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Australian protesters tell Apple iSheep to “WAKE UP”


Update: Samsung says they have nothing to do with this.

We know Samsung has an unhealthy obsession with Apple, but this is getting a little weird. This week in Australia, a marketing agency called Tongue hired some protestors to conduct some kind of guerrilla marketing campaign where they sent a bus of protesters to an Apple store and taunted people with the message “WAKE UP.” Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

Tongue also created a website called Wake Up Australia that includes a countdown to the May 6th, three days after Samsung unveils the next Galaxy on May 3rd.

Via: Mumbrella

Source: WAKE UP

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  • Brian

    This is indeed getting weird. Samsung wants to be Apple a little too much. Differentiate yourselves and they will come!

    • epps720

      I agree, this just reeks of desperation by Samsung.

      • steveanderson1357

        Maybe reeks. But their situation cant be called desperate.

        • Logic

          It wasn’t Samsung, it was RIM (Research in Motion) the creators of the BlackBerry.

    • Joel

      This is how I see it: None of the OEMs approach Apple the way Samsung does. It is Android’s BIGGEST/ONLY competitor. It is this kind of marketing that DOES draw the attention they need. Similar attention which brought them over 20 million in GS1 sales…iSheep do need to wake up and pay attention to something outside of their 3.5in screen.
      Ive said it before and ill say it again, Android users know more about iPhone/iOS than iPhone users do…which is dumb.
      Samsung doesnt care if theyre called desperate/obsessed, they just wanna beat the competition more than anyone else. The original GS with the hummingbird was equal if not better than the iPhone 4 and only WE knew it.

      Tired of that crap, everyone needs to know, especially iSheep. Market on, Sammy.

      • Fulaman

        The original Galaxy S was better than the iphone 4 in every possible way:

        Processor – Check (power VR 540 vs. power VR 535)
        Screen – Check (Samsung innovated the Super AMOLED screen)

        After that though with the GS II, things went downhill as you see with the latest failure of the Galaxy S III. Who in their right mind uses the same GPU twice in a role.

        • Gustav

          Every way?

          Number of useful apps? iPhone 4.
          UI/UX that is actually complete, consistent, and polished – iPhone 4.
          Screen – Retina beats AMOLED. iPhone 4.
          Upgradeable OS from every carrier – iPhone 4.

          So, usability, things you can actually do with it, getting new features in the future, and how good the screen looks all goes to the iPhone 4.

          You can have your meaningless specs. The real world doesn’t care about specs.

          • thel0nerang3r

            “useful apps” is rather subjective.
            UI that is complete? are you out of your mind? where is the back button?
            take a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMiY1kSTHZw then tell me about “complete” or “consistency”
            Reading in sunlight, aka outdoors… try the retina display and tell me about it.
            Upgradeable OS… They have innovated so much in the UI dept http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/iphone-3gs-vs-iphone-4.jpg
            What does getting a new OS version mean to you? just so you can tell your friends that you have it? or is there something missing? if you want it you get options with Android. Cyanogen is one of the most popular and there are a lot more. Again, if it matters to you, there are options.
            I’ll quote someone you may or may not have heard of
            “the iPhone is for people who like simple, pretty things while the Android-based smartphones offer greater capabilities” – The Woz

          • Chris


          • Elric

            That guy can’t see the retina display in the SUN? Does he have cumthing in his eyes? Wow.

          • Sherman

            >Number of useful apps?
            Subjective metrics are not acceptable points in an argument.
            >UI/UX that is actually complete, consistent, and polished
            Hell no. Experience says that users can adapt to TouchWiz or Sense with teh same ease that to iOS.
            >Screen — Retina beats AMOLED. iPhone 4.
            Now you’re just going full retard. It’s common knowledge that AMOLED is way superior to Retina (which, btw, i’ts just snake oil).
            >Upgradeable OS from every carrier — iPhone 4.
            OTA was never a good idea. Good ol’ upgrading via USB is way safer.

            tl;dr shut up before you embarrass yourself.

          • Jon F


            To touch on your points:

            1. Useful apps are difficult to quantify, but that doesn’t mean they’re irrelevant. One tangible metric that Distimo has recorded: ratio of paid to free apps. There are many more paid apps on iOS (more than half of the store, as I recall), and a typical paid app on iOS makes six times the revenue. That shows that there’s both more professionally made apps on iOS and that Apple has fostered a culture willing to pay for a good app, instead of Android’s almost chronic aversion to paid apps.

            2. I won’t dispute that TouchWiz and Sense are very reasonable to use; I’m testing Sense 4.0 right now, it’s very tastefully restrained now. That said, TouchWiz was designed to make the Galaxy line behave more like an iPhone (see the home screen and app launcher behavior, for example).

            3. AMOLED is not “way superior” to a Retina Display LCD. In fact, DisplayMate did a very detailed comparison that showed Samsung’s AMOLEDs still have exaggerated color and other problems, even if they look just fine for most use. Apple’s iPhone 4/4S LCD is much more color-accurate… and hype notwithstanding, it was the first smartphone display to hit that true “pixel-free” threshold.

            4. OTA is an inherently superior option to upgrade your phone’s firmware. Think about it: imagine if you’re a middle-class Chinese person for whom that iPhone or Galaxy S II is the only computer you’ll personally own, because you can’t afford both the phone and a traditional PC. Apple was late to the party, but it can now tell that customer that he will have an updated iOS for years without ever having to talk to a computer. Galaxy S II owner? Aw, sorry, you don’t have Kies… you’ll be on Android 2.3 for all eternity.

            People who throw out “don’t embarrass yourself” usually ought to produce hard evidence.

          • james

            Gustav. The “retina” aka apples HD screen is made by samsung.
            Typical iSlave.

      • Maicol

        Your funny, most of the people I know who have android have no concept of how to use the device. They bought them cause iPhone wasn’t on their carrier, and most want to switch asap because Android is too complicated.

        • Dave

          So, basically you are saying that people that are too stupid to use an Android phone get an iPhone.

          • Kujira

            You’re partially right.
            Some people are yes, too stupid to use Android.
            Most are just too lazy/not interested to master it’s functionality.

            I love Android and it’s possibilities, but I don’t hate iPhone.
            In fact, I sometime suggest iPhone to my friends whose just bad at mechanics
            but wants to get a smartphone.

        • thel0nerang3r

          Yay, someone with no concept of statistics… yay, go pablik educashun!

        • Jeff

          Complicated? Or just plain lazy? Android is one of the most user-friendly OSes out there.
          You know what? Go use your nexus instead of trolling.

        • steveanderson1357

          Signing into gmail at activation is complicated? Well that explains it.

      • anon

        Who cares which phone people choose? I like mine. I hope you like yours. To argue about this is ridiculous.

        To hire protesters is dumb. It means the people holding the signs don’t give a s___. They’re being paid to pretend like they care.

        It’s a god damned telephone that has a browser.

        Go outside.

        • Anonymous

          On the contrary, this marketing campaign will get Samsung some attention, that’s all they want out of it.

          You’re right though, who cares? Android users care too much about iPhone users

      • Juan

        What is with little folks like you overusing the word “iSheep”, it’s so immature and how about you, android morons, quit trying to make us follow the large screen trend because that’s what it is. A friggin’ trend! We choose our products, you choose yours, questioning the intelligence of your rival will only piss him/her off. Seriously!

      • Rv

        And that is why they use Android..

    • jazz

      you guys need to wake up lol. RIM owned up that they staged this, not samsung. WAKE UP i sheep

  • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

    Think different.

    • Copycats sux

      hahaha…mocking Apple to death.

    • thel0nerang3r

      I thought with the 4, it was “hold different”


    Assuming that the timer on that Wake Up website is showing in seconds (which it seems to be) the launch date for the S3 is about 10 days from now, or roughly 3 days after the announcement in London.

  • http://midweststitch.com ajonrichards

    I hate to sound like a broken record, but I don’t recall any Apple commercials having to defend how cool their products are. Usually they’re well-produced feature demonstrations. Apart from a Galaxy Note commercial, I don’t think I have ever seen an Android phone commercial that actually demonstrated what their phone can do. Verizon has been the worst about this, with their robotic commercials and the HAL eye staring at you. I don’t understand how that sells people on Android.

    • Raymanunique

      You do sound like a broken record and also seem to be suffering from a bout of selective amnesia. You seem to have forgotten all those countless “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ads. Samsung are just giving Apple a taste of their own medicine. All’s fair in love and war…and business..

      • http://midweststitch.com ajonrichards

        The “I’m a Mac” ads were still referencing usability and function, albeit in a snarky manner.

      • 666

        The I’m a PC ads were personified comparisons of their products. They did explain features.

        These Samsung ads are like coming up to the popular kid in HS, calling him stupid and then running away.

      • Nick

        I guess you’ve never seen a Galaxy Note commercial. Hmm

      • Copycats sux

        copying again

        • yes copycat sux

          agree, copycat sux .. but that was Apple masters at ..

          from the very beginning of their company ..

    • thekaz

      I gotta agree. Just watch an iPad commercial. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think this is the only device that can do this stuff and appeal to everyone. And the reason people don’t know any better is because (a) Apple subtly implies only their device can do these things, and (b) No competing device makes this same appeal.

      Think of it this way. If Samsung made an ad almost exactly like the iPad commercials, then people would think them the same and then they would be competing on price.

      Of course, the Apple fanboys would accuse them of copying, but who cares…

      As for the iSheep, the true iSheep … this isn’t going to “wake them up”. To them, it isn’t so much about the price or what you can do with the device so much as the fact that they need a device that has the bitten apple on it.

      • Gustav

        Those “sheep” are less than 1% of Apple customers. There’s no point in even talking about “sheep” – they’re not a significant number of customers. Real people buy Apple products because Apple concentrates on user experience when designing a product rather than specs.

        The Apple-detractors still don’t get it. It’s not about whether a device can do a specific task, it’s about how well a device can do a specific task.

        • thekaz

          I agree. But I think we’re at a point where apps (and OS) on Android-powered phones are able to do the same things and just as well as iOS apps.. I think that Android phone manufacturers need to begin a shift to expressing that.

          It is getting to a point where Android is gaining enough market share that many developers of “premium apps” are making the same exact app for iOS and Android. I think the gap is shrinking.

          Of course, that’s just my opinion/hope…

        • pHyR3

          Not really, being a sheep doesn’t mean being a fanboy. I know very few fanboys, several but few. That being said most people do use iPhones from those whom I know but they are sheep they haven’t opened themselves up to seeing that Android is actually superior to iOS in MANY ways.

          Android, although initially not that user friendly, has since almost surpassed iOS in usability. Saw a 1 hour youtube video (i didnt watch the whole thing) about why Android > iOS IN USABILITY coming from a user of both OSes. In many parts of the video he showed how the Galaxy S was better than the iPad 3 (in usability/ease to use)

      • Eugene

        First, you criticize an advertisement for… advertising. Then you claim that if only Samsung did the same thing (they do, actually, to the point where they hired the same kid actor for their own commercial), people would think differently. Finally, you dismiss any counter-arguments by simply addressing them as iSheep and make up a lame excuse for why people would possibly choose an Apple product over a Samsung one. Call me crazy, but you seem to have one severely limited view of the issue here. And what a coincidence, like a sheep.

        • thekaz

          If you are referring to me, I mentioned only the TRUE iSheep. Like Gustav, I feel these are a small portion of Apple product users, but, just as there are people virulently anti-Apple, there are people who are just as pro-Apple. That’s why I was distinguishing.

          Second, I wasn’t criticizing Apple advertising. To the contrary, I was complimenting them for their advertising, especially compared to how Android phone manufacturers/sellers advertise their products. I explicitly say that they could learn a thing or two about advertising these products from Apple.

          Please, go back and re-read my comments. Perhaps I wasn’t as clear as I thought. If I wasn’t, I apologize, but I feel I was, and you are terribly mis-interpreting my comments.

          • Drew6667

            True iSheep rebuttle. Yawn. Let us all have an intellectual comment when you really wake up.

          • thekaz

            Ok, so I use the term iSheep, and that invalidates my other points that one of the things Apple excels at is advertising their product to make it appeal to everyone rather than just techies….

            If you truly would like to engage in intellectual debate, then do not focus on the term iSheep (which I threw out because I was responding to someone who used it) but rather the main points of my post.

            Please, I welcome intellectual discussion because I do think the iPhone is a good product for some users, and I think other would enjoy an Android phone better. All depends on use. I was merely stating that Apple is better at selling their product…

            And please, again, I welcome spirited, intellectual debate. If you are interested only in ad hominem attacks, please save it so as not to bother the other readers here.


    • AsakuraZero

      this is true but i had a real laught on that wake up thing.

      yes apple sheeps need to see that there are more phones which are better than the iphone

      and its also true, that only samsung is starting to show how good their phones are and i hope that they keep that, and other companies copies that

      (ah htc did that with the One series things are improving)

      • Maicol

        Personally the new HTC android phones are so much better, but anyway what makes you think that one is better then the other? I find it funny that people argue these points when at the end of the day it’s a personal preference.

        I like the iPhone because it works, at the end of the day when I want to do something I do it, with my Galaxy SII (switch to HTC), it’s a good device to play with and customize, but other then that it has no function easier or better then Apple it simply exist.

        I wonder how many people on these forms actually realize that iOS and Android are sister OS and that both have the same level of functionality.

        • emp

          In no way iOS and Android have the same functionality. just the way “share” is handled in android where any new app can be used by others, for example sending a picture throw every email client, social network sharing, dropbox etc; not to mention the ability to specify which app to perform which action with no constrains on using only built in os apps. and the “it just works” slogan is only PR talk, my brother has a 4s for 8 months now and I wouldn’t change my gs2 for it; it just works when you use it as a phone, for sms and maybe some web surfing in the stock browser.. but those also never fc in android, at least it never happened to me, not even on the x10 i had before the gs2

          • Wait..What?

            Wow, your brother got the iPhone 4S two months before it was released? How’d he do that?

      • Eugene

        But HIRING people to protest? Pathetic

        • George Bullock

          SUING other manufacturers for “copying” when Apple is the king of copying others is truly pathetic. They really did sue for a rounded rectangle! Perhaps they will try and patent the circle and the square and the hexagon? Apple is pathetic, its iSheep are pathetic and their denial of inferiority is laughable.

  • thaghost

    I’m so tired of this act, but this one is gonna create a buzz for them. Not a bad idea.

  • Da

    All as it’s counting down in seconds, I would image that amounts to roughly ten days?

  • Maxorq

    var D1 = new Date(“6 May 2012 14:59:59″);
    //var D1 = new Date(“16 April 2012 7:57:59″);


  • beggin

    Cringe. Why Samsung, why?

  • honourbound68

    bleh… it went on too long.. they could’ve ended it with a short glimpse of the next sgs3…wake up iSheep, be an individual, go your own way, customize.. sgs3..

  • Meister_Li

    It’s interesting to watch those two giants fight on multiple fronts.

    Too bad that Samsung’s giant has a hunch and drools on the carpet when trying to speak.

  • Tate

    This is embarrassing.

  • This is indeed pretty weird…but…at a product launch when people are standing in line that seem to have no end, and having Apple employees have you cheer about it non-stop…that’s weird too…or maybe everyone except me have gotten use to it…anyone else feels this way?

    Also, Samsung undoubtedly have the best hardware all around when comes to price, performance, and reliability…that’s why Apple still reluctantly buys from them…but…Samsung really need to work on how to market a product, work exterior build quality and how it’s presented to the consumer, and how the UI is presented to the consumer…your top tier products should look like a Ferrari…not that fastest bullet car in that book of Guinness World of Records thing…

    But it does seem like they have improved a little…but at the same time seem to go in the wrong direction with a lot of things…IMO anyways…

    • Eugene

      If Apple HIRED people to line up outside their stores to buy their products? Yes, that would be very weird. Almost as weird as if Samsung HIRED people to protest outside Apple stores. Wait…

      • Must be that time of the month…

  • Dan

    I like the bit a 1:05 when a guy talking on an iPhone walks past the crowd of people all dressed the same holding up identical signs.

  • protozeloz

    * facepalm* what are they thinking?

  • PhilH

    Don’t see what’s weird about it at all. Its the same thing many Android fans say. At least the ones that can see what’s actually happening. Samsung just has the balls as a company to say it too unlike the Android bloggers.

    Sometimes I think Android users are too smart to understand marketing. They are creating the same type of rallying cry that Apple and the tech media create for Apple. Don’t you wonder why you can go to a tech site and see iFools spewing the same things in lock step like “fragmentation” and “laginess” or “difficult to use”? They are giving these rallying cries. Give Android fans some centralized ammo and they look at it like its …..weird.

    • Jon F

      “Too smart to understand marketing?” Yet Android fans claim the iPhone users are the pretentious and smug ones…

      A company is supposed to be above snarky, mean-spirited campaigns — just as an intelligent person doesn’t use childish terms like “iFools” and paint whole segments of the population with broad stereotypes.

      • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

        You’re wrong. A company is supposed to make profit. The end. A company has no morals. The people in the company do. But a for-profit business is about making money.

        • Jon F

          You can still argue Samsung’s making a mistake, then.

          The campaign makes Samsung look immature. Does nothing to say why you should buy the product. Hurts the brand, makes Android users look like snot-nosed brats where Apple is dignified, tasteful.

          A company’s goal might be to make money, but there’s ways to do it while respecting people and without personally insulting those who own competing products.

          • PhilH

            How does it look immature. Its a shot a viral marketing. That’s what Apple has been doing all along. They drop a zinger or two in at a conference, the tech media repeats it and then the fanboys run wild with it. When the fanboys run wild they end up helping neutral people make up their minds. Samsung is just trying to paint a picture of iFools that Android fanboys can run with.

            And what was smug about saying “too smart”. I was serious and not meaning it sarcastically. Android users tend to be educated consumers and also tend to want to be above this sort of fanboy war for some reason. Why I don’t know when we’re all fanboys of something in life be it cars, sports or whatever. Like it or not but this is how products get sold.

          • Jon F


            Do you know what smugness is? You just told me that Android users — not the product, the people — are inherently superior. That makes you smug.

            Plus, I don’t think you get the irony of claiming to be “above this sort of fanboy war” when you can’t actually speak like an adult about a platform you don’t use. They’re not iFools. They’re not iSheep. They’re iPhone fans — they’re people. The moment you use a derogatory name like that, you automatically lose your entire argument, because you’re operating on emotion, not facts.

  • Raptor

    I am waiting for the time when people wake up and start protesting against Sammy outrageous overpricing of everything from TVs to cellphones.
    They get profit margins like no one else. Their phones and tablets for example are by 80-95% built out of Samsung parts which means they don’t pay for someone’s profit and still they charge $800 for GNex or GNote.
    Even new Ipad is by 50% Sammys according to BoM.

    • 666

      Those Samsung parts come from separate divisions which are responsible for their own profits. And they can’t depend on Samsung alone. You obviously don’t know how big companies operate.

      • Copycats sux

        hahaha the post of the week.

        /* and i thought 666 should be smart

      • Raptor

        Yea, pal, you have a tail but ABSOLUTELY NO common sense. LOL

        Even if the parts were 100% not their own and Sammy paid for them through the all existing holes in their bodies, these phones’ BoM would be around $200 in current prices. That’s 4x overpricing compared to say Apple 2x for iPad and 3x for iPhone4. With the cost to build out of parts from their own divisions in the range $130-150 it is currently 5-6 times overpriced ! Double the Apple.

        And by the way we have the same story for TVs, if you watch the dumbobox in your hell. Tech wise they are just the same as many other major brands but at hollllly double price !

  • Darknight42020

    Any P.R. Is good P.R. Right? All those ads with the ifans standing in line and a Galaxy user walking by, being stopped, asking what phone that was and a brief demonstration doesn’t sit in anyone’s mind on what the device(s) can do?

    Granted, it seems like a little bit of a “mud” campaign, but it did get the job done and got the masses to ask “What is this all about?”.

    I would say they got what they were trying for.

    As stated above, maybe it takes something like this to get the other companies to stand up also? Hope it does.

  • Fulaman

    It is Samsung who needs to wake up

  • sota767

    Marketing backfires in 3.. 2.. 1..

  • Mio

    8,604,110 = 8,604,11 seconds ~ 9,95 days.
    This isn’t even a code. This is frkkn code:

    var c=0;
    var t;

    function DateDiff( date1, date2) {
    return date1.getTime() – date2.getTime();

    function timedCount(){
    var elem = document.getElementById(‘countdownTime’);

    elem.innerHTML = formatInput (c);

    function formatInput (str){
    var num =Number(str);
    num = num.toString().replace(/\$|\,/g,”);
    num = “0″;
    sign = (num == (num = Math.abs(num)));
    num = Math.floor(num*100+0.50000000001);
    num = Math.floor(num/100).toString();
    for (var i = 0; i < Math.floor((num.length-(1+i))/3); i++)
    num = num.substring(0,num.length-(4*i+3))+','+
    return (((sign)?'':'-') + num);
    var D1 = new Date("6 May 2012 14:59:59");

    This ends: 6 May 2012 14:59:59
    So expect the 'presentation' – whatsover – on 6th May 2012 at 15 O'clock, whatever timezone is ment.

    • Copycats sux

      Mio, i like your way of thinking but call the doctor asap.

    • Fulaman

      Nicely written

      • Mio

        Urm, this is sourcecode from the link of the article.
        It also says a line under it, that it was originally planned on 16th April 2012.

        var D1 = new Date(“6 May 2012 14:59:59″);
        //var D1 = new Date(“16 April 2012 7:57:59″);

        There forgot one dev to clean up his commentlines. ;)

  • txbluesman

    Bring them to Austin…..Keep it weird!

  • spazby

    i think this is great, not sure what this will accomplish but it is great

  • Orion78

    The only thing I’m protesting is that I want the Exynos on the damn U.S. versions.

  • shadhussain

    I think there’s little to separate Android and iOS these days from a consumer perspective. The smartphone business has matured to the point where personal preference (and affordability) now drives whether everyday people (not techies or fanboys) choose Android or iOS. There was a time where Apple could boast more (arguably better) apps, smoother graphics and UX and Android could harp on about freedom of customization and multitasking, etc. Although most of these points still apply, the perceived differences in the two OSes have narrowed.

    I think people know that both platforms will be sufficient to handle their daily needs. So that leaves companies grasping to become the “coolest”. Unfortunately for Sony, Samsung, HTC etc., Apple’s got a head start in coolness. So it’s totally fair game for Samsung trying to shame and enrage iSheep into even considering a look at Samsung, because I doubt they would otherwise.

  • WlfHart

    Whatever float’s Sammy’s boat… I thought the commercials with the lined up iSheep becoming intrigued by the Sammy product were clever. Sadly, this stunt isn’t even close. I certainly hope they step up their game if they are going to keep picking on Apple. Because I totally agree that this was about as clever as walking up to the popular kid in HS and calling them names.

  • Adryan maldonado

    Sigh…. *facepalm* come on samsung this ridiculous and just make sure the rest of us android fans look bad. Please stop the madness.

  • steve

    it is no science why apple products sell….

    1. looks – people just like to show off
    2. ego – “look i have apple, im better than you”
    3. when it comes to marketing and brain washing, apple is #1
    4. fanboys and apple cheerleaders feel they belong to something ( loners ) they think they are apple…
    5. i can go on but i got to get back to work

    • Gustav

      You could go on, but you’d be even more wrong than you are now. People buy Apple products because they provide a better user experience than other products. Apple-detractors will never understand that because it can’t be listed on a spec sheet.

      It’s not about a device being able to do a task, it’s about how well a device can do a task.

      • PhilH

        You should actually meet some Apple product owners once in a while. I’m not saying its only Apple product owners. But outside of developers most people I find that have Macs don’t know why they have them or got them because it was “different” or “cool”. It wasn’t because anything worked better and in fact they miss out on some software sometimes. The MacBook looks clean. The same thing goes for iPhone and iPad users outside of folks developing for them. There is nothing to understand. Have conversations with a number of Apple product owners and you’ll see the trend.

    • holy_cow

      I love those Android users like you, who make me feel good about myself for not being one.

      “1. looks — people just like to show off
      2. ego — “look i have apple, im better than you””

      I think these are both the same reason. But I get it, 5 is a nice round number.

      “3. when it comes to marketing and brain washing, apple is #1″


      “4. fanboys and apple cheerleaders feel they belong to something ( loners ) they think they are apple…”

      Is this even in English?

      “5. i can go on but i got to get back to work”

      Awww, you have to work for a living? That sucks, man. I feel for you. Well, actually, I don’t. I can’t. See, we Apple users are all rich and stupid so we have no idea what it’s like to do anything productive. We just doodle all day and stare at the shiny backs of our iDevices.

      • George Bullock

        You sound pathetically immature and naive. Like most Apple buyers. I am a Systems Admin for an enterprise-level network and I challenge you to find a single serious geek who would buy an Apple iToy. They are for simple-minded people who buy for superficial reasons and never need or want to veer outside of the corral they have been herded into. No Flash support for the site they want to visit? Then dont go to that site. No multi-tasking on the phone? Learn to use apps one at a time. Screen too small? Find a reason to justify having the smaller screen. I recall the Apple fanboys claiming that the 3.5″ postage stamp screen was “just right”, but iPhone 5 added an inch. Does this mean that the 3.5″ screen was a mistake? No, I think it means that Apple is too far behind. My Galaxy S4 has a 5 inch screen. My GSII had a 4.5″ screen.

        If I could meet just ONE Apple user who could explain why they bought their iPhone OTHER THAN the fact that it is “pretty”, or “trendy” or “has a metal case” (this is actually an inferior element, even if pretty), I will be less vocal. But Aple devices are inferior in every way. They are dated hardware in a pretty case, and cannot do as much as any high end Android.

        I truly LOL when Apple iPhone buyers try to crow about the metal case…how many iPhones do you see without a secondary case? The dainty little iToy does not have gorilla glass, so one drop and it is iGlitter.

  • iToldU

    The iSheep argument is getting a bit lame, sure there are certainly hardcore Apple fanatics that will never change, but 365,000,000 iOS devices sold says that Apple have amazing products that people really want, for most people there needs to be a compelling reason to part with $600-$700, so it’s not just cool to buy Apple, the products actually live up to the hype . As for Samsung this type of marketing will only insult existing Apple customers, who will now probably never even consider a Samsung product no matter how good. Personally, I don’t think Apple’s success is down to great marketing, although of course it helps. It comes down to very basic ingredients, ease of use, a smooth user interface (that only metro can match, Android just isn’t designed for touch which is why it’s still jerky and unpredictable, even on the high end devices and yes I’ve tried the GalaxyS2), consistent eco system,products just work, no complex setting up,great looking design, works out of the box, low risk of malware, no carrier junkware etc.. It’s not Nuclear Physics we’re talking about, but the Apple way of simplicity is pure genius. If Samsung could create something unique and compelling and beautiful to use I’d certainly take a look (they’d have to drop Android though), then maybe they could cease the desperate and embarrassing marketing.

    • PhilH

      I don’t think Samsung cares about the Apple users and thats the point. They paint the Apple users which believe it or not is not really a fast growing base. Sales aren’t all to new users, OS X still only makes up 5% of the operating system share, iPhone market share barely grows. They paint the crowd in a negative light so the new smartphone buyers aren’t sucked into the hype of waiting in line to get an iDevice for example. They couldn’t care less if they piss off the Apple customers because they aren’t going to leave Apple anyway. The battle is for the new customers.

      But you still believe Android is laggy so I’ve probably wasted my time telling the truth here. The “no complex setting up” took it over the top though. You’ve never used an Android device. Go use one and then compare this lengthy guide…


      …to simply logging into your new Android device and everything syncing automatically.

      • iToldU

        Look you love your android device and that’s fine, you have an android device which is ready to use out of the box and that’s great, but it’s not the case for all android devices, there is such a diversity of standards from very good to incredibly poor and that’s the big difference, most carriers now insist on pre-installing all their junkware so it’s you the user who has to make the effort to declutter the phone from day 1, that would never happen with Apple. All Apple iOS devices are consistently very good with absolutely no junkware and UI inconsistencies in sight. On the laggy subject, Android has improved a lot compared to the cr*p that was being peddled a couple of years ago, but compared to iOS devices which scroll as smooth as butter in virtually all circumstances, Android devices still can’t boast that, it’s almost imperceptible but we all know the micro second lag is there and no quad or eight core processor will ever solve the problem because Android was never meant to be touch so the core foundation code will always be there not giving the touch interface priority over everything else as it should. Google need to rewrite the operating system from scratch with touch in mind, just as Apple did, but i can’t see it happening, that’s why i mentioned Metro,it’s designed for touch, I hate Microsoft with a passion, but fair dues they did the touch interface right whether you like tiles or not.

        iPhone market barely grows – that’s completely wrong, the last quarter showed a 151% increase in unit sales of iPhones year on year, the increase part is all new customers. 645,000 iOS and OSX devices being activated each and every day in a recession during the quietest quarter of the year in the premium end of the market. I’m sorry but it’s more than marketing that’s achieved this level of success, it has a lot to do with the superior user experience.

        As for Samsung not caring if they alienate Apple customers, well that’s just stupidity, Apple customers generally have net disposable income, the type of customer that buys premium products, if Samsung concentrated on incredible distinctive original products, they could grab a much larger part of this very profitable sector, instead they resort to “wake up” and iSheep” tactics. Apple must be absolutely loving watching Samsung damaging themselves.

    • Mark

      ” Android just isn’t designed for touch which is why it’s still jerky and unpredictable, even on the high end devices and yes I’ve tried the GalaxyS2), ”

      Seriously ? listen to yourself. The GS2 sold 20 million phones in a year despite not being available globally for that time.

      By all means side with the beloved fruit but don’t make silly claims, it marks you out as a fanboy.

  • Maicol

    The funny thing is that people say iSheep, and that they need to wake up, but aren’t all you DroidSheeps because you want every Apple user to use a Droid. It goes both ways and no one will win a battle like this, unless you stop learn both systems back to back and then you realize they are actually more alike then different.

  • somethingmissing

    Well, that definitely woke me up. I can’t wait for Apple to release their TV so I can offload my Samsung and not own anything with ‘Samsung’ on it ever again.

    PS: I know there are Samsung components IN Apple devices. I know this despite being an ‘iSheep’. And I don’t mind it. It’s where Samsung belongs — hidden from my view.

  • Paul Jackson

    NO Product or brand can be this succesful just with Marketing, Looks and Fanboys, if the product works like shit.

    Apple bashers should use the product first before they bash like blind sheep.

  • ricktap

    I don’t get you guys…

    I’m an apple user for many years now, which is why I bought an iPhone. Most of my applications work great with the ones on my macbook and the other way around.
    I’m a programmer and need to rely on my machine, which is why I did not choose linux for my working environment (but for all the servers) and definitly did not choose windows. I’m tired of repairing my computer every other day, so my mac became my best companion.

    I do not agree with apple as a company in every single way, but the their operating system and the software available on there platform have a certain felling to them, that appeals to me.

    But I’m not narrow minded, I like the way android developed, the only reason why I didn’t switch at some point, was the manufacturers behind the products.

    Almost a decade ago I used to have a windows phone, the only alternative to nokia communicator at this time, manufactured by htc. It was disgusting. Plasitc all over the place and every six month something broke.
    A year ago I tested one of theire android phone, because I wanted to programm for that platform, it didn’t last too long. I had it replaced _three_ times.

    Next up: Samsung – I really like theire internals, i really do, but the exteriors of theire products are awfull. Lousy Touchpads, fast drawning batteries, plastic, plastic, plastic…

    Of course these are my experiences, but at some point in life, you just make up your mind about things. But I can perfectly understand every one using an android… I my self would definitly use the platform, if it wouldn’t be for the hardware.
    But you guys are just hating on people for theire preferences and decisions they made, without knowing the reasons, that’s low folks….

    so, that’s my 2cents…

    ps: sorry for my bad english, I’m from germany…

  • Richard Yarrell

    Piss on apple and all ios users.

    • somethingmissing

      Is this part of a Samsung ad campaign?

    • squiddy20

      Very enlightening Richard. Please tell us more about how you like to “piss and shit” on just about everything. I guess you really do have the mental capacity of a child. Good job.

    • Steam

      What a well thought out and intelligent respone. You must have an IQ of at least 4. Oh well, you have until around June. Or maybe it will be even sooner than that if you keep telling people’s children that you’re going to piss on them and smack their parents in the mouth.

  • yankeesusa

    I may not agree with some of their tactics but samsung is the only company right now that is going toe to toe with apple. Remember when apple came out with those ads going after pc directly? What is the difference here? Its just marketing. If a company wants to put money on a special kind of marketing to help them sell then so be it. Wether they market it or not people will decide on their own if they will choose iphone or android.
    I mysefl am loyal to android because of the way it works and the things I can do. My wife likes her iphone. I have tried may times to use her phone for 1 full day and I find myself going back to android for simple things like easier turn by turn navigation thats linked directly to google maps or telenav or using the app switcher between apps. Either way people choose what they want. who cares what they choose.
    Good for samsung for stepping out of the box.

  • PhilH

    Looks like it got some iFans mad. Good. They’ll come spewing their laggy this and hard to use that in the face of the truth. Android is better. And those that are undecided will see the blind spewing of talking points and stay away from the foolishness. Sadly the actual Apple users with sense get caught up in the crossfire. But good job anyway Samsung.

    • holy_cow

      Yes, because getting ‘iSheep’ mad is exactly how you draw them across to Samsung and sell more devices. Well done, top marks.

      Another thing I find hilarious about all this is that what we have here is a free OS which is produced by a company that makes a large proportion of its earnings from having access to people’s personal data. THIS is the better OS? And somehow the people who happily go along with this debacle are supposed to be LESS sheep-like as a result? Give me a break.

      Tell you what: get back in touch when Android’s at least better than Windows Phone, then maybe we’ll talk about an iOS comparison.

      • Jthmx

        Open source, look it up. Moron.

        • holy_cow

          ‘Open source’, eh? You mean that thing that Google claims to be purely for strategic and marketing purposes, so that it can fool more idiots into becoming pawns in its ad-selling game?


          And they say Apple are the marketing masters, when Google has hoodwinked so many of you into buying into its ‘openness’ while keeping everything that’s actually important hidden from view. Nevermind, though — I like your child-like devotion to your ad-serving overlords, it’s touching. Here I was thinking we lived in a cynical world.

      • Ian S

        I was taking you seriously up until you said “get back in touch when Android’s at least better than Windows Phone”


        • holy_cow

          Why? Windows Phone, unlike Android, doesn’t exist purely to serve ads and suck up personal data. In my book that qualifies as ‘better’.

  • Mocomedia

    There’s a big difference between Mac Vs. PC and iSheep.

    The first one attacked platforms, the second attacks people.

  • thekaz

    Wow. This article brought a lot more iOS defenders to Android & Me than usual…

    I, for one, appreciate the lively discussion.. at least the points that are intelligent.

  • qbix

    Samsung could simply use the ending scene from the Matrix and call it a day, the RATM song even matches their slogan “Wake Up!”:

  • jhdfjkhfdskj

    Well, If you have a proper brain, you may know this flash mob is NOTHING to do with samsung.

    First, The video is not seen a any logo, device, slogan or whatever. There is no proof that this flash mob related to samsung.

    Second, ‘wake-up-australia.com.au — This flash mob domain is not owend by Samsung

    Third, ‘wake-up-australia.com.au’ this website counting 850,000 seconds in now = 9.8 days ahead from now.
    The end time is : 6 May 2012 14:59:59
    SGS3 launch event date is 6 days ahead from now. (3 May 2012)
    Cleary difference from Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date.\

    Third, At end of video, this flash mob crowd demonstrated not only apple store but also anywhere. so flash mob is actually is nothing to do with apple.

    This is some kind of flash mob campaign (politic or something?) which is not related to Samsung.

  • seaps

    Whatever the wake up is, it happens in 9-10 days if the numbers on the website are accurate.

  • Steam

    That is one of the most juvenile things I’ve seen. Well thought out, Samsung, did you hire Richard Yarrell as an advertising director?

  • Rob

    How did this get tied to Samsung? I don’t see the connection…

  • Jthmx

    Desperate? Are you retarded?
    Literally, listen to the message, we all know those apposed are apple users just mad because a great point has been made. Your devices are worth half of what you’re paying. Wake up and realize you’re being robbed. If you knew half as much about tech as you act you’d know whats under those pretty shiny apple product shells. Differentiate yourselves, stop being SLAVES to apple!

    • Jon F

      A poorly written critique with unsubstantiated (and false) claims doesn’t really help your point. Especially when it’s ironic that you want people to stop being “slaves to Apple…” by buying a phone that’s a partnership between the world’s largest Internet company and a Korean megacorporation.

      A phone is not a political statement. A political statement is protesting warrantless wiretapping or financing grassroots democracy in Burma. Worry about how well your phone works — and for many, an iPhone works just fine.

  • steve

    My apologies, I seemed to have landed on the ‘iphone and me’ forum, I was looking for the green robot one instead. Oh well

  • Jason

    Haha, my multi-national corporation produced mobile device shows that I am hip and rebellious, whereas your multi-national corporation produced mobile device shows that you are a mindless sheep. Wake up!

  • Nathan D.

    Ok now this is getting weird.if they want to beat Apple that much how about putting the A15 processor in the galaxy S3 instead of the quad core and for peek sake change the GPU!

  • ran

    Seeing this incredibly long comments thread makes me think that Samsung has already accomplished what they meant to do with this stunt. That is all.

  • sree

    Do your maths, it is not coinciding with S3 launch. It ends may 6.

  • Mathias Kenting

    Wonder how many of those marketing people have an iPhone/iPad

  • Martin

    Well I just think this is funny. Although I think that Apple has very good stuff… I dont want them because its like buying something that everyone else has. The iSheep part of their teasertrailer is VERY true.

    I was out the other night with some friends, 10 people, 6 had iPhone 4s they looked excactly the same… It looked pretty silly when everyone had their phone out on the table and playing with it. Like sheeps…
    The other people then? One had WP, and well the three last people had android including me. (funny fact is that we who had android were developers and the iPhone people salespeople).

    I do think its time for Apple to wakeup, cause atm… Imo. they have a product that hasn’t change for 5 years, looking at iPhone 3, 3s, 4 and 4s… Well it has a slighlty different design, but still the OS looks basicly the same, and you cant change it ABIT. It was awesome when it came, cause it was fresh and new, but now its just the same as everyone else.

    So as Im very much looking forward of seeing Galaxy s3 of what it has to offer, I just hope that they have done a good overhaul when it comes to design. And then later this year when iPhone 5 comes out, I hope that they have a product that isnt a iSheep product.

  • pHyR3

    I haven’t seen any proof that Samsung actually hired these people….

  • Paul Atreides

    Go for the jugular Samsung.

  • Natasha

    In March 2012 I bought myself and husband an Apple 4S and a Moto Razr Maxx.

    We used both for a solid week each and in the end we returned the 4s… honestly we could not return it fast enough. Siri was cool at first but then the last few days no matter what you said… i would respond “calling Sue”, even after powering down. Also maybe a control issue but whenever I would have Siri set an alarm I would have to go and check to make sure it set properly which kinda negated the perk of Siri. Other that the alarm and calendar feature we just had fun with Siri by asking “her” things like who is better Motorola or Apple and such. That was fun. I told “her” that I though Apple was stupid and she say “hey hey now!” lol. As far as EVERYTHING else we HATED 4S!

    What we liked on Maxx verses 4S
    1. size
    2. battery life – waaay better obviously on Maxx but 4S did beat out our daughters Razr X by quite a bit.
    3. more apps – we had a list of many apps we had to have and 4S had 2 the android didn’t, but android had 4 that apple didn’t
    4. no customization – there were ways to work around it but after seeing the two page instructions I was out of even trying
    5. WIDGETS – this was HUGE for us
    6. Back button – this should not even be a factor
    7. Bulky buttons – I hated the round uncomfortable buttons on 4s verses my smooth transitional form on Maxx
    8. I have damn good WiFi and my Maxx picked up an extra bar than 4S.
    9. Costs – same apps that are free in android market costs $ in apple
    10. Did not have dbl tap zoom – on our Maxx we could pull up a website and dbl tap our finger to the screen and it would automatically zoom in and alter wording to fit our phones screen to better read.
    11. Whoever said Apple is not glitchy like Android is cRazY!!! We had to shut down and restart both just as often and honestly counting the Siri hangup towards the end I would have to say that Apple was more glitchy.
    12. We found the Flash didn’t work on 4S verses no problems with our Maxx
    13. We hated the bookshelf appearance verses our own customized on Maxx
    14. Siri may have been cool but with our calendar app widget that we LOVE on our home screen we timed the response time. I held down the button for Siri to connect while my husband pressed the info into the widget and widget slammed Siri by several seconds! Also I did not feel the need to go back and check.
    15. Maxx may be thin but that phone was shoved in my purse for hours on end with low odds against everything under the sun that I carry including my very heavy camera equipment and more. I without even considering threw my purse about as I always do, dropping it down heavily onto tables and in the car and Maxx came out unharmed and not a scratch.
    16. Check the specks, Maxx has stronger screen
    17. 4G… honestly… this should have been #1 reason
    18.4G… yeah I know I just said it but come on… it needs to be listed twice since is it TWICE as fast.
    19. Microchip to backup our data. No logging in somewhere, no plugging phone in, no nothing. Just done… thats it.
    20. Maxx built in apps rock. Such as our Moto Cast, Moto Print, MotoActv,Vscreens, and a few more.
    21. We love and use our smart actions even though our battery life is great. Our phones are set through smart actions to go on silent at bed time, they wake up on their own and turns up ringers and alerts, mine even knows when it is my daughters nap time and goes into silent mode for one hour then wakes up and volumes up everything. Amazing feature.
    22. 1.2 GHz processor… need I say more on this. It was just faster, especially in opening up larger apps and such.
    23. Yes Siri is pretty cool (when it works) but Moto has Voice Command which does quite a bit too even though not near as independed and smart as Siri feature. It does call, message, give current time, date, and such, it does open playlists, play songs, pulls up contacts, goes to different menus, redials, checks battery, timers, usage, and it does alot more… much more difficult interface such as to get to alarm you would dbl tap home and say “go to alarm and timer” then it would open up the screen, from there you would set your alarm, verses with Siri you would hold down button for 5 seconds and then “she” would come up and you would just say “set alarm for tomorrow morning at 5am and please make that daily” or whatever but you get it.

    In closing, we are not techy people and we only used the phones for our daily lives and not some computer type mumbo jumbo that some users use their for, but for the average person with many things such as children bidding for their time and attention the Maxx met and at times surpassed our needs. It was a no brainer for us… we could not return and get another Maxx fast enough. Literally. So for those who will respond with all kinds of who knows what tech features to try to outweigh my post don’t bother with me… I had both in my hands and for my needs and wants Apple was a crash and burn in all areas except their commercials which have some pretty well known actors showcasing only ONE feature which is Siri, which by the way was the only “FEATURE” I found on the 4S.

    (up late with little sleep so sorry for bad spelling and errors)
    Best of luck to all!

  • Natasha

    one more things I forgot to add. You are not limited in folder size with Maxx. Example – I had 20 games on my Maxx in a folder called the obvious “Games”.. yeah I know… totally unique… anyways…. on the 4S we have three folders because you can only put so many in a folder… we had “Games,” “Games 2,” and “Games 3″ folders. Why limit the folder size???? I guess I will never know because I went with Maxx.

    Take care all :)

  • dVyper

    That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen

  • kicost

    hahahaa …. Amazing :D …Nice one Samsung !

  • m

    • devilmark

      I DONT CARE.. nyahahah!

  • Michael

    Now that Apple is the world’s #1 Smartphone Maker… I suppose… er.. Samsung is going a little batty.

  • turkishtechgenious

    At the moment i have iphone 4s and new ipad. I dont know, how galaxy s3 will be any case iphone 5 for me will be the last chance for apple. since it’s enough for the last versions of iphone are almost same apart from retina display and 8mb camera. desing must change, additions must be added. We will see, currently we are iLoyal for apple guys, but its not granted forever..

  • sree

    Its NOT Samsung, its RIM. You people say you are an android site and doing this…Shame

  • moonpriest01

    “Wake Up”?? Lol yeah sure, but before that can they just please understand the words “Please respect my preference”. Me as an iphone user, why will you force me to use android if im not interested in modifying my phone or put any customizations. Why will you force me to go android phone if my hands just perfectly fit a 3.5 inch display? Why will you force me to go android if i have a better experience in my iphone than my previous android phone?Why will you force me to go android if i love garageband, infinity blade etc.? Why will you force me to go android if majority of time im an app user and i found ios apps more updated, almost everything are compatible so no need to worry about my phone’s gpu.
    And so is why will i force you to go iphone if you are completely happy with your android phone also for many reasons. Can we just stop this bullshit “isheep or droidsheep blah blah thing?” We invest aserious amount with our devices then suddenly someone addressed you as an idiot to buy that phone even though it suits your needs and preferences. Oh shit spell RESPECT!

  • Jeff

    As long as newer android phones keep coming out every other day and a new iphone keeps coming out every year, there will be no point in arguing. Sure you can compare the new iphone with some android phone. It really comes down to usability, and that’s where android beats the iOS. It just is not as usable as the Android.
    Well, like I read somewhere, When people buy the Iphone, it’s just 30 percent about the phones new features (maybe 1 or 2 newly added features) and 70 percent of it is just about branding. Nothing else. You have an apple phone or tablet, wow you’re in the elite group! That’s just crap. There are way better phones out there. The iphone 4s will never beat the HTC One X or the One S or a Galaxy Nexus or the Note. Honestly, it’s just the display you can brag about. “RETINA” oooh oooh…so gooood! Seriously, Retina is just another form of and HD display, sure it has better colours than the AMOLED. But who cares as long as you can see what you’re doing. In the end, it’s just the usability that matters, and android wins hands down. There’s nothing much you can do with an iphone after a few months. Btw, I’m not an Android fan. I’ve used both Operating systems, without bias, and that’s how I came up with this comment.

  • steve

    this is a black berry campaign dude, watch the flash site.