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Flipboard comes to Android via the Galaxy S III, wider launch coming soon

Flipboard Slashgear Image via: SlashGear

I’m not ashamed to admit that I own an iPad to go along with the 3 Android tablets currently on my desk. There are just several applications available for the iPad that haven’t yet made their way to Android tablets, or (perhaps, worse) as scaled up Android phone applications that are not pleasant to use.

One application I use religiously to consume a multitude of content on the iPad. Flipboard presents a personalized magazine out of information being shared with you on RSS feeds and social networks, and presents it in a photo-centric way. Flipboard integrates with Pocket and Instapaper, applications that allow you to save stories for later consumption.

In short, I’ve been hoping for ages that Flipboard would be coming to Android, and it appears the wait will soon be over. The newly-unveiled Samsung Galaxy S III will have an exclusive Flipboard application for a period of time, and Flipboard will then travel to various Android devices after a few months. You can sign up to be notified of when Flipboard is fully-available for Android by visiting their website.

We’ll bring you the latest from Flipboard for Android as more information is unveiled. Stay tuned!

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Source: SlashGear

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  • mkstvns

    Really hanging out for this. Flipboard is one of the (sadly many) apps that has me constantly wondering if I’ll go back to the iPhone.

    I prefer Android as an OS, but I don’t outright hate iOS – so when you add in the fact that iOS has dozens of exclusive apps I’d love to use, it’s very difficult to resist the temptation to return.

    • Baller

      Yeah, currently I use Google Currents on my GNex and iPad as it works between them, but I really prefer Flipboard. Looking forward to this coming out.

  • YNWA

    Nice, this will will be great to have! Let the Galaxy III users be beta testers. Fine with me!

  • Nathan D.

    Cool can’t wait to try it out

  • ion orov

    Why would you be ashamed? Good, sensible techies use whatever that’s best. Right now, that means an iPad, especially the new one.

    I have it and really like it. Although I wish some things were more like Android.

    If and when Google and gang decide to come out of their self-induced stupor and put out a decent tablet, then you and I (and the general public) have every reason to use an iPad.

    As it is, no Android tablet can stand toe to toe with an iPad. Not on features, and especially not price.

    • ion orov

      Oops, forgot to say: off-topic

      On topic: Flipboard looks cool but I still prefer my Google Reader + Pocket.

      Also, before the fundamentalist Android nutjobs go all jihadi (fresh from fapping over the new SGS3), I have a (recently ICSed — woohoo!) SGS2 and would probably jump in front of a train to save it.

  • srirega

    If u feel tat, any apps is not ter t in android pls… do comment here… we are the final year students gonna do project on tiz android… so, pls give some ideas….