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T-Mobile branded Samsung Galaxy Note spotted in the wild running Android 4.0


The next Samsung Galaxy device for T-Mobile may be closer than we think. Images of a T-Mobile branded Samsung Galaxy Note have surfaced, confirming rumors that the phone would be making its way to other U.S. service providers. Pictures of the phone show off some of the standard T-Mobile Android applications, but the most exciting picture confirms that the Android “phablet” is already running on Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Naturally, we still don’t know how much T-Mobile will be charging for the Samsung Galaxy Note or when they plan on releasing it. We have a feeling T-Mobile will unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note in two weeks during CTIA, but it could be another month or two before the phone makes an appearance at your local T-Mobile store.

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Would any of you rather have the Samsung Galaxy Note with Android 4.0, S Pen integration and Premium Suite over the Galaxy S III?

Source: TmoNews

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    To be honest i want them both…..i have a galaxy ADDICTION. LOL

  • Jorge Vieira

    I hope hat it comes wih the everything the international one has, with the exynos, video editor and i there is another s pen app.

  • haz

    If the Samsung GSIII came with the dual-core A-15′s I would prefer that, but this might pull through as the better option. I need quad-core like I need another hole in my head

  • spazby

    Based on rumors, I would wait for GS3

  • Dave

    It’s all about the screen. GNote has the best one, so far. SIII may be almost as good, but screen size is important to effectively utilize all of those pixels.

    As an AT&T gNote owner, I’m a bit jealous already. TMobile won’t need LTE so will probably utilize the better Exynos processors. LTE saps the battery, anyway.

    And who knows with AT&T will let me have ICS. T-Mobile gNote will probably ship with it.

  • McLovin

    This is good news for me! I love the idea of a big phone (small stealthy tablet) with a stylus.

    For as much as I love my G2, it’s risky business when I surf the web with my big fat finger. I can’t tell you how easy it is to accidentally click “like” on somebody’s FB status when all I really wanted to do was scroll the page. Plus playing “Draw Something” will be much better when I can actually draw something that’s recognizable. And text selection cut and paste is a very agonizing and fustration task when using a finger.

    For as much as I love my keyboard I could switch to the Galaxy Note.

    • SGB101

      if you use chrome browser, it is almost impossible to do, as if you dont hit the exact area, you get a zoomed in view of the link.

      it is such a simple but great idea, you’d wonder why it wasn’t dome before. the only thing(s) chrome lacks is the ‘to the top arrow’ that dolphin has and lastpass integration.

    • RRR

      My useless advice is — try Opera Mobile or/and Mini. That is a bit more convenient for selection.

      But the GNote, or better, future GNote2 with its finer non-pentile screen and possibly larger battery is of course the best solution. If you browse a lot, the 5″+ HD screen is a must (more precisely, the 2.8-3.0″ width of the screen to fill the whole website is kind of a threshold of comfortable reading of non-zoomed sites).

      The lack of competition here made Samsung charge us more then Apple charges for retina ipad though. $800 for the device which costs them max 120-150 bucks to build??!

  • WlfHart

    Better late than never, but by this point I’m hoping they are working on a Note II by now.

  • Nathan D.

    I’m going with galaxy S3 all the way.

  • Marcofromda510

    Very tempting. So with the possibility of the Galaxy Note, One X, and Samsung Galaxy 3 coming to T-Mobile, its going to be hard to decide. One X is my first choice, but samsung is starting to close the gap. Glad I’m a patient person. Looks like it’s about to pay off.