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Giveaway: Win Slacker Radio premium for a year


Slacker Radio is one of our favorite streaming internet radio services for Android. Slacker Radio is a Pandora-like service that offers streaming of their ever-growing arsenal of songs and albums. Users can create radio stations based on a band, song, or genre, and listen to what they’re currently in the mood for at any given time.

Slacker Radio was kind enough to give us a few subscriptions to pass along to our readers. Up for grabs is one year-long subscription and two three-month subscriptions to Slacker Radio Premium, which provides unlimited song skipping and removes all ads from your stations.

All you have to do to win is leave a comment on this post no later than 3:00 PM CST on Tuesday, May 22nd. You will need either an active account or to leave your email in the appropriate field when leaving a comment in order to be considered for the giveaway so we can contact you if you’ve won.

Good luck!

Update: Winners have been selected and notified. Thanks to all who participated!

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  • Jenni Bauer

    Over here!

  • kekil

    It would be great to use Slacker again!

  • Chris


  • spintrex

    Never given slacker radio a shot, is there a big library of music?

  • dpleus

    *raises hand* Count me in.

  • Raj

    Slacker rocks! Better than Spotify and Pandora IMHO!

  • Eric

    How can I be a true slacker without Slacker?

  • DrewJaeger

    Sign me up please!

  • Rich

    Count me in!

  • priority9

    Slacker radio? yes please. :-)

  • oddball

    Good luck everyone. Thank you androidandme & slacker radio

  • Michael Mariano

    Would love me some Slacker goodness

  • Anthony

    My GS2 is the worst phone I’ve owned, but I’ll take some radio!

  • auronblue

    Count me in.

  • Krynn

    Sweet! I’m in! :D

  • Joseph Simonowich

    Pick Me! Pick Me!

  • fletchtb

    Good luck to everyone entered!

  • Christopher Montague

    Yes Please

  • B2L

    I would love to try it.

  • fugmulch

    one please?

  • wild


  • Daniel Gregory

    fingers crossed…

  • Ryan

    Love Slacker! Never used premium.

  • ryancl

    what up

  • seven2k

    lets do this.

  • moelsen8

    Woo! Pick me, please!

  • Brian W.

    Been awhile since I used Slacker due to all the glitches they had early on with the android app but would like to try it again.

  • Benchmade7


  • Rob Banks

    hmm..i would love to check Slackers out!

  • tranceformer978

    Thanks for music!

  • thaghost


  • rc213

    More music is always good.

  • MauiLove

    Yes please! :-)

  • Adam Jones

    Slacker Radio 1 hit wonders station is great! I’d love to listen without commercials! Count me in!

  • Etienne


  • GeauxLSU

    I’d love to give slacker a try.

  • bardogee


  • Scott Eppler

    Yay, free Slacker Radio!!!

  • Adam

    Sign me up.

  • Cantelumber

    Would love to take slacker for a spin, currently using tune in free!!!

  • Ps3y3Ops

    I’ll be a Slacker backer

  • Anurag Bansal

    That’s pretty cool. Trying my luck here for a premium subscription of Slacker radio.

  • logicvortex

    One please. Thanks!

  • Brent

    Pick me. I justed upped myself to premium. Would love to save a few dollars.

  • dylantep


  • sargas


  • Josshua

    Holy is the Lamb that was slaughtered for us. He was altogether worthy and perfect, his kingdom will be on earth and it will be most glorious! Jesus Christ

  • Ang


  • Brian

    i got a free month due to their recent outage and a free year would be spectacular. I love slacker.

  • angus

    Soy de Uruguay y nunca pude probar Slacker. Está es una buena oportunidad.

  • androidindia

    count me in :D

    • androidindia

      actually no , its US only >.<

  • bri

    Slacker lover since 2009!

  • bolanrox

    count me in!

  • androgue

    Yes please!!!!

  • Yonas

    i’d be grateful !

  • R.S

    I’ll take one free year premium service of Slacker to go, please.

  • kzlife

    I would like a code! :)

  • Jason P

    I love Slacker – a few hiccups with their Android client but I just turn off automatic updates for it and let others shake it down for a few weeks before I update and I’m fine.

  • robotmaxtron

    Slacker is great, I’d love to get back to using it

  • Ian Gallimore

    Great! I love slacker.

  • Guest

    Is Slacker like the countless totally free locations where you can also get 1,000,000 of your favorite songs… without any charge???

    What a great giveaway!

  • Jason K.

    Slacker rocks!

  • Guest

    > All you have to do to win is leave a comment on this post

    So this is really just another phoney way of making androidandme (falsely) look like it has a lot of users… and a lot of (pointless) comments?

    Why not just make a much better SITE with much better ARTICLES… so that people really would like to read them???

    There’s a reason why this site is in the toilet:

  • Ian Nicholson

    Even with services like Spotify, I still like Slacker for their non-tedious radio experience. Hopefully they will address some of the issues with their Android app at some point, but it is great when it works.

    Does anyone know if this will apply even if I currently subscribe to Slacker through Verizon?

  • Román Ochoa

    I want in.

  • Bryant Hudson

    I would love to give Slacker another try.

  • Jonathan L

    Love Slacker on Android. The App updates over the last year has helped stability so much!

  • loobis

    I’m in.

  • jayfire2620

    SWEET! My free Slacker premium from starting an account just expired and I’m craving my no ad Slacker again… ah, yeah, thats the spot right there!

  • JAY

    I think i would really enjoy this premiem app on my phone …

  • erik knudsen


  • Troy Bauman

    Oh good lord! Me pleeaasse!!! I listen to slacker all day at work. I would absolutely love the premium version.

  • jacobsloan

    Cut me some slack?

  • boricua

    count me in

  • Ilyse Rose

    this is a good one!

  • ben

    hell yea!!! cant wait to get rid of pandora

  • mercado79

    I’d love to give Slacker another try.

  • atul0002

    Throw my name in the hat.

  • David

    Thank you!

  • Androided

    Going on vacation to see kids in Texas. There will be my kids, grandkids, inlaws, cooking, and checking the area for future relocation options, and hopefully some sleep. Need Slacker to keep me sane.

  • andystolemywallet

    Did you know:

    No skips left/commercial? Exit and restart. Try it when you have a skip left; you will regain skips quicker.

    I’m not gonna win. You might not either. But with this tip, every patient person is a winner.

  • MrCrusha829

    Yes have some!!!

  • Sven

    Please put my name into the virtual hat.

  • droilfade

    I’m in………….

  • Efren Antunez

    I’ve loved slacker since the beginning, great selection and I also get it with my media streaming player

  • jeffb34

    If i win I would give them a try.

  • Baconator

    I love slacker and would really enjoy this!

  • Jason

    Slacked is by far the best streaming radio out there. Been using it for years now. You can creat radio stations based on your tastes but i find the pre created radio station for genre work just fine.

  • Steven G Golson

    Slacker is tha way too go.

  • cdstour

    Yes please!

  • Ant


  • tnnm

    I hear great things – I’d love to try it for a year. Would definitely be a way to get me to switch my subscription the following year.

  • SGB101

    Is this available to the peeps?

    • SGB101

      Sorry the UK peeps

  • ShoVah

    me please

  • Devion Reed

    I’ve tried it, and I love the “Favorites Station”, more than Rdio or Play, especially since Slacker works with Chrome better than Rdio does after its last update.

  • uurrk

    Would love to replace my pandora with this!

  • Felipe Gonzalez

    Pick me! Pick Me! I’ve been using slacker for almost 2 years now and love it!

  • Gene sigala

    I listen. Slacker radio on my dinc2. Show me some love for premium. Slacker radio I play it none stop on my evenings and days off. Great app.

  • Jorge Vieira

    I want to win! please.

  • Alex Morgan

    I would love to win this.

  • Rick

    Dumped XM over two years ago for Slacker. The portable unit is Plug and play on my motorcycle. You have a lifetime member regardless.

  • totalslacker

    Oh please pick me :-)

  • christiaangombert

    Count me in!

  • doseas

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • Andrew Joslin

    See mom, being a slacker ain’t so bad!

  • Simon Charles

    Hmm, that sounds good. Love Internet radio.

  • Clinton

    Oh Yeah!

  • droid tider

    I’ll take it!

  • Michael Brooks

    Been listening to the radio, for many years. This indeed would be a welcomed gift.

  • A.C.

    Avid Slacker user right here.

  • Alan

    wants to try this out.

  • Brad Willet

    Slacker is great, but the Android app is terrible at dealing with spotty data (aka Sprint)

  • professandobey

    Hooray for Slacker!

  • epps720

    Internet Radio w/o adds…count me in!!

  • ray rodriguez

    Thanks for great radio i hope it gets updates with ics ui..

  • Chris

    I find Pandora getting very repetitive. Something new might be nice :)

  • Aaron

    I love Slacker!

  • George

    That would be so nice!

  • David M.

    I will gladly be your winner = )

  • uknowme

    I guess I’ll take it if you don’t want it.

  • LukeT32

    Didn’t have much luck with slacker on my rooted Droid, so maybe it is time to give it a shot on my Gnex.

  • Shunter4044

    Sounds like a pretty sweet prize!

  • rev2redlineguy

    I’m a special needs educator and sometimes I use the music on my smartphone (SD card) and play them to the kids. They love hearing tunes like Kidz Bop, jazz, and even relaxation tunes. I think having Slacker Premium would be a benefit not only for me but for my kiddos. =-)

  • NegativeOne13

    Slacker Radio is the best… hands down.

  • aranea

    If I win I’ll give it a try. So far I have been using pandora.

  • Gavman

    Me! Pick me!

  • Leon Hitchens

    Oh pick me! I love slacker radio just it is so expensive.

  • jonnyboy1989

    Pick me pick me plz plz plz pick me … ( with my hand raised) …

  • Andrew Thomas

    I want Slacker.

  • Tc Battle

    I’d love to win!

  • Fuzzypaws

    Yes please!

  • Travis


  • rmcsc

    I know this might seem a bit off topic but I still don’t believe there’ll be a Nexus from each OEM by Thanksgiving.

    Slacker rocks, btw. Much better than Pandora, imho.

  • Burt Polson

    Would love to have premium!

  • Andrew

    Yes please to Slacker Premium.

  • Mike

    Wow! I gotta have one of those subscriptions!

  • Eitan Barzeski

    It would be awesome to win. I have around 15 tech sites bookmarked, but when i dont feel like opening all of them, i always open also, when i DO open all of them, i always save this site for last. i hope you take me into consideration! thanks

  • Glenbot3000


  • omar

    I wanna win so bad I don’t have much music on my phone and I love slakerradio

  • Ashley Bueno

    Would love to win this

  • KRS_Won

    It’s called Slacker, but once I plug my phone into my stereo, I become very productive.

  • ecsjjgg

    wow, please count me in for this giveaway! Thanks in advance… :-)

  • yankeesusa

    I use slacker 5 days out of the week most Weeks at work. Would love the premium account. How I win. Thanks Androidandme!

  • Daniel

    I need something better than Rhapsody!

  • Nathan

    Slacker radio is hands down the best music app available

  • redman618

    So yeah (akward pause with hand extended out) how about that Slacker radio…

  • Luke Haviland

    I love Slacker! premium would be awesome!

  • Billy Brown

    I love listening to the radio while I work. Slacker Radio would be perfect for me.

  • Lamar

    Maybe I’ll win something this time?

  • Sam in Austin

    Would love to upgrade to premium. I listen to in the car stereo (via Bluetooth) with my son and running (ther is not good internet access on the trail I run, though). Caching whole stations, 8 hours at a time, is what distinguishes Slacker Radio.

  • Kevin Amundson

    Since uploading my entire music library to Google Music, I haven’t used Pandora much because I really like listening to things I already know I like. I’d be willing to give this service a try though, especially for free. :)

  • C Schell

    Would love to win! Thanks Android & Me!

  • Shay

    comment left

  • Chris McNair

    Over here! Ooh…pick me!

  • BlkSquad

    Yay, Slacker and Androidandme team up for epic win.

  • Steve

    Hooray, free stuff!

  • Al Thompson

    I would love to have the additional Slacker access!

  • Alvaro

    Slacker my way please.

  • Brian Kedersha

    I would love a subscription!

  • bamajaybird

    I love to be a slacker!

  • dani3l

    Always loved slacker, it is way better than Pandora!

  • Brian Curski

    I’m a fan of the free Slacker at work, and was planning on getting the Premium for at least a little while on my families ten day road trip through the west this summer. Thanks for the chance!

  • donger

    i want it

  • Matthew

    Slacker is great. Free year would be sick!

  • sayak Bhattacharyya

    Love slacker! Would love premium even more!

  • Will

    Slacker is really an incredible service. I love the caching aspect for when you’re going to be without signal… planes or elsewhere!

  • Paul Townsend

    Slacker Radio is outstanding, I use it all the time at work

  • Jiltedae

    Sounds interesting. I’d love to give slacker a try.

  • David

    Love Slacker

  • Marcelino

    Let’s do this

  • Ed

    I listen to slacker radio(my customized station) even when I’m sitting on the toilet. Sure would love premium to replay some of my fab songs or keep skipping those that I don’t like. I don’t care about the ads. I just wanna be able to use the features that comer with slacker radio premium.
    Thanks android and me

  • victor

    Sprint pride

  • angel

    No no no listen !! Over here hey Over here!!!

  • DDP

    Me me me me me me me me me

  • josh

    I’m down for premium

  • Marc

    Great App!

  • kusine

    I’ve never played with Slacker Radio. I’ll check it out today, and I hope I win!

  • winner

    pick me!

  • Lana Alexander

    Oh yeah, please give me some Slacker!! Love it!

  • Bill Perrotta

    Dumped it for iheart radio because it was free. But it was a nice app.
    Would. Definitely reinstall it if I win.

  • jay

    lets do this

  • Michael

    Pick me!

  • taino211

    Slacker Radio is some good stizuff!

  • Slith

    Sounds good. Love Slacker!

  • NCirie

    Love me some Slacker!

  • eldenW

    yes me

  • Max Fadia

    slacker is sweet stuff

  • Vurrgo

    Slackerize me!

  • PressEsc

    Slacker – the real benchmark for online music rocks right past pandora…

  • teschall

    Count me in!

  • marilyn70

    this would be awesome!

  • ashulman

    Slacker is my dream and i could never afford it.

  • booglesmith

    My free trial just expired, and I think I’m the last one in! Hooray!


    I am do have a slacker account. I hope I win

  • McLovin

    Rammstein in the Denver Colesium Sunday May 20th was awesome!

  • Stephen

    I love Slacker! Would very much appreciate a free year or Slacker Premium!

  • lancaster09

    If I win I will be taking full advantage of the offline station feature!! I got no signal in my office :-(

  • gmaninvan

    I use slacker in my truck every single day. I have been thinking of going premium but kinda tapped right now. I would love to have a one year trial!!

  • Jason Toering


  • Chris C

    I’d love to come back to Slacker

  • Eric

    Had a premium subscription to Slacker before, and it was awesome! Would absolutely love to have the caching feature again!

  • Shadowlore

    Mmmm.. Slacker :) Count me in on this one.

  • Carl

    I’ve been using Slacker since back when they sold their own mp3/internet device.

  • spazby


  • mouzon21

    Been a big fan of Slacker for a while, its a part of my every day, whether I am working in my company’s refurb warehouse, or on the car headed to the beach for a bbq!

  • eggwolio

    Who’s got two armpits, no job, and a serious desire to win this? This guy! And probably some other guys and/or girls, but don’t give it to them. Give it to this guy! And by this guy, I mean, me. Just in case someone has registered the name “this guy.”

  • David Langdon

    I’d love a copy

  • roosterk506

    i love slacker would love to have unlimited skips!!!!

  • Escobar

    Let’s see if I win! :)

  • Jason

    Yeehaw! I hope I win!

  • Slashster

    Great service,even works in Canada

  • Lane lovett

    Love me some slacker radio…….

  • Alexey

    AWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESOME!!! love slacker, PRO will be so awesome =)

  • Joshua Santiago

    I want to win! :D

  • Darkbulb

    Slacker me up baby!

  • Alyssa Arroyo

    Slackers awesome. Pick me

  • myandroid99

    Oh yes

  • suenad

    Better late than never, count me in for this brilliant offer

  • dogboi

    I’d love to win this!

  • taketheleap

    Wow, that is a LOT of comments. I’ll add my name to the pile and take a shot!

    Thanks for the contest A&M!

  • Kam_Pewter

    I’ve had Slacker for a while and never really used it. This week I got the Samsung official desktop dock for my GS2. Now when I dock my phone the sound immediately goes to my bose computer speakers, which has made Slacker my new go-to app.

    A free upgrade to premium would be one hell of a cherry on top!

  • Lavi

    Cool! Pick me!

  • Ken

    Slacker premium is awesome! It blows Pandora away.

  • Jonas

    owww I was this radio like

  • Daniel Morel

    hi, im just here to win, because im a winner and stuff…….sorry i didnt know what to write. im a frequent reader though sooooo please pick me!!!!