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Verizon releases updates for Droid 4, Razr and Razr Maxx


Verizon has issued incremental updates for three of their most popular smartphones today, the Motorola Droid 4, Droid Razr and Droid Razr Maxx.

The Motorola Droid 4′s update is being called 6.13.219.XT894.Verizon.en.US (or 6.13.219 for short), and boasts several new enhancements and bug fixes to keep your phone running like new. Along with improvements to WiFi connectivity, messaging, the touchscreen and battery life, you’ll find a couple of bug fixes related to the power on function and keyboard as well.

Both the Razr and Razr Maxx are receiving an update to 6.12.181. While it’s still not Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, it will still put your Razr of choice on the right track towards the next big update. 6.12.181 for Verizon’s Droid Razrs features enhanced battery life, improved 4G LTE and several other stability and security enhancements.

To download updates for the Droid 4, Razr or Razr Maxx over the air, from of the homescreen of your device simply press the Menu Key > tap Settings > About phone > System updates > Download. After that, just follow the prompts and you should be all set. If you own any of the Droids getting an update, be sure to share your experiences below.

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  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    And how many months ago should this have been an article about an update to 4.0.x??? :-(

    • kd16

      The update messes up your browser and the way the internet loads don’t do it.

  • tamar

    I have no update for my Droid 4 here. 6.3.215.XT894 is apparently the latest version available for my phone…except it’s clearly not.

    Is it still being rolled out?

    • Dustin Earley

      It may take a minute.

      • Tamar

        Well, it’s been 2 hours. Those are long minutes. :)

    • FilmSwagger

      My phone automatically got the update earlier today.

  • djkoz78

    If anyone still thinks that VZW doesn’t purposefully hold onto new OS updates like 4.0 ICS then you’re an idiot. Not a single device had been updated to 4.0 ICS in VZW’s lineup. All the other carriers have already started updating at least 1 phone VZW has done 1. I really really am starting to hate VZW. They’re the worst carrier for updates. VZW – Why update a device to ICS when we can hold into it & instead of someone holding of to upgrade when the time comes then they’ll upgrade so they don’t have to wait any longer & we get more money.

    • djkoz78

      Very hasn’t updated any… Freaking SWYPE!

  • Nomadicnut

    Nothing here. Razr Maxx @ 5:55pm est

  • josh Blevins

    I got a RAZR and im not seeing anything in my phone about an update

  • Eduardo

    I have a RAZR and still nothing (7:52pm)

  • Malinda

    Where is the update for the Droid Bionic!!!!

  • Roz

    it is thursday april 19 – 6:27 a.m. – no update on my maxx

  • TheKingOdysseus

    My Razr tells me system update odds not available at this time, try again later. I’m in North Alabama. Will let you know when I get it.

  • TheKingOdysseus

    That was supposed to be is, not odds, stupid Swype

  • MrDroidRazr

    I haven’t received an update yet………..what is the hold up? Also ICS should’ve been here already

  • Jake2077

    Nothing here either. Used the droid razr utility to unroot and return to stock just in case.

  • eallan

    I feel really bad for all you folks who have Razrs and keep posting “No update here.”

    It’s ridiculous how long this is taking.

    • TheKingOdysseus

      <— is waiting for the update on my buggy phone, rofl!! Actually my phone works great, fast, nice screen, and my buddy who got the iPhone 4s, now wants a Razr since I showed him there is an app that is better than Siri. Lol, I'm just curious to see what this phone will really do.

      • Chris

        What is this app you’re talking about?

        • Roslyn McArthur

          someone wrote that there was an app that was better then the iphone’s sri – I wondered what it was

  • Richard Yarrell

    Verizon has always been the WORST in the update game out of all carriers. All they care about is that crappy bug infested bloatware Razr and shitty Razr Maxx. Piss on Verizon

    • Steam

      “Verizon has always been the WORST in the update game out of all carriers” No, they haven’t dumbass. The OG Droid, without which, Android probably would not be what it is today, was the first with 2.0, then quickly updated to 2.0.1→2.1→2.2, with a ton of smaller updates in between. Verizon does very well with updates, actually. Do you understand what it takes to update a phone? This is a multi-billion dollar corporation, not one of your imaginary friends. They have to code, test, tweak, recode, test, test, and test again before releasing a new build to millions of people. They’re official builds, not custom ROMs, if something goes wrong, they have to eat it.
      “All they care about is that crappy bug infested bloatware Razr and shitty Razr Maxx” No shit, retard, they’re Verizon’s flagship phones. I don’t know where you get “crappy” and “bug-infested bloatware” from, I have a GNex and a RAZR MAXX, the RAZR MAXX is a great phone, and it’s actually less buggy than a stock GNex. I’ve never had a problem with it. Just because you’re too stupid to root and ROM your phone (which doesn’t matter, because it’s all a fantasy world anyway), don’t get bent because your imaginary GNex didn’t get the update yet. You DO understand that the GNex isn’t Verizon’s phone, right? Verizon doesn’t update the GNex, you moron, Google does. It’s a CDMA network, not GSM, it needs different updates. Maybe the person who is reading this to you can help explain this.
      “Piss on Verizon” What the actual f*ck is with you and pissing and shitting on everything? As I’ve told you before, go see the nice psychiatrist and talk out your horrible memories of your father and the Dark Basement, and get some meds. Also, on the Verizon thing, who is your imaginary carrier today, Richard? Very recently you were “rolling with the big boys on Verizon”, now, you want to urinate on them. Did you walk into a Verizon store and realize that you couldn’t afford Verizon if you worked 168 hours a week? Who is it, Richard? Who is the new imaginary carrier? Did you go into the future and get a Nexus 12 running LTE Advanced on a network that doesn’t exist yet?
      I literally burst out laughing when I read your post, you, Richard, are the most idiotic, deranged, Walter Mitty, wannabe retard ever to access the internet. You actually become more stupid and deranged as time goes on. Do hang in there until February 2014 so I can collect on my bet.

    • squiddy20

      Hahahaha! What a f*cking moron! Seriously, before you got your “pimp slapping” Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, you were with Sprint and your “legendary” Evo 3D. At that time you pretty much stated that Verizon was “evil” and “the devil” and how terrible it was because it was soooo expensive and their phones were “ripoffs” of other phones. Then you shack up with Verizon to get the Galaxy Nexus, all the while saying how “great” it was to be on Verizon, how Verizon was “pissing on” all the other carriers and your usual other bullsh*t. Now you’re back to saying Verizon’s “the worst” carrier *while you’re still paying them*. Please tell me you see not only the irony, but the hypocrisy in your own f*cked up words? Talk about not being able to get your miserable little story straight.
      What’s wrong Dick? A little pissy that your “pimp slapping” Galaxy Nexus hasn’t gotten that 4.0.4 update? Having a little temper tantrum like a 5 year old child because you don’t have “the latest and greatest”? You know you can root your phone right now and get that update, right? Oh no, I forgot, you’re the dolt who told me rooting is for “2plus year old devices” and has absolutely no access to a real computer with which to root your phone (or the know-how on how to use it). What a f*cking cry-baby.

  • Mike1916

    Just got droid 4 update. Better battery life will be appreciated

    • Tamar

      I’m still waiting for it.

  • Porter

    I still haven’t gotten this update on my RAZR

    • Travis

      Me either, Guess this is another joke!

  • Joe

    No update yet….

  • Ty

    RAZR / RAZR Maxx users (like myself) when this article was published, it was actually the soak test that had begun and not the actual update.

    However from what I’ve heard, an update usually drops approximately one week after Verizon announces it / gives the change log.

    Not too many issues with my RAZR Maxx but I look forward to this update to give any improvements it can. And call me crazy but I’m kind of content with GB. I’d prefer waiting for ICS and getting a version that’s not buggy. I keep hearing of issues with ICS. Even from Nexus users! Maybe with build 4.0.4 (sans radio issues) Moto will use that for the Razrs update. We shall see. Until then I look forward to a non-buggy GB.

    Look for the update early next week!

  • Birney

    Got the update on my Razr Maxx a few mimutes ago. So far so good

  • CDD

    Razr update right now! Hoping for battery

  • MN

    I have two razr maxx and ran the update to both last night. the first was flawless. the 2nd cannot be updated. I just get message that the update failed.

    • Roslyn

      still waiting – when i got to system updates, it says check for updates not available

  • DKB

    This update has thoroughly pissed me off. After my phone forced my update, my touchscreen has gone to hell. I can hold my finger on the screen and have a slew or random key presses. And no, I am not moving my finger. Consider this the last straw with Motorola. Forcing me to update to a faulty software? Not even close to a good business practice, and also a terrible way to retain anybody already on the fence.

  • matt

    ^ same thing happened to mine…makes it really annoying at times…razr


    I just got the update this morning and no my phone is useless… i can not do anything… not even reset back to factory settings… Now I have to wait until they mail me another phone under the phone warranty… most likely a refurbished phone, so now I am without a phone!!! dang it!!! this suck big time!!!

  • ash

    I absolutely love the update.. Especially he face recognition feature to unlock my phone :)

  • Jane

    I hate the new update. Ever since I got it my battery doesn’t even last a full day.

  • Jennifer

    i installed this the other day. it never occurs to me to not install an update. this update completely screwed up my droid 4. it removed a lot of useful previous apps that were part of the phone previously, not downloaded by me or changed them to make then useless. it has made made a lot of the current apps i have useless as well or they force quit all the time and i have updated them already since the update. my screen will go completely blank with all my app icons disappearing. it is all screwed up. it has turned a good phone into an annoying piece of crap. if anyone has any idea of how to get my phone back to its last software update i would love to hear it.