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HTC One X, S users experiencing design problems with new handsets


Throughout all the hubbub of HTC’s introduction of their “One” series of devices, the Taiwan-based company has been relentlessly praised for two things: finally simplifying their product line and the bold design each One device features. The HTC One X sports a svelte modern plastic design while still maintaining a very high-end feel, and the One S boasts a ceramic housing unlike anything else on the market. Unfortunately, those design choices may come back to haunt HTC.

Recent reports from users all over the web show problems with the design of both the One X and One S.

In a video from CNET, you can clearly see screen discoloration when the the HTC One X is pressed near the edge of the display. There’s also some flex to the device that can cause accidental screen selections if held wrong. (Sound familiar)? The reporter from CNET who captured the discoloration issue on video says the problem has been present in four different One Xs that have been tested.

Pressing your finger against an LCD panel and experiencing discoloration isn’t a new phenomenon. If you were to do the same thing on your laptop display or LCD television, you’d experience the same results. But the issue being present in a touch screen device is a different story.

When questioned on the design problems with the One X, Daniel Hundt, creative director at One & Co, HTC’s design consultancy, said he “was not aware of that.” Adding that, “Maybe this is not a shipping build… [HTC] would never let that ship.”

The HTC One S is also a victim of design problems, this time concerning the ceramic housing of the device.

You may have seen the video explaining the procedure HTC goes through to obtain the ceramic coating on the black version of the One S. Apparently, the ceramic coating that forms over aluminum when charged with electricity is chipping off. Users from all over XDA and Facebook are reporting that even phones handled with care are chipping around the edges and around the USB port. There’s picture proof from multiple One S owners.

There’s a chance initial shipments may have just been a part of a bad batch of devices, but the theory floating around XDA (that when the aluminum body flexes, the ceramic shell chips off) sounds entirely possible as well. Either way, HTC released a statement about the frequent user complaints concerning the One S, saying that anyone unsatisfied should return their device within the allotted period.

The grey version of the One S isn’t experiencing the same problems because it doesn’t come with the ceramic coating.

Between the screen flex and display discoloration problems with the One X, and the problems users are experiencing with the One S, things aren’t all sunshine for HTC right now.

Have you gotten your hands on either one of HTC’s new One devices? Let us know if you’ve experienced any problems.

Source: The Verge

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  • JustPassin’By

    Apple FTW MOFO!!

    • GRAW

      Ever held an iPhone 4 before? Yeah, I’d stop laughing too.

      • repeating

        he said Apple FTW MOFO!!

        • GRAW

          I don’t think anyone’s listening, just FYI.

    • Tariq

      This thing is so good, after weeks of intensive testing of the hardware and the software by professionals throughout the world. The only flaw, if you can call it that, is a trivial distortion in the edge of the screen when pressed really hard. Obviously something that’s never going to happen with normal use. Looks like the boys at hct have really done there homework with this one. If you buy this one x you won’t regret it inshaallah. I personally have never come across a phone that has been given so many excellent reviews in my whole life, and I’ve seen them all, right from the very first mobile phone, that was 30 years ago. This is the ONE!!!

      • myandroid99

        Jazaka Allahu Khayran i think i might buy one now!

      • Ichigo

        What??? People are complaining so much about this phone just head over to the xda developers site. So many issues with sense HTC did a very poor job.

    • Tildy

      I have a HTC one X, and I wasn’t able to reproducate this problem.

  • redraider133

    I think the screen thing is overblown. If you press really hard, harder than you would normally do that happens. How many people would have noticed this if nothing had been said? I could see HTC changing the ceramic coating so that these problems do not persist with the chipping and all that.

    • kenmckean

      Agree – what a load of crap. I have had my oneX for a week and I cannot get my screen to distort no matter how hard I press it. Mark you mine is the European version so perhaps it’s only the US……….

      • redraider133

        The ones they were testing were the European versions.

      • Lorenzo

        No US version yet

        • Postal Jim

          Yeah, true. US will be totally different. But with enclosed battery, no SD, and not quad core, my SII will most likely be replaced with an SIII or maybe the 4X HD. Really wanted an HTC, but need extra battery as my job doesnt put me near usb ports or outlets….. :(

    • eallan

      It didn’t look like they were pressing all that hard in the video. It’s a design flaw, no need to make excuses.

      • Mike

        Using the thumb like he is doing you can a put a good amount of pressure without it looking like would be a lot.

        This is a non issue. Take any device and start doing things it was not designed to do and you might get undesired results.

        No excuses here, but this is just a non-issue.

        • Bill

          Well, bought a one x because I have had an iPhone for about 3 years a 3GS and a 4. And I am disappointed at the build qaulity. The case can flex + plus I have had the same problems with the screen without pressing hard. The build qaulity is poor compared to an iPhone sorry guys but it is. When that is said the phone was really fast and have some nice specs, but the build quality is simply worser than phones there are 3+ years old.

    • David

      I have 2 one x’s, my first one has a vertical line of red dead pixels going down the left, and the discolouration only happens if the sides are pushed hard.. my replacement that arrived is very sensitive on the left side especially, just a tap and the discolouration is there, it’s annoying.. don’t know which unit to send back as I’m not happy with either. But will prefer to hand on to the dead pixel one because it has all my data and no sensitive discolouration issue like the replacement…

      I wonder when amazon will get a fixed batch! Maybe I have to send directly to HTC?

  • oddball

    I hope these are just isolated bad units but the reports are stacking up. Here’s hoping HTC finds the issue and fixes it quickly

  • Dennis Petrospour

    HTC’s quality has gone down. After the nexus one they went downhill. My Sensation has dust issues and im on my third one.

  • James King

    Had the One X for a week now… No problems of any sort to report, I love the phone! Only complaint is that the phone is quite slippy to hold sometimes, but then again I’m used to my cased-up SII.

    Written from my One X :)

  • dextroz

    @Dustin Earley

    How the fuck is it a BOLD redesign? Seriously – is the site sucking on HTC dick now?

    A bold redesign was the iPhone edge/3g/3gs to the iPhone4. This still looks like a glorified HTC Sensation which is a glorified HTC Nexus One. The roots are clearly visible; just polished up through the iterations.

    Next time a little more critical assessment would be nice.

    • jonathan3579

      If this site is “sucking on HTC dick” then you must be licking on Apple’s nuts.

      • ihatefanboys

        Lol, no, Apple is teabagging him a little too much

    • SGB101

      See the phone in the flesh, they look nothing alike

      • jonathan3579

        Agreed. They’re both beautiful handsets and make the Sensation/Amaze look like… well, last years models.

    • LittleGreenDude

      Next time you not posting useless comments would be nice.

  • Istenes

    No problems here.


  • henry

    Had the one X for a week, its stunning , no problems to report, camera is also phenomenal.

  • SGB101

    One week in, no issues.

  • prettyboy85712

    Clearly the sky is falling.

  • swazedahustla

    Welp…..looks like all those people crying about the different style of the EVO 4G LTE won’t have much to say because the design of the phone doesn’t look to have to worry about these issues.

  • Nathan D.

    Wow that is unfortunate but can be fix if HTC step it up a bit in the manufacturing process and quality control to keep this from happening again.

  • SGB101

    ok, just done a test on my X, it is true if pressed hard enough you do get slight discoloration.

    however the main word there is ‘hard enough’ to get the effect, you really have to try.

    people are just wanting to find a flaw with this device, because it is so flawless.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      I’d agree. You can always find an issue if you look hard enough. I hope HTC has a fix in place to make the micro arc oxidation finish on the black One S a bit harder to chip. I’ve help the phone in my hands a few times and it feels like one of the sexiest devices ever made.

      • WlfHart

        Definitely hope a fix is found if needed. Don’t want manufacturers to give up the idea of trying new case materials.

      • Ishiken

        They only need to keep the curren running longer so it can form the ceramic all the way through. HTC only hits the aluminum for a few seconds to oxidize the outer layers. That is why it is chipping; the oxidize layers are literally falling off. A few more minutes with the same current should do the job.

    • David

      No, some people have discolouration issues without apply so much pressure. My replacement unit shows quite a bit of discolouration with a light tap! No bullshit. My original unit I would have to give it a proper push to replicate,but that has a line of stuck red pixels on one side :-( so please don’t think all people are exaggerating.

      Some people have defective units. So far I’ve had 2, fresh one tomorrow (from amazon)

    • Marge

      I have had mobile phones since 20+ years. Also had iphone 3 and 4 but decided to change… to see.

      Got myself the HTC One X and have to say after 20 days of usage without accident that I have a permanent discoloration of the upper part of the display, greenish surface.

      Add to this the apps crashing several times a day… etc etc… I think people who never owned an iphone will fin it pretty cool, but iPhones are way beyond compare… They work.

  • Vance

    I am more concerned with the One S issue of chipping than the reported screen issues on the One X. But even that is only mildly concerning. I fully intend to pick up the tmo One S on April 25 and if there are manufacturing issues, I’ll return it for a new one. HTC isn’t going to keep shipping handsets with a known flaw.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      The T-Mobile version is the gray model which is not treated with micro arc oxidation. U.S. customers should not have any issues unless T-Mobile decides to offer both colors.

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

    Seriously, internet? “If I press on the screen really, really hard, harder than I ever should, it looks funny!”

    So don’t do it.

    “If I throw the phone into a wood chipper, it breaks!”

    So don’t do it.

    Same thing, really.

  • Melinda80

    Thx for reporting this.
    Im rather getting a new iphone instead.
    I dont wanna end up being stuck with broken android phones.



    • Vance

      Enjoy the safety of your bubble.

      • jsmith

        Can’t knock apple’s qc. They keep control from cradle to grave and use standard parts as much as possible. HTC obviously needs to step it up.

      • inviolable


  • niclas jansson

    I got an yellow spot on the top lleft corner , and sometimes i get a graphic bug on the search field on the internet browser . I got the phone for 2 days and its problems with it -.- Ohh! happy day

  • Roso

    I finally had my htc on x delivered today. It works great and canno replicate any of these issues. Love the phone. I upgraded from moto milestone. One x Uk version.

  • BigCiX

    I’m sure the U.S. versions (if there really is a problem) will be corrected by then.

  • Ash Davies

    Had the HTC One X for two weeks now, had no problems with it so far, but I’m pretty damn careful with my device, time will tell.

  • skugern

    I have respect for manufacturers that get gutsy with their design, so it’s sad to see that they’re having reported problems – hopefully once there are millions out there, these issues will be a thing of the past.

  • DroidVex

    If only half of what’s in this post (http://www.connect-utb.com/2012/04/potential-design-flaw-on-the-htc-one-s/) regarding the Issues with the One S is true, I think HTC has matched Apple’s antenna mess up.

  • dVyper

    I’m glad I’ve waiting a bit before getting mine. None of this is deterring me from purchasing though.

  • theluck

    I am typing this on my brand new HTC one x. I can’t replicate the issue.the HTC one x works just fine and I love it.

  • chazza

    Had my One X for a week…..and couldn’t replicate this at all. European version…seems tough as old boots to me. Even if it were true….you’ve just rendered every tablet device- Apple or Android- as faulty by definition. Every single tablet can easily produce that effect if you’re daft enough to press hard on the 7, 9 or 10 inch screens.

  • spazby

    disappointing if this is mass scale…

  • Bryan Stoner

    MMMmm so what would be worse: The ceramic coating breaking on the HTC One S or the back plating causing wifi / gps issues on the Asus Transformer Prime?

  • ihatefanboys

    ok first off, if you press any screen hard enough, laptop, or cell phone you will get distortion….and the fact that the ceramic is chipping around the USB port is surprising or unexpected how ? when you plug your phone in, you never get it right in all the time, sometimes you bump the edges. Its really non issues if youre smart enough to know these things. If T-Mobile dont announce the G3 soon, i might pick up the One X myself.

  • val

    There is also a problem of a yellow spot appearing on the bottom left corner when phone is hot . Same issue on xperia s , it is rumored Sony makes both screens. See pic here on french forum : http://i.imgur.com/AzrUX.jpg

  • Tony

    On my 2nd one x in 2 weeks….software issues where the phone resets itself after using the agenda app….also phone lasts only 12 hours(phone mainly on standby, made 2 phone calls, read 3 sms’s, surfed the net for 5 minutes and listened to music for 30 minutes……..and the phone died)…..going back to try to get another one x…….hopefully first phones were from a bad batch…….

    • David

      Did you buy from amazon also?

  • Slith

    Why is the ceramic coating on the black version but not the grey? Is it just a color thing?

  • Anand

    Thanks to all your awesome positive comments I am going to go ahead and get HTC One X later in the evening!!!!!

    Can’t wait to get rid of my iPhone 4!

  • Jakey

    Its funny how you clowns give thumbs down for a complain about the phone. If somebody has an issue you guys give him a thumb down. Retards.

  • yankeesusa

    I am glad now that sprint changed their version of the phone. But maybe the sprint version will start loosing the color too. I guess we will see. hopefully if any of this is true htc will fix it asap. They have done well so far since restructuring and refocusing on quality instead of quantity. My wife bought the iphone and I have tried using it to see what the fuss is about and although its a great phone i found myself going back to my android to do some basic things that the iphone can’t do. I hope htc gets this figured out soon before the htc evo lte is released at least.

  • ranman

    Funny how quickly all these Apple fanboys forget all the issues that were had with the Iphone. No signal unless you hold it in a certain hand. Crappy call quality.Its a bandwidth hog….. The list could go on and on.

    Move along Apple Sheeple.

  • Dh33r4j

    The great HTC built quaility!

  • Dh33r4j

    People always complained that HTC always had better built quality than Samsung. It was just the feel that you get from metal casing. Check all the durability tests. Samsung’s plastic always won.

  • Sultan of Lahore

    HTC didn’t do a good job at all. Sense crashes a lot on the one x and now you have hardware issues? HTC needs to learn that you have to test intensively your device before you release it on the market.

  • joeaustralia

    I have this screen issue when I press the screen hard but there is no need the touchscreen is perfectly touch sensitive enough without putting your thum thru the screen to me its a non issue and absolutely love this phone in every way and sense hasn’tcrashed once for me.

  • inder

    Had mine for less than 24 hrs. It needs software update!
    1. can c bars when tilting screen
    2.tried to play few videos on different websites. The ddint play !

  • hopscotchjunkie

    Had the One X since launch, and I haven’t had any of the issues reported. No flexing, no discolouration, no yellow spots, no Sense crashes, no overheating…

    Storm in a teacup.

  • Ace

    I got HTC One X here… and my main problem is – very poor signal reception. Shame to say that it shows No Signal while my Samsung Wave still got 2 bars up. My location is might not be favorable but it can’t be that lame on having poor signal reception. Design flaw~!

  • Teddy G

    Disappointed. Only way i can sum the one X. Got a sim free version so no bloatware, but it performs slower than my old desire did! Mainly because about 90% of tasks are dumped to the companion core on the Tegra 3 chips, and it is not up to the task – give it something hard to do that involves the 4 main cores kicking in and it gets HOT very hot. Massively disappointed with the camera. Gives very grainy images for 8MP and the video is blocky, grainy and and very unstable. The ‘image chip’ is a gimmick and isn’t any better than you will find on something like the Galaxy S2. YES you can take photos and video at the same time but as its taking pictures of the griany video its recording you get grainy blocky photo’s – joy. That’s if it doesn’t decide to crash if you try to use this feature from standby – which was one of their big selling points – really wish i could send the pile of shit back and have the Galaxy Note instead – stuck with the heap of shit for the next 2 years.

    • David

      You should have a 30 refund windows.. My 2nd replacement unit arrives tomorrow, if it’s another defective unit I’m going to refund it depending on whether or not I’m wowed on the 3rd of May.

    • Alok Chauhan

      You sure you got the real HTC One x ?? I think someone set you up real bad bro..!!

  • richard dewing

    not sure if this has always been like this,but when the screen is pressed,selecting anything,a circle appears briefly where the screen has been touched. havnt noticed it before, has this always been there ???

    • richard dewing

      on the htc one s

  • Dan D Lion

    Had my One X 1 day (UK version) and i do have the press issue with the side of the screen, what are peoples opinions, should the phone be replaced? Not really a technical issue just more of an annoyance!! Also the phone gets very, very hot when playing games, in fact seriously hot!!

  • Bradley

    I do not have any issues with anything appearing when touching the screen but I have found I have a constant yellowy blob in one of the bottom corners of the screen. I have not knocked/dropped the phone or miss handled it in any way.

  • birt

    I work for a massive phone company and have had many complaints about the screen flickering. My has the same issue

  • keith smith

    i got the htc one s gray blue 5 days ago and with in the 5 days i have had i period of time where i had no service for an hour could not make calls send texts or recive any of them. i have called t mobile countless times and even been to the store to show them the phone is defective and they want me to pay for another one. you got me twisted. this phone has problems and its dead wrong that i have to pay for another one in order to get it new to send this one back. and if i cancel i ll be stuck with out a phone for 2 to 3 weeks before they send me a new one. pleas t mobile has become full of shit. and am about to trash them. cant do anything with them

  • bas hartman

    My htc one x has a yellow dot on the lower left corner which is only visible when displaying white or grey colors, still very disturbing while browsing the web. Don’t know if I should return the phone or not..

  • Wouter

    You should use my video for this article

    • Alok Chauhan

      that’s an LCD screen ..!! you can try doing that on your TVs, monitors and anything else that has an LCD/LCD IPS panel..!!! dude..really ??

  • Kris S

    Hello people, its been 8 days I have my HTC one S I LOVE the phone but I keep losing network (signal) (coverage) with it. I can be indoor and go from 5 to 0 bars wen on HSPA mode only, but if i swich to GSM mode no problem I have my 5 bars everywhere. Sometimes I take out my phone from my pocket and it has the NO SIGNAL msg on it. It’s pretty disturbing. I had a Blackberry Bold 9790 with the same provider and never had any problems like this. Any tips for me?

  • jay

    I had my HTC One X for about a month before there was a horizontal bar in the middle of the screen that would not respond anymore to touch. Looked around the web and found that some others had the same problem. I called and asked for a replacement. The service center said they were out of replacement phones and that I should call back in a week. (Seems like they’re making a lot of replacements.) Anyone else here has had problems with the touchscreen?

  • lukefaces

    I have the HTC one s and for the month after I got it I’ve really enjoyed it however, for the past two weeks I’ve had a few problems:

    1) The sound has stopped working; message alerts and calls work fine, however when I want to listen to music or hear app’s through the speaker, nothing.

    2)When I plug in any headphones, it takes about two minutes for it to realise they’re plugged in and start working, which it does fine afterwards.

    3)The G sensor is working fine however at the moment everything is sideways and I cant change it. This is no problem but it is quite annoying.

    4)Sometimes it makes a horrible buzzing noise out of the speaker and crashes.

    This seems a shame because until these problems started happening, I was very impressed by the phone (I would have said it was significantly better than the iPhone 4s which my brother has)

    If anyone can suggest anything to fix these problems it would be greatly appreciated,

  • jay

    Had to return two upgrade One x’s, first one had marks on the back, the second one had screen flexing on the left hand side running all the way down the seam.

    It appears that the glass front was not glued down properly, it popped back into place but would slowly lossen again. The actual flexing was minor, say 1mm depth of movement, but the issue was that dust was collecting and over time moisture could get into the gap, eventually coming loose. I had no choice but to return the handset to my provider, Orange UK.

    I only had the for less than 24 hours, the screen is beautiful and I may well get another One X, but the GS3 is now in my sights.

  • Slumpy

    My One X is shocking. Battery life only lasts maybe 2 hours tops when I’m working. Software glitch after glitch. Screen use near edges is useless. WiFi issue and can never get a signal anywhere. I’m with Vodafone who after sending me first a HTC sensation xl which didn’t work and said t mobile on it then sent me a 2nd hand galaxy s2 as a new customer on a £100 per month contract had to fight for 3 months to get a brand new phone on my new contract which is a one X and I wish I’d kept the 2nd hand s2 now.
    Moral off the story. Avoid OneX. Avoid Vodafone.

  • ede


  • Mr NoSignal

    I’ve had a HTC One S for less than a month now and it rarely picks up a signal outside of a city centre. Other phones on the same network have never had this problem. HTC have not been helpful. I’m hopefully replacing it with a non HTC phone soon. Shame really, it has some great features, just can’t us it as a phone!

  • Gingerbenn

    I have a HTC One S and have been experiencing pretty bad signal problems, if put in my pocket for short time and then take out of pocket handset displays no signal for short period of time.

    In good signal area as my last phone was fine on same network (three), inside building seem pretty bad signal eg 2 bars or 1 bar at my work. Outside signal seems fine with 5 bars, but signal problem seems to be alot more wide spread then HTC and other mob phone networks are making out as internet fourm posts seem to be everywhere on the HTC One S signal problem.

  • ramsey

    i bought a htc one x yesterday and the heating up is just un believable the phone gets hot after 10mins of phone usage! i can see 2 dead pixels on my screen which the store i got it from refuses to exchange it for me so i have to deal with them hopefully this doesnt effect the phone.. on the positive side, the phone is amazing, coming from an iphone 4 owner i personally think this phone is much better.. hopefully htc will come out with a system update to fix the heating and battery life problem

  • oleksiy

    I had the one s for 2 months now and a few weeks ago my signal would cutt off and also image sense doesn’t work so I am not able to take the pictures. I would factory reset my phone and after a few days I would develop the same issue in the first few weeks this device was amazing 10/10 now it’s dropping to 7/10
    Sent from my HTC one s

  • sweet

    I have the One S and its been per ufect for a month now. Great screen,no chipping,very pleased. My fiance has one aswell and is just as happy. Must be a batch issue. We bought ours in the UK.
    Fed up with awful Apple restrictions and poor signal and a plastic body on the iPhone,we had to go with the best alternative

  • VENU

    Am using htc one x from 1month. I found following drawbacks -
    1. Battery goes off for 10-12hours.
    2. Gets toooooo heated below the camera.
    3. Front camera is too blurred.
    4. Main camera images captured at night times are too dotted.

    But i found many users complaining about following reasons. But these below r false according to me.
    1. Signal problem.
    2. 3G problem.
    3. wi-fi problem.
    4. Display screen problem.
    5. etc etc etc…
    I didn’t find any such problems in my phone. its working properly.

    The htc one x handset needs to be modified only in camera(both main & front), overheating & battery backup. Rest all the thing is fine.

    • Alok Chauhan

      Battery if gets you back home.. should be good enough, but I know it can be a problem if you’re a avid traveler.
      Heating problem — got my own theories.. but may sound too basic.
      Front camera blurriness — though it is 1.3MP, can’t be extremely brilliant, but try cleaning it up.. dirt seems to cause blurriness
      Main camera is the best in the industry — any flaws with that have to be with something you doing wrong… trust me, I’ve captured brilliant low light and night images with it.. Never noticed dotted images. try these things.

  • Anna

    Not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but I have issues with using the GPS to track my runs. I’m using HTC one S, and have tried multiple apps such as mapmyrun, endomondo, runtastic, etc, to try to track my runs.

    A couple of problems. Slow GPS fix. Another is that even though the GPS manages to fix while the screen is on, while the screen is off it stops tracking. I end up with “running 1.2 km” in one and a half hours, even though I ran 10 km ++. Any idea how to fix this?

  • CIru

    hmmm so what should i do? guys im planing to buy this baby. can you please advice one me. and i herd some where dead 20 or 30 pixel touch screen problem. i really need advice on this

  • akef

    Had the htc onex for 3 months no problems nothing I had the iPhone 4 before this and HTC onex is better only problem is battery life I’m getting about 10 hours of each charge and probably 3 hours of gaming out of the 10

    • CIru

      how about this wifi issue and gps problem dude?

  • tomk

    Failure to recognize sim card. Made a call yesterday morning……2 hours later total failure to recognize sim. Call to tmobile and troubleshooting to no avail. Took phone to tmobile store and they will replace free, i pay shipping. STILL…3-5 days without a phone. Was told this is not the first time seen at this particular store.

  • Arihant Jain

    HTC ONE X Sucks. It had started causing problems only after 1 month of purchase of device with tinting issues and display blackout. It is the second time in 4 months my phone has gone for service.

  • Rahul

    Always get Switch/Add panel screen.. This is happening 3rd time in 1 yr.

    1st went to htc servcice center and they reinstalled android OS.
    2nd time gave for servicing and they sent it to bangalore to rectify the problems

    But now it has come back :(

    • mtaaha

      Im having the same problem..did you find a solution.