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Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Sensation and Amaze Android 4.0 update schedule revealed in T-Mobile document


T-Mobile has been silent about its plans to update current phones to Android 4.0, but our friends at TmoNews have managed to get their hands on an internal document which reveals T-Mobile’s current Ice Cream Sandwich update timeline.

According to the document, the Samsung Galaxy S II (which was not listed on Samsung’s Android 4.0 update page) is scheduled to be updated to Android 4.0 on May 14th while the HTC Sensation and Amaze 4G will receive their updates on June 16th. It may be disappointing that T-Mobile customers still have a ways to go before their handsets are updated to the latest version of Android, but having a date to circle on our calendars is better than having no information at all.

We’re still a bit confused about the timing for the HTC Sensation 4G’s Android 4.0 update. The Android 4.0 update for the international version of the phone was pushed out in mid-March and HTC promised the update for the U.S. version of the phone would be delivered before the end of March – but the update never arrived. Last we heard, T-Mobile identified radio issues with the update and had sent it back to HTC to be fixed.

How long are you willing to wait for your Android 4.0 update before throwing in the towel and purchasing a new device?

Source: TmoNews

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  • boro09

    Finally the wait is over – been waiting for a good ICS Rom for my GS2 for a looooong time!

    • HackNet

      Do you need a moment to yourself?

      Maybe some Vaseline or a box of napkins?

  • rbaggio00

    this is one thing i don’t like about android, it take for ever to release a new version, i’ve been running ics and sense 4 for over a month now and it work almost perfect why cant Tmobile get it right this is crazy that we have to wait so long.

    • Jose Ascencao

      Because they want to add all their crappy stuff.. And some of them hadn’t work well.. Meanwhile we have to wait!..

  • Jose Ascencao

    I already threw the towel.. I switch to AT&T.. Is a good carrier though.. But I also had signal problems..

  • David Sumner

    Wouldn’t be suprised if it was delayed again , (referring to the HTC Sensation. ) it is T-Mobile after all.

  • Lupus Rex

    What a wonderful world it would be if carriers worried about signal quality, and hardware manufacturers worried about hardware. We dont want your crappy, useless bloatware or branding.

  • luke c

    I think its pretty mess up that the Samsung galaxy s2 get the update first and was not even on the list to be updated tmobile its just behind to.much I’m moving on to a.real and better phone service version I’m tired wanted and tmobile will just have to loses out on my money they can’t get the stuff together sorry tmobile your lost!!!!!!!

  • TriggerTreats

    I’m not holding my breath; we Tmo Sensation users were supposed to get it at the end of March and at the last minute it was postponed – to mid-June?

    I’m not holding my breath.

  • iPhone fan

    This is why android sucks. Get a iPhone and you won’t have to wait to update software when it is released. Also your phone doesn’t become old a week later when the newest one comes out running a newer version of crapdroid which freezes up and resets all the time.

    • vforvortex

      when iphone 4s was released a year after the iphone 4, iphone 4 users were left behind and were not eligible for Siri. But unlike iphone, android has a great developers community to help us out. :)

    • Ryan

      What a terrible response. The reason our phones are constantly outdated is because of the wonderful world of competition, something Apple doesn’t understand. That’s what drives technology in general, and also why Apple’s latest and greatest is constantly surpassed merely months after release. Android has proven that open source competition is the future. Apple will be left behind with its fan boys while it’s smart consumers will move onto Android. And you clearly haven’t played with ICS because it makes iOS seem laggy and boring.

    • SGB101

      IPhones are old before they are launched !!!, mutton dressed as lamb.

    • Tangent

      But your phone *does* become old a week later. The only difference is that in the Android world a bleeding edge device with all the advancements is actually available to purchase. With the iPhone you get to buy an already out-of-date device, then hope that you can upgrade to today’s tech in about a year. You know, when it’s already out of date again.

      Oh yeah, speaking of freezes and resets… http://www.forbes.com/sites/tomiogeron/2012/02/02/does-ios-crash-more-than-android-a-data-dive/

  • android.fa.life

    I just do not understand how there excuse continually is that the carriers take a month to a month and a half to evaluate the roms and do there BLOATING. My problem is that these OEM’s had access to the ICS source since November here we are in April almost May which is 6 months!!!! And only 3% of Android Phones have the latest update…. there is a problem here and if Android doesnt fix it then its only going to get worst and APPLE will convert Android power users its simple why shouldn’t we get are uodates faster?? After all we have teams of 1, 2, and 3 people baking these roms that albeit are buggy alot of the times but you must remember they have no were near the same means as these big ol OEMS do. Yet these OEMs have 100′s of people working on the same thing. I find this slightly problematic… **end rant***

  • kwills88

    Though I have ICS on my phone for 2 weeks now, I am happy to see this now we can finally have stable build roms..the call echo issue on the ICS roms are a killer.

  • Alsaid Atiah Rohaiem Ahmed

    we are an Importer Company in Egypt
    we are very pleasure if you send us Catallogues of your products with net prices of Samsung Android 10 inch and the trial order of that item .
    many thanks

  • Nathan D.

    They are not timely at all and that T-Mobile fault to but hey what can you do, (root of course >:D)

  • Timothy L.

    What, no G2x update at all?

  • Joe Schmoe

    Moar rants!

    Screw T-mobile’s and their updates, I went through 4 sensations this year due to various defects. I got the GS2 last month, and I actually considered ordering the One S this week.. Instead, the day Google put the Galaxy Nexus up for direct sale, I ordered one. I’m so sick of carrier bull, with non existent updates and half ass watered down device launches. Seems as if all the other carriers are getting the best devices. I’m going to stick with the Nexus until something better comes along that hasn’t been watered down for some carrier specific variant or carrier raped with crap tons of bloat.

    • Joe Schmoe

      * i.e. (the next nexus device) :)

    • LinuxFrenzy

      What a little kid.People like YOU should remain on dumb phones.It took you 4 Sensations to realize it was plague with issues?.Blame it on your stupidity for going back and forth with the Sensation.So you’re trashing T-Mobile on their updates as if any of the other carriers are any better.Good luck with having a REAL Nexus working on Sprint or Verizon.

      • Joe Schmoe

        Dumb phones? What does that even mean? I am allowed to be dissatisfied with a product and a company if I feel it is just. I have had a half a dozen of the “best” phones t-mobile has to offer and each one has been littered with issues and slow, if any updates. This lack of updates is the main reason why I don’t keep my phones stock anymore. Up until the GS2, the sensation was the best thing t-mobile had to offer me. So you’re saying I am stupid for wanting the best phone available from my carrier? And by my continued use of the sensation, I am somehow stupid for the dealing with the issues it had? I don’t see how that adds up. What, was I suppose to get a G2X perhaps? (the obvious better choice) because that was one of my exchange options.. A REAL Nexus? You are an idiot, and if you had read my post without being filled with nerd rage and started banging your hands on the keyboard, you might have read that I ordered my Nexus directly from Google, for T-mobile.

        end rant.

  • erikiksaz

    Haha, and no G2x to be seen. Again, LG can eat a you know what. I hope their mobile dept goes down in flames.

  • SGB101

    The sensation xe, was updated on the 29th of march here in the UK.

  • seabass978

    Yay, T-Mobile knows how to update their phone software in a timely matter. I should of wait for the unlock galaxy nexus.

  • kaffinekid

    You show me were T Mobile ever said you would be updated by the end of March That was HTC not T Mobile and it was HTC that had ICS in Nov not T Mobile so when they did get the update there was something wrong with it man what would have happen it they had push that out i would like some that works that i have to wait for a few months on then something that does not work that i got fast

  • Christopher Wueste

    Just root your sensation and move on with your life. There are some pretty amazing ICS custom roms for it and some even more amazing devs working to make those amazing roms even more amazinger. Go dev community!!!!!

  • Colin

    May 14th is going to be a good day :-D

    • graywolf323

      whoops I wasn’t logged in >_<

  • VS

    I read this and was pissed.

    Then, debated selling my Amaze to Gazelle and getting a One S.

    Realized that I hated the idea of a phone with a nonremovable battery and no SD card storage, and got even more pissed.

    Finally, I said screw it and took the plunge of unlocking, rooting and flashing the leaked ICS Sense 3.6 build that’s on XDA.

    First time doing anything of the sort, but just follow the instructions laid forth by the fine folks over at XDA and you should be fine. Seems to be a stable build, no issues so far and overall performance is a lot better (thank you hardware acceleration!).


    • David Nurbin

      I agree. The only downside of replacing the ROM is that it gives them an excuse to not follow the warranty. I had a hardware problem on my Samsung Galaxy S 1 phone (the charging port would not take a charge anymore). Since I had put an ICS ROM on the phone (which is never going to get that update, as the phone is 2 years old), they won’t take it for warranty repair.

  • Max.Steel

    Sigh. Nothing about the G2 and G2x.

    • Josh

      UNITED! UNITED! UNITED! (sorry, had to)

  • Alex

    June 12 too far off and regional carriers already have it on their sensations. I ended up unlocking the boot loader, S-off, installing clockworkmod recovery touch, and installed opensensation, the closest rom to cm9 for the sensation till the official CM9 is released. It’s pretty cool the only downside is T-Mobile wifi does not work yet. There are a ton of custom roms out there for the sensation. ICS is awesome.

  • seabass978

    T-Mobile can suck on a [email protected]#$ for all I care about slow update or no update at all on certain phones. It’s too bad we consumer have to take a gamble every time we buy a new phone from carriers, not just T-Mobile, to see if it will get an update or not, and the manufacturer is not really helping at all because they don’t want to do the update also. Why can’t manufacturer and carriers agree to update a phone up to 2 years then everybody would be happy.

  • seabass978

    Damn, forgot to log in.

  • goldenboyrb

    Mytouch 4G ICS?

  • RealDealNeil

    Very disappointed. I held off on putting an ICS rom on my Sensation to give the upgrade a chance, but now I regret that.

  • WillO

    I, for one, am happy about this. I have a rooted GS2 that I have flashed about 3 different ICS roms on. I continue to go back to my stock gingerbread due to many different issue with all of them. The devs are definitely trying to get the bugs fixed, but without a “pure source” for each hardware set, you can never really get them all out. I may be happy with the stock Sammy TW ICS…or I may wait for one of the many devs out there to build something off of the stock rom. EIther way, I am happy. All of the manufacturers and carriers work on the same wavelength, which is “Whenever it gets her, it gets here”. Would you rather they put out some broken piece of software? Then those complaining now about NOT have an update, would just complain about a broken update. Let them take their time to get a fully working product out.

    This just IMO anyway….

  • webninja

    Just my 2 cents. i have a sensation, GS2 and a mytouch 4g. I have ICS on all of them. If it wasn’t for the talented devs we wouldn’t have it at all. Yes there are issues (kinks or bugs) but the overall experience is phenomenal! couldn’t be happier… but of course the devs need a leak or an actual release to squash bugs and build a better Rom. I am getting great battery life on the SGS2 and would advise flashing Darkside Evolution, I have had ZERO problems…

  • Thomas

    Hi Everybody!

    I need some help in firmware update via wifi, on sgs2!

    Today morning when I connected to the internet via wifi, my phone offered me the ICS update for my SGS2 (T-Mobile), but I did’t have enough time to do that process, so I postponed that for a later time. But now, I try to update it manually through wifi, and it says to me: “There’s no update available” <- But it was at morning!

    So can anybody help me what should I do with my phone to offer the update again through wifi?

    ps: sorry for my horrible english! :S

    Thanks for All!


  • cesar

    Well the update suppose to come tomorrow may 14 so im just waitin if its true….

  • Jesse

    Date came and went and my gs2 still on gb. :(

  • ohh_peetaa