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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 release delayed to end of April, Android 4 is the culprit


Samsung had originally targeted the end of March for the European release of the Galaxy Tab 2 family of devices. Both the 7.0″ and 10.1″ Galaxy Tab 2 variants will now go on sale in the U.K. at the end of April, with Samsung claiming both it and Google need more time to get Android 4.0 fully working on the upcoming tablets.

This is not the first time Samsung has faced delays in its Android 4.0 implementation. Sammy missed the upgrade window it had set for the Galaxy Note upgrade, pushing that back into Q2, and has struggled to bring Android 4.0 to all Galaxy S II variants, especially in the United States. U.S. variants of the Galaxy S II have to meet increased carrier scrutiny, which generally delays the process by several weeks.

If you have your heart set on either of the Galaxy Tab 2 variants, at least you don’t have to wait too long for Samsung to release the device, assuming Samsung and Google are able to meet the end of April deadline. Who out there is planning on picking up a Galaxy Tab 2? Are you upset that Samsung missed the release window, or happy they decided to wait for a finished product before releasing?

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Source: Computer World

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  • Paul

    Now is it really Google fault for the delay or more likely Samsung skinning ICS that is the real reason for the delay???

    • http://www.openintro.com OpenIntro

      Well said, Guest. I’m guessing it’s the latter. Less Touchwiz please Sammy.

      P.S. You should register an AandMe account!

  • kazahani

    Damn that Tab looks sexy!

    Too bad she’s much too expensive a date for me…

    • RRR

      No to sexy, Yes to expensive… and i will add – from theoretical point of view it’s waste of money, useless. Reason? Almost the same information capacity (resolution) of the screen at 1280×800 and almost the same processor power, memory size as in modern phones like SGN and SGNote. And if you don’t mind to take the 2+ reading glasses then the phones will get almost the same angular dimensions (read: size) as all tablets while keeping much needed incredible advantage of portability.
      Specifically useless are 10″ tablets. They are not as portable as 7-8″ and not as usable as 12+” where laptop sizes start. Sell it to me for $100 and i will say NO. With retina display – may be but for for less then $300 maximum better $200.

      By the way retina display cost difference in the bill of materials is mere $30. Most of hi-end mobile processors sell for less then 30 bucks. So basically there is no reason when some low end tablet costs $120 while the high end $500, the BOM difference is mere 50-70 dollars.

  • Jorge Vieira

    Im glad they decided to wait i think they are taking his approach in light of the great succes hey had last year and with the Note this year, they feel like they dont need to rush to get the product out anynore, witch, to me, is a good thing!

    • WlfHart

      Certainly better to release a polished product later than a buggy incomplete mess now.

      • honourbound68

        nod. whether it’s heavy or light on touchwiz, if the ui is smooth as churned butter and bugless it’ll be worth waiting for.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Did we ever find out what processor they are using? Exynos? I just remember they said it was dual core (if my memory serves me correctly).

  • Ion

    Thats just stupid! To wait half a year for ics :))
    Im sick and tired of my android tab!
    I’m just waiting for windows 8 tabs, now thats gonna be the real experience and tech I needed.
    From my part, the android tab was just a bad experiment.
    W8 powerrr !

  • bellken

    I am still waiting on Samsung to upgrade my Galaxy Tab 8.9 to ICS.

  • Droid boy

    Why wait for this when my ipad 2 runs circles around this?

    • Trevor Cameron

      Spoken like a true Apple fanboy. Nice try with the name.

      I just can’t see buying any other high end tablet than the Transformer line. They give so much versatility with keyboard dock!

      • Droid boy

        Seiously, the prime is hot (wifi issues aside). The reason i wont get it over the ipad is developers move too slow supporting android tablets. And many of the ones that do support the tablets, bring ugly apps. I go to best buy every month to play with the new tablets and they just dont cut it.

        PS i am Droid boy. I am on my 3rd android phone and i have never owned an iphone. I traded my galaxy tab 7 for the ipad tho.

  • yadira

    I think i would buy the first galaxy tab 10.1, i think it would be cheaper and i dont see much of an ugrade with the galaxy 10.1 2, or is it??

  • spazby

    these news just keep proving that current process is not working… fragmentation is an issue

  • ed van der pijl

    I am happy with my sgt 10.1 bought last summer. Just release ics on that and be easy on the skinning..

  • Gir

    Sigh. Been waiting for this product too long. I just want to buy the tab with the Retina display and stylus.

  • LukeT32

    Waiting for the nexus tablet anyway…..

  • apo

    I hereby request a correction:
    Crappy touchwiz is the culprit .

  • Bryan Stoner

    Wait, what the hell, why bother? GTab 2 my ass. Unless they are sneaking in a fiesty GPU, they are wasting their time. And it definitely is touchwiz that’s causing the delay!

  • aranea

    I wonder how much of the delay as claimed due to ICS and how much of is due to the fact that Samsung is producing the screen and cpu for the ipad. I would like to have said that Samsung wouldn’t compromise its own tablet for ipad but given companies are driven by profit only I wonder.

  • sdude

    i would rather wait and not have any bugs.

  • tagstar

    When will they put the camera in the center of the tablet behind the touch screen.

    If you’ve used the ipad you’ll notice two modes.

    - Looking up your nose

    - Looking at your bald spot

    If the camera is at the center it would actually look at your face.

    They need some M$ surface tech where there is an array of cameras below the touch screen.

    Also this 10.1″ will be replacing my phone when it launches in two months.

    Or if it releases on Jelly Bean.

  • fc1032

    Hopefully it’s actually to upgrade the hardware (like the 10.v incident!). Wishful thinking…

  • Griffin

    As an owner of a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1, I get quite angry when we all know that ICS has been available for quite some time, yet both Samsung & Rogers (carrier) refuse to roll it out to their clients. This certainly speaks volumes to me about how they feel about us. I notice the update IS to be made available, but falls under the ” unknown release date ” category.
    I certainly wish I’d have known this less then a month ago when I purchased the tablet, because quite honestly, the purchase would not have been made. Their are presently 2 members of my immediate family awaiting my feelings on this product, and I can assure you, after having experienced the less then stellar performancein the support arena, I can not honestly recommend this product for others to undergo this frustration.