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Rumor: Samsung stops production of 10 inch Tab 2 to add quad-core chip?


According to Netbook News, Samsung has stopped production of the upcoming Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) tablet to beef up the innards of the device. Previously set for an early-May release with a dual-core processor, Samsung apparently wanted the Tab 2 to better compete with upcoming quad-core tablets. The rumor cites their source a Korean Samsung insider.

If the rumor proves true, the Tab 2 10.1 could be the first tablet to feature Samsung’s quad-core Exynos chipset, hopefully the 32nm Exynos 4412 chip which also features a quad-core GPU. Unfortunately, the inclusion of a quad-core chip would likely impact the pricing of the 10″ slate, which was initially reported to be around $400 for a 16GB storage model. The move could also push back the early-May release date for the Tab 2, unless Samsung is somehow able to ramp up production quickly.

We certainly like the idea of a quad-core Galaxy Tab making its way to the US in the next few months, and will be watching the developments closely. Of course, today’s report is just a rumor, and production of the less-beefy Tab 2 could still be in full force.

What do you think? Do you want to see a quad-core 10″ Galaxy Tab? Would that entice you to buy a Galaxy Tab over the upcoming Google/ASUS tablet or Transformer Prime?

Via: Engadget

Source: NetbookNews

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  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    I’ve got mixed feelings about this one. On one side, the pricing previously announced sounded very nice. On the other side, the specs previously announced didn’t seem much better than the previous generation. So I totally see why they’re doing this. I just hope it doesn’t drive the costs up much. $425 would be a nice price if they increase it. :-)

  • thekaz

    I agree – quad core at this price just suddenly increased my interest.

    Of course, I would still wait to see what Google offers before making any decision.

    • WlfHart

      If it stays at the same price I’m definitely now interested, but I agree with holding off until the competition chimes in.

      • Bryan Stoner

        Asus TF300 has 16GB of storage and the Tegra 3 chip. Retail price is $400 and it will be released April 22nd. There is also the Acer Iconia Tab A510 which has 32GB of storage and the Tegra 3 chip for $450. Acer Tab A510 comes with a full sized USB port and HDMI out. The Asus TF300 comes with a micro-hdmi port and a micro sd card slot.

        Not to sound crass, but are you only following Samsung tablets?

  • kicost

    samsung should not do this, if they announced the specs they dont need to change them in the last minute…
    i think samsung is afraid of the competition and the high-end devices in the market they produce

    • honourbound68

      sorry but why shouldn’t they?? sammy came out with the 10.1 and then turned around and re-engineered it to be thinner than ipad 2 after those specs came out. you can see from their engineering and marketing strategies that they’re gunning for Apple and not just to be on the top of the Android world. If they had kept their original design and came out with a tablet that was as thick as the Xoom would they had garnered the same press??

  • Louis A

    My only question is what happen to the tab that samsung was allegedly making that was gonna have the new ipad like resolution or even better?

  • Trinhbo

    I’m all in favor of upgrading to a quad-core CPU as long as they continue to price the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1″ aggressively.

  • b

    Did they even bother to update the original to ics?

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    So did someone at Samsung finally wake up? Maybe they read everyone’s lukewarm comments about how it’s not a big upgrade from the first 10.1 tab?

    With Acer popping out a $450 Tegra 3 tablet for the Olympics it seems Samsung needs to kick their game up a notch or two to make sure they don’t lose any interest from their current and potential customers.

    If this rumor is true, it’s nice to see a company actually pay attention to their competition and their following.

  • Oskar Wismierski

    It should be quad core to start with..

  • redraider133

    It wouldn’t be anything new for samsung to change it I mean they did it with their tab last year after the ipad and redesigned/ added more things to it. Samsung wants to produce something to try and one up the competition

  • spazby

    i refuse to buy a tablet without hd screen…

  • smeghead68

    a quad core sounds nice but what does that actually mean in terms of using the device? If a quad core only increases the price and/or is only used as a marketing tool what good is it.

    • Trinhbo

      Yeah exactly, it’s just another bullet point item at the moment. I don’t think many apps fully utilize all of the available CPU cores right now.

      However, having a quad-core CPU does make the device more future proof should app developers start to use the power. Also, would people continue to buy a dual-core device if they knew all of the new devices came with quad-cores?

      I guess a good analogy is with a cell phone camera. How often do most people really use it? However, would you ever buy a smart phone if it didn’t have one?

  • RaptorFromThePlanetOfTeenApes

    hahaha… If somebody is chasing someone it must be Sammy tablet division.

  • Sjovt

    How about Samsung comming with both and tablet and SIII on the press event? ;)

  • Bob83

    I am in the market for a tablet and have been waiting on the new Asus T700. If Samsung can add a quad-core CPU and high res screen, it would be a tough choice between them. They both build good products, but for now Samsung seems to be falling behind other tablet makers.

  • drew666777

    To compete with Apple, you have to be better than them – if not in the hype and marketing department, then in the spec and pricing departments. It should have been no less than Quad Core and ‘resolutionesque’ from the starting gate.