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T-Mobile schedules HTC One S press event for April 18


T-Mobile may finally be ready to announce the pricing and launch details for the HTC One S. An invitation has been sent out today, inviting members of the press “to be among the first to experience the HTC One S” at a private event in New York City on April 18th featuring a musical performance by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Pre-orders for T-Mobile phones are rare, but we wouldn’t be surprised if customers would be allowed to pre-order the HTC One S starting on April 18 (after the event, of course) so that the phone arrives at their door step on April 25.

How many of you are excited for the HTC One S and have plans to buy the phone? It may not be as spec heavy as the HTC One X, but it will be the best Android phone available on T-Mobile.

Source: Engadget

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  • inviolable


  • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

    I’ll probably be getting a demo unit, but I plan on buying the HTC One S to replace my dated G2.

    • http://thomashunsaker.com thunsaker

      I’m coming from a G2 as well, the One S is like half its thickness. I think I’m going to holdout until the SGS3 is released. What I really want is the One X screen and the One S case/finish.

      • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

        I was thinking the same, but 4.3-inch is already big for me. Going to a 4.7-inch display would be unbearable at least for me.

        • sgb101

          i went with the X, and its is hardly any bigger than the sensation xe (4.3) it actually feels smaller in the hand.

          i actually went from the Desire to the X, but had the sensation for a week in between, due to my AUX jack failing.

          • Mike

            I don’t think the actual physical size of the device is the biggest problem. I think the main problem is being able to comfortably reach the entire screen with your thumb when using it one-handed. Unless you are content with always using your phone two-handed. For people who want to use their phone one handed (and don’t have big hands), 4.7 is just too big without on screen buttons taking up some space.

    • Rick

      i have a G2 also and i think is time to upgrade. i think this is the phone for me. hopefully we can pre-order next wednesday.

  • skugern

    I can’t be the only one who’s annoyed by all the “Special Press” events just to announce pricing and a launch date for a phone – they’re not even announcing the phone itself. I mean, an email to all the press outlets with that info would be good enough.

    That being said, I’m happy that HTC continues to lead the pack with high end phones, especially pushing ahead with ICS. It won’t replace my Galaxy S II, though :)

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Think about it from T-Mobile’s perspective. An email that goes out to press and blogs will get coverage from all the blogs but very few main members of the press (CNN, NYC, and other media organizations) will completely ignore it.

      Put on a press event and you’ll get everyone talking about it with hands-on pictures and video before the pone hits the market. It’s a lot cheaper to host a press event than it is to push out a nation wide marketing campaign.

    • NasLAU

      As much as everyone wants to copy apple they always forget a crucial piece: Shut your mouth until you release. Don’t build hype just to let it die before consumers can actually buy your product.

      • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

        While there have been plenty of leaks, T-Mobile has not talked about the HTC One S since the handset’ official unveiling at Mobile World Congress. Even then, it was simply a line item in a press release stating that the phone would launch on T-Mobile this year.

        Honestly, I would have likely more details about the launch sooner, but average consumers will probably hear about the HTC One S for T-Mobile for the first time sometime next week.

        • NasLAU

          HTC has definitely been talking. Not to mention all the leaks. Everyone who reads this site knew almost everything there was to know about the One X, and to a lesser extent the One S for a while. Yet where are they?

          I was ready to buy months ago when news started coming out. Now I’m waiting for the SGSIII. At least Samsung appears to be learning a little.

          • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

            HTC has been talking about the One S and X, but they have been focusing on the international versions of the phone which went on sale last week, a little more than 5 weeks after they were unveiled for the first time at Mobile World Congress the last week of February.

            To give you an idea of how tight lipped U.S. carriers are about these phones, you can go through the archive to see how much news there has been about the HTC One X that’s heading to AT&T. Close to nothing. You may be upset that these phones are not on the market yet, but I’d say more than 95% of consumers in the U.S. have never heard of the HTC One.

        • shadowxof

          I actually had some time to talk to a t-mobile representative that said their corporate conference call was all about the One S releasing on the 25th. Sounds like most of the rumors I read have lined up with this almost exactly.

  • LittleGreenDude

    Can’t wait for the One S and the one X to become available, but I have this nagging in the back of my mind that says, “Don’t get it, wait for the Galaxy SIII.”

    • spazby

      If I was eligible to upgrade now, I would not wait…

    • inviolable

      I’m anxious to see what its all about too, but the galaxy s probably won’t be here in the us until closer to the fall, if that soon, so I dunno. I live HTC, and the One S is a beautiful phone with great reviews, so I think I made my decision.

    • Cafefrenzy

      My feeling is you can always sell the One S and buy the Galaxy SIII when it comes out.

  • Vance

    I’m getting this phone. It wasn’t my first choice, but after breaking down all of my options and variables, including time frame and carrier preference, I really can’t hold out for the One X any longer. For a brief moment I thought I was going to buy the European version unlocked until I learned it wouldn’t support t-mobile’s high speed bands :(
    Still… I’m stoked to get my hands on this device! Do you know if it will come in white, too?

  • Zagrash

    I shouldn’t be wrestling with this as much as I am…lack of expandable storage, and no NFC are nearly killing this for me though…I don’t even know if I have any USE for NFC, but it just seems that omitting it from this round of phones is a mistake.

    • sgb101

      LOL, i got my X, then thought ‘what cant i do with this NFC’ turns out in the UK, at least, it is nothing.

      • Zagrash

        I think the obvious loss would be ICS’s Beam…that runs on NFC, doesn’t it?

        • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

          Yes, but how many apps have been updated to use Beam?

          • Zagrash

            probably not many, but I tend to hang on to phones for awhile if I can help it, and I’m assuming that at some point in the life of the phone, more apps will support it.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    One S <3

  • Blake

    Neither of my HTC batteries has made it a full 2 years.
    Not sure why I would want a phone where I can’t even buy a replacement.

    • Zagrash

      that too, no user-replaceable battery also makes me sad

      • WlfHart

        Unfortunately that feature killed this phone for me. It’s beautiful and all, but I need to be able to swap the battery.

  • OutofPlace

    I follow Android device news pretty closely. I’m on AaM daily and I take it all in. I keep track of the phones coming out, the developments made by carriers to bring faster access, etc. and the app world. I kinda keep an eye on it all. That being said, I’m not a developer. I’m a consumer (I’d like to think I’m a pretty savvy one, though).

    But I have to be honest: I’ve carried around a G2X for a year now and I haven’t seen that much advancement in devices to make me go out and buy a new device. Sure the tech specs have improved with the move to quad cores and the investment in better screen tech, etc, but all in all I’m pretty happy with my one year old device. It runs all the apps I want it to run. It’s rooted and fast. And, despite the experiences many other G2X owners have experienced, it’s been a fairly solid phone.

    So yeah, the One S is a great phone. But I think the device industry is plateauing somewhat. That’s not a bad thing. I just don’t see me dropping my current phone year after year like I’ve done going from a Blackberry to the G1 to the Vibrant to the G2X. I even say this knowing that I could get the phone at contract price (my wife’s contract is up for renewal). But even then I don’t think I am so unhappy with my current phone that I would pay $199 (or whatever the contract price ends up being) to be rid of it.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      This is exactly why I keep my phones for 18-24 months before upgrading. A lot of people who ready this blog on a regular basis would probably think I’m crazy, but I honestly don’t think consumers will not see a noticeable difference if they upgrade once a year.

      Keep in mind, buying a new phone isn’t that expensive if you plan on selling your current device. You can typically recuperation a few hundred dollars even if your phone is two years old.

  • AnthonyRyan

    This phone will replace my Sensation

  • MrMrMan

    This phone sucks! T-Mobile better announce something superior soon.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I’m a college kid with an very old laptop and even older samsung moment. Can anyone help me to actually get my hands on a real smartphone. I can’t ask my mom for any more money it’s bad enough i stay in her dark basement for free. Send me your thoughts to [email protected]

    • squiddy20

      Wow. All this BS for little ‘ol me? I’m truly touched Richard. It must’ve taken all your creativity and (relatively limited) brain power to come up with this pitiful excuse for an insult. Here’s how you’ve got things wrong:
      1. 2.5 years isn’t “very old” for a laptop. If I had the 5 year old laptop that you say I have, that *might* be bordering on “old”, but it would still beat your “pimp/bitch slapping” Galaxy Nexus because you’re actually stupid enough to try comparing a PHONE to a LAPTOP. I guess you’ll never learn.
      2. The Samsung Moment was marketed by Sprint as a “real” smartphone. It’s categorized as a smartphone on just about any website you go to. “This CDMA smartphone sports…” quote from: http://www.phonescoop.com/phones/phone.php?p=2311
      “The Samsung Moment, known as SPH-M900, is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung” quote from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samsung_SPH-M900
      So with just a few words, I’ve proved your “useless” insult wrong again.
      3. You know absolutely nothing about me, not even my real name, so you can in no way say with even remote certainty that I have no money or that I live in my “momma’s” basement. I actually have a nicely paying job and live with my father temporarily. Keep those “useless” insults coming Dick.
      4. You do realize that “@jerksareus.com” isn’t even close to a real domain name for email, right? Not to mention, how incredibly juvenile of you. You think you’re so “kool” (as you commonly spell it) and funny, but all you’re really doing is proving how much I’ve gotten to you, and how much of an immature asswipe you are. You do realize I saw your post where you called me out, found here: http://androidandme.com/2012/04/smartphones-2/a-behind-the-scenes-look-at-the-creation-of-the-htc-evo-4g-lte/comment-page-1/#comment-302403 , but chose not to respond just to prove you wrong, right? What a hopeless dope. Go “push up on” your “pimp slapping” Galaxy Nexus like you said you do.

      • snowbdr89

        @dick n squiddy20 get married n be done with it!”

      • Loomis Peabody

        Hahaha. You guys are so much alike its ridiculous.

        • Loomis Peabody

          Oh and by “alike” I mean douche bags.

    • Steam

      You really are mentally decaying faster and faster, aren’t you? You’re making infantile “insults”(which actually weren’t insulting, it just made you look like a complete dipsh*t) to a guy who is younger than your son. Stop projecting your issues, Richard. I told you before; go get psychiatric help. Just because your dad rammed and donkey-punched you in that dark basement while shitting and pissing on you afterwards and calling you useless while your mom laughed at you doesn’t mean that you should project that onto others.
      As for your imaginary phones and calling other people’s things useless especially squiddy’s phone “useless”, just stop. Now. Seriously. YOU have the balls (I think it’s just the stupidity and mental issues rather than anything else) to call squiddy’s phone and laptop “old and outdated”?! Are you f*cking kidding me?!?! I saw your stupid video on your G+ page. You know, the one where you took some video of a Yankees game from an old, piece of sh*t 19″ CRT TV from 1977? LMFAO (I am literally laughing out loud right now). You have an ancient, POS TV with the rounded picture tube that you probably found in the trash, and you’re going to call a 2.5 year-old macbook pro “useless” and “outdated”? I have a Samsung UN46D8000 just in my bedroom, and the 60″ version in the living room. You have something that you found in a dumpster, Mr. “I-have-teh-kool-tech-it’s-all-boss-and-better-than-yours”
      You, Richard, are the dumbest motherf*cker to ever use the internet. I hope your son isn’t anywhere nearly as screwed up as you are.

  • nicxus

    Come on T-Mobile bring the Tegra 3 One-X to the states!

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      The Tegra 3 model doesn’t support 42Mbps HSPA+ network speeds.

  • nicxus

    Come on T-Mobile bring the Tegra 3 One-X to the states1

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Once T-Mobile starts shifting its AWS bands over to make room for LTE, unlocked European 3G phones will work on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network. That also means you could buy a phone from AT&T, unlock it and get 3G access on T-Mobile.

  • leaponover

    This is fake… it would be Dale Earnhardt II :P

  • Bellooch

    This phone is going to RULE the pack. Yeah the SGS3 will be great. I’m not a huge Samsung phone phan. I think their hardware is lackluster. The One S is going to be a fabulous replacement for the G2X.

    ALSOOOOOO, LG is coming out with a bangin phone in Summer. Well, this is per a T-Mobile rep. I’ve looked for it… I’m not finding much info about it. I’ve been very happy with the G2X. If the DO release a bangin ‘even better’ phone, I’ll sell my One S and pay retail for it. What the hell right?