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Speculation: US GSM Galaxy Nexus could be first device to get Jelly Bean


Could the newly released US GSM variant of the Galaxy Nexus be the first device on the block to receive Jelly Bean once it rolls out this year? If you believe a crash log that popped up online last week, then there’s good reason to think it will be.

Last week, on April 14, an automatic crash report from developer Yuku Sugianto (an engineer at Found and well established developer in the Google Play store) was posted to Google+ that showed a device touted as the Galaxy Nexus running “JellyBean” (no version number) in the wild. This should come as no surprise. Of course Google is testing the latest version of Android to get the update running as bug-free as possible. The real interesting thing about the crash report was the “product” Jelly Bean is supposedly running on.

According to the report, the device running Jelly Bean is a Galaxy Nexus with the product name takju. Until today we had no idea what device takju might refer to. It just so happens to be the US variant of the GSM Galaxy Nexus that Google is now selling from the Play store. Which got me to thinking.

Now that the US variant of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has gone on sale, you have to wonder where it fits in with the rest of the Galaxy Nexus family. Is it carrier controlled like the “fake” CDMA variants? A regional variant that won’t be updated directly by Google like the “yakjusc” and “yakjuxw” GSM Nexuses? Or could it finally be one of the one true Nexuses? Updated directly by Google, with no carrier or manufacturer input, and able to flash AOSP builds without any modification. The very first device to receive the latest versions of Android. A developer’s developer phone, if you will.

Considering the fact that it’s being sold by Google, with support handled by Google, and it’s being used internally to test Jelly Bean, this could be the Nexus we always talk about. All Google, all the time. No interference from anyone.

I know I’ve badmouthed Google’s ability to update their Nexus devices in the past, but this still may be my next personal device. I have hope that Google can still get things down, and either way, this device is guaranteed a boat load of third-party developer support.

Come I/O, if Jelly Bean were to get announced and pushed out to any device that day, my money is on it being the US GSM Nexus.

Source: Android Police

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  • http://lawrencesamantha.com olentz

    Well, takju is the new build of Galaxy Nexus that Google sells at Play Store today (as announced by Jean-Baptiste Queru). So it is legit!


    • jonathan3579

      Google had to make up to it’s U.S. customers somehow. I don’t know about you guys but I’ll call it fair compensation with the cheaper price and being first in line for Jelly Bean.

      • professandobey

        It only makes sense that this is the device that they would be testing Jelly Bean on, as I doubt they have a finalized build of the next nexus phone yet. The only question is how big of an update Jelly Bean will be. If it’s relatively minor and it is released in the next few months, well of course this is the first phone that would get it. However, if Jelly Bean is a major update coming out towards the end of the year, I’d think the next Nexus will be first.

        • redraider133

          Agree wasn’t there leaks of the nexus s running ics before the galaxy nexus was seen? it only makes sense they would be testing the next version on what is currently out since most likely they do not have the next nexus in preparation yet.

  • R.S

    This would definitely make the US GSM variant Galaxy Nexus even sweeter!

  • Nate B.

    There’s no reason what so ever for all of them to be updated at the same time. They just like to be difficult.

    • Nate B.

      I meant there’s no reason why THEY SHOULDN’T BE UPDATED AT THE SAME TIME.

  • rata

    What’s the difference if you have a European GSM, unlock the bootloader and flash the official Google images?

  • lagnis

    Agree. Just flash TAKJU to your YAKJU or other variant and voila you have the US GSM Galaxy Nexus. Am I missing something?

    • Nate B.

      I agree. Because they both use the same radios. Just different SIMS. For the most part all GSM phones are the same yea..

  • Nathan D.

    And the perks of waiting keep racking up.

  • Vance

    This is not what I want to read on the eve of my One S acquisition! Blast now I have more soul searching to do.

  • Jon


    Software updates to your Galaxy Nexus
    A Galaxy Nexus purchased on Google Play is a Pure Google device and is among the first to receive the latest software updates from Google. We are pushing out updates to Nexus devices as quickly as possible and we will continue to provide the latest updates to these devices going forward. For devices purchased on Google Play, you can expect software updates to come directly from Google, rather than your mobile service provider.

    • davetheAndroid

      I wanted to cry. I have the Verizon version. I do feel cheated considering I am on my 3rd Nexus at 4.02. Still can’t get good reception inside a building.

  • PhilH

    I am so tempted to leave Verizon for all their BS. To be honest they don’t even get the best phones anymore. The One X, Note and every other new hotness goes to TMo and AT&T first. They got the GNex first and its turned into a mess.

    • redraider133

      I will definetely consider my options once my contract is up. The only real reason I stick with verizon is because I am grandfathered in. Once they take that away I will switch since all 4 big carriers have pretty good coverage in my area. Not to mention if I went with gsm I could get whatever phone I wanted and not rely on carriers.

  • spazby

    i am sure this will make people think twice about what to buy as their next phone…. lcak of lte radio is the big one though

    • fixedimage

      It certainly is, I pre-ordered a One X last Sunday and will most likely cancel that order to get the Nexus. I like the idea of having a contract free phone I can use anywhere.

      • SGB101

        I’d keep the x, better phone imo, and as soon as jb drops, xda, will have a build for the one x within a fortnight.

  • http://facebook.com/jestertx2001 Jesse Moreno

    There is a war raging.

    Fought not on sacred battlegrounds of yore but on the frontal lobes of this very T-Mobile customer’s mind.

    Who will win the fight? Samsung’s alluring Galaxy Nexus? Or HTC’s nimble, apt One S? Perhaps even the wise ones don’t know this. But the end is very near. What say you, new warrior? Have you any bit of clairvoyance in your bloodline? Who shall be the victor?

    Sorry, just had my 3:00 PM coffee. But seriously guys help me decide. One S or Nexus? And why?

    • Dustin Earley

      Go spend some time with the One S in a store. And do the same with the Nexus. 30 minutes with each could be a deciding factor for you. That’s one hour to not regret the next couple years you own a phone.

      • http://facebook.com/jestertx2001 Jesse Moreno

        Good suggestion. I shall do that this weekend.

        Wait T-Mobile stores have the Nexus to play around with??

      • skyflakes

        This is also what I tell friends asking for a recommendation. After shortlisting 2 or 3 devices, the deal breaker for me is always the overall usability and how comfortable the user is with each one.

    • SK

      It seems like the Nexus choice is a no brainer. It may take months for a non Google phone manufacturer to provide a JB update. On the other hand, if past is any indication, I’d expect that JB is being tested on Nexus even as wars rage in our frontal lobes :)

      So I think I am sitting pretty with my GSM Nexus and wouldn’t want to trade it for anything else right now :)

  • Angie Wimberly


  • SanzaBlancoAkA2C

    Wonder if I could buy one from the Play Store & return my other…lol

  • Richard Yarrell

    Gotta seriously look into this. If leaving Verizon has to be done THEN YES Verizon is gone just like Sprint was. I want a pure Nexus period especially with the shot at jellybean in the next 5 months who wouldn’t..

    • jonathan3579

      Richard, I’m going to give you a word of advice you should apply to your usage of the internet that maybe you haven’t learned in movie theaters…


      • Richard Yarrell

        Oh wow thanks johnny boy your just as bright as the gay college kid living in his mommy’s basement squiddy20.

        • OK Then

          Awesome so you’re a bigot as well.

        • squiddy20

          Hey Dick, at least I *have* a college education. What do you have? Based on your poor grammar, spelling, and lack of understanding of just about everything, I’d have to say you have no more than an grade school education. Of course, that’s just an *educated* guess, which is a hell of lot better than all those “insults” you’ve made about me seeing how none of them are even half true.

    • squiddy20

      Good god. I didn’t think you could get any stupider.
      1. If you do indeed have a Galaxy Nexus, you have a “pure Nexus” phone. Just because you don’t have the 4.0.4 update yet means absolutely nothing. Your updates come directly from Google (despite your ignorant ramblings about how Verizon sucks at updates, ultimately showing how little you understand), and as of yet, Google obviously hasn’t provided an update. Not to mention that if you actually “bought [a Galaxy Nexus] for the sole (not soul) purpose of having the chance to learn rooting, roming, flashing…” you could have 4.0.4 *right now* and you could stop whining and b*tching like a little child. Oh that’s right, you said you’d root your Evo 3D and never did. You said you’d root your Evo 4G and never did. You said to me on multiple occasions that rooting is for “2plus year old devices” despite a *huge* root community behind your (then) Evo 4G. What a f*cking cry-baby.
      2. There is no way that getting this phone will *guarantee* you to get JellyBean because, as the first word of the title says, this is “speculation” or “gossip” or that famous word “rumor”. Oh wait, you’re the dope who believes every *rumor* is 100% truth ALL the time. You actually believed the rumors that said the Evo 3D would be out June 4th. You actually believed the multiple rumors that said the “Galaxy Nexus will be released on [x] date”. You actually believe the Galaxy Note/Note 2/Journal is coming to Verizon when there’s only been *one rumor* on the matter, and that was well over a month ago. You actually believe the Galaxy S3 will be coming to Verizon first when history has shown it won’t. You are one gullible and delusional old fool.
      3. Have fun spending another $400 on a phone that won’t improve the quality of your life, help you with those glaring mental problems, help get you a better job, or help your pitiful excuse for spelling/grammar.

      • Joel Bird

        Squiddy, not only are you gutless for not having a real account, but you’re close to the most pompous arsehole on Androidandme. Congrats!

        Fact remains Verizon was the worst choice of carrier for a Nexus phone. The Nexus line needs to remain unshackled from a carrier so that it’s features cannot be dictated by anyone bar google. The outright GSM Nexus is the only true Nexus. Deal with it.

        • squiddy20

          Im just wondering, how does me not having an account make me “gutless”? You won’t gain any more info than what you (or anyone else) knows about me since filling out the profile info is completely voluntary. There’s virtually no benefit to me to make an account since I don’t care about ratings, login info, or added “perks”. The only thing that *might* change is the ability to “track” my comments. Woooo…

          “Fact remains Verizon was the worst choice of carrier for a Nexus phone.” I completely agree with that and never said anything contrary to that either. Carrier “exclusivity” on a Nexus phone isn’t a good thing and quite stupid. If the aim is to get a developer phone out to everyone and anyone who wants one, Google should be trying harder to make it available at least on the big 4 carriers *simultaneously*. Google, the carriers, and manufacturer of the Nexus phone would profit IMMENSELY if it were released like we want. None of this “exclusive” release on one carrier, then maybe another 2 6 months later, crap.

          “The outright GSM Nexus is the only true Nexus.” Why? Because you say it is? Haha and you called ME pompous. Try backing up those viewpoints with hard facts. Was there some Google developer who said so? Is there some all-around agreed upon definition of “Nexus phone”? What constitutes a “true Nexus phone”. Some people define it as easily unlockable/rootable and free to do with whatever you want. Some define it as updates directly from Google (which is still the case even with the Verizon version). Some people define it merely as the model phone for which the next major Android OS *should* look and feel like (which, again, is still the case with the Verizon version). Until *we all* can come to a consensus on *exactly* what a “true Nexus” is, it’s completely open to interpretation. “Pompous” enough for ya?

          • Richard Yarrell

            Fact remains you are a coward and always have been. Your simply a little gay college bitch that never makes any purchases. Guess in the real world you can’t spend any more of your poor mothers money. If she was smart she would toss your butt out of that dark basement and shed some light on your activities. Your a coward plain and simple..

      • Richard Yarrell

        This gay college boy has always been the biggest coward on this site. This is nothing new on androidandme they promote his actions because thet like these acts. You will never find this coward anywhere else in no other forums that require true identification. I already know what he is to bad in the real world we don’t meet up..

        • Groinko

          “This gay college boy” is it legal to post such words?

        • squiddy20

          Hahaha!!! Ohhhh how little you’ve learned Dicky! You should’ve realized by now that your added comments only make it easier for me to insult you and/or disprove you utterly ridiculous attempts at insults of me. For instance:
          1. You call me a “gay college boy”, but last I checked it was a *good* thing to go to college, so no real insult there. Also given the fact that you don’t know my gender, let alone name or sexual preference, makes your “useless” attempts at insults quite laughably sad.
          2. “You will never find this coward anywhere else in no other forums that require true identification.” Reality check: NO website requires “true” identification. Even Facebook or Google doesn’t require “true” identification. If I were so inclined, I could make a completely fake Facebook using my screen name of “squiddy20″, as long as I have a valid email. By the way, as I’ve said before, I use “squiddy” or squiddy20″ on pretty much all forums like these. Disqus, SDX, XDA, even my Sprint username for commenting on their forums, are all variations of the above. Now, I do have my real name on my only Facebook account, but I don’t link that up to any other accounts because I’m not a moron who knows nothing about the Internet like you. There’s a difference between being “Internet smart” (your labeling me as a “coward”) and having all your info out there for everyone and anyone to see (like you’ve so stupidly done).

      • Richard Yarrell

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        • SGB101

          Why do you have to get personalwith your attacks, it just ist needed.

        • OK Then

          Another ignorant black man.

          • Nick

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        • jonathan3579

          Bahahaha. Richard, what the hell does buying anything new or owning a Nexus have to do with anything? I own a Galaxy Note and a Galaxy Nexus (yeah, that’s right..) so where does that put me? Since you ONLY own a Nexus, I guess I need to go sit in a garbage can to be on your level and come up with equally stupid garbage-filled insults that maybe you’d understand. I think we’re just not getting through to you. Furthermore, I’d say anyone who goes to college has a lot more to offer this world than you ever will even after they die. Dude, it’s been plain and simple that many people on here just want to you oh I don’t know – GROW THE FUCK UP! You come around this place acting like you own it and like you’re superior to everyone. I own more phones than you. I graduated college. I have my own house and have a great paying job. Richard, get on my level… Hell, just get out of the trash can.

        • Steam

          You’re the one who is “f*cked”. Take note of my post above in repsone to Groinko. I’m sure you’ll laugh, call it a joke, and hold court with your imaginary phones. However, you’ll see. I’m not going to say “good luck” or “best wishes”, instead, I will simply say, “May God have mercy on your soul.” because the pweople you’re going to be dealing with probably won’t. “Boss”, “kool” etc., isn’t going to save you from getting beaten (possibly to death) by several hundred people, or make you bullet proof. I tried to help you, Richard, but you were too damn stupid to accept it.

        • redraider133

          I think I would rather have him walking around being our future rather than you….

  • Roger

    Dont hold your breath people. The way they have handled this entire situation is comical.

  • Zagrash

    Clicking “Purchase” on the unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus is looking sweeter and sweeter =)

  • 2C

    Would be nice if they offered the white version as well.

  • JH

    I will bet that JB will air with the upcoming Nexus Tablet – and next in line for JB will be Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Bottom line here folks is that YES the GSM Galaxy Nexus wilk always have preference. CDMA technology is not GSM technology and regardless of rather you have a nexus or not updates are part of the game as well. A person should not have to flash anything or root the device if you don’t want to. The carriers have responsibility as well they need to step up to the plate they get paid well. Enough information has existed on Google plus regarding this exact issue so NO RUMOR it is not. Now as for our resident TROLL here on androidandme Mr. Squiddy20 the college boy who loves to respond to every post i make everyone knows your a coward. No google plus accout, No facebook account, nothing nowhere that will identify your college ass guess that say alot as to the kind of life you live. Go TROLL some place else you college ferry walking around with a useless rooted samsung moment on Virgin mobile. Nobody in there right mind would have any desire for that device. Your now our BITCH and we will ride your back every time you post anything. But you won’t post first because you wait around for me to post first. Flat out coward is what you are..

    • squiddy20

      1. “CDMA technology is not GSM technology” What was your first clue dumbo? The fact that Verizon phones cant work on AT&T (excuse me, “AssT&T” as you’ve called it) and vice versa, or the fact that they have 2 completely different names? And you told me I need to use my education. Ha. You’re funny.
      2. Now you’re just grasping at straws Richard. Straws you can in no way be certain about. Have fun with that guesswork. I’m laughing at how stupid you are over here.

  • Richard Yarrell

    If your on google plus or twitter people this issue is REAL plain and simple. Androidandme might be saying speculation but trust me it’s not speculation. The GSM Galaxy Nexus is the NEXUS that will be supported by google directly NO carrier interference. CDMA technology is the culprit of these issues as well as Verizon. For some reason you can count on google also supporting all sprint Nexus devices because of the relationship google and sprint has. Verizon is hated by google and many other manufacturers. Verizon will never see another nexus again. To our resident TROLL on androidandme Mr. Squiddy20 you need to become better educated in this space since you go to college learn about technology my friend. http://www.androidcentral.com/google-gets-back-phone-sales-business-offering-galaxy-nexus-399

    • Groinko

      Please, make your own blog…

    • squiddy20

      1. WTF do people on G+ or Twitter have to do with this? There’s virtually no mention of those groups within the entire article. Where the hell do you come up with this crap?
      2. “For some reason you can count on google also supporting all sprint Nexus devices” But you just said “CDMA technology is the culprit of these issues” and Sprint definitely uses CDMA. So which is it Richard? IS CDMA the culprit or is it NOT? Get your damn story straight.
      3. “Mr. Squiddy20 you need to become better educated in this space” Ohhh you mean more educated like you? Right, cause I was definitely the person who said rooting was for “2plus year old devices” or that the processor in the Sensation was inferior to the *same exact one* found in your “legendary” Evo 3D, or that Sprint has simultaneous voice and data service through their network. Yeah, I definitely want to be as “educated” as you. What a joke. Seriously, how do you come up with these “insults”? All they really do is serve to show how “uneducated” YOU are. Just quit while you’re behind.

  • Orion78

    Wow……just wow. This Richard dude should be banned just based on these comments alone. I just don’t understand why these android websites continue to allow this nutjob to post ridiculous crap. He brings nothing to the table whatsoever.

    • SGB101


    • jonathan3579

      Richard Yarrell is the epitome of idiocy.

      (Who wants to make a bet that he can’t pronounce epitome or idiocy? LOL)

  • davetheAndroid

    Ah yes. I think at one time, we have all gotten pissed at Richard. Nice feat dude! (golf clap)

  • tnnm

    I think it will be the Nexus tablet.