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Samsung Galaxy S III makes an appearance in a temporary disguise


Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to officially introduce you to the Samsung Galaxy S III. If the design of the handset looks a bit uninspired, that’s because test units of the Samsung Galaxy S III have all been built inside a temporary shell meant to disguise the phone and keep the final design of the handset a mystery until it is finally unveiled on May 3rd in London.

According to Tinhte (a Vietnamese technology blog), the specs in the handset pictured above match those of the Samsung GT-i9300 which surfaced recently. There is no guarantee that the Samsung Galaxy S III will ship with the specs listed below, but they do appear to be more reasonable than some of the more outlandish spec rumors we have heard in the past.

  • 4.6-inch SuperAMOLED 720p display (320 DPI)
  • 1.4GHz quad-core processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 16GB of internal storage and microSD card slot
  • 8 megapixel camera with LED flash and 1080 video capture
  • 2,050 mAh battery
  • NFC radio integration
  • Android 4.0.3 with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI

For a closer look that the Samsung Galaxy S III (or whatever the handset will eventually be named), check out the embedded video and image gallery.

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Since Samsung has been so secretive about the Galaxy S III, we are not willing to claim that any of the specs or images here will match up with what the handset will actually ship with. We love all the rumors and leaked pictures, but we honestly can’t wait to see what Samsung unveils on May 3rd in London. Does the Samsung Galaxy S III spec sheet live up to your expectations? What rumored specs do you still hope will be included once the handset is unveiled?

Via: Android Central

Source: Tinhte

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  • Dan G

    The Mali 400 in this is by far and away the biggest dissappointment of the S3. Unless they added the SAMOLED+ to the screen this seems like an incremental upgrade from the S2. Bezel on top and bottom also look large, despite using on screen keypad.

    Did like the removable battery and micro sd slot though.

    • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

      I wouldn’t worry about the outer appearance, several tech blogs are stating this is just a case to hide the actual design.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      As stated on the post, what you’re looking at in the pictures is not the final design of the handset.

      • jonathan3579

        Final or not, I’d still rock that very piece of hardware although I’m hoping the ceramic (or anything but plastic) rumors pan out.

      • Dan G

        I knew about the case, but based on the speaker grill and the samsung logo on the bottom I don’t see it being that much smaller than the current mock up we have

    • http://www.jeffkibuule.com Jeff

      Samsung has already stated that they’ve increased performance of the GPU by 50%.

      • Dan G

        Overclocking really isn’t that good of a measure of performance improvement, because even at the same clock speed older silicon is still significantly slower then newer designs. Samsung had a history of delivering awesome best in class GPU’s but if they are really going to keep the mali 400, then at this point they aren’t better then the adreno 225, or the Tegra 3, and not even in the same ball park as apple’s 543X quad core gpu

  • b

    Can you really trust a Vietnamese technology blog?

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      What kind of question is that? They have the phone in their hands. Would the story be any different is it was an english speaking blog?

      • John

        You don’t send your best tech to Vietnam; you send the secondary or tertiary stuff.

        • Gabe

          People can downvote the truth all they want, but the truth is, Vietnam isn’t known for keeping secrets, and the best tech comes to the West, where per capita GDP is higher (read: more people can afford it) and where the infrastructure is more stable.

          It’s one of the reasons the US version of the One X is more powerful than the international version, thanks to the S4

  • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

    If only it had the 5250, no doubt the 4412 will be a great processor, but using the Mali-400MP for the 2nd year in a row is kind of disappointing for a flagship device.

    • CJ LaFleur

      Samsung should delay the launch so they can use the better processor.

      • John

        They’ve already delayed it from the expected Feb. MWC announcement. Methinks it was so they could ramp up production of the 5250 and stick it in

    • Mike

      Im sorry but if this is the final product that samsung is gonna have then the iphone 5 is gonna kill samsung galaxy III.

      First apple will use their exclusivity of the “liquidmetal” and make the iphone 5 thinner than the samsung galaxy III, lighter and scratch resistance.

      Then they are gonna steal a page from samsung book and make it with a 4.6″ 720P or better screen.

      They are gonna steal another page from samsung and make it LTE capable, better battery, micro usb, improve the camera from iphone 4S.

      Then they gonna do something samsung would have wish they did and throw in a better and faster GPU in the iphone 5 and merge it with their apps and purposely built games and blow the minds and eyes of the every day Dick and Jane.

      I’m sorry but the truth hurts! Samsung, better wish you’re not leaving any stone unturned else you’re gonna regret if this is the final Samsung galaxy III.

      • John

        Pretty much this. Samsung needs to bring it to beat out the iphone 5, which is expected to hit new highs with it’s A5. If Samsung doesn’t drop the Exynos 5250 with the Mail-604 into this, I don’t see them doing very well come the fall.

        • pjamies

          Guys, you have to really look at why people buy a specific phone ..
          Yes, almost everyone wants the best phone on the market, that goes without saying, BUT, if you want to compare apples to oranges then your comments are only partial truths..
          People buy Android phones for other reason than just hardware specs !! They love the OS too! It’s not always about the hardware; it’s also about the ability to have an open device OS and all that it includes.
          So, if you feel that the iPhone5 is your cup of tea, then why are you even here??
          This is a blog that Android devices and a look at what might be come in the near future.
          If you want to join a communist run phone company, buy a iPhone …

  • cthonctic

    Very nice. Not quite as drool-worthy as I had expected a couple months back but very nice indeed.
    That’s for the hardware specs only though as we still know nothing about the final looks.

    If only the A15 Exynos was ready in time…

  • Dirge

    Any word on LTE?

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Since this is the international version of the Galaxy S III, it probably will not ship with LTE. Hopefully Samsung and U.S. service providers will unveil LTE enabled variants of the SIII at CTIA in early May.

  • cwjones4

    If those are the final specs, looks like i’ll be getting the EVO LTE. Definitely disappointing they chose not to go with the cortex A15 5250 or a higher resolution camera (although I’ll wait and see what the aperture on the lens is).

  • hinds2009

    Wow just goes to show no one is ever pleased with a device no matter what is done.

    • Drew

      Possibly, I know for me I’ll prob just stick with my GS2. I was going to sell it and get this, but I’m not so sure now. My phone is really freaking awesome! :)

  • Richard Ashton

    i19300 =/= Samsung Galaxy S 3
    i19300 = Samsung Galaxy M

    The phone has M project all over it and he says Galaxy M rather than S3.

    • Eric Rossman

      I personally think that Samsung is going to push 720p SAMOLED through the mid to top tier offerings. To support that screen resolution the Mali400 from yesteryear has to get a boost. The 4412 was available last year as well. Making this a very possible Galaxy M.

      I will not believe any reports of the Galaxy S3 until the official announcement on May 3rd.

      • Steve Smith

        Samsung is disguising the phone and being THIS secretive about a midtier phone?

    • Fuzzypaws

      Exactly what I was thinking. This is their mid tier device, and we still haven’t seen the actual S3. Heck, even at mid tier it still has removable battery, an SD card, etc that the One X doesn’t have, and a 720p screen that HTC’s midtier One S doesn’t have.

      • swazedahustla

        Denial is a sickness.

        • roadhouse

          Or simply a river..

  • Dirge

    I hope the GPU is changed last minute…

  • trevor

    I hope it comes with that sweet Blackberry power cord!!

    • Steve Barry

      Hahahaha, good eye! Just goes to show that even they know the stock Samsung cables suck.

  • uzunoff

    I wouldn’t worry about the processor and the GPU. That could be easily changed for the release device.
    Although it makes sense to test with the production specs. Otherwise your tests would be off.

    I like the large battery and that it’s a quad core CPU.

  • jamal adam

    All this secrecy and disguise makes me more and more interested and excited to see what Samsung has in store for the world on May 3rd.

  • Simon

    They could have easily put in 2gb of 40nm LPDDR2 if they wanted.

    Personally I would love to see them dropping in 2/4gb of 30nm LPDDR2 but that is sadly wishful thinking.

  • rovex

    I dont think we need much more than the Mali400 gives us anyway. Its still, in my opinion, better than the T3 GPU and better than anything anyone else is using in the android world. Lets face it games aren’t stressing it and it plays back movies files perfectly. In that respect its better than most which seem to have issues with some formats.

    • John

      While I agree with most of your post, you’ve been down voted for the following sentence: “I dont think we need much more than the Mali400 gives us anyway”.

      I suspect the other downvotes are for the same sentence as well

      • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

        OK, but can you explain to me why you would NEED anything more than what the Mali400 delivers? It’ll probably be 12-18 months before developers create games and apps which take advantage of the full potential of the Mali400, Snapdragon S4 or even the Tegra 3. By then, most of you will have upgraded your phones.

        • Fulaman

          No one wants last years technology especially since it has been completely outclassed by the newest generation of phones. Why spend $600 on outdated technology?

          • swazedahustla

            So in other words, you don’t have a clue to the real answer to his question and the only thing that matters to you is to be able to say I have the latest hardware, even though you don’t even know what it does, or know that software isn’t being made to take advantage of it yet. lol

          • Fulaman

            @swazedahustla I answered his question. When you are in the market for new tech unless you are a dunce would you not want the best hardware for future purposes? Most of us are on 2 year contracts and can’t afford to buy something new everytime a great thing comes out. Therefore, we want the best of the best not outdated material. Technology gets outdated very quickly. This is why it’s bad to include a Mali-400 GPU (though this isn’t the GS3).

        • vinny

          Like I have said many times before, software will not evolve until there is hardware that can fully harness it, just because you don’t think it’s necessary does not mean that developers cannot/will not harness the power they are given. Samsung pushing forward with the hardware will bring new yields, either way the rendering pattern of the Mali 400 could be improved. ARM did improve it in the Mali t604 and that could revolutionize the market by giving us unparalleled gpu compute power

        • John

          Future-proof is the biggest reason, bragging rights, the ability to run the best games and the assurance that you”ll be able to run them for the next 2 yrs (I guess this is more future-proofing).

          There’s no reason you NEED a quad core chip in your laptop or desktop, other than to run the latest and greatest. People want the best tech they can buy, so they’ll be assured their device isn’t outdated in 6 mo

          EDIT – and most people can’t upgrade their phones after 12 mo; most contracts lock them in for at least 18

  • DroidPower

    The biggest differentiator, i think, is going to be the outer shell/final design (ie the rumored ceramic shell). The cpu bump is logical, but i think Samsung is seeing hat they have a large user base (especially normal consumers who don’t know the different between the cortex vs. A5 vs. qualcomm vs. exnos, etc). For samsung to reach out to more regular consumers, it will be about marketing and how the device feels and looks.

    of course, for tech enthusiasts like us… hopefully they’ll at least bump the camera or come out with some sweet camera app update.

    • John

      The A15 is supposed to bring more efficiency (read: better battery), more performance, and the Mail 604 is leaps and bounds better than the 400. There’s no reason NOT to put the 5250 in, especially since Jan. of 2012, Samsung was saying they were on track for mass production of the chip in Q2 – now

      • Barbelton Jones

        I can think of a reason, cost.

        • John

          The carrier subsidies are enough to offset the extra cost, especially considering this phone will have tons of people signing up for new 2-yr contracts

      • swazedahustla

        Another reason not to use it is even more simple………..ITS NOT READY!!! DUH

        • John

          Read my post again; Samsung went through sampling and testing in Nov. of 2011; their latest report from Jan. of 2012 said they were on-track for mass production of the 5250 in Q2 of 2012 (aka – NOW).

          And don’ forget that Samsung has a 5250 production facility in Texas, meaning it’ll be easier to put them into the US version of the S3

  • triangle

    I’ll reserve judgment until I see the final product, but based on the early specs, I’m not sure if it’ll really be better than the One X. Looking forward to May 3rd and hoping that there are surprises.

  • fulaman

    I honestly don’t think this is the next Galaxy S 3. I like the fact that it has on-screen buttons, but the specs are quite underwhelming and hardly an upgrade to last years galaxy s phone.

    That said, I’m in no rush if this is the galaxy s3. I will wait on a phone that utilizes the arm cortex a15 architecture. We’ll see what Samsung officially says on May 3rd. It’s quite possible that this is NOT the galaxy s3.

  • BigCiX

    Wow….just the removable battery and extra memory slot alone is a plus over the One X.

  • redraider133

    Hopefully Verizon doesn’t skip over this and picks this up this year

  • http://www.openintro.com OpenIntro

    4.0.4 or gtfo.

    jk of course :)

    sort of.

    • John

      Root. The dev community is going to be all over this phone

  • brad

    no its not the galaxy m ppl…
    its seems illogical samsung would launch another phone near s3 launch that would feature the latest quad core cpu and the bumped up mali gpu (its the kind of thing it would reserve to its flagship device)

    1. quad core cpu (the newest technology in cpu first arrives on tablets first, thus A15 dual core will first launch on tablets)

    2.bumped up mali 400 (50 percent improvement over last year gs2)

    3.On screen buttons, sd card, and larger removable battery (beats htc one x )

    4.Beautiful HD superamoled + (not pentile)


    1. 8 mp camera …. i was expecting 12 mp shooter but i guess the megapixels dnt matter as i hav been told

    2. 1 GB RAM… again was expecting a bump here but its probably cuz 1.5 gb doesnt exist and 2GB RAM would have costed more

    Things YET to be confirmed — does it support LTE ???

    Its one up the one x cuz of removable battery, sd card, on screen buttons (YESS !!!!)

    MY next phone :)))

    • John

      Quad core with the A9 architecture is NOT the latest; it’s old hat and easily beaten by the A15 chips that will be coming on the market in the next 2 months

      Don’t forget that new SoC architecture only comes out every 2-3 years; there’s no reason Samsung wouldn’t put the 5250 in this, their flagship. Though I expect next year they may drop in the 5450

  • Fulaman

    To me, this is inferior to tegra 3 because the gpu isn’t on par with the tegra 3 gpu. It is also obviously inferior to the snapdragon s4. Isn’t Samsung known for usually using the best processors in their phones? I highly doubt that this will be the best smartphone of 2012 if the specs remain the same.

    • Barbelton Jones

      i don’t get how you know it’s inferior to the S4.

      • swazedahustla

        Read up on it my friend.

        • Barbelton Jones

          Where is there a place to read up on the quad core Exynos A9 processor vs the S4? I didn’t think there were any devices out there with the new Exynos yet…Not saying you’re wrong, i just didn’t know.

          • swazedahustla

            Andtech did a benchmark with the S4 against the exynos and others a while ago. The S4 pretty much bested the rest in everything except graphics due to the adreno 225 overclocked gpu. The sgs3 uses 4 core 4412 but which helps some but only marginally. I’m in my phone can’t post the link but Google andtech S4 benchmark. It should come up.

          • Barbelton Jones

            Well, androidandme posted info on a benchmark between the processors today and it looks like the Exynos comes out on top.

  • ghost5

    The video and pictures that have been leaked today could be at least 1 month old — otherwise what is the deal with the clock???

    Have a look at http://www.techradar.com/news/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/samsung-galaxy-s3-could-be-the-gt-i9300-1073105 (thanks poosh2010)

    The picture there showing the app drawer was posted on 22nd March.

    The time in the photo is 06:23

    Now in the photos and video that have appeared today the time ranges from 06:24 to 06:26.

    I’m inclined to believe that the actual time that these photos was taken is 1:25, as shown on the nexus, due to the lighting in the background and also who decides to take photos and video at half six in the morning?

    The battery levels aren’t consistent though. It is nearly full in the app drawer picture and around 80% in todays pictures.

    And there are a lot of notifications in todays picture (email, sync something else, alarm) compared to none a month ago.

    On top of that the phone is now in a case.

    So either it is pure coincidence that the photo leaked a month ago was taken only a minute before todays leaks on a different date (a chance of around 1 in 1440)

    All of the pictures where taken a month+ ago and within the space of a minute they got a case on it and the notifications to appear

    There is a bug in the clock ;)

    These are intentional Samsung leaks and the time is significant to something

    Or we have only been shown leaked shots created on some clever custom firmware.

  • Fake S III

    This is just a MID RANGE smartphone from Samsung, apparently called ”GALAXY M”. this is NOT THE GALAXY S III…May 3rd the Galaxy SIII will not be the only phone Samsung will reveal… check this link:

    Samsung also revealed last year (2011) ”that we are planning to release a 2 GHz dual core smartphone in first half 2012”… most likely with the EXYNOS 5250 that is a dual core 2.0 GHz Soc….link here: http://mashable.com/2011/04/18

    • dVyper

      2Ghz quad-core is just taking the mic – that’d make it almost as powerful as my current laptop! :(

  • iamXiV92a

    I’m very excited about this!!!

  • Trevor Cameron

    I have to be honest, I’m not that impressed. Yeah it has a quad core, but this is not a HUGE jump from SGN. I would still rather have a Google Nexus branded phone, with no plastered on UI, and be assured (well almost assured ;0) to get all of the updates and new Android features first. Ya feel me?

    • Fulaman

      Yeah I feel you

  • sunrise

    I don’t think this is the S3. I would imagine Samsung would upgrade the GPU from mali 400 to something more powerful.

    I have a feeling Samsung is going to release 3 Galaxy devices. A high end Galaxy S3, a mid-tier Galaxy as shown above, and an entry level budget Galaxy.

    The video above is the mid-tier in my opinion.

    • Fulaman

      That actually makes sense, maybe this device is supposed to compete with the HTC One S, and then the actual Galaxy S 3 competes with the HTC One X. That said, not bad for a mid-tier model.

  • ap

    This will be the only phone announced on may 3 and the s3 will come later to get the new exynos everyone is drooling about .
    That’s my guess

  • Nate B.

    This is not the SGS III. The SGS III will be so much more in every way. This phone here is not wearing a case. This is an actual device but it is not the III. It is a Galaxy phone though. May 3rd will be the day or it will be a later day. Meaning May 3rd is for another endless variant of the Galaxy S II line. Sammy has the type of bandwagon to milk that thing until it’s sour.

  • Nathan D.

    This week all be put to rest when may third comes and e will all see the true GS3 and then judgment will be press to see if it is those specs other then the processor I’m fine with the phone I would lode the extra ram and megapixel on the camera but the phone will still be beast either way, let hope for a better processor.

  • aranea

    I’m kind of disappointed with the specs. I’ll be even more disappointed if Samsung sells their next generation cpu/gpu to apple first instead of putting it in an Android phone.

  • aecx

    This is disappointing. It is UGLY (probably just a temporary case) and the specs are underwhelming (though great). Galaxy line is known to stand against time, but with TI A15 coming out by the end of the year and probably samsungs own A15. I am going to have to probably pass on the S3. It was going to be my next phone but this is kind of a let down. It will be outdated within months.

  • swazedahustla

    [email protected] all the people stating as if it is fact that “this is not the SGSIII, it will come later with 5250 and blah blah blah. I swear its like a bunch of whiny children who don’t get exactly what they want for their bday, so they have to just say things to make them feel better about themselves. Geeeeez get over it. The verge told you that this phone would only be a small update from the SGS2, and it’s looking like thats the case. Deal with it and move on.

    • roadhouse

      I love that you actually took the time to comment. You could just let people have their speculation fun. Instead you chime in to regurgitate the mis-information given by the verge. The Verge also told everyone that the iPhone 4S was going to be a major improvement over the iPhone 4, what a letdown that was..

      If you are so annoyed by all this discussion, you yourself can stop whining and go away..
      —roadhouse– ((PUNCH))

      Samsung did learn one thing from Apple, and that is to keep your next top device under a strict veil of secrecy.

    • Orion78

      LOL @ you being a total moron. So you’re going to believe every little article out there. Everything is set in stone right? The fact is ….no one knows anything about the GS3 right now. Not the verge….not android and me…no one. So either come here with some valid points or just stop wasting space in here and being a typical internet jackass.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Wow touchwiz is hideous. I have a sg2, and miss my mytouch 4g slide. That is how ugly touchwiz is. The only way i would of gotten this phone was if it was exynos 5250, but guess it is not. Hopefully the HTC One X come to t-mobile, i hate touchwiz so much. Sense 4>new touchwiz

  • spazby

    can’t wait for the actual release even though i read every single rumor out there… do find it funny how people get all excited and say they love or hate the phone while not having any clues whatsoever on the actual phone

  • kwills88

    With how advanced cellphones are today, you’d think we’d hit 2gb of ram already, its kinda funny though, not even the new iPhone had this much speculation and hype behind it before its released,just to show how much ppl love the S line and how far Samsung has come from feature phones.

  • Paul Salvatore

    Taylor I hope you’ve got some thing to dispel this video like it was a very early prototype because if not, all apple has to do with the new Iphone is, nothing, just tell everyone you cant perfect perfection.

    In all seriousness without a better gpu I think its a bad play on Samsung part, how are you going to compete with the Iphone when their gpu has 2x the performance since last year, and not only that but now your pushing more pixels, so performance is going to be worse,just a bad choice.

    Apple going to come out with a new Iphone with a 4 in screen and LTE and be crowned best phone ever, perfect form factor and Samsung has now just reined all the buzz its created great.

    • aranea

      Though I agree with you that samsung should have better with the cpu and gpu I don’t agree with your praise of iphone or your speculations about the form factor. It’s very unlikely that apple will change the screen size. The gpu had been a lot of hype with not much real data behind to support it. If apple can’t also get a15 cpu from samsung the only improvement on the iphone will be lte.

      • Paul Salvatore

        I’m not praising the Iphone, I’m simple stating what every one in the industry will say when the Iphone comes out with a 4in screen and LTE. There was an article on the verge or some where like that, were the writer mathematically calculated that to scale ios app to a 4 in screen and a bump in resolution was rather easy compare to what was first thought. Also unless there is a bump in cores or clock speed to the mali 400 the Iphone gpu currently is roughly 2x faster or maybe 1.5x at the worst, you can find that on Anandtech.com they have more then one benchmark of this.

        I just thought Samsung would do more with all the buzz they generated, but if this device’s internals are really true they are dropping the ball.

        I also don’t understand why or how apple is the only one that can get the best and most current gpu from Image Technology but no one else uses them in smartphone and tablets. The only other device to use one is the vita, What the hell right?

        • Fulaman

          Paul Salvatore, 100% agree, actually if the next iPhone uses the same GPU as a the newest iPad, the GPU will be 4 times faster than the Samsung phone listed here. Don’t forget the latest ipad has a graphics processor twice as fast as the iphone 4S/ipad 2.

  • Mix

    That looks fancy and all but I am keeping my hopes up for May 3rd, daddy needs a new pair of shoes!

  • jk0l

    This spec is what I’ve had on my mind if one asks me for a prediction.
    A (minor) update which OEM’s are very likely to do.
    But I hope Samsung has something up their sleeve on May 3rd besides the design, because why being such confidential while the spec is so predictable.

  • Matt

    Well if this really is the S3 then Im glad I didnt wait and got the Galaxy Note.

  • Sammy Employee

    Gentlemen, this is the S3, i’m an employee in one of Samsung subsidiaries and i got my hands on this device like a month ago. When i first saw it, i couldn’t believe how terrible it looked, i hope this is just a prototype unit and the final look of the device will change (although they never did such thing before but hopefully this time its different)

    • roadhouse

      If this true,, you are fired

    • The Queen of England

      Wanna know how I know you’re lying? Because one of us really does work for Samsung. Everyone will just have to wait and see, but the fact that you’re claiming you had your hands on the precious a month ago is, simply, not a possibility. I can assure you no such “subsidiaries” have access. I’m, honestly, insulted. Every single person who has seen or touched the precious has their name on a list. And it’s a short list. I really, really hate that this is probably gonna bite me in the ass somehow but, really, shame on you.

      • dVyper

        Dammit that was cooooool :)


    I guess samsung should finish it w/ at least a 1.5 quad core processor, and a thinner skin :L

    The smartphone I’m waiting for on the future:
    Has a around 0.3 mm thin skin that is totally slim and has a 12mp camera (that fits to the skin just like the Ipod touch) on the back and a 4mp front camera, a little bigger screen than the galaxy note, w/ a 2.5 ghz quad core processor, a white glass bezel that has a smooth light effect (like the sony ericson walkman) that adapts itself according to the current app, also the bezel has a touch sensor w/ the volume up/down, home, back and search buttons that lights up when touched, the skin must be water proof and have good impact resistance.
    also I’m waiting for a nvidia gpu witch performance is near the average consoles of this year (ps3,xbox). also, no sd cards, no removable battery (that can be recharged it comes w/ a 64 gb internal storage and a cloud storage google device that can be linked to your phone and has the function to storage all your media using a wi-fi connection, it can also be linked to another android devices and computers remotely. 4gb (around 1400 mhz) of ram would be awesome
    the battery must keep up to 12 hours on medium usage and 8 hours for gaming/wi-fi
    about the os? android needs a full customizing interface with downloadable themes that changes things like the notifying bar and windows, problems like the wallpaper fitting, the android market trashy apps and the touch screen issues, which I know most of you guys get pissed of when typing and your screen is a bit wet the screen bugs a lot (galaxy 5)
    that’s all, sorry if I spelled something wrong or made some grammatical mistakes, it’s just that I’m typing fast, see ya.

    • NDROID

      the battery can be recharged remotely*

  • HackNet

    Quad-Core is useless without apps that can actually take advantage of all 4 cores.
    I bought my Atrix 4G the day it was released. The Dual-Core was useless because none of the apps required a dual-core to run smoothly. Even if you compared the same application between a dual-core and a single core, there was no difference in results. Why do you ask? Because the applications at that time were not designed to handle dual cores.

    Same with Quad-Core phone that are being released now. It’s a waste of money to pay for a quad-core phone, since there are very limited number of apps that will actually need all 4 cores to run better. These Smartphones are not PC’s. They don’t improve on better hardware. They improve when the developers allow their apps to take advantage of all upgrades(such as additional cores).

    Also, if you want to improve the UI on a smartphone..Instead of slapping additional cores on the chipset, you might want to add another gig of memory. Then you will see how much these Android phones will improve. But, the manufacturers that produce these devices won’t tell you that. They need to make money off of new phone sales and carriers need to upgrade your plans for another 2 years. It is all about the MONEY!

    Don’t be a baby and mark me down because you don’t agree with what I have to say. Reply and make your argument if you have anything intelligent to say. If not, then just skip my post to the next guy giving his rightful opinion about this article.

    • road kill

      No argument needed. As an experienced engineer in technology, I will have to say I agree with your comment.

      well done

    • aranea

      I also own an Atrix and though not many apps may not be using the dual-core cpu at that time the multitasking on the phone was much smoother for me. It also help with the battery life too because Android itself didn’t have to run the cpu at full speed but could run processes on two cores at lower speeds so lower power consumption.

    • Mettaworldpiece


    • Dr. Hyde

      So basically blaming hardware manufacturers for innovating and bringing technology out to fast. Maybe you should blame software developers for not keeping up and optimizing. I don’t know much about this technical stuff but it seems coming out with new better hardware takes much more time and work then writing lines of code to optimize their software for quadcore use.

      • Simon

        Spot on.

  • bob

    There Is still a chance that this could be Samsung mid ranged phone the galaxy m with a quad core processor

    Samsung could release the s2 successor with the 2ghz exynos dual core a15 processor therefore making the quadcore galaxy m a mid range phone and the s3 a high end flagship phone :)

  • muzz

    Is that a BB cable?.. fail.. lol..

  • Louis A

    What if samy intentionally put out that phone with those specs just to keep people talking about the phone? What if the version thats gonna be unviled May 3rd has the better GPU that we all hope for? May 3rd is 2 weeks away….

  • Barnabus Jones

    If you think Samsung is going to such great lengths to fool the few people who even know the difference, well, i think you shouldn’t think that.

    • Simon

      What do you mean?

      It’s a very common practice to use older cases to prevent theft, corporate espionage and leaks.

      • Barnabus Jones

        Sorry, meant to reply to the post above mine about the GPU.

  • Paul Atreides

    When he pulls up Android system info, why is there a “Are you Flirtatious” ad at the bottom of the screen?

    • Paul Atreides

      I’ll assume it’s a 3rd party app.

  • cesjr02

    So… same screen as the Galaxy Nexus?

  • basm

    don’t have touchboard yet?

  • fingers26

    I will not change my G-Notes… but if the S3 has 1.4ghz Quad processor but instead of 1GB Ram has 2GB i can thinh about it…!!!

    • Simon

      Going from a huge screen to a “small” screen is a devestating blow.
      Why not wait for the next gen Note then?

  • Adam

    Im sorry mali-400 ?!? and there is no question that it will have that gpu, and yes it will have 32 nm die,- so it will be up to 10 % faster than the tegra 3 but Im sorry the gl tests cleary indicate that the tegra 3 has better graphics, if anyone doesnt believe me take a look yourself and do a detailed comparison. Samsung are a bunch of liars anyways, I remeber when I bought the s1, all those promises of 90 m triangles a second!!.