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Samsung releases first teaser video for the next Galaxy, makes fun of iSheep


As expected, Samsung opened up thenextgalaxy.com early this morning, and released the first teaser video for the upcoming Galaxy. In the short one minute clip we see the message, “Truly smart technology becomes a natural part of life. Where a galaxy fits perfectly into your hand. Your view of the world grows even wider. As you gain the power to explore it freely and swiftly. With technology that fits in this easily, you can now stand out from everyone else.”

No real facts about the product are included, but we can speculate on some of the details from the text. The line “a galaxy fits perfectly into your hands [and] your view of the world grows even wider” hints at the edge-to-edge display that has been rumored. “As you gain the power to explore freely and swiftly” could hint at the all day battery life life that Samsung has been talking up.

At the end of the video we see a herd of sheep, which is clearly another dig at Apple. Samsung previously had a campaign making fun of Apple fans waiting in line for the next iPhone, which was not received very well, so it’s surprising to see them use that tactic again.

Check out the full teaser video below and let us know what you think. Then be sure to head over to thenextgalaxy.com and register for more updates. Can you find any other hidden clues that we missed?

Source: Thenextgalaxy.com

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  • Chris

    Expected to see more. But not disappointed, just intrigued

    • dVyper

      I’m a bit disappointed. It was nothing more than an advert for their event, which everyone knows about already!

      • Dan

        So there was a tweet of an anagram, which led to a website with a clock, which counted down, until it pointed to a new site with a video ad, for an event, where a phone everyone already knows is coming will be “officially announced”. MARKETING!

    • epps720

      It may not say much but absolutely hysterical!! Love the sheep reference

    • Andy_jr

      I wasn’t expecting more info. They’re trying to build up suspense for the big announcement.

      Apparently it’s working. ;^)

  • masterpfa

    Why bother with the ending, they should concentrate on their own product and what it can do.
    Roll on June 2012, surely it will be out by then and all this unnecessary speculation can end.

    Tired of rumours and reading of rumours. Just want the facts and real product.

    • kazahani

      Apple is an anti-competetive patent troll. They deserve to be called out.

      I don’t think Sammy is going to get very far with poking fun at their customers though


    There was no need for the sheep right now.. They re making it so obvious how envy they are.

    • jonathan3579

      Are you kidding?! There message was straight to the point.

      Anyway, I’m liking their marketing so far! The anticipation building…

    • Max.Steel

      You’re joking, right?

    • Me.

      How envy they are? God damn your stupid.

      • AmericanJedi001

        “God damn your stupid.” Goddamn, you’re even more stupid!

        What have we learned here, kids? If you’re going to slam someone for lack of writing skills, you ought to display some skills yourself. Otherwise, you just look like an asshole.

  • Apo

    Amazing, I didn’t expect the sheep thing haha!

    • Galen20K

      neither did I, I seriously Laughed out loud!

  • mustybooks

    Not really sure why they’re going for the negative angle. They should be teasing with glimpses of a smartphone or some obscure reference to the hardware. I don’t care about standing out from the crowd I just want to know what the bleeding phone is! :P

  • Nate B.

    Lol love it. How it transitioned to the sheep was on point.

    I could be reaching here, but it seemed like in the last transition at the very end after showing the two color stones you might be able to see a very slight shadow figure or outline of a device. Could be the affects not sure. May 3 will be here soon.

  • jian9007

    I’m ready for next Thursday to see what it will look like. Fits easily in the hand? A wider view? Those might be hints in the video so I’m excited to see what the final specs will be. It’s not going to be too huge if it fits in the hand easily. I hope it’s a 1920×1080 screen. They said wider, right? They already have a 720 so 1080 could be next. S-AMOLED Plus screen with full HD sounds really good to me.

  • Nate B.

    Why are people being so sour ? The phone won’t be revealed until May 3rd. Not released but revealed. So what else did you expect or how much did you expect them to show. There were clearly little hints in the teaser & it wasn’t just a jab at the iPhone. Its a teaser. Not a revealed video. Teaser keep you guessing. To make you think what device will let me have the galaxy in my hand, representing everything, & it’ll fit in my hand, & it doesn’t have to be the iPhone, & I’ll stand out because I’m different. Smh. Can people not be satisfied anymore? Always want now & look past the quality & detail. Smh.

    • Orion78

      I totally agree. I don’t know what people were expecting. A teaser is just that….a teaser.

    • cthonctic

      For me it’s simply a bit annoying that there is suspense built over the release of a teaser to the reveal of a new product, flagship or no. It’s just too much, like politicians campaigning for over a year before an actual election is scheduled to take place.

      Release a teaser, fine on it’s own. A countdown to the grand reveal, okay. Excitement and hype building up to the final shipping date, totally expected. But string it all together and I’m effectively kind of turned off a little.

      I still can’t wait to see what the final SIII will be like but this whole marketing circus bores me.

  • kusic

    Come on, I dont need iThing in every Samsung video. Galaxy is cool itself, Samsung, focus on yourself only…

  • Tariqali

    From my own experience about Samsung and HTC, I’ve gone for the one x. But I’m hoping that together with the one x they give those sheep a really good bashing and puts them in their place once and for all. Inshaallah

  • rovex

    Their previous ad wasn’t well received? By who? iphone users? who cares? It was bang on the money, iOS has far more pretentious waster users than any other platform, even Blackberry doesn’t come close.

  • Chris G.

    Amazing! Can’t wait to see how the device. But did anyone notice that the music they used was from mass effect? >_>

    • DigitalEnforcer

      Haha, Yes! I noticed it around the 0:40 mark… wonder if they got the rights to that, lol. Anyways, I can’t wait for this phone!

    • Jake Gall

      To be more specific, an edited version of the track Mass Effect 2 – Normandy Reborn.

    • rashad360

      Yeah, the commercial got so much more epic when I noticed it had music from Mass Effect

  • ashclepdia

    Those didn’t look like “colored stones” to me.
    To me it looked like liquid metal paint blobs or something

  • Instrumentals


    good way to start your morning

    • Rockstar323

      Lol I though the exact same thing.

  • jmon

    The vid says london on may 5th. I thought the announcement is on may 3rd?

    • Jahmon

      Vid says 03.05.2012 = 3rd may 2012

    • WlfHart

      A large part of the rest of the world orders dates by size of interval. Day before the larger month before the larger year.

  • Jahmon

    Website is down or can’t handle the traffic?

  • mdawg924

    I’m just hoping for a single galaxy-wide release date..

    • professandobey


  • Jorge Vieira

    Awsome this will be my next phone i still think it has to do with a new screen ratio, closer to 4:3 and probably a nice high dpi. #mynextphone !!!

    • Groinko

      Nope, the screen will be 720 x 1280 as the Galaxy Nexus.

  • dil

    3D……..1080p…no bezel…12megapixel & the isheep

  • kazahani

    Sheep look…wierd.

  • Paul Atreides

    I doubt it’s liquid metal, Apple has bought out those patents already.

    • Paul Atreides

      As some have suggested in the comments.

  • http://ericweiss.me Eric Weiss

    Okay so we know that, despite how much we hate it, hype works in the marketing world. But if they are hyping it this much and calling out pretty much every other manufacturer they really need to deliver a kick ass product. I have high hopes for this but I hope they aren’t overdoing it.

  • Don

    Attacking Apple rather makes Samsung look rather childish and desperate, and especially since they are resorting to using FRAND patents in order to help fend off Apple’s many multi-touch patents.

    Also, this looks especially silly considering that South Koreans, who are known to be highly patriotic, have been going crazy over Apple devices like the iPad, preferring them way over their own beloved Samsung knock off devices, as shown in the video below:


    • Vance

      I rather think you’re rather ridiculous… rather.

      • Don

        Your in denial buddy!

  • Guest

    I’m not sure which is more embarrassing for a company:

    1. We make a LESS powerful product, and the competition outsells us.
    2. We make a far MORE powerful product, and the competition STILL outsells us.

    Calling the competition “iSheep” is foolishly admitting #2.

  • Guest

    How about giving some (any?) actual info about your product… and let *ME* decide if it’s good or bad?

    Totally useless video.

    I’m not 6 years old… I don’t need to be shown pretty, color pictures… before I buy my next cell phone.

    • p$

      are you dumb?

      Why would samsung give out any details about the phone in a TEASER video before the actual unveiling event?

      This video is meant for hardcore fans of the galaxy s series, not insecure isheep

  • Jeff

    This is starting to feel like the Xoom launch with these promo videos and we all remember how disappointed we were then.

  • spazby

    seems to me like someone added the sheep thing at the end.. the first part looks very professional, the sheep part looks like someone slapped it on at the end

  • Vance

    I think it’s natural for all of us to assume the sheep is another burn on Apple users, but it could really be a burn on all other smart phone users. It could be Samsung saying this device is going to change everything, for everyone. The sheep could include iPhone users, Motorola, Sony, HTC, LG, and every other non-Sammy owner. Hell, I could be one of those sheep in two days when I get my One S :)

  • Jake Gall

    Anyone else notice that the music is from mass effect 2?

  • AngelArs

    So I guess what samsung is really saying is they like their own product but they can’t give you any reasons why. I already know why I don’t have one of their competitors products so poking fun of their is childish and unprofessional at best. Tell me what makes your product better and why I should spend my hard earned money on it. While samsung is doing nothing but poking fun at their competition, they then turn around and try to emulate their competition by building up interest in their own product by circulating rumors about their product. Come on samsung, just spit it out already! Tell me what features it has and how much it cost. Then I’ll decide if it’s worth it or not. Poking fun at your competitors only makes you look full of hot air and weak as a company, and why would I want to buy a product from a company like that? The new galaxy may be the best thing since sliced bread, but you’d never know it from their ad campaign.

    • poosh2010

      dude, they’ve told us that the release date is may 3rd….so quit your bitching about them not releasing any info about the phone in their teaser vids

      and news flash, generating hype for an unreleased phone is nothing new….and apple could not patent it (although they may have tried)

      • Don

        I agree! Apple made this type of thing routine and now can boast of being the biggest tech company the world has ever seen, so Samsung would be stupid not to try the same. It’s a teaser after all, its only purpose to hype up interest and over all, I like the ad except the sheep part, as I still think it makes Samsung look anything but professional. Funny, but childish like Apple’s old “I’m a PC; I’m a Mac” ad series.

  • seven2k

    Im thinking this phone will be liquid metal material…..those 2 liquid pools are clues.

    • Don

      Sounds good, but there’s one little problem…. Apple bought the worldwide rights to LiquidMetals for their own products. Bummer, right?


      • Y314K

        But aren’t there other liquid medals & man made liquid medals out there… Are u saying Apple bought the pattens for what can be dug up from the ground… Are u saying Apple bought pattens to the periodic table…. I think Apple bought pattens to a specific tech of liquid medals not to all existing or invented liquid medals…

        Next u’r going to tell me that Apple patented breathing next a phone…

        • Don

          Read the link and think!

          • Y314K

            I read the link DonDumb… Re-Read the link and get a dictionary…

            “What can this mean for Apple? It’d be unwise to speculate, as it’s not clear for what materials exactly Apple bought LM. Obviously there is the super-elastic alternative to titanium, but that was being marketed as a spring metal,”

            Apple bought some materials from LM… LM doesn’t own all liquid materials…

            “First, it is possible that LM simply had existing contracts and obligations that couldn’t be bought out. The isolation of the affected patents into a wholly-owned subsidiary may be standard tactics, I’m not sure. Either way, it’s possible that Apple liked what they saw over the last couple years and had arranged to buy up the IP as soon as it was unencumbered. There are plenty of existing products and projects using LM materials; it’s not clear whether those will be discontinued or whether that IP was isolated or renegotiated.”

            Apple only bought IP rights from LM… Once again… It bought the global rights to LM property… Not for liquid metals period… So Samsung won’t be using LM liquid metal tech… That doesn’t mean there aren’t other liquid metal tech for Samsung to use on their products…. If u can’t understand that then u might have some liquid metal in u’r head that Apple can mine for their ICrap…

            “The specifics, at any rate, aren’t really important until the details of the material Apple coveted are made public (if they aren’t already).”

            The specifics are not important to Apple Dong’s like u’r self…. They heard Apple invested on a single Liquid Metals company so Apple now owns world wide rights to all Liquid Metals… Once again Samsung is going to Pwnd Apple and Apple is gonna cry patten, patten…

            Apple can go Dong themselves with a big DonDong!!! Stop eating the regurgitated throw-up from Apple crappers… And learn to read…

          • Don

            Your constant and silly name calling proves just how childish you are, and even though you maybe have read the link, it’s obvious that you didn’t understand a thing that you’ve read! You originally wrote:

            “Im thinking this phone will be liquid metal material…..those 2 liquid pools are clues.”

            If Apple bought the rights to LiquidMetal than it’s quite obvious that Samsung won’t be doing what you originally suggested that it might; what’s not to understand?

          • Y314K

            Since I am not able to reply to the other link I will do it here…

            “Im thinking this phone will be liquid metal material…..those 2 liquid pools are clues.”

            That quote is from Seven2K not from me… So u’r wrong on that part…

            As for the name calling.. I do apologize for that… I just got tired of reading on a bunch of forums that Samsung can not use a liquid metal phone since Apple bought the rights from “Liquid Metal” company… But liquid metal is more then just a single company… Just ask those that use mercury metal… I took it out on u when I should of just explained that other companies can create their own versions of liquid metals that are different then Apples “Liquid metal, Inc” patented tech…

            Will Samsung’s SGIII include this tech… It seems like a good bet since they keep showing the two blobs… It could be that it is just a version of a Jelling like tech like for shoe inserts but either way… Apple owns the rights to LiquidMedal, Inc(A single company) patents… Not the rights of all possible liquid metal’s that exist…

          • Don

            No problem. We all get frustrated at times, including when companies such as Samsung and Apple act like children themselves.. I’ve named called myself at times. It’s only human. Samsung and Apple are too gargantuan companies, I say let them fight it out between themselves rather than their customers.

            As for Seven2K , that I didn’t realize, so forgive me for that one. Cheers! :O)

  • RaptorReportingFromtheGalaxyOfUnicellularApes

    i threw up

  • redraider133

    I think this is hilarious. First the ad about the note and making fun of people waiting for the iphone and now the sheep. Samsung isn’t holding anything back.

  • Dan

    So there was a tweet of an anagram, which led to a website with a clock, which counted down, until it pointed to a new site with a video ad, for an event, where a phone everyone already knows is coming will be “officially announced”.

  • Nathan D.

    Ha ha, isheep.

  • Bpear96

    The sheep’s roam free in android land, no herder here. :D

  • aranea

    I love the teaser. I wonder with the name Galaxy when will they have a commercial that brings the technology from “A galaxy far far away…”. Any Star Wars fans?! :)

  • Bryan Stoner

    Oops sorry for the mention androidandme. >-<; I didn't realize you had an article on this teaser already.

    Could that be the bezel in 0:53-0:55??

  • Yonas

    i’m pretty sure it will come in two colors,which are blue and white,like in those ripples.

  • cthonctic

    Very American marketing, too aggressive and hostile. I wish Samsung ignored Apple’s products and simply focused on what makes their own high-end devices so much better.

    I find ignorant, smug iAcolytes (not all iDevice users, mind you; just too many to overlook) as annoying as the next Android user, but am still disappointed Samsung feels such cheap snipes are called for.

  • cristian cristiandonose

    I love how it compares iphones users with sheep :))

  • jonathan3579

    I personally found this to be marketing gold.

  • mark

    I’ve really been enjoying this blog since I found it…have added it to my daily list that I check for all things Android. But I gotta say, I’m glad I saw this on another blog first because they didn’t give away the funny sheep part and it was a nice surprise. You kind of ruined it for everyone here…sorry, just had to share…

  • Lance

    is it just me..or is the beginning of the background song part of a score from the Mass Effect trilogy?

  • XFlame

    The link in the above post should be http://www.thenextgalaxy.com/ not https://www.thenextgalaxy.com/ (without s in http)

  • Richard Yarrell

    I can’t HELP BUT LAUGH…Great tease with more to come it’s going to be a great 10days with info each day. Sammy is BOSS…

    • squiddy20

      And I “can’t help but laugh” that you actually think being “BOSS” is “kool”. It’s not the 90′s anymore Richard. Get with the times.

    • Steam

      Sammy is boss? Boss of whom? Boss of what?
      Here is a direct quote from you: “…have so much technology inside of them that they both PIMP SLAP THE Samsuck Galaxy S2…” http://www.androidcentral.com/htc-sensation-hands-and-initial-review
      Once again, you can’t keep track of your own lies and fantasies. So, by your (il)logic, “Samsuck is Boss”. I know why you’ve never learned to root, or force-update for that matter; you’re an idiot.
      I don’t think you even know what you type, you just mash the keys until you make words or you dictate to someone with even more issues than you at the shelter.
      You can’t fix stupid, but you can get help for your mental issues. You’re always laughing and applauding while pissing and sh*tting on everything. You don’t see anything abnormal there? You, Richard, are in dire need of help.

  • Radril

    if anyone notice, when they say fit into your hand they put it above the curve earth. Could this indicate a curve display like in the galaxy nexus?