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Samsung Galaxy S III compared to Tegra 3 and Snapdragon S4 in GPU benchmarks


Curious how the Galaxy S III will match up with the competition when finally goes on sale this summer? Of course you are.

Early this morning some GPU benchmarks were leaked for a device with the model number GT-i9300, which many have speculated is the Galaxy S III. The numbers looked impressive, but we went ahead and matched it up with some of the newest platforms to see how they stacked up.

Daniel P. of PhoneArena first spotted the GT-i9300 benchmarks, which were run with the popular GLBenchmark. We like the GLBenchmark app because it can run tests offscreen at the same resolution, which helps us compare devices with different screen sizes.

If you want to see how your device measures up, you can grab this benchmark from the Google Play Store with the link provided below. (The latest version of GLBenchmark is 2.1.4, but you might see 2.1.1 below until the cache updates.)


The Test Devices

For this quick performance preview, we selected five devices. We grabbed a pair of HTC Ones with the latest Tegra 3 and Snapdragon S4 platforms, along with a pair of previous generation Galaxy devices that featured Snapdragon S3 and OMAP4. Details on the chip names, CPU type, and GPU type are detailed below.

  • Samsung GT-i9300: Exynos 4412 (quad-core A9, Mali-400)
  • HTC One X: Tegra 3 (quad-core A9, GeForce GPU)
  • HTC One S: Snapdragon S4 (dual-core Krait, Adreno 225)
  • Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket: Snapdragon S3 (dual-core Scorpion CPU, Adreno 220)
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus: OMAP4 (dual-core A9, PowerVR SGX540)

The Results (Preliminary)

Please keep in mind this is only one benchmark suite and we are comparing numbers from a leaked device that doesn’t have final software, but the supposed Samsung Galaxy S III easily comes out on top.

We have a full performance preview of Tegra 3 and Snapdragon S4 planned for next week, so we won’t be discussing their results just quite yet.

Over the past couple of weeks we have been debating if the next Galaxy would feature the quad-core Exynos 4412 or the newer generation dual-core Exynos 5250. We were hoping that Samsung might surprise us with the Exynos 5250, but the general consensus among tech bloggers is that Samsung went with the quad-core Exynos 4412.

Some readers were already complaining that the Exynos 4412 featured the older Mali-400 GPU, which is the same GPU found in last year’s Galaxy S II that used the Exynos 4210. However, there are reports that the Mali-400 found in the GT-i9300 will be clocked at least up to 440 MHz, vs the 266 MHz clock speed found in the Galaxy S II.

Drive-by Conclusions

At worst, the Galaxy S III should easily have the fastest GPU of any Android phone when it is released in the coming months. At best, Samsung could still shock us with the Exynos 5250 (Mali-T604 GPU) and really blow away the competition.

Via: PhoneArena

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    Lookin’ good! So VZW, can I have one please?

    • redraider133

      Agree. i would be first in line if verizon picks this up.

      • Georgi

        Did you guys not realize that in the US, we are only getting the crappy S4 in our Galaxy S3 devices? This defeats the purpose of waiting for the stupid S4 in the Galaxy s3. I am so annoyed right now. I’ve been waiting for this device for so long and now they are telling us that we are only getting a dual core s4 in the US? also saying that it will live up to the expectations? What the heck? IT IS WAY SLOWER THAN THE S3′s exynos – LOOK AT THE BENCHMARKS! retarded Mobile operators in the US

        • danny

          OK first off the s4chip is faster than any other phone in the us now and you would not really notice the difference in these two chip sets if u care about benchmarks well the quadrants are all very close but the quads beat it in some of the others to complain about this is kinda funny to me I have the evo lte now its very fast with the s4 and Mali 400 oc will be very fast but if the quad core is what u want get the international ver for 700$ and keep the us phone u have if u got the cash

          • S4GotSamsung’d

            I’m getting the Exynos even if I have to Import it! Why? Because 4×4 Exynos didn’t just beat Qualcomm S4….. it soundly trounced it in Geekbench and having double the ram that isn’t as fast as the 1gig in Exynos with it in a PoP (package on package) isn’t going to make that much difference except in being able to cache the 4G content faster w/o having to load it into virtual memory. So what? I want to be able to game with superior graphics and multitask like a banshee with Exynos’s much more powerful Quad GPU and Quad CPU!

            Here’s the scores in the tail of the tape with the Exynos having time to cross the finish line and still have time to take a nap waiting for anything else to cross the finish line, including Apple’s snail iPhone 4s 2×2 A5 and S4 Krait!

            ***The high performance of the S3 is backed up by benchmarking. Using the Geekbench app, which measures devices based on processor speed and memory, the S3 scored an average of 1387. This is considerably higher than the HTC One X (709) and nearly double the 626 for the iPhone 4S.***

            btw… I found this at ITPRO UK site. I don’t think Service Providers want this known here in America. But Geekbench delivered the goods on Exynos obliterating both Qualcomm S4 Krait and wiping it’s running shoes on Apple iPhone 4s!!! lol…. and apparently the writer failed math. “nearly double the 626 for the iPhone 4S” which is 1252 < 1387 score of Exnos GSIII! ;-P

        • daironhorse

          samsung is making up for using the s4 by putting 2 GB of ram on the phone to help it out and they need to use it to connect to lte and the chip offers better battery life

  • marc

    makes me sorta sad that i bought the gnex hah

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Not many reasons to have a faster GPU yet. Gnex still runs all the latest Android games fine.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        *just fine* is the PC equivalent of *On normal settings*… Just compare a Tegra3 optimized game to the same game on the gnex.

        • Rovex

          True but with some modding you can run T3 games on the current Mali, they look just as good.

      • bin artyte

        I disagree with the fine part. There are some enthusiasts out there who prefer a constant 60 fps over a 30+fps. Fine is just preferential.

  • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

    I’m impressed, it nearly doubles my Galaxy Note (5406 Frames, 48 FPS) in 2.1.4 Egypt Offscreen. (International Note, Exynos 4210) I can’t wait to see how this translates into real world performance.

    • Moosa Mahsoom

      the only reason tegra 3 is gonna die against the S3 is because the pathetic NVIDIA packed a single channel memory controller in. Die NVIDIA!!!!

      But, it doesn’t mean i will buy the S3. i am keeping my eyes open for Windows phone 8

  • spazby

    very impressive

  • aranea

    These numbers look really good. Do we know if the leaked devices have the screen size and resolution the actual device will have or similar to the case it also is in disguise.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      There are no hard facts yet, but most the rumors suggest a display between 4.6-4.8 inches and a 1280×720 resolution. I think the supposed device leaks have been consistent with that.

      • Mike Wewerka

        720p, but the almighty Jonathan Gellar at BGR “exclusively” said that it will have a 1080p display…you telling me he’s wrong…

        Just messing, Geller’s an asshat, I knew it would be a 720p HD display. Impressive stats on that Exynos.

        • mercado79

          The fact that they constantly add “as we exclusively reported” to the end of nearly every article really irks me.

          • Galen20K

            very true, Boy Genius Report is “hardly” the most credible site out there.

  • cwjones4

    you guys aren’t making the wait to may 3rd any easier posting stuff like this…. haha

  • nmoline

    With as poorly as Samsung has updated my original Galaxy S I am reluctant to purchase another Samsung phone.

    However, I do want a 2 year future proof phone, and with no Nexus coming down the pipe soon I may have to bite the bullet as my Captivate is getting a little long in the tooth.

    • http://www.jeffkibuule.com Jeff

      The Nexus One is the only Android device that has ever gotten more than one major version of Android and was supported with software updates for 19 months. We’ll have to see if the Nexus S gets Android 5.0 but my guess is no.

      The sad reality is that the Android OS is moving at such a furious pace that I wouldn’t count on two years of solid updates from any Android phone.

      • cthonctic

        When I bought my International Galaxy S some 18 months ago, it came with Eclair, pretty quickly got Froyo and has received Gingerbread ages ago. I don’t see the problem.

        You guys may not get all available updates because US carriers take their piss on you, but two major version updates happens more often than you’d think.

        • Rovex

          I agree, dont blame the manufacturer for lame carrier updates. Samsung made the base ROMs available ages ago, if the carriers dont use them that’s not Samsungs fault.

  • mercado79

    i know that “benchmarks don’t matter”, but damn! these benchmarks don’t make things any easier either.

    as a loyal sprint customer, this just makes things so much more difficult. my brain tells me to go with the gnex for stock android goodness for ease of rooting, hacking, customization, but my heart is pulling me in all different directions! the evo 4g lte will clearly out perform the gnex and the gs3 is an even stronger performer.

    then again, if the gs3 isn’t released until q3 again, maybe that’ll be the deciding factor.

    • nmoline

      If you are someone who can’t afford to buy phones off contract I’d be telling you to wait and see what the GS3 is really all about. May 3 isn’t too far away. The GNexus is a quality phone but if you are sticking with a phone for 2 years don’t you want something that is powerful enough to do everything for 2 years.

      Furthermore, as much as I hate touchwiz, it’s pretty easy to load CM9 etc…

      • mercado79

        I haven’t stuck with my phones for the length of my contract in a while. First it was because of Sprint’s “premier” program, but that is over now. Then last year I got in on Best Buy’s Buyback program. They were offering it for free as a promotion. I was very skeptical (still am…not sure if I’d pay for it outright), but… 8 months after buying an OG Evo, I walked in to a store and walked out with a $312 gift card.

        Keep in mind that I’d only paid $179 for the Evo to begin with. The $312 was a glitch in their system though. I was only supposed to receive 40% ($240) since more than six months had passed. Still, it was a very easy experience. They didn’t quibble over small scratches on the case or the screen. I was shocked.

        Anyway, I have one more Sprint Premier upgrade waiting for me. Plus buying my Nexus off eBay worked out great too, so I don’t imagine I’ll be waiting another 2 years before buying another phone. It just won’t be brand new / retail.

    • http://www.jeffkibuule.com Jeff

      If you’re posting on AndroidAndMe, you should be buying a phone for it’s hardware, not the software that comes on it, because I think you’re smart enough to root your phone and stick on a different ROM without bricking your phone. Software can always be changed, hardware cannot.

      • nmoline

        I agree, but it’d be nice to not have to run custom software.

      • mercado79

        I hear you Jeff; and I was with you on my last two HTC phones; however, I think my Nexus S has spoiled me a bit. On a forum somewhere, I read people discussing the difference between building from source and hacking binary files from the OEMs in the hopes of getting features to work. While most things will eventually get worked out, cameras in particular seem to cause devs tons of headaches. It just has me second guessing everything.

        We’ll see. I’m in no rush and the Nexus S running ICS is keeping me happy (it’s just my gadget addiction that’s making me break out in a cold sweat)!

  • Paul Salvatore

    Happy to hear they almost doubled the clock speed of the gpu, I don’t see why the iphone would up the gpu in the next iphone so this could be the best graphically performance phone out or at least equal to the iphone.

    Also I see the quad core processor squashing anything else out there until some more of the A15 chips come out, I know about the S4, but that gets beat by the tegra 3. So I’m excited about this device even with out the 5250 with the mali-T604.

    Thou I had my doubts its gonna rock.

    • Ardrid

      That’s unlikely given that Exynos 4412 is still built upon ARM’s A9. The S4 has already proven to be a better processor computationally than Tegra (also A9 based) and I expect that to hold when compared to Exynos. Adreno 225 vs. Mali 400 (overclocked) is another story and has nothing to do with the underlying CPU.

  • Lightning7

    All of these leaked specs..Verizon, pick this up! Name it the Samsung Galaxy Droid if you want, just pick it up!

  • redraider133

    I wonder if verizon does pick this up if samsung will stick the s4 in it unless they have an exynos that will work with lte?

  • kicost

    i dont think that the ancient mali-400 that can be found in SG2 can score off the Tegra 3, 12core GPU….i think those benchmarks are fake :@ …

    • Rovex

      Its not ‘ancient’. More cores arent always better. ATI(AMD) GPUs have WAY more cores than the Geforces, but are they WAY faster? No.
      Mali is more efficient, has performance hit free 4xMSAA, superior video processing capability and properly conforms to the GL standard, unlike Tegra.

      Clocked at 400mhz an SGS2 mali will beat a T3, it can be set at that with a number of overclocking apps. It will crash though. The new improved version should be stable.

      Even the dual core CPU part of the Exynos is nearly as fast as a quad T3. The T3 is a bit rubbish frankly.

      • cthonctic

        I don’t think it’s about beating Tegra3 at this point anymore. While that SoC has had it’s run for a couple months, the Krait S4, new OMAP and the next A15 Exynos are going to be the ones to beat.

        Bear in mind that the A9s in the current Tegra are still manufactured at 40nm whereas (iirc) the SIII’s Exynos is built at 32nm. Only the coming generation will really utilize 28nm structures fully. The SIII needs to beat Tegra 3 soundly to stay relevant for months to come (as far as raw specs are concerned, that’s what we’re talking after all). The next big things will be A15 OMAPs, quadcore Krait S4 and only in early 2013 the 28nm Tegra 4, codenamed Wayne.

        • Rovex

          I agree, but since we are limited by ICS for a good while (jelly bean wont hit the SGS3 for a year probably), what use is the extra power? My SGS2 runs buttery smooth and will play full rate Blu-ray 1080P files, so why do i need a quad core with more power right now? Battery life is one answer, but how else does it benefit me in real terms.There is nothing the current Exynos dual core wont do and that wont change for a while. The Quad will be fine for 2 years. at least.

      • kicost

        nice :) you know about geforce that is better than ati…now, how do u think , nvidia made tegra 3 to be beaten by mali400? nope nvidia made T3 to compite all the manufactures…and we know that now in Q2 is still the best technology on the market…neither of competitors can compite with Tegra tech , at last at the graphics section ;) …. T3 might be a bit rubish but its on the market since november 2011…wait & u’ll see…

        • Rovex

          Sorry, but the T3 uses non standard extensions and exclusive deals to get the games and effects it does. The Mali can run T2 and T3 games just as well if not better than Tegras can with Chainfire 3D. T3 isnt all that im afraid. Its like the T2, inefficient and slow despite its raw processing power. Exynos devices just feel better, smoother and cleaner than Tegra devices.

          • kicost

            Nope Rovex you are wrong…you are just a Samsung fan,lets talk about reality
            mali cant reach the Tegra3…at least now!

          • Rovex

            Actually im an HTC fan, but i know a better CPU when i see one. Besides the benchmarks say im right, and my experience with Tegra and exynos devices also says im right. I guess you cant read..

  • AnthonyRyan

    Can’t wait to see or hear what the US versions will have with processors (T-Mobile)

  • alexanderharri3

    Since announcement is coming up, the ball has already been placed in Verizon’s (and the other carriers’) courts….will they finally pick it up and play ball?….and at what price? It’s surely $299+ that only Verizon gets away with…

  • Rovex

    Exynos and the Mali400 are awesome. Ive seen a few people saying the Mali is rubbish, yet it manages to process video better than any other GPU out there and is fast as hell in games even at 266mhz. Ive up-clocked my SGS2 mali to 400, and it crashes after a while, but while it runs it chews up and spits out the Tegra3.

  • Paul Atreides

    This is going to be a long two weeks, I tell you!

    • dVyper

      Here here

  • Nathan D.

    Looking good already of course I wouldn’t mind if they change the processor last minute for the A15 instead ;-)

  • Y314K

    Man… I really hope Samsung doesn’t allow any of the US carriers to leap frog each other… If all 4 US carriers come out with this phone at the same time without months of delays from Europe or each other that will be awesome… Just see how much it cripples a good phone like the GNexus to have to wait months before it is release on a second carrier… Looking at u GNexus on Sprint…

    Seems the 80%+ chance of getting a A15+Mali-T604 GPU is down to 10% if this benchmarks are any indication… Never say never but it will be very unlikely…

    If the next Galaxy device is not a A15+Mali-T604 GPU device then I’ll be looking closely at the rumor TMobile Galaxy Note… Hopefully they will update some of the Hardware on the TMobile Note to match closer to the SGIII specs before release… Wouldn’t want for it to just be a big screen SGII… Either way I will probably weigh the TMobile SGIII vs the TMobile SG Note(Both better come with a Micro SD card socket)… My next upgrade just went active this month… (I can’t believe HTC has become a after thought.. Sad but true)

    I do have some ?’s though that A&M (Android&Me) might be able to answer…

    1. Does the Exynos 4412 be able to handle both current and future HSPA+(At what speeds) & future LTE radios… Most of us buy phones to last 2 years… Not just one… Or will a ATT version be more future proof for TMobile future band shifts…

    2. Other then the S4 which partially use some of the A15 tech… Does the next Apple chips use some of the A15 tech… And why wouldn’t Samsung do the same since they manufacture both chips?

    3. Samsung was forced to reveal/share their GSIII tech with Apple… So it would seems this time around Apple till be the copy cat… Wonder if Samsung will take Apple to court for any tech that perceive as being copied by Apple… Wonder if this showdown will finally make both companies sign a patent truth ???

    4. Really hoping Samsung doesn’t finish killing Micro SD cards… I like the option for streaming content to phones… But I prefer to have a choice between buying a $15 Micro SD card then having to re-download content each time I want to access it… With tier Data plans or throttling becoming the norm for carriers.. This seems to be the worst time to get rid of Micro SD card slots… What are the chances of Samsung killing off Micro SD cards on their new devices???

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      1. The Exynos 4412 does not include an integrated modem like the Qualcomm Snapragon. It will likely have a different modem depending on what country it is sold. There are “soft modems” that can be upgraded to support future networks updates, but most devices have an antenna that will only work with a couple pre-determined bands.

      2. Lots of rumors about the iPhone 5 and I don’t know what to believe. It will likely be quad-core A9, very similar to this Exynos 4412 from Samsung.

      3. A court in California recently ordered the heads of Apple and Samsung to have a meeting and see if they can squash their patent war.

      4. I’d say the chances of the microSD card are 50/50. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus didn’t have a microSD card, but that was because Google hates on device storage. I’m guessing that Samsung will stick with the microSD card.

      • Y314K

        Thanks for the through reply… Guess time will tell..

      • honourbound68

        How much more power draw will the gpu have? Hoping that it doesn’t affect battery life too badly

  • Fulaman

    In all honesty I will wait, Why Samsung who constantly targets Apple is using a much worse GPU just shocks me. I really am hoping that this their midrange model and that the Galaxy S III uses the Exynos 5250. It doesn’t make sense that the iphone 4S has a superior GPu to the Galaxy S III (if this really is the Galaxy S III).

    • Rovex

      What would we do with a much faster GPU? The only thing would be to have exclusive games, then people cry ‘fragmentation!’ like they did with the THD games. If the SGS3 had the power of 10 PS3s what would we do with it when all the other devices are so much less capable?

      The Mali already has the best video processing capabilities in the industry and that includes anything Apple have because Apple restrict in software.

  • BigCiX

    It was just yesterday when the OMAP was considered the shizzzz!

  • Nory826

    Well, I think I know what my next smartphone is going to be! I have a GSM galaxy nexus currently, and the gs3 is definitely an upgrade, looking forward to it!

  • Kavman

    I think video editing in phone or tablet is the next killer app that is going to need all this power.

    Like people say, the games are pretty damn sweet as is so more performance is not really needed here but time and processor intensive stuff like cutting video and transcoding can never be fast enough.

    With all the talk of the race to an instagram for video, processing power will be God and make that a reality on a phone like the SGSIII.

    Editing 1080p on a desktop computer is hard work without a serious machine, shooting it on your phone then making something worth putting on youtube on a phone or tablet will be awesome.

  • classic_hero

    thats very impressive considering the one x/s were just released. looking forward to the next tests

  • David

    I’m disappointed at the exynos 4412 instead of 5250, and the last year’s GPU of Mali-400 :( Just hoping that it has a bigger battery, sd card slot and a better design than HTC One X.

    But I really want the new exynos, might have a buyer’s remorse if Samsung released it at the end of the year.

  • MeekB2G

    I’ll never get a phone that has an OS overlay again. I can only do the Pure Google phones now. Had both Sense & Touchwiz devices, & if I had to choose between the two I would go Touchwiz. But after having a Vanilla Android phone I prefer consistent updates over beefy hardware. Having fast hardware is great but when your stuck on the same OS months after it’s release it’s seriously annoying.

  • leaponover

    I so don’t care about any of this benchmark crap anymore…. seriously, all these phones run fine and are as fast as I need them to be all the time!

    WHEN THE FRICK are they going to drop this BS hardware advancements and start focusing their effing resources on what is really important… BATTERY LIFE! Just get your act together and stop trying to make processors smaller and more powerful in phones. Work on batteries. The first company to actually make improvements in battery technology will get my support forever, even if they never move past a dual core processor…

    Rant over :-(

  • fayez

    It was not Daniel P of phonearena, it was me , I forwarded it to them

  • rasterX

    I can’t believe the person who did snapped the I9300 benchmarks (when they were live) didn’t capture the System Information tab, that’s where all the good stuff is.

    That said, the offscreen results are highly suspect. Drawing to a memory buffer shouldn’t be 60% faster than drawing to the display buffer with the same resolution. This implies there is optimization for the benchmark, i.e., the GLES driver is possibly cheating. Kishonti (the benchmark authors) need to start testing for rendering discrepancies like this, if they haven’t already done so.

    Since both the One X and the I9300 are both running 1280×720, the Standard Egypt test results are a better comparison. The Advanced results would be good too if nVidia could get their act together and deliver a driver that supports FSAA.

    • rasterX

      Strike that. The Standard test for the I9300 was likely limited by VSYNC.

    • Fayez

      i took the snap, do u want the system info snapshot. i have it on pc.

      • rasterX

        Thanks for taking the snapshot. I think you should send it to PhoneArena and have them update the post, we would all like to see the system info details.

        • Fayez

          i have sent rest of info to androidandme ( Taylor ),

    • Fayez

      and i u think im trolling , go to phonearena.com and see my name

  • sdude

    i think the i9300 is the samsung galaxy s2 plus i9800 will be the galaxy s4. which is the one i will be getting

  • Matt

    God I hate touchwiz and look of it grrrrrr! Ok I hope it grows on me because from info so far? EVO or photon who cares its locked bs can’t keep up. Close but difference in better and ferrari from all looks. I have 3d my partner work has my touch epic blah S2 sprint model and it clearly just better phone power wise. Some reason I think screen clearer on 3D but most say different. Touchwize sure is tuck! But I can work on that. S3 will also get way more dev work to choose from and more access. Sprint will have SD card on there version prolly and is love to see a new Samsung speed 16 in it. Not holding my breath haha. For the love of Christ put removeable battery or one over 3000mah if not! We ain’t reached the all day no charge for streamers and good/bad signal areas depending what side street your on. LTE for sprint prolly really kill it with lack of penetration at first with that 99,999mhz they are starting with. Network vision better work all I’m saying. I may buy this phone on different network if stuff doesn’t really impress me in few months in Nashville. I get better 90% people do signal wise and can’t use YouTube or netflix but 65%/70% time. I’ve went through two great evos but i can’t take much more. Samsung and Verizon seem to be having sprint and HTC bent over at moment. Not jumping ship simply better product. 10-20% higher but i don’t care i honestly think they are worth it. I buy cheap tshirts, paper towels and even crackers and sugar. Shoes? Vehicles within reason and steak? The best I can find. For device I’m stuck with for 2 years for hours a day? 40-50 bucks who cares if its huge noticeable difference in enjoyment of device. Sorry I’m tired of buffering, restarting and sick of dead batteries. If I want credit card with micro computer in it ill buy one. I drop my phone enough chill with thin bs.

  • Samhung

    Lol @ all u nerds. Benchmarks r for geeky ass losers, Im sure u guys be pullin all types of girls droppin cpu/gpu info like this.

    All I care about is a good performin phone, make touchwiz better an have a sexy design like sony phones. The rest I leave to u bums, “my phone scored 8282928739 on benchmarks xD!!!!! Mad bro much?”

  • Aaron_301

    If the Galaxy S3 came with vanilla android, I’d get rid of my GNex in a second for it. But alas, Samsung shall throw TouchWiz on it and make it ugly (to me).

    Also, does anyone find it odd that the Snapdragon S3 does better then the OMAP 4460, or is that just me?

  • andy

    based on my experience, I’ve noticed that using facebook app on the device with snapdragon processor like xperia models are more snapier than samsung. we all know that facebook app is big file app.

  • Nicholas Halden

    i used both a one s with the s4 processor and a galaxy s2 with the exynos 4210.
    i didn’t have enough time to run benchmarks but the s2 running ICS was more comfortable to use than the one s. it had fewer lags. honestly speaking the s2 didn’t have any lags at all , the one s however had a few lags. . .