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NVIDIA claims mobile GPU performance to eclipse XBOX360 by 2014


NVIDIA has just unveiled a new slide that predicts GPU performance on mobile devices will catch or even surpass the graphical capabilities of the XBOX 360 by 2014. While this may sound like an amazing feat for mobile devices, let’s put things in perspective. The XBOX 360 is currently the most popular gaming console on the market, but it was introduced back in 2005, and it’s graphical performance reign was eclipsed just one year later with the introduction of the PS3. Both Microsoft and Sony are expected to introduce new console systems in the next 18-24 months, which would significantly increase their GPU performance.

We applaud NVIDIA for all the work they have done to deliver mobile GPUs that allow developers to create amazing games. Unfortunately, increased GPU performance will not mean a thing unless developers find a way to make mobile gaming as lucrative as console gaming (where consumers are willing to pay $60 for new releases). There are many great games on Android, but a quick glance at the top games listed in Google Play reveals that most consumers are not interested in playing graphic intensive games on their mobile devices.

If mobile GPU performance catches up with console gaming within the next few years, would you be willing to spend a little more money for games on your Android device? Or would you prefer spending $60 to enjoy a game on your 46-inch flat panel TV while sitting on your couch?

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Source: Anandtech

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  • L3RMiNi

    I would love it because I could play console-quality games on the go an connect my phone to my TV at home or anywhere.

    • Ben Gildenstein

      Exactly right. Smart TVs (eg. Google TV) will also have these GPUs in them for console-style gaming without any additional hardware. That’s a game changer.

  • fulaman

    Doesn’t the latest iPad feature a gpu more powerful than the gpu in the xbox 360 and ps3?

    • mikeyDroid

      The latest iPad is a fine piece of technology.

    • daveloft

      The PowerVR SGX 543 has 24 pixel pipelines and a clock speed between 200 and 300MHz providing 25.6 – 38.4 GFLOPS.

      The Tegra 3 has 12 pixel pipelines and a clock speed between at 300 and 500MHz producing 7.2 – 18 GFLOPS.

      But the Xbox 360 essentially uses a an ATI x1900 XTX which has 48 pixel pipelines and a clock speed of 500 MHz producing 240 GFLOPS.

      They both have a long way to go before they can surpass the GPU of the current consoles.

      • Fulaman

        the iphone 4S uses the PowerVR 543 MP2 not the PowerVR 543, also the newest Ipad I believe uses the PowerVR 544 though I could be wrong. I don’t think it uses the same gpu as the iphone 4S.

      • daveloft

        As a point of reference my Desktop GPU is the Geforce GTX 570 and it has 480 stream processors running at 732MHz producing over 1400 GFLOPS.

        Supposedly the GPU of the PS4/ Xbox 720 will have a Radeon HD 7670 or equivalent which will produce just under 800 GFLOPS.

      • kazahani

        Yeah but Tegra does a better job with pixel shading, which is a big part of what we see and experience when playing a graphics intensive game.

        Also, overall CPU performance should be better on Tegra than on A5. People get caught up in graphics performance, but don’t forget that for most of the things you do on your tablet, you will be relying on your CPU to get the job done.

  • MrMrMan

    Most popular game console in the United States. The PS3 is more popular worldwide.

  • jd

    This prediction makes no sense and showed how abused statistics really is. Here’s the reason. If you look at the console, you will find that the data is discrete, or, it “jumps” between 2004 and 2005 and then stays flat. This is the case since they only release consoles a couple of years. Then they decided to fit a continuous (smooth, if you will) curve to the discrete data, which will do no good most of the time. Put it in Nick’s word, we know that MS and Sony are gonna release a new generation of consoles in the coming year or 2, which will make another big jump and this jump will not be predicted by the fitted curve. For PC and smartphones, the data is pretty continuous, so if you fit a curve correctly predictions should be fine.

    • WlfHart

      Notice that they said nothing of eclipsing the -next- generation console… they specifically said eclipse the GPU performance of the XBOX 360. That console that came out seven years ago… Nothing abusive about their claim. Now why they bothered with the curve for consoles at all, I have no clue. I agree the continuous model they gave the console graph is sketchy.

      But more to the point of the article, I’m rather impressed/excited that mobile devices could offer just as good a gaming power as my current trusty console. I could think of some fun that would be had playing Portal 2 with a gyrosensor on a phone/tablet!

      • kazahani

        It’s stunning that we are able to squeeze this type of performance out of a device that runs for a number of hours on a tiny Li-ion battery…

  • Max.Steel

    Actually, the 360 has a more powerful GPU than the PS3.

    • Max

      This was my only contention with the article. The PS3 did not launch and eclipse the Xbox 360 gpu capabilities.

      • Rauelius

        It’s really an annoying assumption that the GPU in the 360 is weaker than the one in the PS3. The 360 GPU is roughly the equivalent of a Radeon x1800xt, while the GPU in the PS3 is roughly equivalent to the Geforce 7600GT…now check out old reviews online for those GPU’s and you’ll see that the Radeon is actually on a higher class. The Geforce 7600GT’s ATI equivalent at the time was the Radeon x1600xt. Now in a comparison to that GPU, the x1800xt was roughly 70-90% faster. So extrapolate that to comparing the GPUs in the PS3 and 360 and you see why It annoys me when people assume Newer is automatically faster. It’s not. Also the way each console handles memory also comes in. The PS3 has 256-mb of memory for system and 256mb of memory for video. The 360 shares 512mb of memory for both video and graphics so as a programer you can decide how much memory goes where, and because of this freedom (and the better GPU) games tend to look and run better on the 360. The CPU’s is another place of contention with these consoles. The 360 has a Triple Core with each core able to be seen as two independant threads, hence the software sees it as a six core machine. Where as the PS3 is really a single core machine with 6 specialized cores dedicated to certain tasks, for example sound or network connection. This is where, with patience, we can really get something out of the PS3, it takes time but its doable to make a PS3 game look ALMOST as good as a 360 game, thanks to the CPU.

        I see comparable Graphics now. On my iPad3 and Prime I am incredibly impressed with Modern Combat 3 on both. I’ve had passer by’s ask me if I was playing Call Of Duty when I was seen playing it on my Prime. If the Asus Transformer Ultra-Magnus (I’m making it up) has more power than the 360, and developers start porting console games over (like the Rumored Borderlands 2 and Sonic 4 Episode 2) we could see Android powered devices eventually supplant Windows Powered devices. Put it this way, if Borderlands 2 comes out for Android, I’d pay $30+ for it, if it were JUST like the PC/Console version. Hell, I’d love to see a Native LA Noir for android or iOS, seems like a perfect game for tablets. It’s doable right NOW.

        • Jesse

          Almost as good as a 360 game? Sorry, but the 360 doesn’t have a single game that matches the graphical fidelity of Uncharted 2 or 3, God of War 3, or Killzone 3. Nice try though.

  • kicost

    Nvidia cant stop :D …….

  • Joel

    Uh…yea ill stick to console gaming thank you very much. Clocking those kind of graphics wont be kind to our itty bitty android batteries. Lets not forget that the Xbox has a huge power brick thats plugged into the wall…
    Im happy to hear of their projections though..it will be impressive..but unless every android in 2014 comes with a 5000mAh or higher battery, we’d barely be able to enjoy em and still make phone calls.

    Besides..some games are just deserving of a big screen :)

  • honourbound68

    now, all we need is the broadband spectrum to take care of all the wireless gaming we’ll all be doing bwahahaha


    But of course I really don’t believe in the spectrum crunch… there will be more technological advances that will allow for more data to be streamed.. i just hope they develop quickly enough so that we can take advantage of all hardware improvements in our phones

  • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

    I love the idea of console quality gaming on mobile devices, but my gaming habits probably won’t change any time soon. I play a lot of games on my Android phone and tablet, but I usually stick to tower defense, puzzle or light arcade games since their structure allow me to play for a few minutes as a time and don’t force me to stare at my 4.3-inch display for hours on end.

    Developers are still years away from taking full advantage of the current generation of mobile GPUs.

  • virexed

    All they need to worry about now is the storage. Without physical media it’d be a pain to download a 7 GB game and have to worry about storage limitations.

  • seabass978

    I love playing fps, platform, and fighting games on touch screen, its so easy. (Sarcasm) Iwouldn’t mind if it was on something like Sony Ericsson play or have a wireless/wired controller.

  • n25philly

    Controls predicted to still suck ass

  • tarwin

    I would be willing to pay that much under two conditions:
    1) that it’s really more of a console game with a “mobile mode” for when on the go or when played without a controller. Kind of like what SEGA tried to do with the dreamcast and the vmu. It’d be great to use my phone as a second console which I can take anywhere and on which I can play “mini-games” or side quests while on the go
    2) that storage on phones increase. I am not willing to dedicate half my phone’s storage to a single game

    • thel0nerang3r

      PS3 has some games with a Vita/PSP side game, but it’s hit and miss.

  • Nate B.

    It will be nice to have such power in your hand, but in all honesty the real average consumer will not care. Battery life will be a big thing. No developer has created a game for the mobile platform that is close to console quality. Not even a peak. It’ll never be as fun as playing it in your home on a much better screen and more enjoyable. The tech just is just not there for the mobile world to enjoy the same way. I mean you would need a crazy responsive screen and real life like movements and gestures to incorporate console like gaming as far as graphics and quality of play in a mobile to be even close. It’s all hype. Plus consoles are years of ahead of their time and even then they will continue to get better. They are feature proofed.

  • Nathan D.

    Yea! I get to play call of duty on my phone in two years time put if I can buy a game for my console and able to port it on my phone to play on the go I would be so happy and think that would be the coolest thing to have.

  • kwills88

    I see a lot of game emulators on my phone in the futute

  • Dee

    I still think its kind of scary how far phones have evolved since the G1 came out. 5 yrs from now i can only imagine what phones will be capable of.
    Anyway~a phone with Xbox360 graphics doesnt mean much on a tiny screen. I think this is more effective on tablets than phones.

  • HackNet

    How can the console and Smartphone be compared? Why do we try creating a hybrid for everything?

    The console is far superior to any handheld device. How can you enjoy the resolution of a video game on a 4.3″ display? I don’t care if you have Super AMOLED HD PLUS BLU-RAY LED display on your phone. You need a good quality HD 1080P with at least a 40″ screen to experience quality of the graphics in a console game.

    The fact of the matter is that you would not race a formula one with a Toyota Minivan. Catch my drift?

    • xsynth

      The people that will actually buy and play the ‘console quality’ games are more than likely going to plug the thing into a TV and use a controller.

      But then also look at the PS Vita, it’s got great graphics and a 5″ screen

  • JayB95

    I would def pay for those games if they have console quality.

  • shadowxof

    I love the idea of better quality games on mobile devices but there’s many factors that will always have me coming back to console

    1. Controls are obviously better and more intricate on a console rather than a touchscreen. That’s not to say a touchscreen is bad but there’s only so much you can do at once.

    2. By 2014 all I’ll be caring about is next gen consoles.

    I applaud NVIDIA and the hard work they do but by the end of this year we’ll most likely be drooling over ps4 or xbox 720 news

  • Simon

    Hooray we can finally run games [email protected]×960 in 2014, that is just insane! (…)

  • Klaus

    Who cares if the only games that people buy on the platforms are Angry Birds and Temple Run? Honestly, until the devs start actually investing serious time and effort into making games on mobile platforms then consoles and PC will always rule the gaming markets.

  • Fulaman

    The thing is a lot of you are wrong, I play games like SPgunners which is a pretty nicely graphically advanced 3D game. Some people will soon be using their Smartphones/Tablets as their primary computer source. That said, we want the best cpus and gpus as a result. I personally like the ability of having my smartphone connected to a computer monitor/tv screen and using a bluetooth controller to control the action coming from the Smartphone.