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My “fake” Verizon Galaxy Nexus randomly reboots every day, let’s end the public beta test


“People are f*cking idiots if they bought a Nexus for updates,” said a commenter on reddit. I’m not sure if I fully agree with that statement, but I feel like an idiot after I purchased the Verizon Galaxy Nexus on launch day and then recommended it to our audience of hardcore Android fans.

What’s wrong with the Verizon Galaxy Nexus?

The problem with the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is that it suffers from a handful of annoying bugs that have existed since it launched. Customers with the device have reported it has random reboots, multi-touch issues, suffers from poor battery life, has slow screen rotation speeds, and a number of other minor bugs.

All these problems haven’t prevented me from using the Verizon Galaxy Nexus as my daily driver, but it has caused me a lot of frustration and made me wish I owned the GSM Galaxy Nexus instead.

To this day, Verizon’s device is stuck on Android 4.0.2 and it hasn’t been upgraded since it launched on December 15th, or 140 days if you are counting. The good news is that the newer Android 4.0.4 includes over 100 changes and fixed most of the problems reported above.

Google had some issues getting out Android 4.0.4 to some of their Nexus devices, but they finally started pushing it out last month. Verizon has been testing this Android 4.0.4 update since February, but they have yet to approve it and roll it out to their subscribers.

Is the CDMA Galaxy Nexus for Verizon and Sprint a “fake” Nexus?

Some people saw this problem coming. Engadget editor Myriam Joire dubbed the Verizon Galaxy Nexus as the “#fakeNexus” and predicted it would not receive updates on the same schedule as the GSM Galaxy Nexus.

Early this year the CDMA Galaxy Nexus disappeared from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) page. Google’s Dan Morrill explained that certain .apk files needed to be signed by the carrier so “pure AOSP builds running on these devices can’t place calls, access mobile data, and so on.”

At this point, I’m not really sure what the Nexus brand stands for anymore. Initially, we thought of Nexus phones as reference devices for developers so they could test their apps on the latest version of Android. But then Verizon came along and started selling the Galaxy Nexus in stores as a consumer device.

Now Google’s own Jean-Baptiste Queru says, “”The Nexus name is related to the consumer experience, and has nothing to do with AOSP support.” The only problem with that definition is that customers on Verizon and Sprint with the Galaxy Nexus will not be receiving the same consumer experience as those with the GSM version on other carriers.

What’s the hold up Verizon?

So do Verizon customers with a Galaxy Nexus actually have a right to complain? Some could say they are lucky to be on Android 4.0.2, while around 97% of Android devices are still stuck with older versions of Google’s mobile OS.

For now, there is not much that Verizon subscribers can do except sit and wait. There is a leaked testing build of Android 4.0.4 that some users have flashed onto their devices, but I decided to stick with the official build so that I could get the same experience that most Verizon users are facing.

We have reached out to Verizon multiple times to see if they had any news on the Galaxy Nexus update, but we have yet to receive a response. I know that Android updates are a touchy subject for most carriers, but it would have been nice to get an honest answer, even if that means a couple more months of waiting.

Don’t say “I told you so”

The Verizon haters out there will probably laugh at these kinds of reports and say that Galaxy Nexus owners are getting what they deserve. “The Galaxy Nexus is an over-hyped piece of plastic.” “You should have known that Verizon would never give full control of a device to Google.” “The Nexus was made for hacking you n00b. Shut up and flash it.” “Sprint’s version shipped with Android 4.0.4 lol!”

I still love my Galaxy Nexus and I have no plans to give it up anytime soon. However, I have been disappointed with how Verizon handled the launch and with the lack of support the device has received since it hit stores.

Verizon has tarnished the Nexus brand, and some users will never look at it the same. I know it is still Verizon’s responsibility to update this device, but I wish Google would step in and do something to help their most loyal supporters.

For all we know, Verizon could start pushing out the update later this week. In the mean time, I’ll just keep cursing them under my breath every time my damn phone reboots when I’m trying to use it.

It’s time to end the public smartphone beta test.

Via: Reddit

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  • Stephen

    i havent had any of these problems. I hacked it back in january, but even on stock software i had no problems at all.

    • Bryan Stoner

      Same here. But the thing is, there are other people who don’t know how to root their nexus and are pretty much SOL. Although there’s always a techy guy to help them out if they asked ;)

      • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

        Even on AOKP b33, there are multi touch issues.

        • Bryan Stoner

          I’m running an AOSP build and have failed to replicate the problem. Does it happen all the time?

    • dil

      Verizon fcked up with google with the google wallet! and now is the time to pay the price!!!

    • Joel Bird

      All that this means is that the Nexus line needs to be free of carrier control. You need to be able to purchase the phone outright and connect to whatever network you choose. The Galaxy Nexus GSM version was one of the first phones able to support any GSM network on the planet. The GSM version without a doubt is the true Nexus phone. To get the true bleeding edge Android experience, this is the only phone to own.

      Everyone knew day one that a Verizon version would never work, and it’s been proven here. You can’t have carriers involved when it comes to the Nexus line – they hold everything up.

      • AceoStar
      • J B

        Except you know, CDMA phones don’t work like that. Good or bad, Verizon uses CDMA, they made the decision long before smartphones were even a thing.

        I’m not finding many people who bought a GNex from Verizon that did not understand modding, roms, etc. In that vein, many of us are happy. I’ve had no problem flashing 4.0.4, radios working and all, and I’ll take my LTE service and full control of my phone over any GSM piece of crap network out there.

        • HeLLO

          GSM piece of crap network?.LMAO ah look someone is just upset that his “Nexus” is a fake.Poor kid so how does hanging on to Verizon’s sack feel?

          • Fred

            Pretty good with LTE. HSPA + sucks compared to LTE.

      • thel0nerang3r

        Unfortunately that business model has not worked in the US. From what people report, seems to be the working in Europe.
        Aren’t you glad that the DOJ prevented ATT from acquiring TMobile? Otherwise, your only GSM choice would be ATT (and some regional carriers that don’t seem to get the same access t phones as ATT an TMobile). With ATT, bring your own phone gets you the same monthly plan, while TMobile does have lower priced options.

  • Joshua Melling

    So sad

  • Bryan Stoner

    Even with its issues it’s still an amazing device XD

    • professandobey

      Agreed. I’m still running stock 4.0.2 (rooted), and love it. Although, I’ve only had it reboot once. The only things that bother me are the multi touch (big problem in games) and auto rotate bugs. I am disappointed in Verizon for their shenanigans (updates, delays, and Google Wallet). I’m probably going to leave Verizon after this contract.

      • steve

        have fun paying the 400 to leave

        • jeremy

          Notice he said after his contract was up.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    I wouldn’t complain at all if Verizon gave the iPhone the same slow update treatment — but they didn’t. They dare to alienate all of us, while allowing Apple dictates the update schedule. Does it make Apple’s updates less buggy? Hell, NO! But they still let Apple go. Had there not been the Droid, Verizon would have been crushed by AT&T now. Verizon owes us a lot, and we deserve to be treated in a more decent manner!

    • JAR

      Verizon has nothing to do with OS updates on the iPhone. Apple will never allow a carrier to ruin the experience in their product the way Google allows it. No bloat ware either. I had a Gnex for a day and returned it for how buggy it was, Apple updates are far less buggy in my experience.

      • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

        I did not make this thing up. As a proof, here it is:


        It was big news back then.

        I also don’t believe Verizon has no say at all in the iPhone update process. I recalled reading news about the iOS 5 update was delayed for release in order to wait for Verizon’s approval — just because Apple handles the update doesn’t mean Apple won’t listen to the carrier. It’s just that Verizon approves iPhone’s update so much faster than Android’s update.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I guess you pulled it to rewrite it. It is a lot more organized than the initial rant @Taylor. I prefer the initial rant though.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Didn’t mean to hit publish earlier. I was watching TV and poked the wrong save key.

      • Trevor Cameron

        Taylor, so glad that you published this. I love my SGN… but if I was going to be totally honest, it doesn’t work that well. :0( I hate to say that, it pains me, but it’s true. Both my gf and I have the phone, and although there are many advantages to the SGN over an iPhone, and NO WAY would I ever trade my SGN for an iPhone, the iPhone runs way more smoothly.

        I really felt that with ICS, Google would put out a polished product that worked as flawlessly as you could expect from a phone, but alas this is not the case. :0(

        And, the only company that is doing any real good marketing is Samsung, yet there was little no real press about the SGN. Most of my non phone nerd friends would have never heard about it if I wasn’t raving about it all the time.

        Google really needs to get the next release (Jelly Bean) right or they are going to start to lose their faithful.

  • DaveC

    I’ve only had a couple of reboots that I can recall, but mine definitely suffers a lot of lag when switching from portrait to landscape. I also found that the stock keyboard had a bad lag in landscape but instaling the Smart Keyboard fixed that. Overall, however, I’m happy with the phone, and I believe VZW offers the best chance I’ll see LTE wherenimlive.

  • Anshul

    I own a GSM Nexus S, completely rooted and running the latest and greatest Cyanogenmod 9. Google pushed 4.0.4 into the Nexus S to fix a ton of bugs…but it still doesn’t fix all of them. There are multitouch issues (swipe to the left or right not registering on the screen), laggy dialer and call drops galore. I am quite disgusted with these bugs as they relate to the basic functionality of the phone – to make and receive calls. Whats the point in getting a smartphone if it fails at basic functionality? I just may dump the Nexus S and go for a Galaxy S2 or the HTC Sensation. Google won’t fix these bugs…hopefully the Android phone manufacturers will fix these in ICS.

  • Clcross18x

    I got the GSM Galaxy Nexus, and honestly I just haven’t been as impressed or satisfied as I was with the Nexus One.. I just feel like something is missing that I can’t quite put my finger on. I don’t know if it’s Samsung or what, but I just haven’t been as impressed. It’s nice that they have stock android, but if it’s not going to be updated in a timely manner, then what the heck is the point then?

    It’s almost as if they really would rather not make a serious go at making the Nexus line a true competitor to the iPhone.

    • Paul

      joke? you’re sitting on 4.0.4 IMM76I my goodness. how many updates did that thing go through in such a short period, a couple of em at least. i think i know though what you’re missing: the whole point! galaxy nexus comes unlocked and includes tools like adb and fastboot. how hard can it be to whip up the console and type “fastboot oem unlock” + “fastboot -w update image-yakju-icl53f.zip” to unlock and install a rooted image. it then becomes a mere trifle to install a rom like cm9 or aokp comfortably through cwm. why do you think google allows and even encourages you to do that? simple, because by this tactic they let you slip through the stranglehold that manufacturers and carriers have on you. flashing is the *only* way you’ll ever receive real android and the galaxy nexus is the *only* device on the marked that allows you to do that without risk, hacks, odin and all that stuff. you paid 500 $ for it and wait for carrier-crippled ota’s – just what in the heck…

  • LukeT32

    I am a huge VZW supporter. I purchased the GNex in mid Jan only to have a good experience with the phone for a month or so. Since then the random reboots, touch screen issues, lack of updates and my favorite is I have a few contacts that in the “frequently called” section that when clicked on call another user or pull up someone else’s info, never the user that is clicked on.

    VZW is to much of a big corporation to let the GNex live and thrive like it should.

    The best part about owning the phone is watching all of my Android buddies drool over ICS. One is a diehard Samsung guy and has been waiting for the SGIII, but after seeing the issues I have had with the GNex he has considered switching to an HTC.

    I am not sure who is more to blame…. Google, VZW, or Samsung. As a whole the experience sucks. Sometimes I miss my original Droid and flashing CM7 Nightlies. I was going to ride out the “Google Experience” device thinking I would have timely updates.

    I guess there is always the next Nexus device…. They have to get it right eventually right?!

  • Ishken

    Keep this nonsense in mind when it comes time to renew your contract. The sad thing is people forget that the Nexus S was in a similar situation over a year ago and it wasn’t on Verizon’s network. If you bought a developer device, you can’t go crying about its update schedule and its bugs. IT IS A DEVELOPER DEVICE. Go develop a fix for your problems. Go to XDA or Rootzwiki and download AOKP or any of the many roms that are out for the Nexus devices. I would say your cries are valid if this were a Galaxy S(1 or 2), a Sony Xperia, HTC or Moto consumer device, but it isn’t. Don’t buy something that was designed to be used by someone who knows what they are doing and then complain that you are having problems with it. The Galaxy Nexus is still a great phone and its problems are limited to a small minority. Return it or get a techy to fix it. Stop complaining.

    • msgnyc

      The moment that the device was sold at carrier retail stores the device became a retail device. People need to stop saying it’s a dev device blah blah blah.
      Nexus phones havn’t been dev devices since the Nexus One.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      You missed the point. This is not a dev phone with the latest version of Android. It’s a consumer device that Verizon is pushing in their retail stores.

    • BioTrue

      Lol the Nexus isn’t a Developer’s device. My BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha is a developer’s device. And it makes my Galaxy Nexus screen look fugly. But that’s not important.

      If you go into VZW and buy the phone from a pimply faced sales person it is a retail device.

      Also Google has completely distanced itself from the cdma fake nexus. Google don’t sell it or even acknowledge that it exists.

  • KennyL

    Google did the Nexus brand a huge disservice by allowing Verizon to market the the GNex as the Android iPhone. Frankly I am sick of the iOS and Android comparisons. They are for two different use-cases and trying to compare the two is an exercise in futility.

    As far as the updates go, you make a good point. However, the Nexus doesn’t need updates all the time as fast as they come out. They just need to get them. The Nexus is meant to be tinkered with and flashed. If a consumer wants a solid Android phone that they’ll never need to worry about they should buy a skinned phone from OEMs.

    • thel0nerang3r

      They also let Sprint sell the Nexus S 4G as a a “Nexus” then late took away it’s “developer” status, which meant updates were not coming as quick.

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      >> Verizon to market the the GNex as the Android iPhone.

      I’ve never seen Verizon marketing the GNex as the Android iPhone — what I did see is, Verizon f*cking did not market the GNex AT ALL. Instead, they poured all the money into the Droid RAZR.

  • Brian

    Gnex + CM9 = no problems for me

  • Nate B.

    I haven’t experienced these issues except the slow rotation. But that was fixed with the leaked 4.0.4 for Verizon. Should of flashed it. It fixes those bugs and the rotation is fast. Well, now I’m rooted. AOKP 4.0.4. I personally find it funny if you don’t root your phone if its a Nexus phone. Not saying you have to but its worth it.

    • Bryan Stoner

      It’s cool you mentioned the rotation speed. A lot of the custom roms out there support different rotation speeds.

      But I would have to disagree on thing. Not every one is a super tech person who can follow root guides and flashing guides. Since they don’t know that they are stuck with buggy software. Slow updates and buggy software = angry customer. I can’t tell you how much it bothers people when their phone is unresponsive or does something weird. Even if the entire experience is amazing that one downfall will bring their opinion of the device straight down.

  • Nate B.

    Also, I understand it may be frustrating that your own carrier is being lame for a phone that should easily be supported, but the fact that so many unique stock ICS rooms with their own tweaks are out there and you could easily flash one. It fixes all of those issues you’ve been experiencing. I don’t expect all the average consumers to know how and need to, but you being a blogger should know these things.

    • eallan

      It’s not about being a blogger or finding your own solutions and voiding warranties. How do you people not understand that? Just because there is a grey area solution doesn’t excuse absolute shit support from google AND Verizon.

  • Nick Sloan

    I was the first in line on release day to buy my CDMA Galaxy Nexus, so I suppose I’ve used a VZW Nexus for about as long as anyone.

    I’ve had occasional issues. Multitouch isn’t always the smoothest. I’ve had very rare random reboots. Maybe once a month at most. The last phone I lived with for this long was the HTC Evo 4G, which eventually became a nightmare of bugs. It was bad on the stock software, and worse on CyanogenMod. The whole experience with my Evo was a major bummer, and I don’t know that I’d ever buy an HTC product again because of it.

    After the Evo, I used a Sprint Evo Touch 4G for a month, an AT&T Galaxy S II for a month, and a Droid Razr for 2 weeks. I’ve found the experience of these other devices to be pretty positive, but the I’ve never found a manufacturer customization that I enjoyed.

    By contrast, I’ve loved my CDMA Galaxy Nexus. As I mentioned, I’ve had very few issues, fantastic battery life (with the extended battery, and a few configuration tweaks), and a genuinely enjoyable experience.

    It is true, the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon may get updates more slowly than we feel a Nexus device should, but frankly, its update schedule is still on par or better than other carrier’s phones.

    I could get a GSM Galaxy Nexus, but then I would be forced to use T-Mobile without LTE, or worse, AT&T, a network that I despised so much that I gave up my iPhone (which turned out to be a good decision anyway), and my recent return to AT&T with the Galaxy S II did not improve my opinion of the network at all. And I say this as a person who believes that the technology and international availability of GSM makes it a much, much better choice. I just wish AT&T sucked less.

    Frankly, these repeated rants just come off as whiny. You’ve said all of this before, and you seem hell bent on bringing it up every month. Now, you follow it up with a Windows Phone ad. The skeptic in me suspects that you’ve found your way to a Microsoft or Nokia paycheck to start undermining Android.

    That’s probably not the case, but whether it is or not, know this: I read this blog for Android news. Lately, all I am getting is whiny editorials about how butt hurt you are over choosing a phone that is at worst, on par with all of the other phones that were released at the time.

    I won’t be reading anymore. There must be a better source for Android news.

    PS: I find the pro-Android editorializing to be just as annoying. All I want is news. Does anyone publish news anymore? Probably not. But I’m sure I can do better than this.

    • ben steel

      I somewhat have to agree. I realize this is firstly a blog site and secondly report journalism. I would have much rather read those details as a lead in to how you got Andy Rubin to admit the Android Alliance idea failed and have him admit Google somewhere along the way lost the strength or will to direct the mega carriers to what they feel is best…..

      Also, based on these Nexus issues…..kinda make the Nexus Tablet sound a little less special…don’t you think…?

      • Bryan Stoner

        Don’t talk about my nexus tablet baby that way!

        *but secretly: I hope it doesn’t end up less special because of this update schedule debacle

      • redraider133

        Not really, tablets are a completely different animal and unless you buy one through a carrier you don’t have to wait and have the carriers test the updates and radios etc. Just look at how fast asus is with their updates.

    • c0ina


    • Miguel

      The Galaxy Nexus is NOT a CDMA device. Its is LTE which is based on GSM! I don’t understand why people keep calling it CDMA here. Sure it has a backup CDMA radio, but it primarily functions as a GSM device.

      • Tony

        People probably call it a CDMA device… because it’s a CDMA device. LTE is not based on GSM. GSM is 2G, only 2G, and will never be more than 2G. The GSM Association – key word, ASSOCIATION – chose LTE as their upgrade path for 4G, just as it had chose W-CDMA as its 3G upgrade path before that. That’s right, Wideband CDMA is the GSM Association’s 3G, and HSPA is an evolution of that. That’s it… it’s that simple.

        As it is a CDMA device, it is subject to the fact that CDMA is closed-source and very expensive to license thru Qualcomm – the sole patent owner. And, as a result, it has an adverse affect on updates… since, ya know… all voice goes thru CDMA and all and LTE is data-only, when available… since LTE, not CDMA, is the secondary radio along for the ride.

  • ASC

    After skimming the article, Why can’t Verizon Wireless push the “update” in multiple patches? Fixing each issue when they deem that it’s ready. Rather than waiting months to push one huge update? My personal opinion is that they would keep their current & future customers happy, And the cost of pushing out multiple patches would be outweighed by customers staying with them or starting service with them. I’ve been with Verizon for 8-9 years, and am almost ready to jump ship.

  • Ardrid

    Can’t say I disagree with the general premise of the article. Whatever the Nexus brand once stood for is long gone, no thanks to the carriers, Google, and, in part, Samsung. This is why I wish Google would take a more Apple like approach to the Nexus and dictate policy rather than subjugate themselves to the carriers. They can certainly afford to do it given the market penetration of Android. Of course, this is also why Google’s original Nexus experience was successful; the less power the carriers have, the better off we’ll be.

  • jrok

    I used to bleed green til this…these reasons are why many support are jumping ship….

    • Bryan Stoner

      You’re taking things out of proportion O_O

    • redraider133

      I would still take a nexus that is easily hacked and updated with the latest os over the one size fits all iphone or wp7.

      • bocaj

        You can hack an iPhone also. It’s called jailbreak.

  • Raptor

    Oh Goddess of Software! Give these moronic Updaters what they want – all these crappy night builds and buggy half-cooked updates every day! They will be happy with all these not thoroughly tested crashing crap until last of them will finally shuts up. Let they sign Zero Liability Agreement for Bricking The Phone At Any Reason and let things go. Amen.

  • dobri

    well played Microsoft

    • dVyper


  • Richard Yarrell

    Personally I have known for years that VERIZON was and still will be the WORST CARRIER when it comes to updates that will NEVER CHANGE. Inspite of that I still left sprint for Verizon in November 2011 for the opportunity of having the GALAXY NEXUS. It is the BEST DEVICE on Verizon today but small issues exist as Taylor has mentioned and that’s shameful that a carrier would allow these issues to exist and GOOGLE or SAMSUNG doesn’t step in and defend there product. All Verizon cares about is the SORRY ASS DROID branding devices and in all honesty they don’t want the GALAXY NEXUS to preform better than any of the droids. I have been on Sprint for two years had At&t for 2weeks and now on Verizon and one thing is VERY TRUE it seems like GSM TECHNOLOGY is much better than CDMA TECHNOLOGY. My signal strength on my GALAXY S2 SKYROCKET runs RINGS around my GALAXY NEXUS and that in it’s self explains networks. Maybe Verizon and the big bad LTE network they have isn’t as good as people believe I am doing some MAJOR RESEARCH right now into this GSM vs CDMA issue and will fiqure it out sooner or later. Meanwhile I love my GNEX and bought this device for the soul purpose of having the chance to learn rooting, roming, flashing, and everything that exist with owning a Gnex that was the lure for me. Trust me Verizon doesn’t want sprint talking up that the Gnex on there network with 4.04 is better than the Gnex on Verizon with 4.02. I am sure the update is forthcoming by the end of NEXT WEEK what I have been through with mines is the constant switching from LTE to 3g and the very weak signal strength even when in a strong LTE area like Manahattan and the update will change this at least I hope. I will NEVER GIVE UP my galaxy nexus.

    • Steam

      “…Personally I have known for years that VERIZON was and still will be the WORST CARRIER when it comes to updates” You know nothing. You’re an idiot, and where do you get “years”? You’ve only been in your Android fantasy world for less than two years.

      “…All Verizon cares about is the SORRY ASS DROID branding devices” What Verizon cares about is profits, you idiot. Verizon is a multi-billion dollar company, not a hippie commune, and “Droid” is a brand-name they licensed from Lucasfilm which they use for their high-end phones. Saying “all they care about is their Droid brand” is like saying “all Sprint cares about is their Evo-branded devices”, or as you call it “the Evo family” because you live on Fantasy Island and think phones are your friends and you “push up quick-like” on them (that one still has me shaking my head).

      “…and in all honesty they don’t want the GALAXY NEXUS to preform better than any of the droids” First, it’s “perform”, second, why the hell would the powers that be at Verizon want a phone that is making them a ton of money to not perform well? Does that sound like a good business model to you? That’s just plain stupid. You sound like one of those conspiracy theory nutjobs. Brilliant thinking, Richard; Verizon wants to screw themselves over.

      “…I have been on Sprint for two years had At&t for 2weeks and now on Verizon” No, you haven’t, at least not in the real world. Richard’s world, maybe, but not the real world. You yourself stated that you joined Sprint when the Evo came out, which was less than two years ago, until you imagined yourself to be on Verizon back in November or December, so where is this two years coming from? Caught yourself in your own lies again, have you?

      (This is some Nobel-grade intellect here) “My signal strength on my GALAXY S2 SKYROCKET runs RINGS around my GALAXY NEXUS and that in it’s self explains networks” Yes, Richard, you had better reception on one phone over another phone, so that’s everything you need to know about telecommunications networks. I’m not even about to try to explain everything that’s wrong with that, I don’t think I’ll live that long.

      “I am doing some MAJOR RESEARCH right now” What? You mean you Googled “CDMA vs. GSM”? Well, actually, for someone as stupid as yourself, I suppose that is “major research”.

      “…soul purpose of having the chance to learn rooting, roming, flashing, and everything that exist with owning a Gnex that was the lure for me” 1) It’s “sole”, or maybe you did mean “soul” since you think your imaginary phones are people.2) As for the rooting, ROMing, etc., you are WAY too stupid to root even a GNex. Are you serious? You’re not even smart enough to force-update, and you think you’re going to root and flash custom ROMs and kernels? Not in this lifetime.

      “Trust me Verizon doesn’t want sprint talking up that the Gnex on there network with 4.04 is better than the Gnex on Verizon.” Anywhere in your “major research”, did it ever occur to you that Verizon could care less about Sprint? Do you honestly think that Verizon feels even the slightest bit threatened by Sprint? A company that failed miserably with WiMax, uses Verizon’s network for roaming, and is just now trying to deploy an LTE network while Verizon’s LTE expands faster than your mental health degrades?

      “I am sure the update is forthcoming by the end of NEXT WEEK” You have never, EVER been right once about release dates, etc. I could quote a ton of failed Richtard predictions, but again, I don’t think I’d live long enough.

      “I will NEVER GIVE UP my galaxy nexus.” Since you hate Verizon now, are you going to imagine yourself back to Sprint? Since it’s all a fantasy anyway, why not? Just imagine that Sprint has a nationwide LTE-Advanced network.

      You contradict yourself repeatedly, and it’s been, let’s just say “interesting” watching you trip over your own lies. You can’t keep track of your own BS. You say one thing one minute, and something completely different the next. Sometimes, you contradict yourself in the same sentence.
      “… I have been through with mines” You have mines? Oh, please take one, put it on the floor, and jump up and down on it. You would be doing the world, well at least the part of it that reads American Android sites, a great service.
      Maybe the BM did try to get you some mental health help, but after you talked to the psychiatrist, the psychiatrist had himself committed.

    • squiddy20

      “Meanwhile I love my GNEX and bought this device for the soul purpose of having the chance to learn rooting, roming, flashing…” This coming from the dolt who told me, on multiple occasions, how rooting is only for “2plus year old devices? Riiiiiight. You also said basically the same thing when you had your “legendary” Evo 3D, but never rooted it or unlocked the bootloader. Want to know how I know? You have no access to a real computer and even if you did, you wouldn’t know how to go about rooting your phone because you had to have the Bowery Mission teach you how to even turn on a computer.
      “My signal strength on my GALAXY S2 SKYROCKET runs RINGS around my GALAXY NEXUS and that in it’s self explains networks.” A) You owned a Skyrocket for no more than 4 weeks, many months ago, so I don’t see how a phone you no longer own can “run rings around” (present tense) another phone. B) It’s spelled “itself” not “it’s self”. Go get a dictionary and learn something for once. C) No, that “in it’s self” doesn’t explain networks. You have no idea about networks because you once told me that Sprint had simultaneous voice and data while on a call. That has never been true and probably won’t be for a few more months or years. I really can’t make this crap up. You really are the joke of the Android community.

  • Mephisto

    The Verizon Galaxy Nexus is just that, look at the name: VERIZON Galaxy Nexus. Unfortunately when US carriers have branded devices, and any that they sell directly to consumers (except the iPhone) are carrier branded aren’t viewed as anything but carrier devices.

    I imagine if you got into an argument with any mobile exec they would say that the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon doesn’t get/need updates and has the bloatware because it’s primarily a Verizon phone and not a Samsung or Google phone.

    It has their branding, it’s their phone… or that’s how they view it anyway.

    It’s why despite what consumers keep screaming for (less fragmentation, more updates, stock Android devices) they’ll continue to push out devices with custom software and custom UI’s that they deem more “user friendly” or they think targets a specific demographic.

  • http://about.me/barontankhe Ton Habraken

    I’ve had a nexus one and I was a happy android user. I got my updates so I always had the latest version of android. My nexus one broke down and I made the mistake (not so sure now) to not wait for the next nexus device. I bought an LG Optimus 3D and have been regretting it ever since.

    Now my next phone….

    I don’t want another phone which is skinned / improved / messed-up by the manufacturer. So my next phone is probably going to be made by the one manufacturer which is nice enough to give us vanilla android and speedy updates.


    I’m going to wait for the reviews. But the padfone is a really strong contender for my next phone.
    It has good specs and vanilla android what more can a nerd ask for…. oh wait it can also do other really cool nerdy stuff like power a tablet which changes into a laptop.

  • leaponover

    Just wondering guys… I have been rooting my phones since the G1 days and right now I live in S. Korea with a Korean Note that I haven’t rooted and really don’t plan too. This is my question for your Verizon Galaxy owners:

    There are minor bugs and major bugs in my mind. Obviously things like not making calls, randomly dialing, hanging up, rogue text messages are major bugs. From the issues you have stated Taylor, I put slow rotation and multitouch as just below major bugs where random reboots can count as major in some instances. I am dumbfounded why any of you would say you still think it’s an amazing device and why you especially would use it as a daily driver. Those seem like big deals to me and if I had a rooted rom i’d be moving on to the next in a heartbeat. Those problems are unacceptable. So, to sum up my question, “Why are you continuing to use it as a daily driver?”

  • Gir

    You know I was hoping that the G-Nex would get more attention. But I caved in a long time ago and rooted it. For many reasons I suppose but really the G-nex is meant to be rooted, you can’t brick it. Stock images provided its an easy fix from a bad install. And when it comes down to I traded it in for the screen and the form factor. I love it just the way it is, Plus with the new rom build I have the reboots are gone, it runs so much smoother. I wouldn’t look to another phone as it stands right now. Plus I have unlimited data and I take full advantage of it.

  • Alex Belko

    Funny video) , and yes Google seem not to care much about their nexus this time

  • delinear

    GSM won’t solve all your problems. I’m using a GMS Nexus, I’m still stuck on 4.02, it randomly crashes (just restarts for no reason) maybe once every 1-2 weeks (not as bad as every day but still a bit anoying) and it has the screen rotate lag issue. Battery life isn’t too bad but then I don’t have 4G/LTE so it’s swings and roundabouts.


    I said it , right from the beginning, but got bashed heavily for calling it a fake.

  • Robbie

    I am ffom Canada and the Rogers network running the GSM version and still stuck on 4,0.1
    Thks Galaxy Nexus update schedual is a joke and i put the blame squarely on Samsung and Google for not stepping in to fix this dog’s breakfast

  • Nathan D.

    What really gets me is that there no gnex for the original supporter of the original nexus, also every device has it problems but how bad they are is what really matter or how many there are.

  • DragonPhyre

    I have had the random reboots on my VNEX. But then again, so has every other smartphone I have ever had. No points awarded.

    I have experienced issues with switching from 4G to 3G and it getting stuck in this ‘in between’ state. All I have to do is make a phone call, which resets the modem and I am back up and running. Literally just dialing 611 which is a free call fixes the issue. No points awarded.

    Never had the multitouch issue, but I don’t play FPS on my phone so I might not have noticed it. I just tested it and there’s no issues on my phone. No points awarded.

    The battery life did suck. I got the official extended battery on day 4, a dock that charges my phone at work–and it hasn’t been an issue since. I can go all day without it losing battery life now. Honest, the dock did the most help because I didn’t have to track down that little cable that would fall behind my desk. No points awarded.

    Yeah, it dose take a second to rotate the screen. It isn’t what I could ever call an ‘issue’ though. just takes a second. No points awarded.

    The biggest gripe I have is with the damn “Switch to another program that is already open” button… Literally takes about 6 seconds to open on my phone and I have 5 apps in there. Wow. What the crap happened there, VZW. Switching back and forth between apps takes ages if you are trying to copy and paste things from one app to the other.

    Also there is this HUUUUUGE lag in the landscape keyboard that has made it all but useless for me. I can get so far ahead of the ‘typing’ that it takes an extra 10-15 seconds before I can send my message.

    I was kind of upset with the whole debacle/silent refusal to put Wallet on the device… I mean, that isin’t illegal? “We might have a system which we came up with after you announced yours that is already out and working–so you can’t install yours because we say so.” I don’t know… Sounds anti-competitive to me like back in the day when Ma Bell said no to other carriers using her lines… You can’t use our network to do your payment stuff, because we want a cut of that change.

    I have always been a ‘beta tester’ on phones. I used to flash my SEEM and FLEX on my Motorola phones (E815 – LOVE YOU BABY!) and so flashing roms on WinMobile was almost easier than looking for MPT and the like to get my phone to play MP3′s for ringtones (SMOOCHES E815). I had Windows Mobile 6.5 on my HTC Mogul back when nobody else was even thinking about updating the OS. I had the new Rev.A networks before anybody else–I had an engineer call me thinking they had lost one of their testing devices! So I am not at all afraid of a little ‘self repair’ when it comes to phones.

    I had another device with another ‘milestone’ version of Android on it–the Motorola Droid. That was also promised and promised to be kept up to date and that it was the first phone to seriously take aim at the iPhone. Yeah right! That keyboard was absolutely garbage (I was coming from an HTC 6800/Mogul device with an amazing keyboard) and there were so many bugs that I think that after launch there were 4 updates to the phone. And then, the best thing ever was the auto focus wouldn’t work for like 24 days and then it would work again… Took them at least three months to fix that. This is what actually got me into flashing my phone. The community took that phone, and allowed me to get way past where Moto had long since given up on it.

    So I am accustomed to my phone being a little more wonktastic than some other phones. Am I going to complain/switch to another carrier? NO! I absolutely hate all the other carriers with an undying passion for a variety of reasons which I won’t get into here. But suffice to say, there is no other real carrier for me–so I have to deal with the bugs, and that is that.

    Lets see what the other comments are saying now.

    People are mad that Apple can push out updates whenever they want to their phones… Yeah, so could Google if VZW would give them the rights to the binary blobs that are the radio firmware–which Google was sick and tired of waiting for and they dropped support on the device as a result of this. Apple never changes the radio, and plus they are using a 3G radio so there’s less ‘bugs’ with it because it is has been in production longer. Non issue, if you ask me… Google is making the software only, someone else is making the hardware, and someone else is providing the network. Apple makes the hardware and the software–so it is a more streamlined dev process.

    People saying it is dev device, and that dev devices are buggier… Well, except for the fact that has been released in retail stores to consumers, and not just to devs. DERP. No it isn’t. It’s a standard phone, we just expected a little more based on the information that Google, and Samsung said. That’s all.

    Others are saying that you should do all this work yourself, because you can so you should. I am tired of resetting my settings, and missing apps that I wanted to install, and I have enough ‘dead’ phones in my marketplace… I’ll just stick with stock for now.

    Someone said that maybe they should release little patches to fix individual things… Do you know how long it takes VZW to test things? They are one of the most intense testers for devices on the planet. I think only Nokia tests more, but that could have changed with Microsoft buying them out or whatever happened… VZW tests for MONTHS before they release to the public. Which is why, for the most part, their devices are relatively stable and their network is as reliable as it is. Yes it goes down, but I have never had a call drop with 1-2 bars whereas my AT&T friends will drop calls ALL THE TIME with more bars in more places(tm). And their data was slow even on HSPA+ or whatever they were calling ’4G’ before the LTE. So yeah, I am okay with them taking a while to release the update. They usually are pretty good for the most part.

    To the GUY who was WORRIED ABOUT the signal on CDMA versus GSM and DROPPED calls and how LTE might NOT BE AS GOOD AS GSM… Oh get over it. LTE is a brand-new tech and there is bound to be some issues with it. GSM would be great, but the issue was that America made CDMA and it is here to stay with the larger market share. GSM might be world-wide, but I don’t travel the planet. I just use my phone locally. I would love it if the world would pick a single standard and everybody use that–but that is very unlikely to happen. But it’s not an issue with GSM versus CDMA that is making your experience bad. Everybody seems to forget that the GSM version of the nexus had this weird issue with the volume going bonkers when you made a call on your phone. Took them quite a while to fix that too. It is all relative.

    If you want a phone that works every single time you want to make a call: Get a dumbphone that flips open.

    If you want a phone that looks pretty and runs reliably for most of the time but won’t let you tinker with the stuff under the hood: get an iPhone.

    If you want a phone where you can have the option to do all the stuff you want, with the latest network options and run into a few bugs that are not that annoying: get a VNEX.

    We are done here.

    • Jorge Vieira


  • bellken

    Hopefully Verizon will take notice of their users’ frustration with their lack of updates. A little communication would go a long way.

  • jj

    Thats what were all dealing with Tmo Samsung Exhibit 2 & its many known issues that Magenta acknowledges but refuses to fix. Daily freezing & rebooting , Sms failures on 4G, power cycling, phone mysteriously turning itself off etc. Throw in incompetent Tmo & Samsung support & u understand churn rates & why Im abandoning Android for a new iPhone

  • Alan Reboli

    This is a good example of Trust the community, not the carrier.

  • Ehshootme

    Big red and google really fumbled this nexus, it left a bad taste in my mouth. I expected the galaxy nexus to be the absolute when it comes to android….so when you thought you had the best and it fails you. What do you do? Go to the Darkside….can’t lie folks it’s quite comfy on Vaders starship.

  • VerizonCSRSux

    Just got off of the phone with a Verizon CSR who tells me that it’s Google’s fault for not releasing an update all this time. Furthermore, said CSR informs me that all Google phone will have an update “any day now” to be released. Back in Feb 2012, a CSR told me that they were waiting on Samsung to complete processing and testing of the phone for an update to be released in March 2012. So, just FYI, no one is taking responsibility for this phone and the lack of updates.

  • cmdr430

    I am not sure what to think of this phone at this time. I am currently on my 2nd Gnexus and it is getting sent back to Samsung tomorrow, RS label printed and ready to go…

    The first phone had a flaw/distortion in the glass.. Noticed it a couple days after purchase and took it back to Verizon and they gave me a new one no problem…

    This second one is having signal issues,dropped calls,will turn itself off and on, on its own, and other weird things. Sometimes if you swipe the notification bar it will shut itself off, and the other day I took it off the charger and it cut itself off… I have done both types of resets, preferred and the volume/power button method and it still has these issues.

    I am not a developer, I have no custom rom’s/rooted etc. The phone is just as it came off the shelf with a couple extra apps added…

    Maybe third times a charm

  • Eh shooter

    No. It will not be the charm my friend. But good luck. I’ll just use a iPhone to access all my google services, I had no idea the iPhone played so well with googles apps so I’m cool. I Love google but android needs some work.

  • Matt

    CDMA needs to die along with Verizon and Sprint..

    Either way everything Verizon touches gets jacked..

  • Zonk

    My Xoom seems to be receiving Nexus treatment from Verizon, although I haven’t touched stock since the custom ROMs started coming out, and now CM9 alpha builds make that more unlikely.

  • Slith

    I am glad I am not the only one experiencing the random reboot problem. The local Verizon techs say it isn’t a known issue.Maybe it will happen when I show them this article on the phone!

  • Ichigo

    CDMA is retarded. 95% of the world use gsm for crying out loud.

  • Fahad

    Man I love Dr. Leo Spaceman!

  • Cameron

    I have mine rooted and flashed with a custom ROM. Now I have 4.0.4 on my NEX without having to wait for Verizon. I recommend it! CPU overclocking = awesome sauce.

    • kurt

      I’m on my second VNEX. Rooted and running CM9 and tested various kernels. The constant rebooting happens on stock and custom rooms. I’m no expert but this reeks of hardware issues.

  • levelm

    I haven’t experienced any of the issue mentioned in the article so I can’t relate but I do hate how Verizon tries to block its customers from using Google Wallet. Just pathetic and should be illegal in my opinion. Other than that, my Verizon Galaxy Nexus has been a beast and I’ve yet to use a phone that offers a better experience.

  • Sgnguy

    Well. Ive had the vzw SGN for a while now and have had zero problems. Battery life was crap as was with the droid x for the first week. After a few usages and charges i get excellent battery life now.. the only issue is the rotation is a little slow from port. To land. i get sick of everyone bitching and hating on the newest thing to come out. Stop crying.. and yea gsm does suck.. especially if u think your gonna stream with it dream on.

  • odie

    Reboots – well lets see. Every single HTC phone/model out there whether its cross platform to Windows Phone (Titan II) or as recently as the One X has had reports of reboots from all over the world.

    Samsung, as you have pointed has its fair share of reboots. Galaxy Nexus is just tip of the iceburg. I had a Skyrocket on launch day last year that went into a boot loop and still rebooted afterwards.

    Is this a conspiracy?

    I think the answer is quite clear.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Verizon quite literally takes a shit in all of their customers’ mouths. If you can’t remember it happening, it’s because they drugged you.

  • VNex User

    BUY THE VERIZON GALAXY NEXUS. THIS POSTER HAS A BLEMISHED PHONE. I have talked all my verizon friends and family to get on the verizon nexus. As much as the bloggers will have you believe that the hspa+ is the way to go, unlocked all the way sounds great doesn’t it? Here’s the reality, google sucks at support and customer service and if you have problems you are immediately SOL. You get a measly 16 gb of storage on the unlocked version. If you get this on at&t you will drop calls like a bad habit. If you get this on tmo, then good long getting even making a call in the majority of the country, let alone drop one.

    Secondly, this phone is rock solid. It’s instant to respond, buttery on the web, and I’ve been able to get decent photos out of it. Battery life easily gets me through a day of moderate use. I paid a stupid $25 for the 2100 mah extended battery, which you can’t even notice that you have on the phone. Bought a $10 Samsung charger on Ebay with a Y connector, I throw the extra battery in my bag when I go to work and I’m good all day and all night.

    Lastly, buy this phone because it is the ugly red headed step child of the super-phone world. The bloggers don’t like it because cdma is “locked down”, and verizon doesn’t like it because they can’t rape it like they do with droid devices. If you get this phone you will be thrilled, I promise you.

  • NagNella

    I read these comments and feel grateful that I can get just shy of 10 megs down with my GSM Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile’s network. I pay far less than my friends and even some of my family members with iPhones. I couldn’t dream of not wanting to dive right into the Google way of life. It’s just a seamless experience that gets better and faster with every passing day.

  • efren

    guys try to check “Force GPU Rendering” under Developer Options.