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Leaked press shot shows off the HTC EVO One from Sprint


Tomorrow’s unveiling of the HTC EVO One is right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait any longer to see what Sprint’s variant of the HTC One X will look like. PocketNow has managed to get its hands on a press release which they say depicts the HTC EVO One posing next to the AT&T HTC One X and the T-Mobile HTC One S. The design of the handset looks similar to the two HTC One devices, but it trades in a micro-drilled speaker holes at the top of the phone for a more traditional speaker grill and the display looks to have sharper edges giving it a looks which is reminiscent of previous HTC EVO devices.

One other feature which stands out in the leaked image of the HTC EVO One is the presence of a dedicated camera button along the edge of the phone. Since HTC is putting such a huge focus on the HTC One’s camera abilities, we were actually surprised to see they didn’t include a physical shutter button on their other HTC One devices.

Rumored specs for the HTC EVO One include a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, 4.7-inch 720p HD display, 8 megapixel camera with LED flash, 16 GB of internal storage, 2650mAh battery, NFC, support for Sprint’s 4G LTE network and a kickstand. At this point it’s hard to say if all of the rumored specs will be included once the HTC EVO One is unveiled tomorrow afternoon, but Sprint has always worked hard with HTC to deliver handsets that are unique.

What do you think of the design of the HTC EVO One? Do you like what Sprint and HTC have come up with or should they have stuck with the original design of the HTC One X?

Source: PocketNow

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  • Galen20K

    Looks just like the same style as last year’s Evo design phone.

    • Joel

      Yea there is a resemblence there – and heres what Sprint is gonna do in 2-3 months: “HTC EVO One, now in white!”

      But I suppose the cam button is a nice addition, as well as the kickstand.

      • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

        Personally, I prefer the AT&T/European version. That white with the micro-holes is pretty danged sexy! But I would like the dedicated camera button as well!

  • SGB101

    it seems to of lost 2 cores and 16gb of storage ?

    • http://about.me/willfanguy AvantGuard

      Yes, but it gained a 4G radio. It also changed to the Tegra 3 processor, which has been benchmarked as good or better than the quad-core the European version comes with.

      • http://about.me/willfanguy AvantGuard

        Oops. Missed the processor note in the article. What the what?

        • Illrigger

          Tegra 3 doesn’t support LTE yet, so the US versions all have a Snapdragon S4. Which is OK, because for day to day tasks the S4 is faster than the Tegra, and should offer better battery life – which is the only weakness of the euro One X.

    • http://www.lifequill.com Canterrain

      You will notice that the ATT version features the same processor. This is because the lte radio can be integrated and that should save battery life in compared to a separate processor and radio. (see every lte phone ever) Going with the quad core means losing that benefit.

  • http://muddypa.ws/blog nportelli

    Looks fine, just needs miniSD slot. Amazing how handy that actually is.

    • Illrigger

      MiniSD? Welcome to 2006!

  • Brian

    That’s completely ugly. When I first saw the white variant I was very impressed.

  • triangle

    I prefer the design aesthetics of the One X and S to the Evo One. The One series looks like it has a rounder design, while the Evo One looks like last year’s Evo phones.

    Hopefully, the rest of the Evo One design is better than this one photo makes it look.

  • dVyper

    Dammit I want a bigger battery!!! I might just hold off on getting my One X (I’m in the UK) until they release one with a bigger battery for us europeans.

  • Stigy

    I hope that center one isn’t the Sprint version and this is just a fake mockup of the phone. I am not on Sprint, but I’d feel bad if they lost the rounded screen, the tapered edges on the bottom and that gorgeous laser drilled speaker up top.

    You know you’re a nerd when a speaker grille is gorgeous.

    • mattsd23

      If that is the HTC One Evo for sprint, they should rename it…HTC “One Fugly Evo”

  • spazby

    battery may be an issue – holding off for sg3

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      It’s the second largest battery on an Android phone to date. How would it be an issue?

  • Nathan D.

    Hopefully, the one x comes to the rest of the USA carrier.

  • RHerr

    I was really looking forward to the One S but the oversized bezel at the top looks fugly. The screen is smaller than the X but the height of the device is the same!

    • Jimmy_Jo

      The screen is smaller its just lower. Look closer at the pic…. the One X screen starts closer to the top but ends higher on the bottom due to the white casing under the bezel. The screen is the same size. Though I do hope that the render is wrong. I like the styling of the One X. The EVO One shouldn’t look exactly like the EVO, EVO 3D and EVO Design 4G. Even the Sensation looked better…. We want a NEW phone

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      HTC One X: 134.8 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm
      HTC One S: 130.9 x 65 x 7.8mm

      It’s a bit smaller, but keep in mind that the internal components are nearly identical.

  • Angel

    Everything is relative. Now it all depends on the pricing. If this offers more bang for the buck then the samsung galaxy 3 then i’ll get one of these instead. If this is too pricey then I’ll get the g3. Hopefully this will be better priced than the g3, which I’m guessing it will be…

  • Lucky chauhan

    can it be used for video calling ??
    please tell…

  • intelwild

    I was sooooo ready to buy this but it looks too much like the original EVO and the EVO Design that came out not too long ago. I really hope they did not change the looks. The Poly-single body with the drilled holes looks great. If the new EVO One looks like this pic then……I might just wait for the S3. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus puts this one to shame in the looks category. I knew it was too good to be true!

    • swazedahustla

      in the looks category, but everything else runs circles around the GNex.

  • Raptorfromplanetofbraindeadapes

    Btw just measured — same body edge-to-edge no bezel design would allow 5.3″ screen. Where is One XL, HTC?

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      The reason we don’t see edge-to-edge screens with no bezel is because you need something to hold your screen in place. Yes, there are new TV’s that had ultra thin bezels (I saw Samsung and LG unveil them at CES) but they are not designed to be put in your pocket. It’s a manufacturing limitation that has not been solved yet.

      • Raptorfromplanetofbraindeadapes

        that’s not the reason. the real reason is stupidity. Samsung already published a patent for what i call virtual bezel design where you just skip small border on the screen BY SOFTWARE while use it for displaying

        • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

          a patent application simply implies that they have an idea of how to fix the issue. it does not mean that they currently have the technology to do so.

          • Raptor

            Look precisely at it, this patent implementation. It does NOT need any new technology, it can use just exactly the SAME touch sensitive screens of absolutely each and every phone or tablet today.
            New is that the capacitive/resistive cells at the border are controlled (disabled/enabled) by multitouch software making you fake virtual border (black if you want or invisible depending if you touch this side of screen or not)! The reason why Samsung is not implementing it is as i speculate because it mostly uses SuperAMOLED screens and they are still exhibiting (though less) those old damn memory effects like the plasma TVs.

  • jspiby2

    Why change the name and why change the shape I don’t get why USA phones have to do this.. ok so they can’t have the quad processor but why not keep the name and look of the phone the same no matter the country!. Are American iPhones different to the rest of e world as well?

  • Jorge Vieira

    i think this design might be a tad bit nicer that the original build esp the dedicated camera button!

  • Richard Yarrell

    This is looking great I am happy for Sprint and my EVO FAMILY and friends. Bottomline here we are not comparing HTC ONE X with the quadcore processor that is abroad so it doesn’t matter here. In the states it’s all about dualcore S3 vs dualcore S4 how much of a difference in day to day use is the question. Time has come for quadcore devices and I am pretty sure Samsung will bring the Galaxy S3 with exynos 5250 and Lte you can count on that. Now Verizon must step their game up and make sure to pick this up late this summer. In my world dualcore is dualcore been their done that…..

    • Steam

      In *your* world, you own a smartphone. In *your* world, you are threatened by anything that is higher specced than what you currently imagine to have. In your world, you’re still in that dark basement, taking it, and trying to project your seriously screwed up issues onto others. In *your* world, Verizon was the Devil, a “useless network”, and anyone who was a Verizon customer “sold their soul to the Devil” and was useless. In *your* world, Sprint was “king/ruled android, was “boss”, pimp/bitch slapped everything else. WiMax (which was NEVER 4G) “ruled “Verizon’s useless LTE network” because you imagined yourself to be on Sprint (maybe you were, NYC does have that outreach program where they give smartphones to homeless people) You know precisely nothing about chipsets, architecture, telecommunications, punctuation, or spelling. You think (as it is convenient in *your world*) that higher clock speed automatically = better, more megapixels = “boss”, more cores MUST mean that it’s automatically better (unless of course it’s a quad-core, then it doesn’t matter anymore because you imagine yourself as owning a dual-core). Have you ever, once, actually used the computers in the BM to try to learn something? I would start with basic, Kindergarten-level English, and work from there. Of course, there is the issue of you having the IQ of a stapler, but you should give it a try.

    • squiddy20

      “In my world dualcore is dualcore” Blatantly obvious statement is blatantly obvious. What a great conclusion you’ve come to Richard. Please tell me how you’ve come to such an astonishing viewpoint.

  • button

    On Screen button > Mechanical button > Capacitive buttons

    On Screen buttons are way more responsive, and depending on the apps it can be changed however you want.

    HTC,.. son I am disappoint

    Check this article too


  • rgordon

    I prefer the old-school EVO look, with the [old-school] Cylon speaker bar. EVO lovers want the rest of y’all to know we’re special. Of course, I also prefer the bigger battery and the kickstand. If you’ve never had a large-screen phone with a kickstand, you won’t understand how convenient that little extra leg is.

    • kickstand

      but kickstand means smaller battery….

      • rgordon

        One X supposedly has an 1800 mAh battery. In the old math, 2650 > 1800. Kickstand with “smaller” battery still looks good to me.

    • Steam

      Especially the not-as-little kickstand on the Thunderbolt. Works on both axes.

  • dmantes

    …that will be a design unforseen error by the manufacturer. It ever there’s a problem on the device that have been released, the manufacturer warrant. But without permanent solution, instead they will issue another model to supersede the previous problem. Unknowingly, it Will create another issues.

    In a modern world of electronics era, specially nano technology, it’s not a easy to make a better solution on the first place. Someone will face it later when consumer is using it. There’s no perfect in this world at all.