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Samsung confirms Exynos 4 Quad to appear in Galaxy S III


Here’s a surprising late night treat. Samsung Electronics just introduced the 1.4 GHz Exynos 4 Quad (Exynos 4412, quad-core A9) and said it is “scheduled to be first-adopted into Samsung’s next Galaxy smartphone that will officially be announced in May.”

Rumors and speculation had suggested that Samsung would use the quad-core Exynos 4412 in the Galaxy S III, but we were not expecting them to reveal the final specs until the Unpacked event on May 3rd.

“The quad-core processor offers phenomenal multitasking abilities surpassing any single or dual application processor,” Said Taehoon Kim, VP of Samsung LSI marketing. “Given the diverse functionalities consumers are demanding from their mobile devices today, the Exynos 4 Quad meets those high-performance needs while keeping power consumption very low.”

Samsung’s Exynos 4412 is built on their new 32nm High-k Metal Gate (HKMG) low-power process technology, which promises two-times the processing capability over the 45nm process based Exynos 4 Dual while consuming 20-percent less power.

The new Exynos 4 Quad will use the same Mali-400 GPU found in the Exynos 4 Dual, but Samsung has increased the clock speeds from 266 MHz to over 400 MHz. Recent leaked benchmark scores show that the Exynos 4 Quad should offer the fastest graphics performance, besting NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4.

All of this sounds awesome, but we still don’t know the final specs for the US version of the Galaxy S III. Some rumors have suggested that Samsung could still use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 since it features an integrated LTE modem. The Exynos 4 Quad does not feature an integrated modem, but Samsung has already produced modems that work with LTE networks (like the modem found in the Verizon Galaxy Nexus).

We had been hoping that Samsung might shock the mobile industry and go with their even newer Exynos 5250 processor. It features dual-core A15 CPU cores instead of quad-core A9, which should give it twice the processing power, but it appears that Samsung will save that for their next smartphone.

Samsung could have also felt the pressure from NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 and decided they needed to match the number of cores to keep up in the marketing battle.

Overall, this is still an exciting announcement. Samsung’s next Galaxy should easily become the fastest Android phone when it is released and it could have the longest battery life depending on the capacity of the battery that they stuff in there.

May 3rd can’t come soon enough.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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  • Bryan Stoner


    • Joel

      LOL! The beast is slowly breaking its cage and we’re waiting with open arms. It is now officially Samsung week for news.

  • Orion78

    So nothing on LTE? I just hope the U.S. get the Exynos as well.

    • YMS123

      Agreed, lack of LTE is raining on our parade…

    • poosh2010

      I’m still hoping for the exynos 5250 in a US variant (possibly to incorporate LTE compatability?).

      I’m sticking with that until they flat out laugh in my face on May 3rd.

      • swazedahustla

        Well, Im still hoping to win the megamillions, but we all know the probability of me doing that is about the same as samsung using the 5250. Just let it go.

  • John Freeman

    Whew! I was getting worried with all of these Antutu dual core in the Galaxy S3 reports the last couple hours… A9 dual core, that is.

  • Y314K

    I guess since Samsung will be making the next 2012 Nexus device… The Exynos 5250 processor will be part of 2012′s Nexus or maybe a quad core version of the Exynos 5250 since the word quad is so important in specs now a days regardless of actual speeds…

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Well Exynos 5250 is supposed to hit volume production this quarter. I think it’s entirely possible we will still see a phone with it later this year, maybe the next Nexus if we are lucky…

      • peter123

        I’m sorry but the 5250 as it is today will never be in smartphones because it isn’t battery efficient enough. A dual core A15 at 2ghz without any king of big.LITTLE or companion core implementation it’s just too much of a battery hog.

        • Eric Rossman

          Peter123, is this the Tegra3 “too power hungry for phones” argument all over again? In the same way Tegra3 was brought to phones, Samsung will provide an active power manager for the 5250 that both will under clock and turn off cores to save battery.

          • Mainz

            Yes but is it efficient enough YET to be put in phones? battery life is bad enough on phones, nothing worse than them shipping out an unfinished product that is blazing fast but as a result of pleasing the hardcore tech geeks you get half a days battery life.

    • Fulaman

      Let’s hope that is the case, if it is I will buy the Next Nexus Device over this upcoming piece of crap Galaxy S III. Samsung has become a lot like Apple. Using old technology and claiming it to be the best.

      • Y314K

        Although a Exynos 5250 would of been perfect…

        The 4212 is new… Just not the newest we know about or possible… But from the specs we are seeing the SGIII should be the top of the line Android phone till the next Nexus release…

        Not sure how a 4212 will do against what Apple releases… Or how it will do against a T3+… But it seems to be dominating both S4 HTC X & S & T3 devices so far…

        • Fulaman

          It’s going to do woeful, already the PowerVR 543mp2 outclasses the mali-400 gpu in every shape and form, can you imagine if they use the same gpu found in the new Ipad in the iPhone 5 (the Power VR 543mp4). It will be a disaster. I can just see stupid Apple boasting with the following “I guess you can’t perfect upon perfection”

          • Y314K

            Well will have to see how it goes since the mali-400 GPU on the 4412 was up clocked to 400MHz vs the 500MHz Power VR 543mp4… Samsung must have an idea how it will do against the iPhone 5 GPU… Appes will brag… Don’t really care what they claim…

        • John

          “4412″, not 4212.

      • Eric Rossman

        Wow, you think the Galaxy S III is a piece of crap? Exactly how many “old” phones have the 4412 processor? All the core hardware you can purchase today was designed years ago, and was/is obsolete to the next generation the moment it is released.
        Have some calm friend and enjoy the amazing gadgetry we do get today.

        • Fulaman

          It’s a piece of crap because who in their right mind uses the same GPU on a FLAGSHIP phone twice in a role. Mind you, a GPU that has been outclassed by Apples phone of last year (iphone 4S). You don’t use the same tech twice, you innovate. It would have been much better/smarter to use the Exynos 5250. The 4412 is a disgrace. I’m pretty sure Apple will use the newest ipad gpu which is twice as powerful as the one found in the iphone 4S and around 4 times more powerful than the GPU found in the Galaxy S III.

          • Eric Rossman

            Then I respectfully say: Speak with your wallet = Do not buy it.

            You know that Anandtech and every pro-Apple site that runs mobile “benchmarks” has an inherent flaw. As in there is no way they can ever benchmark using the same OS / software / hardware. What they can give bias towards is the user experience one would get from on OS+HW combo vs. another running “similar” software.

            Yes I have emailed Anand (who I respect greatly).

          • Mainz

            Don’t cry :), but in all seriousness it’s still got the best GPU in any android phone, so until android phones start catching up they will not be any android games taking advantage of the extra gpu power, don’t get me wrong a better/new GPU would be good but it would just go to waste, especially when the current one still beats tegra without the higher clock the s3 will have. + plus the ipad needs the extra power to cope with 4x more pixels. haha 4x more powerful what you been smoking on, think your comparing the iphone/ipad gpu with the tegra.

          • inviolable

            lol @ disgrace. We’re talking about phones. It ain’t that serious.

  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus

    I was really hoping Samsung would use the Exynos 5250 processor. I think it’d be better if they used the Dual Core chip with the same power saving feature in the Quad Core chip. I’m a little disappointed that the GPU is the same though. Oh well; at least they clocked up the speed so who am I to complain.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Quad-core wins 100% of the marketing benchmarks.

      It’s the same reason HTC went with Tegra 3 over Snapdragon S4 in the global version of the One X. “Quad-core” just sounds cooler to the average consumer.

      • jk0l

        Yeah. That’s why I’ve always been suspecting that Samsung will use the 4412.
        It makes sense marketing wise and competition wise.
        But a part of me hopes that they will do something “nerdy-cool” by choosing the 5250.

        • nobara

          I’m also keeping my fingers crossed Samsung will go with the 5250, at least on some markets.
          Seven more days….

        • professandobey

          The question is how they will market the dual core 5250 later on.

      • poosh2010

        if only samsung had the same kind of sheep that apple had (I’m sure there are some, but not nearly as many)….

        Then, they wouldn’t have to worry about selling customers on a souped up dual core, like Apple did with the “new” ipad

        • Fulaman

          It’s pretty much the Same concept, Apple vastly improved upon the GPU in their “new” iPad but left the CPU the same. Samsung did the opposite, they vastly improved on their CPU while leaving the GPU the same.

          • Lo

            An A15 dual core would have been better than an A9 Quadcore.

        • Eric Rossman

          Apple had to put the boosted GPU into the “newipad” to deliver “at least the same” performance as the previous ipad. The power (battery) and graphics processing requirements had to directly scale up with the screen resolution.

          Why do we care what Apple does anyway? Android leads the market.
          We should all (me included) change our competitive perspective, and just let our Apple friends see how much we love our choice in Android. :)

      • WlfHart

        Sad but true.

  • jk0l

    So the spec is pretty much confirmed through those leaks, especially that video.
    Have to wait to see the real life performance, and what’s so “secret” about the design.
    But overall, I don’t think the GS3 worth all the hype it has created, or should I say, we’ve created.

  • cwjones4

    Can’t wait to see how the processor handles real world usage, both for processing/multitasking and for battery life. If the benchmarks are to be believed it will be a monster…. lets just hope it holds a charge all day (one of samsung’s goals for 2012, so I hope the met it)

  • Y314K

    This Exynos should be fully compatible with TMobile’s HSAP+ right??? Unlike the SGII & SGNote that seem to need to be a SnapDragon S3 device??? A repeat of that would really suck even if it came with the SnapDragon S4… What’s the point of buying Samsung products with other CPU’s on them..

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Exynos doesn’t have an integrated modem, so it will be compatible with whatever networks the add-on modem supports. It will likely be different depending on the region and carrier.

      • Y314K

        Right.. But that was true with the SGII on TMobile.. Although maybe they didn’t have a modem option for TMobile HSPA+ 42 Mbps back then(Anybody got any contacts to ask Samsung about TMobile HSPA+ 42 Mbps modems)… Or when they released the Galaxy Note on ATT they didn’t have a LTE modem option… Hopefully this time around we will finally get to see what’s the big deal about Exynos on TMobile…

        Or it can just be that both TMobile & ATT cheeped out on the modems at the cost of the Exynos CPU’s..

  • gui

    Humorous to see someone complaining about sammy “being apple”… hello!!! this “minor” upgrade outperforms the htc one x(both S4 and T3 variants), the new “king device”. HTC gets the pass and Sammy gets bashed even though they put out the better device.

    • swazedahustla

      Actually it doesn’t outperform anything. The phone hasn’t even been announced yet, you haven’t touched it and see how it performs, you need to educate yourself and talking about things you don’t understand.

      • Tate

        If the benchmarks that leaked out are anything to go by, then I think it’s safe to say that he’s right. Time will tell.

        • swazedahustla

          Yes, higher performance in graphics, which has ALWAYS been the case. Nothing has changed. Thats the only noticiable difference. So again, it won’t be anything different than what is currently out or soon to be out now.

        • mustybooks

          The benchmarks only show the low end 3D graphics. That’s not really much to go on for high end chips.

          • Fulaman

            I bet with how cheap Samsung has gotten they are using the exact same camera found on the Galaxy S II, I mean they are using the same GPU right? Samsung did well with the original Galaxy S and Galaxy S II, they were really ahead of their time, same can’t be said about the next Galaxy. There is nothing game-breaking about it. Also one will have to see high-end benchmarks done on anandtech.com to see how good this thing really is.

      • Eric Rossman

        You are right. +1

  • oddball

    Honestly I don’t think anything could have lived up to the hype that we all created. This phone sounds like a real powerhouse and I would love to get my hands on it. Too bad I bet Verizon passes knit in favor of another razr

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Time to start hyping up that Nexus X, right? :P

  • David

    So much for Taylor getting our hopes up for the Exynos 5250 by always posting that it could have the 5250. May be i’ll wait for the next nexus to get the new A15. I think it is not worth to buy the new s3.

    • AsakuraZero

      this they flopped it out, the next A15 phone will be the king, even is its the iphone, you only beat apple with state of the art tech at a consumer price…

      • h0ruza

        I can’t see apple putting more than they need to in the next iPhone. It didn’t make for good business sense for Samsung to skip to the next generation of chip and the same goes for apple.

        Apple may even wait until 2014 once they made lots of money from the iPhone 5s / the New iPhone S

        • Fulaman

          100% agree Samsung I will never trust Samsung again, they no longer bring out game changing products.

          • professandobey

            Y’all say this without even trying the phone. There’s so much more than specs to make a good phone. What good does your A15 do you if it is unpleasant to hold the device?

          • Anthony

            Wow! I can’t believe how many engineers, chip designers and cell phone manufacturers have commented so far. Everyone here is such an expert that I’m surprised they aren’t laughing all the way to the bank with this announcement. I can’t wait until your support phone comes out. I’ll just laugh at your specs because somebody has announced a chip that’s bigger and better. You people have no clue what you’re talking about. If they announced this two months ago, everyone of you would have the biggest Hard On right now.
            You’re all like, oh that Ferrari is nice but they should have used the V12 instead of the V10. It puts or much more horse power. Who are you kidding?
            Sure we all want the next great thing but let’s be honest, it comes out every couple months. Don’t even try to tell me the idea of the One X didn’t give you a semi. I bet you had a little wet spot on your pants when they showed a T-Mobile branded Galaxy Note. Stop being such women and man up to the fact you’re going to love this phone and every new phone after this

  • Nory826

    I would want to see Samsung use the a15 dual core in the gs3 , but even with the a9 quad core its still going to be an awesome phone and one that is in my list of devices to get ;) come on T-Mobile hspa+ 42!

  • Lo

    Expected a 1.5ghz dual core running on A15 with Mali 600. Instead it’s a quad core based of A9 with over clocked mali 400. While this is still good, not near beastly enough to make me think about canceling my S4 One X pre-order. :) I just don’t like samsung design.

    • dVyper

      You haven’t seen the finished product yet!

  • Rovex

    So it will be the most powerful mobile device in the world and will have the best video playback abilities of any device this side of a fully featured PC and everybody moans!

    You all under estimate the Mali400. Its a LOT better than you think. Do we actually need the few extra FPS in a few games here and there (that no one will notice) that the PowerVR unit gives? Personally id rather have a Mali in an unrestricted device and be allowed to use all its features, and a certainly rather have a 400Mhz Mali than a tegra 3..

    • Infernus

      You’re right, but the fact is that the Mali400MP4 running at 440Mhz is roughly as powerfull as the SGX543MP2.
      But with a lower consumption

      • rovex

        And this is a problem because??

        • Infernus

          There’s no problem, i was just putting mali against PowerVR like you were talking about

          • Fulaman

            You are wrong though there is no Mali-400 mp4 it is just the same GPU but clocked at a higher speed thus more energy consumption is used. It’s the same GPU as the Galaxy S II.

  • masterpfa

    I’ll wait until May 3rd

    Looking forward to that event, only so the speculations can end Grrrrrrrr

    (I know things would be kinda boring without the constant speculations on possible upcoming phones)

  • spazby

    We have to be patient…. US version will hopefully get announced soon after the may announcement.

  • PatricF

    Why did they go with 45nm for the quad-core one and not smaller? The dual-core was made in 32nm!?

    • professandobey

      Perhaps there was a mistake somewhere. The quad core is 32nm while the dual core is 45nm.

    • Anthony

      Maybe they should have gone with the 2nm instead. Would that make you happy geek? Go build your own phone! And move out of Mom’s basement while you’re at it.

  • h0ruza

    I had a feeling we weren’t going to see the next generation chips until next year or it would be released in a tablet first.

    The 4212 looks like it’s set to take the crown for exynos again.

    All that’s needed is a global release and the same chipset for all.

    • professandobey


  • drop

    SGS2 does not integrate a Snapdragon S3. It relies on a Samsung Exynos chip. Are you sure of the rest of chart?

    • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

      The Galaxy S II Skyrocket uses an S3, and that’s what it’s being compared to.

      Here’s the list of devices compared.

      Samsung GT-i9300: Exynos 4412 (quad-core A9, Mali-400)
      HTC One X: Tegra 3 (quad-core A9, GeForce GPU)
      HTC One S: Snapdragon S4 (dual-core Krait, Adreno 225)
      Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket: Snapdragon S3 (dual-core Scorpion CPU, Adreno 220)
      Samsung Galaxy Nexus: OMAP4 (dual-core A9, PowerVR SGX540)

  • mojeda

    No LTE = no Verizon. :(

    • professandobey

      True, but there’s no word yet that this doesn’t play well with LTE.

  • Huy

    I am a bit disappointed. PowerVR 543mp2 is still the most powerful GPU on phones, and the Exynos 4412 with Mali 400 does not seem to change it.

  • Andrew

    Taylor, your site is only one seeming to know that the s3 will use mali 400, engadget, theverge, phandroid, android central have not mentioned that with any certainty?

  • Zib

    Who run these benchmarks anyway? My S2 on 4.0.3 shows 63 score on GLBenchmark 2.1.4 Egypt Offscreen… :P

  • ixesr

    I feel so sorry for the people who bought the HTC One with its non-removable battery and sense-less 4.crap lol

  • Shadovv

    I’m not sure where you guys got the Mali-400 GPU specs from, but the official Samsung news release mentions nothing about it.
    For some reason the heading for that article reads:
    “Samsung Announces Industry First ARM Cortex-A15 Processor Samples for Tablet Computers”

    Also in the video above, is it me or right at 0:10 it says “Exynos 5″ ?

  • Infernus

    @fulaman : You’re wrong the SGSII already got a Mali400mp4

  • aranea

    I hope Samsung doesn’t do what HTC did with One X and bring the US with an inferior CPU for the sake of LTE that still doesn’t cover most of the country.

  • rauelius

    The fact that their is a possibility that the US version may not have the Exynos Quad because of this insentient need for LTE that is capped, so the only reason to have LTE is to reach your cap quicker. I’d rather have HSPA+ with a Quad-Core over LTE with a (while very advanced) dual-core. Was up for renewing my contract with At&t today and could have reserved the One X, but seeing as they pretty much neutered the phone for me (I don’t care if they are comparable performance wise, I have a bunch of Tegra Only games I got for my G2x and Prime and do not want to root my phone to use ChainFire3D), I went with an iPhone 4s. I just ran a speedtest with it and At&t’s HSPA+ only got me 1 Down and .34 Up. Compared to T-Mobiles HSPA+ I average about 5 Down and 1.25 Up. Once I got up to 12.5MB Down and 1.67 Up. So in away, considering how terrible At&t’s HSPA+ is I guess they need to have LTE phones. I just wish that the vendors would offer the phones unlocked in stores with their original un-molested specs and software. For the S III I’m willing to part with $900 for an off contract phone that is Warrantied in the US…TODAY. Same goes for the One X, if I could go on the PlayStore right now and they had a 32GB HTC One X compatible with both T-mobile and At&t and with the Tegra 3 I would be more than happy to throw down $800+ for it. I spent close to that on my Prime, and I can’t even make phone calls with that!

    • Fulaman

      Number of cores has nothing to do with it as Android can’t fully take advantage of 4 cores. For example, if the phone would have been equipped with an ARM Cortex A15 CPU (Exynos 5250) it wouid possess 2 – 3 times the power of the quadcore Exynos 4412 while also bringing better battery efficiency.

  • Nathan D.

    I want this processor in the t-mobile device instead of some other one like they did before. But I wish they use the more better A15 instead but I guess you can’t have everything you want in a phone.

  • peter

    I have bought the phone @ samsung galaxy s3 kopen

  • Guido Bouwmeesters

    Awesome Peter! The new Galaxy Note II is also a cool gadget/phone/tablet (:p) to buy.