runs much more smoother. battery is worse, and the phone is heating up when the screen is on.

    • ben

      Same for me. Battery got worse and its hot as hell

  • martin arsenio petersen

    Installed it yesterday.

    I am now at 9% battery and runnning for 34 hours and 16 minutes! (brightness at 33%)

    Seems too good to be true, but thats what my battery app tells me :D

    Before the update I could maximum get 16-18 hours – 8-9 hours with brightness turned all the way up to 100%


      ok..then can you plz tell me tat how much time it it will take for charging from 9% to 100%….

      • martin arsenio petersen

        With USB it takes a lot longer than with the charger, I would say 5-6 hours with USB.

        And 2-3 hours with the charger…

        The 33 hours are with a lot of standby, but also some music and internet useage…

        I´ll just try and see today how much battery time I have with a normal days use of the phone..

        • VINCENT

          ok….2-3hrs…tats really good…

          • martin arsenio petersen

            Now im at 28 hours of use and with 9%

            I put the screen brightness even lower today, but have used it more, facebooking, on internet and chatting.

            No matter what I did before I could max. get 18 hours out of it.

        • VINCENT

          ok….thank u martin….tat was great help from u..


      and also ..i would like to ask tat…34hrs was only standby timing?…or u had used ur mobile at tat time….and if yes how much you did u use it…..PLZ reply….

  • Aryus

    I just got my world/european model in yesterday, it has version 1.26.708.2. No OTA available to me yet.

  • Bona

    How about internet, how long with the new update ?

  • Sejal

    Check out the following if you have any problem installing this update on rooted HTC one x

  • Daniel

    I have updated to 1.28..and now the Games are no more working.
    Any Idea anyone ??????? Thanks

  • bg5067

    Don’t install the update. I did and it froze at the nd of the update. Completely drained the battery and when I charged if up it got worse. When I record on my one x it restarts when I try and play it. Any games I play like temple run also restarts the phone. Luckey I can replace the phone st my local Vodafone (uk) store for another one but I will not be updating. And the batterylife is shockingly bad for me

    Those of you who have the one x on three it has been confirmed the update won’t be coming to you guys as they said they’re already working on the next update

    • Matthew Baggett

      You have to unplug your phone at the end of the update.

      • bg5067

        After reading this I know what I did wrong. Maybe leaving the charger in might be the reason as to why its crashing. When I get my new one ill charge the phone up and try again without using.the charger

  • Thowheed

    I strted to update my phone with pluging the charger. How long it takes and what should i do ? phone is off

  • Thowheed

    Pls somebody help me ! This is ONE X

    • Bg5067

      DONT DO IT WITH THE CHARGER IN. It messed mine up and I had to return it. It shouldn’t take that long to update

  • JonW

    My One X arrived with firmware 1.26 on board, however after carrying out the usual Android power saving tips, I got what I felt was a respectable battery life, and on a par with my work Galaxy S2 running ICS.

    Last night I checked for updates (I’m on Three in the UK), and there was one waiting, so I went ahead and installed.

    My firmware is now up to 1.28.771.9, later than the HTC release,so I’m watching the battery life today.

    I’m impressed by how quick Three got this out, as previously they have been very slow at FOTA updates in the past for branded phones.

    • Matthew Baggett

      That’ll be because three probably had nothing to do with it. My unbranded handset got it around then too. Its probably coming direct from HTC

  • jason w

    can any 1 tell me how long this update takes to perform ive updated my phone this evening and it seems to taking forever, been 2 and half hours now ive had the little green icon on the screen dosent seem to be doing little else

    • Matthew Baggett

      Unplug the charger. It should just reboot.


    I live in Cyprus EU Zone. I’ve just upgraded my Software Firmware (26MB) to 1.29.401.11 and not 1.28.401.9 I guess this version I’m having now it’s more up to date, or it depends on where you live..? I’ll confirm tomorrow about the battery issue update if this was the update about.

  • buub;e

    i grabbed it.

  • Jan Arnoldus

    My phone got an automatic update this morning. after a reboot it stopped working completely with a htc one x on a white background. subsequent reboots didn’t help. htc support offered to show me how to do a factory reset. I’m returning this p.o.s.

  • Ollie

    mine froze so i powered offf power back up and sorted !

  • Chris


    After the latest update, there seems to be a small (but very irritating) sound bug. When listening to a song the sound quality starts off like normal. but after about 30-60 seconds screen off, the sound skips for a second and the sound quality is way worse. the only way to keep the sound good, is to keep switching the beats setting off/on every time this happens, of never to lock the screen.. I use spotify, have reinstalled the app, and restarted the HTC One phone. Problem still there.

    Will a complete reboot/factory reset fix this problem? thoughts?

  • ginger

    This update did something to the battery life. I’m a simple user with very few aps on my phone. I keep very few things open and also keep it on energy save. Last night I had it at 100% charge, when I woke up, it was at 27%… WTF? Where is this drain happening? If anyone can help that would be great. Also I’m very UN-savy and not a techy person so I’m clueless. Could someone give advice (please be kind – lol). I might want to uninstall this, can that be done?

    If this has been discuss sorry…