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Samsung to unpack The Next Galaxy phone on May 3rd


Circle May 3rd on you calendars. Samsung Mobile just sent out invitations to the UK press which say, “Come and meet the next Galaxy.” Details are limited, but the event will take place in London on May 3rd at 7PM BST / 2PM EST and be broadcast live on facebook.com/SamsungMobile.

Samsung previously said that the successor to the Galaxy S II was coming at a separate event in the first half of the year, “closer to commercial availability of the product.” If the device is revealed in early May, then it could go on sale later in May or possibly June.

We still don’t know what the official product name will become, but everyone is assuming it will be the Galaxy S III. Looking at the press invite, we suppose it could also be called the Galaxy Next.

Rumored specs of the Galaxy S III include:

  • Android 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 4.6-4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED Plus display
  • Dual-core Exynos 5250 or quad-core Exynos 4412 processor
  • 12 MP rear camera, HD front camera
  • Only 7 millimeters thick
  • Ceramic casing

The timing and location of the big reveal are particularly interesting. CTIA Wireless takes place on May 8-10th in New Orleans, so Samsung will get the early advantage of being revealed a week before the show. We don’t know if the phone will make an appearance, but it’s possible we could see the US versions announced.

If you were thinking about buying a new Android phone this month, you just might want to hold off 17 days and see what Samsung has in store. And now we return to the waiting game.


Via: Samsung Mobile Facebook

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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  • mipd1980

    Well I don’t here an upgrade on Sprint till October when I can get my Dad’s or wait until mine on March of next year so there is plenty of time for it to come on Sprint. Come on GSIII come to Papa.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Sprint Epic Touch HD 4G LTE Galaxy S III

      • spazby

        Don’t care what they are calling this phone, I will most likely get it…

        • swazedahustla

          Better question is how long are you willing to wait…..because you will be waiting a while if you are in the US.

      • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

        Taylor, you forgot the “plus” or “+” at the end!

        • dcds

          That’s for… the Sprint Epic Touch HD 4G LTE Galaxy S III plus.

  • Ps3y3Ops

    I am sooooo ready to meet “The Next Galaxy!” I’ve been crossing my fingers and toes that VZW picks this one up (it would be an EPIC fail if they didn’t) and been sitting on my upgrade for 3 months! Come on GS III (or whatever they choose to call it), come on VZW!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Did Verizon launch the Galaxy S II? Nope.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Galaxy Nexus is just another Variant. And since Verizon has no major leaks other than the Razr HD i dont think its out of rreach. Highly possible

      • Ps3y3Ops

        I didn’t say they did, I just said that I hope they do this time.

  • Hemang

    It seems very likely that the Galaxy S III will sport the quad-core Exynos 4412 processor considering that the same processor was just announced for Meizu’s flagship model, the MX Quad-core. FYI, Meizu is Chinese phone manufacturer.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I think the fact that Meizu is using the quad-core Exynos Cortex-A9 only increases the chances that Samsung is using the dual-core Exynos Cortex-A15.

      • Hemang

        I hope you’re right coz if that is the case then Christmas will come early this year :)

      • http://theinternet-allofit.blogspot.com Jorge Branco

        Yeah if Meizu (Mei-who? sorry terrible pun) are getting samsung chips at the same time as samsung then something’s gone terribly wrong

        • thel0nerang3r

          Samsung has many divisions that operate independently, they are all Samsung in name only (as far as parts allotments go). The screen for the iPad is manufactured by Samsung, yet it doesn’t (yet anyways) look like Samsung is using it for their own tablets.
          So, it’s possible that Meizu is using the same CPU that Samsung will use on it’s own devices. Though, I guess the 5x series could be used by the flagship models and the 4x series for the “mainstream” or whatever they decide to call a slightly lower line.

      • kye

        My thoughts exactly.

        wheres their product differentiation if they are just an ‘also ran’?

        Thats why a 1080p screen (pentile) would be better than a 720p screen (full matrix)

        at least they would have product differentiation. PLus the number of sub pixels still comes out about 35% more. win win.

        • Daniel TK

          I would much rather take 720p full RGB stripe over 1080p pentile. Even though the picture might be slightly crisper, it would still be a long shot from true 1080p but the graphics processing costs would be identical, resulting in a huge performance hit for very little fidelity gain.

      • Steve Barry

        I’m waiting for this exact information. I see the Galaxy Nexus is preselling on Sprint, but I’m holding off on that until I know more about the SGSIII. If the Nexus doesn’t have any upgraded specs, there’s a good chance I’ll pass on it completely. A9 -> A15 is a substantial upgrade in specs, so that would pretty much put me over the top when it comes to my next phone.

    • John

      Don’t think so. Seems like Samsung will do the same as HTC and make the LTE version in NA the dual core 5250 and the quad core in Europe.

  • thekaz

    My wife’s due for an upgrade later this month.. hmm…

    My guess is perhaps Verizon is launching this phone.. might explain why upgrade fee ($30) goes into affect a week earlier.

    • Lorenzo

      Don’t hold your breath. With a May announcement, you’ll be lucky to see it in the US by August. Last year the S2 hit the US around November… The US needs to fix this problem..

  • kye

    I’ve tried throwing money at the screen and pushing it in to the USB port.. I tried Inserting my credit card into the DVD tray.

    I even phoned Samsung customer service for them to withdraw £600 from my bank account.

    For the love of God, Take my money Samsung.

  • thaghost

    What great news to wake up to!! Great job of stepping on HTC’s toes by announcing the phone two days before the ONE X is released in the US.

    • swazedahustla

      Yea, stepping on their toes by announcing a phone that won’t be available in the states for another 5-6 months. Im sure HTC is losing lots of sleep over this.

      • kye

        Firstly, States != world
        secondly : Samsung are planning to not have that fiasco again.

  • dVyper

    I’m glad I held back on getting the One X. I generally like HTC’s stuff more, but if Samsung impress I might be swayed to jump ship…

    • nebsif

      Hell yeah, almost bought One X but its obviously rushed and all those software/build quality complaints kept me on the edge, till now, now im 100% sure I wont buy 1x till may 3th. :P

      Pretty sure the little extra wait will pay off ^^

    • theluck

      I purchased an HTC one X and i simply love it!!

  • Galen20K

    Just cannot WAIT! this will determine so what to do with their phone purchases to so many people once this is finally unveiled. Whether to stay with their current phone, upgrade to another, or gladly upgrade to the supposedly killer Galaxy S III.


    I can add that to my collection of galaxy devices.Im waiting for TAB 11.6 and the Samsung Galaxy TV also.

  • yankeesusa

    I’m very excited. I’m due up for renewal in June and still haven’t decided if i’m sticking with the evo line on sprint. The camera itself may sway me over to htc but if the camera on the new galaxy is just as good and the look of the phone is better its going to be a tough choice. Its going to be a fund couple of months. I’m waiting till december to upgrade though. That’s when my gold premier from sprint is over. Can’t wait.

  • jenskristian

    It will be hard for Samsung to live up to the hype, but I fear this will be the device I’ve been dreaming about. My Galaxy S II is more than good enough for another year, but I don’t know if I will be able to withstand…

  • cristian cristiandonose

    Finally , cant wait to get this phone to retire my 2 year old Galaxy S…

  • Nate B.

    I hope the white & blue represent the colors it’ll come in or ceramic.

    • Orion78

      Maybe I’m thinking too much into it…but I was thinking the same thing. Those colors probably mean something. I can’t wait for this event.

      • thekaz

        As long as the blue and white don’t stand for AT&T… If that is the case, I’d much rather have seen red!

      • Nate B.

        Well, its just been more rumors outed on another site being tipped that you’ll be able to get it in blue, white,or black. 1080p screen, 16 or 32 gigs. LTE on board. If this is all true, then we have a winner.

        • Nate B.

          Correction to my post. I didn’t mean blue, white, black. I meant blue & white or all black. White & blue will be the color scheme. Rumor anyways.

    • Dr.Carpy

      Couldn’t agree more. I really hope the days of black and white phones only are coming to an end.

  • haz

    giggity giggity goo!

  • triangle

    Really excited about what Samsung will bring. Hopefully, it’ll be at least as good as HTC’s offerings. It’s always nice to see competition raise the bar in android devices. I just hope they don’t disappoint.

    I’m glad to see the new phone is being announced before CTIA, but disappointed that Samsung won’t have a booth at the show in New Orleans. Maybe they’ll show off the device somewhere close by.

  • h0ruza

    All the fake news has raised the blood pressure from time to time but this simple graphic has made me feel the most optimistic.

    It is ON!

  • LittleGreenDude

    I hope it has a very thin bezel, and onscreen keys. That would be awesome.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    I’ve been seeing the words Galaxy and Nexus together too much. At first I thought the tittle said “Samsung to announce the nex Galalxy Nexus in May”,

    I’m really hoping for the next Nexus to be a non-Samsung phone, preferably HTC.

  • redraider133

    Hopefully a quick release after on all carriers not just one or two. Come on Verizon pick this up

  • Paul Atreides

    Hopefully it holds up to all of the hype. Perfect timing, right before I pre-order my EVO LTE. Hopefully they give the release date at the announcement and not a release window.

  • jmon

    yay samsung! i cant wait. hurry up and take my money!

  • sangheon96

    Shitz!! Samsung dont disappoint me!
    Will definately buy this phone!!

  • WlfHart

    This on T-Mobile US with an S-Pen and I think I’d pay full price. Just don’t make us wait long after the announcement! (Sammy said they were holding off announcement so it can be closer to launch. Hopefully that means US launch too!)

  • Vance

    Sadly I don’t even have a phone (or carrier) decent enough to “ride it out” and wait to compare this device. It’s the HTC One S on T-mo in 9 days for me. … hopefully I can find a way to be happy with that device until the 2014 Nexus offering :) .. (more likely my wife will be a proud One S owner in 6 – 12 months)

  • Nathan D.

    Yea! I have been waiting for this for awhile now. What ever happens I’ll get GS3 either way, hopefully the GS3 will meet the expectation, that if they show it on that day but I’m pretty sure they will.

  • jeff donuts

    another galaxy and another year that samsung is goona rule the year. give it up HTC u cant win

    down vote me HTC fanboys idc im a guest

  • cwjones4

    this makes my monday. now lets just hope the GS3 has a release date in the US in june/july and it’s not pushed back until august or later!

    this is going to make for an interesting choice btwn this and the EVO 4g LTE

  • kilmas

    any chance they will announced the galaxy tab 11.6 there?

  • noojAb

    waterproof anyone?

  • Bryan Stoner

    Taylor got me so excited for the Exynos 5250. I hope the S III features it!! XD

  • NasLAU

    T-Mobile Please!

  • Lt Blak

    a huge expectation from Sammy

  • aranea

    Looking forward to May 3rd. Now I need to convince my father that he needs a smartphone so I can give mine to him and get this phone.

  • Yonas

    if this is not promising,then on the note bandwagon i jump.

  • jamal adam

    This phone is gonna bring down the house.

  • MoSDeeb

    I barely work when these company events with major announcements happen. This will be no different and its a month end close of revenue. Will not be a good combo.

  • Loomis Peabody

    Praying for the 5250. I’d much prefer that in dual core over the quad core 4412.

  • Ichigo

    R.I.P HTC one x. This phone is gonna eclipse everything else.

  • Dheeraj

    for all those who are asking for a 1080p display, what’s the point folks?
    Unless looking through a microscope, would be differentiate a 720p(regular RGB) screen from a 720,000p screen on a ~5″ display? Infact, a 1080p would slow down the GPU performance of the phone. Drain battery too. Not a single advantage. Only disadvantages.

    • Dheeraj

      would you be able to differentiate*

  • Simon

    It will obviously be called the next Samsung Galaxy

    • Simon

      And by next i obviously mean new.

  • awundrin

    Samsung rocks – this phone is gonna rock as well!

  • h0ruza

    I do wonder whether samsung will use the A15 and it’s on everyone’s wishlist but something tells me it may not stop there.

    There strength in screen tech may pay a part in the new galaxy see phone.. The mind boggles as I can’t see them being out done by super lcd 2

  • jspiby2

    Can’t wait…

  • Dillan

    I love samsung and hope this phone is a show stopper and an Iphone killer…. hopefully it has onscreen button!! like the nexsus

  • Louis A

    If this phone comes to Verizon, I will put up my Gnex on cragslist and use the money to buy this phone.

    • apo

      Then my Gnex and I will feel you and your S3 when jelly bean rolls out?

  • Fooball

    “Come and meet the next Galaxy.”

    I’m hoping that means the Galaxy Tab 11.6.

    (Don’t need a new phone just yet. NEED a dual core A15 2GHZ 11.6″ tablet!!!)

  • Stella

    I can’t wait to see this phone in action. Hopefully, it comes to T-Mobile.