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HTC: Thin is in – No HTC One Maxx from us


When it comes to the future of mobile devices from HTC, thin is in. Over the course of the past year or so, HTC has been conducting market research to help them set their vision for the future. Results from HTC’s survey shows that consumers care more about thinness of the device than they do about battery life. As a result of the survey, HTC removed plans it had to release 3,000+ mAh battery-toting devices from their product roadmap.

Instead, beginning with the One series of devices, HTC is upping their focus on thin form factors, which generally shed user-replaceable batteries. None of HTC’s 2012 revealed smartphones to date have allowed users to remove the battery plate and replace the battery.

HTC will focus its battery life efforts on improvements in battery technology, and increase efforts on software enhancements that are geared at battery life, similar to what Motorola has done with its Smart Actions program. Motorola’s Smart Actions have greatly improved the battery life on the OG Droid RAZR, making it the first LTE smartphone we’ve tested with an 8+ hour battery. Hopefully

Whether or not HTC’s focus on form factor over battery life will get them back in the game remains to be seen. As we move more and more into LTE-territory, battery life becomes much more important. Most devices out there that run on the super fast LTE networks barely make it through a full work day without needing to be plugged in. Fortunately, the HTC One series offers some of the best battery life we’ve seen in a while, so HTC is clearly taking steps in the right direction.

What do you guys think? Do you value thinness and form factor over battery life, or would you accept a slightly thicker device that provided 24 hours of battery life?

Via: Slashgear

Source: The Verge

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  • Derp


    • jonathan3579

      This just goes to show what happens when a company becomes disconnected from the people they are supposed to be selling to. I am sure they will sell plenty of One devices but will also be in for a surprise when it’s not the amounts they’d hoped for. Time to reconnect, HTC.

  • Galen20K


    • lilmoe

      here’s a knife for you too, let’s stab them together.

    • Joel

      HTC please stay “quietly brilliant”….and stop leaning towards “loudly disappointing”.

  • Mark

    I’d prefer thickness over battery life. Look at how much more popular the Razr MAXX is vs the Razr. As long as it’s “thin’ish” and not bulky then it’s fine. I’d sacrifice a mm or two if it meant a lot more battery life.

    • Derek

      Exactly. To me this is the dumbest market research study I have heard in a long time. I mean the Razr and Razr Maxx just came out, couldn’t you just use sales data for these two phones can call it good??

    • Mike Hock

      You prefer thickness eh?

  • Dirge

    Lame. If they’re not going to include bigger batteries, then they’re going to have to optimize the system to hell.

    • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

      I am sorry to say it, but optimizing is not gonna happen any time soon. Optimization can go to hell faster than a larger battery. I hope they will reconsider this.

      • Derek

        Here is an idea, how about you do work into both optimization and bigger batteries. Shocking I know.

        • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

          I didn’t start to modify ROMs and I am not going to start now. There are plenty of Android chefs that proved they can do a better job than any big manufacturer. You do realize this can backfire against HTC in a big way, don’t you? They are sailing towards foggy waters…

  • spazby

    i don’t think i would like much thinner phones than what they are right now.. I would much rather have a more potent battery at the current thickness so I am not sure I agree with HTC’s approach…

    • Moosa Mahsoom

      They forgot Motorola PAcked a high density battery in DROID RAZR.

    • Tangent

      Exactly! A thin device is great, but I don’t think they need to keep getting thinner. I’m perfectly happy with the thickness of my Sensation and would *much* rather have that with great battery life than the same life I have now in a credit-card thin device…

  • uknowme

    I could care less about how thin a phone is. Don’t get me wrong, it is nice to have a thin phone. I think a user replaceable battery is important. If it is thin and I can put a bigger battery in it then it would be awesome!

    • R.S

      I agree that thin is nice but in my opinion, it makes the phone seem delicate.

      My current phone (GS II T989) is pretty thin while still having a decent sized battery (1850 mAh). However, if it were a little thicker, I’m sure a larger capacity battery could be used. Plus, because of it’s thinness, I use a bulky case. If the phone wasn’t as thin, I’d either use a thin case or none at all.

      So in the end, my phone still ends up thick/bulky but without as much battery life.

  • redraider133

    I wish rather than trying to make the thinnest phones they worked on making like a 10-12mm thick phone with a battery in it the size of the razr maxx battery without being as wide as the maxx

    • Derek

      Basically an iPhone sized phone

  • Ps3y3Ops

    I think Samsung is on the right track with wireless charging.

  • Jeremiah Akin

    I think that if someone came out with a phone with a battery that lasted 2 or 3 days it would be a hit, even if it wasn’t thin by today’s standard.

    • honourbound68

      Within reason.. If you look around enough, you’ll read comments about not wanting to carry a brick in their pockets. Eons ago my father worked for AT&T product development. I saw the evolution from briefcase phones to cellular bricks to the present form factors. When HTC and others state that they’ll concentrate on thinness, they’re opening a secondary market for accessories like the mophie juice pack. Nevertheless, they’re making the right choice. The movement will continue to be towards thinner phones and as a tech company, HTC can’t afford to look like they’re not as technologically advanced as Samsung, Apple, or Moto.

      • Aaron

        Why would any phone need to be thinner than a Galaxy Note or a Razr Maxx? There is no excuse for not packing bigger batteries in.

      • JaToMa

        Then let us have a phone without battery at all. That makes about 4mm . everyone can carry as much battery packs with him as he likes in his backpack!
        ok, the phone might twost as hell in your pocket and break but hey, at least you can use your batteries on your next phone. Hopefully.

      • JaToMa

        Is HTC even interested in what we’re writing here?

        Give me more battery! The original Desire was thin enough. Not sure my hands could handle even thinner phones.

      • honourbound68

        another article on improving battery technology. let’s hope they get everything worked out asap.


      • elfenstar

        Agreed. I’m a relatively heavy productivity user. Between my car charger on really busy days, or on long trips with the phone as satnav, and an external battery when I’m on my 8/10hr cycling trips (no thanks to runkeeper), I’ve not had to have a spare battery or charge my phone before the end of the work day since I gave up the good old Moto Startac X.

        Thin is good, as long as the the non-user replaceable battery is of a decent size.


      Basically, this phone already exists. RAZR MAXX. Original, RAZR MAXX HD, and there’s a new one too that I don’t know much about.

      I have a RAZR MAXX HD, and the sole reason I wanted it over literally every other handset available to me is that Motorola actually cared about putting a giant battery in it, while keeping the whole thing very reasonably sized.

      Vote with your wallets…

  • Eddie

    I prefer thick phones with short battery life. My Thunderbolt is going strong!

  • PhineasJW

    HTC has really made a remarkable turnaround toward failure.

    Way to misunderstand the market.

  • Richard Yarrell

    The HTC ONE series of device look great but clearly the EVO 4G LTE is the winner here out of whatever else they made. Meanwhile i can’t help but say Motorola NAILED IT with the 3300 mAh battery and smart actions great combo. If you can’t swap out your battery when needed then it better last not some silly 1600 mAh battery that’s unable to be removed. Now lets see what Samsung has done with the upcoming GS3 I bet they are right there with Moto on the battery front with their new model.

    • Steam

      “…i can’t help but say Motorola NAILED IT with the 3300 mAh battery and smart actions great combo.” Yes, they did. But a few hours (HOURS, not even days) ago, you said this
      “..crappy bug infested bloatware Razr and shitty Razr Maxx.” right here: http://androidandme.com/2012/04/smartphones-2/verizon-releases-updates-for-droid-4-razr-and-razr-maxx/
      We all know that you don’t know what you’re talking about and live in a fantasy world, but seriously, Richard, you aren’t even consistent anymore. Hours. Mere hours, and you went from one end of the spectrum to the other. You transcend terms like “idiot”, “Mentally ill”, “schizophrenic”, “deranged”. You aren’t just immature, you are legitimately out of your freaking mind, AND you have the IQ of an old boot. Someone should castrate you in the unlikely event that you have sex. We can’t have you screwing up our gene pool even further.

      • the reverend

        what’s your problem man?

        there’s nothing inconsistent with saying that one aspect of a phone sucked “buggy software” but another was great “battery and smart actions”

        stop being such a bitch-ass bully.

        • Steam

          “bitch-ass bully”? Let me explain something to you. Almost two years ago, I saw Richard popping up in every Android site on the internet, spamming every single thread about how awesome his EVO was, and insulted anyone and everyone simply for not agreeing with him or having a different opinion. Fine, whatever, I’ve been playing around with computers since the 1970s, I’ve seen all kinds of perverts, weirdos, trolls, psychopaths etc., over the years, this was just another one that was particularly a dick to everyone, obviously didn’t know what the hell he was talking about, in short, Richard. I just ignored him. He was so bad on Phandroid that they banned him at least four times that I know of.
          Now, I donate to several charities, and for the past fifteen years, I would send the Bowery Mission (a homeless shelter in NYC that helps people get back on their feet) a nice donation every year before the holidays. About a year and a half ago, during a particularly slow day, I Googled Richard’s name for the hell of it, to see if there were any crazy arrests or anything (the guy is obviously screwed up in the head), and I found this: http://boweryapplications.org/Images/mmDocument/Red%20Door%20Jun2007.pdf
          Richard’s favorite insults were (still are, for the most part) to call people bums, losers, useless, broke, jobless, etc. When only a very few short years ago, he found himself on the street. Homeless, scared, not knowing what to do, and the Bowery Mission took him in and taught him how to turn on a computer and gave him a job. I was almost literally sick to my stomach that this guy was attacking people not for flaming him, but just disagreeing with him, or making a logical point or stating a know truth that he didn’t agree with using not just insults, but insults like that. I’ve haven’t donated to the Bowery Mission since, and I showed the friends of mine who initially told me about the BM what this guy was doing on the internet, and who employed him and taught him how to get online. He knows that I make sure that everyone I know who donates, or know of anyone who does donate to the Bowery Mission knows about Richard, whether they’re donating $10 or $10,000.
          Richard has physically threatened people, called people racist insults as well as his usual 3rd-grade “insults”, he is deliberately nasty to everyone who doesn’t have whatever he thinks he has at the moment, and I’ve donated a very decent sum of money to the Bowery Mission over the years – including the years when he walked in broke, terrified, and homeless. So, I’m the bully? If I am, I’ve damn well paid for the right to be.

          • lucasmpinelli


          • Angie Wimberly

            I’m sorry, but I can’t get on board with this. It’s one thing to win an argument about technology, it’s another to drag someone’s personal struggles onto the Internet.

          • PleezHammaDontHurtEm

            First off, HTC needs to focus on battery before phone size. Who did they survey that prefers a thin phone over improved battery-life? Had to be the same people that think that skinny jeans look good!

            STEAM is 100% right and is doing an incredible for service Android forum readers by outing this BULLY. There are sick, malicious individuals all over the internet and I want to know who they are… I’m a father of 3 young kids, one of whom is an Android user and a reader.

            Thanks for the info STEAM…credibility is everything on opinion/forum based sites and Richard has none

          • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

            I’m so glad Richard can’t ruin Phandroid anymore. :)

          • the reverend

            Thanks for at least taking the time to reply. You may even feel robbed but you don’t need to descend to his level, or allow him to make you feel so obviously angry:

            “The robb’d that smiles, steals something from the thief;
            He robs himself that spends a bootless grief.”

            (And I’m sad that the Bowery can no longer count on your donation. They helped him out, they’ve done no wrong.)

      • lucasmpinelli

        Dude, no need to be such an asshole. Yes, Richard has a reputation around here but is it that hard to just ignore his comments?

    • Raptor

      Who farted again in A & M?

    • redraider133

      Have you even used any of the new moto phones since all you do is say the nexus is the king of android and nothing compares to it. You have no first hand knowledge since you always used to bash moto because you were an htc fanboy and now you bash everyone else because you are a samsung fanboy. Funny you used to say how you hated the plastic cheap feeling phones that samsung made……

  • Lightning7

    ……………GSIII it is..

    • dVyper

      Perhaps, though I”m thinkin that Samsung will have probably gone with the same idea… :(

  • Blake Gerry

    HTC loses my business.
    I just want a phone that can last a full day at work and a night out after work.
    18 solid hours of moderate use.

    My G1 didn’t last that long
    My G2 didn’t last that long
    The HTC ONE S might barely make it

    But even if I wanted to put a new battery in the ONE S I could not.

    HTC misstepping like WHOA

  • Alan Reboli

    Mistake. Android isn’t suffering from ‘too thick of phones’ It’s the 4 hour battery life it needs to improve on.

  • thanks

    Thanks for the tip. Never owned a HTC, never will.

  • Craig Mogi

    Hell, I wouldn’t mind sacrificing a mm or two to have a longer lasting battery. But if you’re going to make everything thinner anyways, at least they could make it a removable battery so I could swap it out if necessary.

  • Sean LeRoy

    As you say “Thin is in”. I’ve owned various smart phones over the years and honestly, to plug my phone in toward the end of the day, before I head home, is no big deal. Don’t know if I’ve ever had a phone long into the day, the way I use and abuse it! My advice get two wall chargers and one car charger per car…LOL

  • glennw

    Dear HTC,

    When your phones have batteries that can rival the longevity of iPhones, then you don’t have to focus on battery life. Otherwise, it’s just one more thing that will keep people from converting from one to yours.

    • swazedahustla

      Ummm NEWSFLASH……….by that statement you can take out the HTC and substitute it with pretty much every OEM in the world. FYI

      • glennw

        That’s the point. Motorola got it with the MAXX. All other OEMs should follow suit.

  • Shawn Clark

    Thinness is cool…battery life is cool…the only true way you gonna get the best of both worlds is take a page from the galaxy note…the wider the screen the wider the bigger the battery could fit…possibly

  • derek p

    omfg thinness is soooo 1997. phones are much more capable, with all the radios (3g, wifi, gps, 4g) comes the need for more and more electricity. i ALWAYS buy extended batteries. i dont mind the extra bulk (even though people do look at me funny and say “why is your phone SO BIG?!”) i get MORE than a days worth of battery and its great, I DONT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IT and do what i want. HTC to me was the LAST stronghold. samsung phones suck terribly and htc phones are developer friendly and functional. it saddens me that HTC is falling into stupidity like everything else. :(

  • Sere83

    lol, HTC are a bunch of fantasists. Who was even taking part in this survey? A group of absolute clowns? How can they priorities thinness over battery? What use is a thin phone if the batteries is a pile of crap? jokers

  • Shrinidhi

    Will vote for RAZR maxx any day

  • Robbie mimms

    GOD DAMN IT!!!!

  • Cantelumber

    I love my 3vo and will not be upgrading to another htc cause of the non replaceable battery. Especially after seeing the grim Sprint data coverage comparisons, I will look for a droid with good specs and a replacable/ huge battery which is a necessity. Perhaps a galaxy note type quad core beast when they make one! B)

  • Ironzey Lewis

    Wow, a lot of negativity in these posts.
    I MIGHT be convinced that this is a way to go. If they add an easy way to charge, wireless or docks with charging pins. If they are going to go the route of charge more often at least make it easier than the micro USB route.

  • GE918

    Give me a longer battery

    • jak2rocks

      bigger battery* or longer battery life*

  • GE918

    Long live longer batteries!

  • kyriakos

    I would love to have a thin phone with a dead battery in my pocket on my way back from work!! HTC’s survey is totally off! Whats really sad is that HTC will actually go forward with that.
    Had been using HTC phones for more than two years and battery life was my main dissapointment. Thats why after verizon released the razr maxx I did the unthinkable and switched to verizon.
    Now I have a phone that still works on my way back from work around 5pm

  • Nathan D.

    If thinness gets in the way of battery life then they took it to far and should take a few steps back if they don’t want people blowing up their page about it but I’m sure it’ll never come to that (I think)

  • WlfHart

    I guess I could live with it if they had removable batteries… I’ve kind of gotten used to swapping out batteries, even though I don’t prefer it. Preference is certainly slightly thicker for more juice!

  • yankeesusa

    I wouldn’t mind thinness and worst battery life if it was removable. At this point if the battery life is just as bad as my evo3d I will seriously think of switching to the dark side. At this point battery life is getting more and more important. What is the point of having a phone that I can do business with and get things done when I am unable to do this due to low battery signal after only 4 hours of use. It is ridiculous and this may be htc’s downfall.

  • Aaron

    HTC: I’m going to focus on other companies and not you. ;)

  • Raptor

    It took 2 years for HTC to realize that it is cooking el cheapo @#$% :

    “During the today’s earnings call Yung admitted that HTC “dropped the ball” with its selection of LTE devices. He conceded that the bulky handsets simply failed on a design and spec level — especially when it came to battery life — and were not selling nearly as well as expected. ”


  • Dave

    Fail… I wonder how many hipsters were surveyed. Sounds like Kim K (Kar whatever her last name is) & a bunch of her friends were solely interviewed.

  • Stondec

    This is exhibit A why HTC will quietly and simply fade away.

    If they can’t figure out that a beautiful and powerful phone with a weak battery is next to useless then that’s their funeral.

  • Richard Ahlquist

    Hot now I can have a supermodel thin phone I can use 10 minutes a day. How incredibly useful!

  • ZzX44

    Sure its more stylish but if it dies from 2 hours of solid usage then what. I hate being married to my charger, hunting for outlets, having to sit next to them to get some juice. Obvious step in the wrong direction unless they choose to further optimize the system or add user replaceable batteries. I wouldn’t mind so much if I could get to the battery.

    On a side note what happens when you vampire charge or mess up a power cycle on a battery you can’t remove are you just stuck with a shit battery at that point?

    I’ll stick with Sammy and its “OH SO TERRRRRIBLE” TouchWiz if it means my SGSII E4GT lasts a day and a half and is still pretty thin (like 8.7-8.9mm) and light-weight.

  • aranea

    As long as it’s not a flexible phone the current thickness is fine with me. I’d rather have longer battery life over another millimeter thinner phone.

  • jamal adam

    I really want to know who in the world they surveyed because majority of people would rather sacrifice thinness over battery life, any day of the week.
    I think they need to re-evaluate their survey audience and actually include real live human beings who use Android smartphones.

  • Tep

    What??? I would prefer a not-so-thin phone with long battery life than have an ultra slim one that runs out of juice in just a few hours. I love HTC phones but battery life has always been my concern. Where in the world did they get those respondents?

  • Shadovv

    What sort of people were involved in this market research group that HTC did?
    My best guess is a bunch of college hipsters, who would just end up getting an iPhone for the “looks” anyway.
    You can have the thinnest most stylish looking phone in the world, but when the battery goes out, you have nothing more then a thin paper weight.

  • S

    mistake! I have a T-bolt due to some glitch/bug, everytime i power off the phone and power it back on (say, before/after a flight), I cannot enter my password (the phone doesn’t accept touch inputs). I then need to reset it again, to get it to work. I, therefore, avoid this problem with my work-around…I pull the battery before takeoff (it works like a reset when i turn it back on upon landing). Without that capability I’d be far more annoyed with my phone (and HTC’s lack of support for it) than I already am. Thin is great, but it’s not the end all be all of smart phones.

    Also, from a marketing research perspective; was this research done before the launch of the RAZR Maxx? I think until that launch most consumers would have felt that it was an either-or situation…guess not: Both, thin and big battery are great causes but, I’d say with the Maxx, they’ve been shown to be relatively easily combined (albeit, still without having a removable battery).

  • Kratos

    Thinness is important but Battery life is even more important for me. I won’t even consider a phone which won’t last for a day! Battery backup is very important HTC…

  • Melissa

    I’m sure HTC can do both like Motorola did with the Razr Maxx. I wouldn’t mind having a non-removable battery, if it meant making the phone last at least a full day on moderate to heavy use.

  • Melissa

    Also, thiness wouldnt’ matter so much to me since I’m pretty much always putting cases on my phones. As long as it doesn’t look like a brick, I’m fine. But I would also love to have a bigger battery.

  • bin artyte

    I sincerely hope samsung does not go down the same path for all the galaxy line of phones.

  • Mil

    Oh how wrong htc are. Consumers are desperate for long battery life. It’s not like phones will be bricks if they had bigger batteries. I for one would definitely sacrifice some thinness for all day battery life.

  • Tammy

    The thinnest phone is the world… is totally useless… as soon as the battery is dead.

  • Suzie

    Why is the Razr Maxx the *ONLY* very thin phone that still has a 3300mah battery????

    No other company in the world can figure out how to do that?

  • Ichigo

    And that’s why Samsung became better than HTC in the android field. SMDH.

  • hamid

    I do not know of any disabled people in the head, they conducted a survey, but personally I think absolutely the opposite: let the phone will be at least 15mm thick (the more so in the hand is more convenient than the new-fangled “pancakes”) would work just 4 days at 3-over- less severe stress.
    And most people know, feel the same way.
    Small battery – this is for those who are home all day or sitting in the office when the outlet of the longer than 3 hours, not to leave.
    Although why in this case, a steep Smart. .

    • demize!


  • jspiby2

    I love HTC phones and the one series looks great but depending on GS 3 I think this saddly could be the end for HTC you might get a few fan boys hanging on but unfortunately they seem to be loosing touch the what’s going on in the world, people want better batterys , bigger screens, less of there own ui, h hate to say it because I love HTC but ill probably be getting the new GS3. :-(

  • Luca

    HTC, you idiot !

  • Tarwinia

    Personally It depends. Thin is great for being able to fit it wherever (especially with the larger-screened phones. On the other hand the battery should last.

    Truth be told what concerns me most is the amount of charge cycles the battery has in it and the degradation factor. I remember one phone where I ended up using up almost two batteries per year (the phone lasted four and I used a total of 7 batteries before I upgraded). I don’t mind recharging midday most of the time, as long as it doesn’t mean that in six months the phone will only last half the time it used to.

    Honestly, I’m more concerned with storage and the lack of microSD slots. Between the OS and storage allocated for apps, the 32GB on the ONE X is not enough. Now if they offered a 64GB version I wouldn’t care.

    For the record, for those who were comparing to the iPhone and its battery life… my friend’s iPhone 4 lasts less than my HTC Sensation 4G (I’m not saying it has a great battery life, far from it, but it does beat her phone :)

  • h0ruza

    I read a statement like this from HTC and my confidence in them disappears.

    The one line has a great ethos and is all I need to know.

    Make better phones that last two days.
    Make them with more screen and less phone. When you achieve that make them look better and out of better materials.


  • SGB101

    If there going for looks over live they nailed it with the one x, the battery is bad, even with the ‘fix’ update. actually I think mine may be worse lol.

    it is a sweet looking device tho ;o)

  • PRAEst76

    Who did they ask in this survey? Why wasn’t I asked? I’d rather have a thicker device with a larger battery. The thing that’s put me off the One X is the thinnes. I generally use a cover on my phone which gives me better grip.

    HTC have jumped the shark. I’ll stick with my Sensation for now and see what else appears later in the year.

  • kenbr1960

    I can’t see myself buying a phone that doesn’t have a user replaceable battery. I am often out on a boat with no opportunity to recharge so being able to take spare charged batteries is the best way to handle it. Not to mention batteries tend to start failing after a certain number of charges. As my batteries start to get old I just replace them with newer ones.

  • MarkT

    In 2015 someone will die of user inflicted injuries to the groin when they bend over to pick up their keys with a razor thin htc phone in their front pocket.

  • Brett

    Why dont they also try making quickchargers?

  • Marc

    This pretty much guarantees I’ll never buy a htc ever again. Or an android generally, for that matter. Buggy, glitchy, weak arse battery life pieces of crap. Hate to say it, but I cannot wait to ditch my htc desire and go for a new iPhone. Given it two years and the final straw was realising my phone which is modelled on the original nexus will never run ICS. It’s not like its even particularly old. Dreadful.

    • SGB101

      the desire was a cracking phone, if you want ics, put cm9 on it.

      did you really expect the desire to get an ics update, its been on the market for around 27months. ive only just given mine up, i got it on its release as i preferred it to the nexus.

      • the reverend

        The Desire was a trooper – it had flaws, but none that XDA didn’t fix. And I had a contract for £15 a month with 3GB of internet – that you’ll never find on the iPhone. If anything the (learning) experience has made me even more keen on the next Android.

        To GSIII or not to GSIII, that is the question… :D

        • SGB101

          very true, i ran Cyanogenmod for most of my time with my desire, the at the end cm9 on and off.

          it still is a great phone, its only a shame i got a one x, and after a few days i picked up my desire and it seemed to of aged 10 years. i got a sinking feeling in my stomach, it was a sad moment.

  • ask

    That’s a dumb statement to make.What’s the point of having a thin phone, if it’s dead half the time?! HTC are losing it.

  • Paul Atreides

    Somebody at HTC celebrated 4/20 a little too early. I want what they’re smoking!

  • KC

    The same mistake HTC made about the Beats earphones. They’ll never learn.

    Premium price for an iPhoney compatible, no way. I want huge battery, and if they’re not, at least, removable ones so that when the battery industry does release their latest innovation with long lasting battery, I can just swap in the new one for the old. No embedded battery to force me into going w/o the device for weeks should the old conked battery is being replaced.

    Expansion slot for microSD – I swap a lot of microSDs, esp. when I’m overseas. I like the strong macho feel of the device in my hand. Most importantly, it must have NFC now.

    Give me a Panasonic Eluga Power, a Motor Altrix 3, if it coming at all, a Meizu with 2GB RAM and big battery, or a HuaWei. No flimsy skinny HTC for me.

  • dreamsrfree

    I got into a heated argument about this very issue with someone on android central. My stance was a bit of thickness isnt too bad in a device if it means a bigger battery and he insisted most people wanted a thin device over better battery life. I didnt believe him then. He couldnt convince me that most people wanted that. And Motorola did get it right with the Droid Razr Maxx. I wish that HTC would actually take their own advice and listen to what the consumers are REALLY saying. I just wonder whom they actually used in their survey about thinness. To me after a certain point the thinness is pointless if I can barely use the device before it has be charged again.

  • Kevin Hart

    HTC is probably looking at things from the right way just like their cameras on the One line of devices. Bigger is not always better so by improving sense and by increasingly placing power saving features into their phones as well as adopting new battery technology they will not have to up the size of the battery and the thickness of the phone. The camera is the same way do not up the megapixels because the aperture really matters. I believe they may be going in the right direction with things.

  • bolanrox

    how thin can you really go before its too thin. Short of starting to use titanium milled or something for structural support :) it would be nice to see an increase (and a uniformity) in wireless charging which would def cut back on the need for huge battery, if you could have a pad at work, in the car / at home that would charge the phone pretty much any time you weren’t using it :)

  • http://stuarthalliday.com/ quatermass

    Smell like a silly Marketing/design decision!
    They probably only asked people who’ve never used a real smartphone.

    I’d prefer a thick HTC phone that lasted longer than my current HTC Desire HD which lasts less than 6 hours (and that’s with a higher than standard battery!) over a slim handset any day.

    Why not design a case back that can be swapped for a thick or thin shell and let us choose the battery we want?

  • http://www.neilcalvin.com Neil Calvin

    Typical smartphone user:

    *clamors over thinness of phone*

    *puts phone in giant Otterbox*

  • Jim

    The amazing battery in the Maxx made myself and my wife choose the phone (the B1G1 free promo didn’t hurt). It seriously changes the way I use my device since there’s no need to be overly conservative with syncing, Bluetooth, GPS, 4G, and whatnot.

    Plus, it’s still relatively thin. I’d love to see more phone manufacturers go that route.

  • OnIn2

    If you don’t have a removable battery how do you deal with cell freeze up?

    Or is just on my LG G2x ? About once a week, I have to remove the battery due to the cell being unresponsive.

    • cthonctic

      Long pressing the power button will usually cut electricity after 5 to 8 seconds. I can’t remember when I last actually removed the battery (though I’m not saying I get many freezes either).

    • LuckyHermit

      My Razr Maxx has yet to freeze on me, but if it ever does I just need to hold the power and volume down buttons to do a cold reset. (same as battery pull)

  • cthonctic

    How much thicker would a phone like the One X be if a 2500mAh battery was included, honestly? I can’t imagine the difference would be that big, maybe 1 or 1.5mm tops. That way it would still pretty much acceptable – I’d say anything slimmer than 10mm is fine.

    Of course if a built-in 3000+mAh battery made the device 14mm chubby then it would be too much. I suppose HTC engineers should be clever enough to min-max without compromising either factor overly. But management/marketing believe people want the thinnest phones possible…

  • Toonshorty

    I could see this as a good thing.

    It goes without doubt that we’d like to see better battery life, but consumers also like their devices to be thin. This will tell HTC that they can’t just make the phone fatter, however they will need to find a way to increase battery life.

    Hopefully this will result in HTC investing in newer battery technology and hopefully producing smaller batteries and more battery life.

    • honourbound68

      also, their move opens up a market on battery cases (like the mophie juice pack). i wouldn’t be surprised if they made one similar as an accessory.

  • LuckyHermit

    That pretty much guarantees I won’t be buying any HTC phones in the foreseeable future. I have a Razr Maxx and couldn’t imagine going back to a smaller battery. I also would never want a thinner phone either. The Razr is too thin for me, and the Maxx would benefit from a little more bulk in my opinion. Shove a 4,000+ mAh battery in there and I’d be in heaven!

  • stormkroe

    Wait, let me get this straight: they’ve already proven the ‘fewer, hero phones’ model as just a party gag, but the one exception they cut is the one with the huge battery? Wow…

  • alexanderharri3

    HTC obviously doesn’t read Android and Me….

    Are they admitting they can’t do what moto did with the thinner-than-HTC Razr Maxx?

  • Dale

    Did anyone read this sentence? ‘Fortunately, the HTC One series offers some of the best battery life we’ve seen in a while, so HTC is clearly taking steps in the right direction.’

  • McLovin

    Skinny phones have skinny batteries. Good luck making it through the entire day without connecting to the charger. And your are really screwed if your battery is non-user replaceable.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    If they gave you two charges (one for home, one for work/travel), a vehicle dock, and an extra microSD cable, then MAAAYYYYBEEE I can see them saying that.

    But that would never happen and it’s stupid to make a firm stance one way or another (unless it’s unlocked bootloaders or something).

  • ElSteverino

    I’d say my Razr Maxx is pretty damn thin, a lot thinner than my wife’s Thunderbolt that only lasts 6 hours before you need to recharge.

  • YNWA

    Ok you fuckers HTC. How about making some decently thin phones with 2500 mAh batteries in them. You don’t need to have a 3300 mAh battery like the RAZR Maxx, just don’t stick us with 1700 mAH batteries we can’t even remove.

    I will stick to my Galaxy Nexus with my extended REMOVABLE battery thanks. I was interested in checking out the new HTC models, but now I think I will just stick with what I have.

  • http://genesischess.com/ MJM128

    As a proud owner of the HTC One S, I can tell you this phone is insanely thin. With that being said, I wouldn’t mind sacrificing like a mm or 1.5mm of it’s thinness to get a bigger battery. Hopefully at least 2500mAh. I just got this phone, so the battery life is still to be determined.

  • demize!

    Ok this is asinine. Make the phones thinner with lower capacity batteries, and then make them non removable so cant carry spares and you’ll be on a perpetual hunt for an outlet. This and the non removable memory os a big step in the wrong direction. Why would any manufacturer eliminate the unique qualities of Android hardware?

  • Gir

    That is just ridiculous not to mention that it is housing a Tegra 3, what will the battery life be like for the average user?

  • GerryAttrick

    If battery life goes down or I can’t change the battery when needed then I might as well buy an iPhoney..Over my dead body. I have an HTC Amaze and its fine with me. I hada SG2 and that was rubbish(could not survive a decent rainstorm) I looked for something more waterproof but once I saw the battery was not replaceable by me then I plumped for the HTC

    If HTC wanna sacrifice bettery life for thinness then they will for sure lose me as a customer when I am looking to upgrade

  • blake hannan

    I have an HTC EVO 3D, I would much rather sacrafice thinness over battery life. The battery life on my phone is awful, but i love the phone. I charge it fully from 30% or lower as much as four times a day.
    With that being said, I also think that HTC designers/ creators should make a setting on the phones layout that makes a selection from a left handed to right handed phone user. I notice that a lot of phones are set up for a person that would hold it in their right hand ! I tend to have to reach across my phone if even possible to “send” or “scroll” ! Think about it people ! Or I will, and become a millionaire !

  • _Diego

    I’d take battery life over thinness. As long as it’s reasonable.

  • awundrin

    Battery life is way more important to me over thinness. Plus I prefer something a bit thicker cuz it’s easier to hold onto.

  • ancient1one

    HTC needs a new market research team.. Scary a company can be so out of touch..

  • Charlie

    I really don’t get why ‘thinner & lighter’ means a new product is destined for greatness. As long as the phone can easily slide into a pocket of jeans or a jacket then that’s surely all you need?
    My HTC Sensation is perfect for me, any thinner and I wouldn’t be able to hold it!
    I think the focus should now be how to improve the features (processor etc) and to make them more powerful but for the same size.
    A bigger battery for me is a huge selling point. All the features are great, but if you have to charge your phone every few hours because you’re using them all then whats the point?

    So my message to you Mr. HTC would be: to stop getting caught up in aesthetic wars, and focus on being ‘quietly brilliant’ with your technology. Focus on battery length and whats inside the phones/tablets, not the pointless aesthetics. Oh and can you bring out a tablet that can knock the iPad off it’s pedestal??