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Rumor: AT&T to announce HTC One X availability tomorrow – launch scheduled for next week


With Samsung’s unveiling of the Galaxy S III set for May 3rd and T-Mobile’s HTC One S press event scheduled for this Wednesday, AT&T may be planning to release the HTC One X within the next week. The latest rumor going around claims that the AT&T HTC One X availability details may be announced tomorrow and the handset’s launch will follow five to seven days later.

This rumor moves AT&T’s launch date for the HTC One X up by a few weeks and puts it closer to the T-Mobile launch of the HTC One S, currently rumored to take place on April 25th. By releasing the One X in late April, AT&T will steal some of the attention from T-Mobile’s launch of the One S and would also allow AT&T to get a week or two of sales under its belt before the HTC One X is overshadowed by Samsung’s announcement on May 3th.

Is AT&T making the right decision by launching the HTC One X before Samsung’s press event or should they wait things out a few more weeks and launch the phone after Samsung’s next flagship phone is unveiled?

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  • triangle

    No reason to postpone: Launch!

  • spazby

    they should have launched before sammy announced the event!

    • ………..

      only HTC fan boys agree to that…

      real Android enthusiasts know how to hold on before they commit to buy a flagship…. especially when it’s only less than 20 days for announcement which would reveal all the specs.

      I am an Android enthusiasts and I am not blinded by any brand.

      • reverend t

        In the end it’s about finding the perfect vessel for CM9 :D

      • cvette83

        I see your point and I believe that true Android enthusiasts will wait for the right device. But from HTC’s point of view, it’s smart to launch before Samsung’s announcement to get the attention and collect on those who aren’t necessarily waiting for the next flagship device but just want something new.

        • ……

          What I am saying is that the question “should they have launched before Samsung’s announcement doesn’t even belong to the whole android community.

          So what if Galaxy S3 is to be soo much superior? Is that the reason why HTC should launch their flagship way early?

          To give people some regret? Of course some casual customers don’t care besides the Brand and the time frame for upgrade.. But this is Android and Me.

          This whole “HTC should have launched way before Samsung just because they will get their ass kicked so better get more customer” is screwed up. Both are android manufactures. The main focus should’ve been “since there has been delay for HTC’s launch it might not be bad idea to hold on for a little to see what Samsung got up in their sleeves.”

          I know there are a lot of HTC fans, but if you want your favorite manufacture to build better phone. You don’t blindly buy them. You should be scolding them with precise and unbiased judgement.

          See where Apple’s iphone4s got now thx for people who are willing to just buy it just because it’s an iphone.

  • Nathan D.

    well it is a good move if they want sales and mess with T-MOBILE sales a bit before Samsung big event on May third. But I don’t have to like it (part of the reason is because I’m on T-Mobile.)

  • eallan

    “Is AT&T making the right decision by launching the HTC One X before Samsung’s press event or should they wait things out a few more weeks and launch the phone after Samsung’s next flagship phone is unveiled?”

    What kind of question is that? They’re not going to radically alter the phone, I can’t think of a singular advantage they gain by waiting.

    • Maximo


    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      The question was about capturing mind share from consumers. AT&T can get a head of Samsung by launching the One X before the SGSIII is unveiled, but they will probably only get a week or two of positive attention from the press.

      If they wait until after all the initial SGSIII commotion dies down, they may have a better chance of stealing back mind share.

      • thel0nerang3r

        I agree with what you say for the people that read this blog. We try to keep up with the news. However, Android has 850K activations a day? (give or take a few k). I don’t think we all make 1 day of sales of Android devices. Most customers get the phone that they see when they walk into the store and they don’t look back. Also, most people like “pretty things” and base their decision on a phone as a fashion accessory. Don’t believe me? Ask your friends that are not into tech like you are, and ask them why they chose whatever electronic devices they own. Most likely, it was chosen for aesthetics.

  • ihatefanboys

    Does anyone know when the ONE X will be launched on T-Mobile ?? thats more important to me than anything else

    • vioalas

      There’s been absolutely no announcement of T-Mo getting the One X, so no time soon. Look at what happened with the Galaxy Nexus.

  • BigCiX

    Ill be checking this out as soon as it hits stores

  • Maximo

    This is sort of random but the camera is huge on that thing

  • Ichigo

    The Galaxy s3 is gonna take over the show but the one XL with the S4 processor is worth taking a look at. The tegra 3 however is plagued with so many bugs that you need a bugs pray lol

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