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Samsung Galaxy Note Premium Suite introduced in Ice Cream Sandwich video


A new video was uploaded to Samsung’s YouTube channel last night, telling viewers to “get ready for the new Galaxy Note experience made possible with the Premium Suite.” Apparently, the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) update for the Samsung Galaxy Note will be introduced soon and will deliver an upgraded note taking experience.

The majority of the three and a half minute video shows off new features made possible in the Premium Suite, but we also get a quick look at what the Android 4.0 update will look like on the Galaxy Note. The Premium Suite upgrade essentially stuff’s Samsung’s S Pen application up with steroids, allowing users to choose between a variety of note template (note, meeting note, idea note, magazine, travel, diary and recipe) while adding customization (custom notebook covers and backgrounds), and new tools ( formula-match functions, digitization of tables and grids and search engine integration).

The fact that the video was published on Samsung’s official YouTube channel indicates that the update may be rolling out soon, but Samsung has not given any indication as to when in Q2 it will be released.

I’ve never been a fan of the Galaxy Note’s size, but my HTC Flyer and I are currently suffering from Premium Suite envy. What are your thoughts on the new Premium Suite Samsung will be rolling out with the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Galaxy Note? Do you wish your Samsung tablet or smartphone has S Pen integration?

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  • jenskristian

    I have no interest in the whole S Pen thing. Happy with by regular Galaxy S 2, and so-so happy with my regular Galaxy Tab 10.1

    • Lafeville

      Why log around two devices when you could have one that does both?

      • Randy

        That is correct that having one,device that,does it all fore,you is making,the,phone,more,functional.

      • rherrera

        The Note will never replace an actual tablet and it’s too big for most phone operations. Just my opinion.

  • spazby

    Galaxy Note rocks and putting it on steroids will make it that much better

    • Randy

      I hear you on that. I love my note and there is no going back sure.

  • fletchtb

    I think the effort Samsung is placing on improving the utility of the S-pen will pay off for the Note and other future devices.

  • khurram52c

    for the love of god … release the update …!!! we are dying and waiting ..!!!

    • Randy

      That is what I am saying. Instead of putting videos out there to make us impatient for it to come out. just put the dang thing out already.

  • Adryan maldonado

    YES YES!!!!!! I really, really hope the GSIII comes with the Spen. Please samsung dont skimp on this just to have the thinnest phone. Just put it in there just like the note.

  • WlfHart

    I’d say S-pen with SGIII would likely seal the deal for me.

  • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

    Damn you Samsung, keep on tempting me with the premium suite. This update should make my Note even better. Either way I’m happy waiting, no complaints here.

  • rude

    Wat is taking so long. ..SG2 got it already..

  • Nathan D.

    Those are some pretty good feature they are adding on galaxy note.

  • henjo

    gezzz people! Would you like to get an update full of bugs or wait for something that’s stable Rom. Im sure theyre still working on the update that will bring satisfaction to all of us.

    • Randy

      This is true

  • bryanizmir

    Damn…. Really wish i hadn’t lost my S pen already… Any suggestions other than the 40$ oem pen??? :)

  • n25philly

    So the best phone get’s even better? No complaints here

  • Jorge Vieira

    I have been waiting very patiently for this i really hope its not any longer and i haoe that it comes with the movie editor like on the international version. I already love s memo. I see myself having no problem finding uses for theses.

  • Lt Blak

    dying to get hands on the updated ICS

  • haimi sr

    how long should i wait……can somebody tell me the actual time?????

  • Kindroid

    If, in the future, mobile devices don’t have an S-Pen…they don’t even know that the problem is.

  • Martin H

    I really dont care about the SPen, although it’s very nice, anyway, the screen size is fantastic, the best thing ever, my wife Iphone looks like a small toy… go ahead Samsung and release the new version with right to left languages support

  • Dan

    As much as I am eager to get new features in my Note, I am also dreading the fact that some popular apps continue to have compatibility problems with ICS. I hope the upgrade will go smoothly and none of my must-have apps will get borked.

    • Cláudio D.

      You’ve made me curious. What are those apps, if you don’t mind saying?

  • Cláudio D.

    After all the waiting, it is better for Samsung that this update come with rock solid stability and great performance. For those that are skeptics about Galaxy Note, I’d say that it takes just a few hours of using it to be convinced that this is the right size for a smartphone. Also the battery life and the camera are amazing. I just can’t think of a better phone nowadays.

  • imad

    an ios follower of yester years as soon as i entered the free breathing environ of android life changed. level and depth to change a device to suit my life style is amazing i’m by the way a proud owner of a galaxy note international version. i’m an eye opener for many an ios follower who bought note and are surprised to see how free this system is. NOW SIMPLY HOLDING MY BREATH TO UPGRADE TO ICS… seen some videos of different rams offering the same… awesome man!

  • Josh Chua

    I bought my note just last week and so far my concern now is the battery life. however, with the premium suite upgrade coming, regardless of how long the battery life can stand, i could say and give 1 huge point to Samsung for this.



  • Rudy Dovale

    I am very happy with the Note, my constant companion. I have patience, but the waiting is driving me to tranquilizers.

  • Dan

    I love my Note but ICS has destroyed my battery life. It has gone from 18 hours of heavy useage down to less than 6. There is also a performance decrease and while the upgraded apps are nice I want my gingerbread back.

  • Sopheara

    I have both iphone and G Note, and i’ve just updated to ICS lately, it is so awsesome and amazing,but the consumtion of battery is a bit worst, also youtube video run not so smooth, wat happen? Only few of these points are still my concern.. beside, i can say that ICS is very adoreable and we should to accept it in hand, coz we r the real human technology.. bravo Samsung.

  • Albert

    How do i get it? because in my country didn’t sell the Premium Suite one.