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This Galaxy Note video was the most effective TV ad of Q1


What was the most effective ad broadcast on national TV this year? According to Ace Metrix, Samsung took home the gold with their Galaxy Note ad called The Best Of A Phone And Tablet.

TV ads were scored on a scale of 0-950, which represents scoring on creative attributes such as relevance, persuasion, watchability, information, attention, and more. Samsung earned an Ace Score of 686, which topped two of the Super Bowl’s most popular ads from Doritos and M&M’s. It was also well ahead of Apple’s best ad, which scored a 618.

“Q1 is arguably the most important quarter for advertising, as the Super Bowl, Oscars, and awards season in general drives the advertising agenda,” said Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix. “It will be very interesting to watch how Samsung’s continually impressive ads affect the company’s marketshare vis-à-vis competitors like Apple, which, this quarter, did not come close to measuring up to Samsung’s advertising prowess.  Samsung’s top-ranked ad was particularly brilliant because it conveyed innovation and information without a narrator.”

Samsung has already shipped 5 million units, with plans to hit 10 million by the end of the year, so this device is easily the best selling “phablet” to hit the market. The Galaxy Note is currently exclusive to AT&T in the United States, but rumors have suggested it could launch on Verizon and Sprint as the Galaxy Journal.

In case you haven’t been watching TV or paying attention ads, check out Samsung’s winning video below and let us know what you think. Do you like the style of the video and the attention given to the product, without a narrator?

Source: AceMetrix

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  • Ardrid

    I have to agree that the Galaxy Note ads have been extremely well-done; almost Apple-like in the way they communicate their message. A 5+ inch device is a bit too much for me though.

    • LittleGreenDude

      Have you ever tried Actually holding it? I was skeptical too until I actually got to use one. My hands are around average and I could hold it quite comfortably.

    • Jon Garrett

      EVERYONE who claims the Note is too big has never held one. It actually feels smaller the more you use it–it even fits in the pockets of my skinny jeans, so NO its not too big.

    • busaadalzayed

      l need a proffesional advice in comparing between samsung note &samsung galaxy s3, which one is better in many ways

  • Meister_Li

    What a surprise that some super-weird robot ad that shows the phone for like 10% of the ad (Droid) or people jumping around and essentially having some strange party occasionally showing the phone (other Samsung) doesn’t work as well as just… You know, SHOWING THE PHONE. It’s really not rocket science. Apple did this right ages ago.

  • Dan13

    Bravo Sammy. Bravo. That is a very enticing ad. It makes me want a Gnote even more!

  • JanSolo

    Hard not to love listening to Air’s “Alone in Koyoto”. Reminds me of watching Lost in Translation. Anyhow, that’s a very effective commercial.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Looking at this device on video is one thing. Seeing it upclose and personal in real world usage is totally another. This is the TOP SKINNED android device on the market it just offers a very comfortable advantage over everything else. Samsung knew what they were doing in bringing this device to market and the best is yet to come. The Note 2 or Galaxy Journal with ice cream sandwich and maybe a different processor or more ram will be the ideal device for Verizon come later this summer. I will be making a hard choice later this year it will be either this or the Galaxy S3. It would be great if the next Galaxy Nexus was also on Verizon come December.

    • squiddy20

      As I’ve always stated, you’re a moron and here’s why:
      1. If by “real world usage” you mean going to your local AT&T store (the only place where you can play with the phone unless you borrow someone else’s) and play with it there for 10 minutes or so, then you have no clue what the phrase “real world” means. See, unlike you, most people don’t spend their lives in AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile stores oohing and awwing over cell phones.
      2. There’s only be *one rumor* (several months back) that Verizon would get some version of the Note/Journal, and you’re stupid enough to claim that it’s 100% accurate with no other proof. Not only that, but a summer release is all but impossible here in the states, or haven’t you learned from the past 2 Galaxy S releases? Released to all countries but the US and then the US 4-7 months later. This won’t change because the “Big Four” carriers want to “differentiate” themselves from each other. The fact that you haven’t picked up on this speaks volumes of your intelligence, or lack thereof.
      3.The “Galaxy Nexus” is already on Verizon you dolt. Don’t you have one? Shouldn’t you know that? And if you meant the the next “Nexus phone” then surely you must know it won’t be called the “Galaxy Nexus” again?

    • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

      Why do you keep calling it “The Note 2″?

      The rumor stated that Verizon might be getting the Galaxy Note this year. Which doesn’t mean “The Note 2″, it means the first Galaxy Note, likely the same one that AT&T has. So yes a 1.5 GHZ S3 processor, Adreno 220 GPU, and 1GB of RAM; I don’t know where your delusional thoughts are coming from.

      Please stop spouting off all of this BS!!!

  • james

    sammy and at&t are on fire :P BTW galaxy note lovers . here is ICS for Samsung galaxy note

    http://gadgetstip.com/official-ice-cream-sandwich-leaks-for-att-samsung-galaxy-note/ who is going to update ?

  • Mike

    Great ad if only for that awesome tune. “Alone in Koyoto” by Air if anyone is interested.

  • Nathan D.

    Wow they actually show the phone in most of the video if only they did more ads like that.

  • ajsh`

    Got to say, it does shows Note full capability compared to earlier ads

  • beleafer22

    Got my Note yesterday LOVING it so far. Can’t believe how I was starring at such a small screen on my 3GS for so long.

  • Jorge Vieira

    I did think this ad is a cut abover the rest, everytine i watch it it grabs ny attention evnb tho i already own the phone. Wheb i wath the comercial its like looking at a dif the device!

    • Seade

      Wow, you didn’t do too well in school, did you?

  • epps720

    I agree it’s a great commercial. The note has me so intrigued I went to AT&T to check it out and this is a great phone. I have average size hands for a guy and thought the phone was pretty comfortable. The big test is the pant pocket test, how well does it fit in the pocket. Which I couldn’t do due to the security wire on the phone.

    • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

      If it can fit in my Wife’s tiny pockets, you shouldn’t have any trouble. Yes, it even fits in skinny jeans. (If you wear them, I won’t tell anyone.)

  • WlfHart

    Simple, to the point, great soundtrack, definitely a win in my book.

  • spazby

    galaxy note is 1 of the best devices out there

  • GE 918

    ‘m still drooling! I checked out the Note at AT&T, and I’ve played around with my friends on two
    different occasions and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m in love.

  • Yeah

    It did well since you actually got to see the phone in the ad, unlike all other android phones where all you see are cyborgs or lighting. cough droid

  • Burnd

    I think the ad is so effective because it makes you think the Galaxy Note is more creative and has more features than other phones. Samsung indeed did a nice job on that.

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

    Wait, I’m confused. This is an ad about a smartphone that shows the phone’s features off in a real way, and the ad is focused on the smartphone? Where are the witty jokes, the artsy time lapses, the breathtaking landscapes, and pretty faces that show me how cool I’ll be if I use this phone?

    I don’t get it.