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Flipboard for Android application posted on XDA

Flipboard Slashgear

We learned last week that Flipboard for Android was going to be a Galaxy S III exclusive when the device launches later this month. Of course, the development community knew that as soon as someone got their grubby hands on the Galaxy S III it would be posted somewhere for easy download for any device. Turns out, that’s exactly what happened, and the apk for Flipboard has been posted on the xda developers forums.

Those brave enough to install applications from unknown sources can head over to xda¬†and install Flipboard on your device. While we normally don’t promote app “piracy,” Flipboard is a free iOS application and will launch as a free Android application after the exclusivity period exists, and don’t believe that you can pirate something that’s free.

If you do give Flipboard for Android a download, let us know what you think of the application in the comments below.

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Source: Android Guys

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  • jaxidian

    I hate all of these exclusives. Apps to phone models. Phone models to carriers. I really wish these companies could differentiate themselves via innovation instead of monopolies…

    I’m glad this has leaked!

  • jenskristian

    Agree completely jaxidian! Gave the app a test run and it looks good. Is it better than Currents? I don’t know yet.

  • Krm

    Samsung most likley paid for the exclusivity. So even though this article is not promoting piracy from flipboard,it is from samsung.

    • jaxidian

      To those down-voting Krm, can you please chime in here? I’d love to hear some conversation about this topic and how people feel about this sort of thing. :-)

      • Chimer

        Like your first post says, exclusives are not innovation, and Samsung didn’t create FlipBoard, they chose to try to keep people from accessing its free service, so in essence they were stealing from those of us who want access but either can’t afford a GS3, or don’t want a hideously large phone.

  • Eric Weiss

    Exclusive software? Out before the device launches. I love the Android community!

  • MrMrMan

    The app runs buggy. I still prefer Currents.

    • daveloft

      Turning off force GPU rendering in Developer options cleared all the issues I had.

  • Canterrain

    After I saw a site say that they tested for malware and found none. I installed it.

    So far it’s beautiful, smooth, works fantastically and I think is better than google currents.

    Except that at least so far (I’ve only played with it about five minutes) I’ve found no way to subscribe to something specifically. Like Androidandme or the Verge. Though the tech board does a good job of pulling relevant articles.

    I think I may give up currents for this.

  • jmorosky

    Works like a champ on VZW SGN. I think I will use it a lot more than Currents. I will still probably use Pulse though strictly for specific feeds.

  • Charlesbrown79

    Still a few bugs to work out, but overall nice.

  • spazby

    i like currents, will give this a try

  • Shawn Clark

    I currently use Google currents but i like flipboard…think ima try it out for awhile longer n see what I really can do

  • Jeff Pan

    Works on Sensation 4G

  • Michael

    It’s not “free.” It’s meant for people who pay for a GSIII. If it’s not meant for you, and you simply take it, it’s piracy.

    • georget

      Seriously…shut up dude….works great on my sgs2 tmobile

    • HackNet


    • HackNet

      a lot

  • Gabba

    Can someone PLEASE find another flipboard picture? That chick in the standard pic is FUGLY

  • Jorge Vieira

    Up and running on the Note. Crashed a few times before it settled in. It looks great its every good and tidentical to the ios version.

  • Ace

    Works on low end phones, the APK resizes beautifully. However, take note that the APK is around 18-20mb even if you move it to SD.

  • Himmat

    Now for S-Voice and all the other S-Apps!!! I’m sure they will work on my Tab10.1.

  • Nate B.

    Does Android and me have their own direct fees for Flip board? Couldn’t find one.

  • SchizoDuckie

    Works like a charm on my galaxy tab 10.1. It forces display in portrait mode though. Wasn’t that hackable?

  • kwills88

    I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t find androidandme of flipboard but this thing is pretty nice.

    • kwills88

      Note: another thing I love about this is that you can read full article unlike a lot of readers where you’d have to still visit the Site for the full story.

  • Mike

    Awesome sauce. A shame it’s not tablet optimised though. Looks terrible on 10inch screen.

  • slbailey1

    It works great on my orginial Verizon Galaxy Tab 7″ with stock Gingerbread and on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

    The app just needs two modifications:
    1. Impliment the Google Reader options that are in the iPad/iPhone app – to only show unread feeds and to mark feeds as read as I flip thru them.

    2. Allow me to set the refresh interval for accounts. This should help with the battery drain.

  • mharriz

    Officially no reason to use any iOS device for me as a daily driver.. Android is slowly overtaking and only reason I say that haven’t overtaken already is because of the developers that hold Android back and don’t give as much attention to detail in the androidapps as the ios to see iPhone apps look better when androids hardware is miles ahead..devs get it together

  • YNWA

    Looks great on my Galaxy Nexus. What is with the vertical scrolling of articles? Everything is horizontal these days. Why mess with my mind?

  • HackNet

    Is that a man or a scary looking woman video chatting on that phone. Imagine waking up next to that every morning. holy [email protected]

  • DeVoNtE

    the app crashes after about 30 minutes of use because Flipboard saves all the downloaded documents into the data folder rather than the cache.That bloats to over 50MB and then causes constant crashes

  • vaubant

    sa serai super davoir un lien apk pour lapplicaion s-voice de samsung

  • ken

    I’ve tried, i got from my friend
    But i think, it run because we can login to facebook, twitter, instagram, etc
    But for news, i still prefer pulse , because we can choose source
    Flipboard does, but it all mix
    So i just not used to it:)

  • willem

    It’s a great looking and working app. BUT….it crashes after two days and when I install it, it crashes again in 2 days I have a htc desire s so whywhywhy it’s such a great app. What is wrong?

  • Skis03

    Can only imagine how mad the IOS freaks will be.

  • mcm180

    Don’t think I would be all that impressed
    On my EVO as I would be on a 9″/10″ tablet.

  • Raja Hafify (@RajaHafify)

    I’ve used the app for a while now on my Samsung Galaxy 5 and it works. It does force close every now and then (especially if you switch to another application mid session) but everything else works like a charm. I’m loving it.