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Samsung offers free extended battery for new Galaxy Nexus purchases


Haven’t yet splurged on the Android 4.0 flagship Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Samsung is offering a free extended battery and back cover to customers who purchase the Galaxy Nexus through Samsung Direct. Samsung Direct offers the Verizon branded variant of the Galaxy Nexus, which will run you $299.99 with a new 2-year contract or 2-year contract extension, and a whopping $799.99 without contract. Once you’ve added the Galaxy Nexus to your cart, the free gift will also automatically be added, and your Galaxy Nexus will ship with the extended battery and back cover.

Of course, you could save yourself even more money by purchasing the device from Amazon, which has the Verizon variant of the device for $99.99 with 2-year contract, and $499.99 for the AT&T and T-Mobile unlocked version. The extended battery will run you an additional $33.95 for the Verizon variant.

Regardless of the channel, if you do pick up the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, we strongly recommend getting the extended battery to go along with it. The Galaxy Nexus suffers the same mediocre battery life that has plagued nearly all LTE smartphones to date, with the Razr MAXX being the lone exception. Be sure to check out our full review of the Galaxy Nexus to aid in your purchasing decision.

Samsung Direct’s promotion runs through May 10th, 2012, or while supplies last. Anyone out there planning on taking advantage of the Samsung Direct offer, or do you plan on holding out for newer devices such as the Galaxy S III?

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  • Dave Clary

    This extended battery should have been the original battery at launch; however, I still would have upgraded to the Seidio 3800mah battery. /

  • Joel

    The GS3 would have to Fail pretty bad for someone to regret skipping out on the Nexus, and thats very unlikely to happen.

    Id much rather just wait on the GSIII. From what I know the battery on the GN isnt so TERRIBLE, so id rather go for the amazon deal as opposed to the Samsung Direct one and save the extra bucks.

  • txbluesman

    If I win the Sprint version, I will have to get the battery.

  • http://www.healthytiger.com Healthy

    I just upped my GSM galaxy nexus to 4.0.4 and I saw a battery life boost. (Going 15 or so hours using just 50% of juice)

    I know LTE chugs, but hopefully there will be some improvement.

  • fletchtb

    Granted, I work in a community that only got 4G LTE last week (Burlington, VT) and I still don’t get a 4G signal in the office, but I use the original battery on most days. I have an extended battery, but I don’t feel i get a ton of benefit from it.

    I prefer the thinner profile and the intended chin of the original battery. I am headed to Washington DC soon and will probably carry both, just to make sure I have enough charge at all times.

  • SuperAndroidEvo

    Well if you root your Samsung Galaxy Nexus & install Codename Android 1.6.0 you will get insane battery life. The Kernel can be set to interactiveX & that allows your phone to go into a deep sleep mode that shuts down one of the cores, when the screen shuts off after usage. I routinely get 16 to 18 hours on a single charge with the original STOCK battery. That is with a whopping 4 and half to 5 hours of screen on time. That is with my screen set to 40% with 4G on 24/7. That is a very heavy day for me, now on a lite day I can get 1 day 4 hours with only about 2 hours of screen on time. I have the screen shots to prove it.

    As I always say rooting your phone always brings the best out of it. I can’t imagine what I would get with the extended battery.

    • NegativeOne13


      • SuperAndroidEvo

        AOKP is only good with the kernel from CNA 1.6.0. Even so AOKP is very laggy & definitely not a smooth as CNA. Plus I bet you look real sexy with that PINK UNICORN! lol

        You know what else looks great with your weak little PINK UNICORN a nice PINK Kate Spade purse! lol

        • NegativeOne13

          I have had no issues with AOKP like others are stating. I have tried CNA, but still flashed back to AOKP. And I have no issues with a pink unicorn as my boot ani. And wtf is this Kate Spade stuff you speak of? I’m a guy, I don’t look for purses nor use a purse. Only a satchel.

          • SuperAndroidEvo

            Ok you like AOKP & I like CNA. I will definitely not hail a PINK UNICORN. lol Thanks but no thanks! Also AOKP is just not that smooth. It needs a great kernel & CNA has an awesome kernel. Trust me CNA was actually featured on PC WORLD MAGAZINE because it’s better!

            My niece likes PINK UNICORNS! WTF PINK UNICORNS?!? I’m a guy & I don’t like PINK UNICORNS! lol

  • AceoStar

    I’m not one to usually bitch about something not being fair. But after drooling over this phone for so long, taking a day off work to get it, calling the stores, essentially doing everything I can to be a first adopter. I have to admit that I’m a bit peeved that new devices will get the extended battery and I’m stuck with my original one.

  • spazby

    sucks for early adopters…

    • honourbound68

      yep :(

  • Nathan D.

    I plan on getting the GSIII on less something changes my mind. :-)

  • kimminer1

    wonderful idea…they have to keep up with the Razr Maxx

  • greg

    I bought the Galaxy on day one. After conditioning the original battery for a week I was getting 18-20 stand by hours out of it. I bought he extended battery because it was so cheap $20. I think. My battery life is great with normal (phone/text/internet etc.) use I get a full days use (7am-6pm). I will add though the extended battery is not that much heavier but it does change the feel of the phone. Love this phone but I saw the Galaxy Note in person the other day. Awesome!!

  • Patrick Kerby

    Too whom in Samsung who finally cares! We who have our Samsung Galaxy Nexus original smartphone are TIRED of waiting for u to act, we have been waiting over 5 months for u to update our Nexus’s only to still be waiting ! Come on already!!!! There is a rumor that Google is holding our update, why not just give it to us already? Fix our bugs, and fix our battery life! If we root our devise with this or root it with that………we dont want it rooted, just send us our updates!!! PLEASE!!!