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HTC Rezound price slashed to $50 days before Android 4.0.3 update


The HTC DROID Incredible 4G may be right around the corner, but if you’re looking to save some cash and want a new phone today, the HTC Rezound might be exactly what you’re looking for. Both Verizon and Amazon Wireless have dropped the price of the HTC Rezound to just $49.99 with a new two year contract, making it the cheapest phone with a dual-core processor and a 720p HD display.

The best part about the new price is that Verizon may release the Rezound’s Android 4.0.3 update by the end of this week which should boost performance and improve battery life (one of the major points of contention for current customers). The Ice Cream Sandwich update comes with dozens of new features and a redesigned Sense 3.6 skin which is a slight improvement over its current iteration. For a closer look at the device, check out a full HTC Rezound review.

Is $49.99 a fair price for a dual-core phone with a 720p display, 32GB of included storage (16 GB internal and 16GB microSD card), $100 pair of Beat Audio headphones and a fairly decent 8 megapixel camera?

Source: Amazon Wireless

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  • Joel

    ” Is $49.99 a fair price for a dual-core phone with a 720p display, 32GB of included storage (16 GB internal and 16GB microSD card), $100 pair of Beat Audio headphones and a fairly decent 8 megapixel camera? ”

    All things considered in the package deal – Yep, it sure is.

  • Alan Reboli

    Get this phone. I have been way too impressed with ICS on this phone. Beats audio, awesome camera, even better screen? This is a steal for 50 bones.

    • Arthur


      It’s a great package anyway, and with ICS it’s awesome. At $50 it’s a steal.

  • bellken

    I have one, and, it great, plus ICS, it is hard to beat, especially for $50.

  • Jimmy Johansen

    If I was on Verizon there’s no way I wouldn’t have this phone! Unless you want to drop $300 on a Nexus…. $50 for 720p, Beats, and 16GB internal storage (I already have a 32GB card)… That’s the best deal I’ve seen all year.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Man I’m really surprise at how much I didn’t like this phone. Being an HTC and Sense Fan I swore I was going to get it, then I used it in the store and I was like… -__- meh….. Nothing is wrong with the phone though it’s a rock solid device… I guess at that point I had already ran too many Sense 3.0 ROMS on my OG EVO and did’n’t see anything appealing….

    Then I just got the GNEX on Launch day.

  • Lewis

    I just ordered it online to replace my Droid X (it’s been very unstable for about a month). I’d been looking long and hard at the Galaxy Nexus, but $300 was too expensive to justify to my wife given our first child is coming soon. Excellent deal!

    • thaghost

      Congratulations on the baby.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    I don’t see how anyone can really think this is a bad deal. $50 for a phone that’s about to get the ICS treatment and a pair of Beats by Dre headphones is worth it.

    And yes, I know Beats by Dre aren’t the best out there and a lot of people shit on them, but the fact that those headphones cost more by itself than the phone does on contract, it’s a pretty nice little deal.

  • spazby

    it’s a really good deal if you are on the budget…. if you want the latest and greatest, hold off for sg3

  • Derek

    This is an amazing deal for the Rezound. Personally with that price point I think it may be the best phone for value on the market. I have one and I find it outperforms the Razr, and the Galaxy Nexus when you take in to consideration its $150 less then the Razr and the Razr has less features then the Rezound, and the Nexus is $250 more with no advantage besides being a vanilla phone. I think the Rezound is the best phone Verizon offered even when it was $300, but now that its $50 you would have to be insane to get anything else on Verizon.

  • Derek

    This is a great phone for $50. Just a month ago it was the best hardware out there. The screen is amazing. Its the only screen on any phone that has a higher pixel per inch than the iphone 4/4s. I went to verizon to get the galaxy nexus but saw this phone right beside it. Compared them and all around the rezound was a better phone at 199 than the GNex at 299. And now for 50?! cant be beat. And official ICS is coming this friday!

  • BigCiX

    Deal of the year so far!

  • Nathan D.

    Dam this is a steal for any Verizon customer and I don’t care what other say because if you say other wise then you need to go to the doctor to get check or something. If only other good phone like the rezound is this cheap.

  • Lucky chauhan

    Good very good… news for me :)

  • Kevin

    Any chance of getting refund if you just bought one a week ago and are still inside the return window and all that? My friend just got three of them at 200 a piece, now they are 50 a piece. That’s a hell of a lot of money.

    • sharlie

      Call Verizon. Saw on another post that someone got 150 back. I just got this phone yesterday. Love it. Battery sucks but I knew that before buying it.

  • xrjackx

    Just an update, this price didn’t stick…

    I couldn’t get big red to sell me one for 50 bucks. They told me it was on sale for two bills. I guess it was just a loss leader thing or something like that.

    Lol…they asked, “can we still get you going on a new contract for only $199.99?” I said, “only if you send me four of them.”

    They hung up.

    • Alex

      No. They didn’t hang up, actually. They can’t.