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Why don’t more Android phones have a MAXX battery?


Talk time up to 21 hours. Watch movies 2.5x longer than you can on Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Browse 93% longer than you can on the HTC Rezound.

This week Motorola is releasing a series of videos to show how the RAZR MAXX is besting the competition. They placed the RAZR MAXX against the iPhone 4S and LG Spectrum to show how the devices stacked up when using turn-by-turn navigation. To no surprise, both competing devices died within hours, while the RAZR MAXX still had 40% battery left at the end of the trip.

HTC says consumers would rather have thin phones, but Motorola managed to stuff a 3,300 mAh battery inside a phone that measures only 8.99 mm thick.

The battery life on the Droid RAZR MAXX is freaking amazing, so why haven’t more handset makers copied Motorola?

Source: Motorola YouTube

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  • foxtrot21alpha

    Because They know people buy the phone anyways.

    • thekaz

      I would say that is true for a good portion of Android purchasers, but that’s partly because a lot of non-technical people are purchasing on three things: looks, price, and hype. If more people knew how much better battery life the MAXX gets, they might be more inclined to purchase it.

      For example, my wife is in the market for a new phone. She uses it on the road a lot of work and personal stuff. If I bought her a GNEX like mine, she’d freak about running out of battery so quickly. One of the reasons I am looking at the MAXX is because it suits her battery needs.

      The only problem, is the thing is so damned thin, I am afraid it’ll snap in her purse…

    • Steve

      Because if they supply a “real” battery, they wont make any money on replacement batteries and they wont receive their kick backs from the manufacturers of the over size battery covers and the oversize phone cases.

  • Mike

    Interesting, but they should have turned off LTE on the LTE devices if they wanted a fair test. Obviously I realize they didn’t really care about that.

    • Brian

      Why turn off the LTE? Motorola is demonstrating how an LTE phone can outlast ALL of its competitors, despite LTE having a (deservedly) bad reputation on battery life.

  • NamelessTed

    I would like to know the same thing. I personally don’t give a shit about having a thin phone, it isn’t even a linear relationship. A phone could be 10% thicker to account for a bigger battery and get 100% more battery life. The reason they do it is because they want to make the most profit, plain and simple. And they get away with it because the consumer lets them. I am glad Motorola finally realized there was a market for a phone that doesn’t have absolutely atrocious battery life.

    The problem is that the cell phone cycle right now with all of these companies is so damn slow. It takes them 6+ months to update the software on their phones, how long do you think it is going to take them to make no-brainer hardware standard instead of a special feature. I wish I could just design my own phone because there honestly isn’t anything on the market right now that I would pay money for. I am probably going to be forced into buying something that I don’t want at the end of this end when I will need to get a new phone.

  • honourbound68

    So they can sell extended batteries as accessories? Nah… It’s because we’d pay $199-$299 to upgrade our phones regardless of whether it had an extended battery or not. Motorola did good with the Maxx. Hope the other manufacturers follow suit.

  • davetheAndroid

    Being a current owner of a Gnex with horrid reception, the maxx is very tempting right now… Aside from the display and OS.

  • cthonctic

    I think 3+Ah batteries are overkill, at least for my usage profile. Even with the usual ~1700mAh capacity I always make it through the day and the device is getting charged every night anyway regardless of how many percent are left.

    But I still wouldn’t mind if high-end smartphones homed in on the 2250 to 2500 mAh area by default. Seems like an okay battery size and should still generally allow for <10mm thickness.

    • cthonctic

      Oh, and please make sure your batteries are replacable, manufacturers! Hardwired batteries aren’t sexy.

      • professandobey

        Agreed, but only if the battery is small that there’s a possibility that it won’t last all day. With a Maxx battery, I don’t care if you cannot remove it.

    • bemymonkey

      Really? The average screen on time on the Galaxy Nexus is about 4 hours – less if heavily using the radios with screen brightness above 0.

  • Ps3y3Ops

    When getting a new phone, nobody asks how long it will last on a single charge. Screen size and how fast they can check a status are more likely to be the main concerns for a vast majority of users, i.e. that was sooooo 15 seconds ago.

  • thedan55

    I totally agree. I have the HTC one x and don’t get me wrong this is one insanely amazing phone. But the battery life while actually using it is kinda meh. Stand by time is amazing through. I do know for a fact that once nvidia and HTC update the software for the tegra 3 chip the battery will improve. But it shouldn’t be like that.

    And I can’t even change the battery lol unless I use a external battery pack shock I have but is kinda big. Let’s just hope we get cases with batteries in them like the iPhone

    • SGB101

      When u say meh, do u mean poo? as my one x isn’t great power wise. but I have found it charges insanity fast.

  • Alex Belko

    That’s what I ask myself every few hours when using my phone heavily. I must admit I like thin phones but 3300 at 8.9mm that’s something! I wish there was a MAXX battery for sgs2

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    Why? Didn’t we read a news about HTC did a survey stating that consumers place thinness above battery life? That’s why — stupid companies doing stupid surveys, collect stupid data from stupid consumers.

    • Raptor

      hahaha. …well said. Good to know smart people come here sometimes.

  • Jerry

    ..You guys gotta remember that the Razr Maxx and Razr are wide as hell … despite only being a 4.3 in. smarphone .. it’s wider than the Galaxy Nexus which is 4.65 in.

    They ‘ve had to make it wider to make it that thin…

    But I still understand your overall sentiment .. maybe not Maxx battery.. but something close enough ..

  • mmm

    Maxx is not all that great i have to keep it on charge all day……it sucks I miss iPhone

    • Kindroid

      iPhone troll

    • Datsmax

      Thats Hillarious..

  • Kindroid

    I have owned the Razr Maxx for about a month now. I can tell you the phone is revolutionary from a use point of view. I leave wifi, gps and screen brightness to the max 24/7. I use it a lot more than my Droid X…because I no longer have to ration my use to stretch battery performance. Now you may say….big deal. But this phone can do a lot. If I want to stream video for 4 hours, then stream music for another 3 hours, text messages, surf the web for a couple hours and game for another hour or two and then finally read one of my Kindle books for a couple hours at the end of the day…..I still have 30% or 40% battery. Oh and I may have used it as a GPS for an hour and a half on the way to the city. Oh…and it has been scanning for 4g signal all day long. There has never been a phone that can do that much work and never leave you in fear of being stranded. I am pretty sure I would not recognize the low battery signal on this phone.

    • mmm

      IPhone iphone iphone

    • mmm

      It’ll last u about two more weeks and u will be calling customer service for a replacement because the battery will no longer charge. Facts not assumptions.

      • Datsmax

        fanboy speaks.. Blind.. how sad.. An apple a day keeps you brain away

  • 4n1m4l

    Its more complicated than one would think actually. Tall chips stick through the logic boards so the assembly doesn’t have to be as tall. I imagine Motorola patented this technique a while ago when they’re making razr flip phones

  • WlfHart

    I’m all for more battery! Thinness of technology should be attained in order to be able to stuff a larger battery in and maintain the same comfortable size cellphone we’ve had for years…

  • leo

    I dont know what kind of people did HTC used for their survey cause its common sense to choose battery life over how thin your phone is.

  • mmm

    Its a joke, y do u think there are not in stores and always on back order …No not because everybody sales out because Motorola is full of crap n they r being careful not to make too many because it will be a update coming out soon to replace it!!! Facts not assumptions

  • masterpfa

    Although greater battery life would be appreciated, but choice of phone would always be down to overall facilities, OS and personal preferences.

    I personally would choose a Galaxy Nexus and want for better battery life rather than choose any other phone for it’s battery life.

    Nothing against the MAXX it’s just not my personal choice

    • dVyper

      I’m with you – I’d love the MAXX battery life but I wouldn’t choose to have that actual phone ever

      • professandobey

        But isn’t that the point of this article? It’s saying that we need these types of batteries in any phone.

        • masterpfa

          You are totally right but these features are designed at the development stages of these phones.

          The New iPad for example, is designed around a larger battery. The Razr, Razr MAXX and HTC One X are again designed around the battery, but with Razr MAXX being designed for increased battery life and from all reports succeeds.

          So increased battery capacity for existing phones will not be possible to same degree as Motorola has managed here and with battery technology not seeming to keep pace with Smartphone technology, I don’t think in the near future this would be possible either.

  • Tariq

    I’ve had the one x for about a week the stand by time is amazing and even in normal use throughout the day I don’t think it’s ever gone below 50%. It’s a lot better than my previous phone, the HTC desire. If anyone is looking for a really really good phone this is the one. Yeh sure the maxx would probably last longer but I don’t think anyone would prefer it over something like the one x.

    • SGB101

      This is tosh, I’ve come from desire to x, the desires on cm9 would easily make the day, the x had its first real test at the weekend. 7am to 1am, it made it with 2% left. and this was with inforced light use.

      • Tariq

        Well maybe if you flash the one x with a custom rom it’ll last twice as long because on standard roms the one x is lasting twice as long as my desire

      • marcyd

        Most people aren’t using CM9 and I can tell you everyone I know who has a Desire (including myself) HATES the damn things. Crappy battery life and low phone storage, with many apps even from Google insisting on installing on phone only. It’s come very close to putting me off Android for good.

        • SGB101

          The only reason I had to upgrade from my desire was storage.

          I will be flashing my x with cm9 as soon as I pluck up the courage

  • YNWA

    How about just making all new Android phones with 2500 mAh batteries? We can handle the extra millimeter or two, and we will all be much happier.

  • jonathan

    I use an unlocked GSM GNex and I LOVE my phone. Could battery life be better? Probably, but I have a charger in my car, one at home, and one at the office. Big whoop! And if I am out wandering for the day, I take a spare battery. I never had to use it yet, but it’s there if I need it. I looked at the Maxx and its just too wide for me.

  • Paul

    HTC have it so wrong, All high end flagship phones need to have atleast a 2,500 mAh battery but closer to the 3,000 mAh battery is even better. Having newer processors to save power is very good news but since dumb phones can last 5 days on a single charge it would be nice to get more than 24 hours on a smartphone on a single charge.

  • marcyd

    Battery life is my absolute number one priority with my next phone after the dreadful HTC Desire (not the HD version, but the original). I was thinking of getting an iPhone but this is catching my eye. I’d be happy if manufacturers took a break on other features such as better screens, more powerful processors etc and put some R&D into more efficient batteries.

    Seriously, having to choose between not using my phone as much, or using it and then it dying HALF WAY THROUGH THE DAY absolutely sucks. Sort it out.

  • Thomas Taylor

    I’ve been reasonably happy with my Atrix 4G’s battery life, but would love one like this!

  • GF1 Fanatic

    This is silly. Who uses their GPS in a car without plugging it in!? So, the Maxx has a 3300 mAh battery. My Galaxy Nexus has an 1800 mAh battery built in and another always in the little watch pocket in my jeans so it easily beats the Maxx with 3600 mAh! If necessary, I can even throw in a second extra and really be free from the recharger!

    My Nexus has a super easy to replace battery. I would NEVER buy a phone without a replaceable battery. This is just Apple iPhone insanity. If the iPhone had a replaceable battery, it would never have even been an issue.

    As an avid photographer, I never leave my house without several extra batteries for my camera. NO ONE would be crazy enough to think their camera should have a non-replaceable battery.

    • androidskeptic

      Who the hell wants to keep fiddling round with batteries and turning stuff off? Correct, you don’t have to do any of that with an iPhone. Most people don’t want to mess around with this stuff constantly – e.g. they don’t fit your geeky profile.

      • Gf1fanatic

        Geeky profile? You mean I have a realistic view of current battery technology?

        • dVyper

          Yep, geeky. Guaranteed that less than 1% of people carry extra phone batteries with them. I’ve never known anyone who’s actually purchased a replacement battery.

          • Jeremy

            I carry around an extra battery. Actually, though needing a replacement, I now I have three. I love it. I’d sooner carry around and extra battery than have my battery go to crap and need a new phone.

      • Gf1fanatic

        Have you watched iPhone users? They seem obsessed to me about their battery life. In other words, afraid to use their phone.

  • Jimmy_Jo

    The original HTC EVO 4G was 13mm thick but it doesn’t feel very thick in hand. It was advertised as being so slick and stylish etc…

    So why can’t the One X have a bigger battery?! I’m sure they could fit a 2500mAh or some kind kind of weird 2650mAh battery at about 9mm, maybe a 3000mAh at 10mm. Would it be the slimmest phone? No. But why does it have to be. Shouldn’t it just be the best phone. The best is usually not the most anything. The best doesn’t usually live in the land of extremes. It’s not the thinnest or the thickest. The lightest or the heaviest. Just a nice balance of everything that an average user would need. Plus enough of what a power user would need for 18 hours or so (7am-1am)

    Is it just me or does that seem reasonable???

    • professandobey

      Not just you. I’m with ya.

  • bellken

    Rezound owner here – I am impressed that the MAXX can browse 93% longer than I can on my HTC Rezound on the standard battery. That is why I have an extended battery, too. For me changing batteries, is a bit of a hassle, but, I can go quite a while without having to connect to a power cord.

    I think once the Rezound gets ICS, its battery life will see some improvement, but, bigger batteries rule.

  • aranea

    Because companies can sell the same phone twice: once as the original once as the MAXX. They are trying to both have the cake and eat it.

  • justin Poirier

    for the most part i have been holding out on getting a new phone because i want to make sure that the battery life is going to be a lot better than my droid x

  • George

    if they made a 3300mah battery for my Gnex and it was the same size as my current one, I’d buy it in less than heartb…

  • steve b

    I love my MAXX, but I will admit, coming from an Incredible, I wish I’d been able to get an HTC phone with this battery, because I miss the Sense OS. About phone thickness: the first thing I do is slap a big rubber case on mine, so it is big and ugly, but safe.

  • ManimalBlue

    I hope the next Photon has a MAXX battery. I’ll be picking it up anyway, but that kind of battery life would make for some good icing.

  • popbye

    The biggest lie, energy-efficient processors. The most important thing the size of the battery. 4000mah and up.