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If you liked Phonedeck, you might also love AirDroid


Last week we shared an app called Phonedeck that let users manage their phone from their desktop computer. The app was well received and made it into our popular list, but several readers pointed out some bugs and suggested there were better alternatives.

If you like the concept of controlling your phone from your desktop, then you might want to check out AirDroid. It offers most of the same functionality of Phonedeck, but AirDroid has a much higher average review score of 4.8, vs the 3.9 of Phonedeck.

The AirDroid team just released a new video of their latest 1.0.5 beta, so we thought this would be a good time to share the app. We haven’t seen this latest version in the Google Play Store yet, but we expect it to drop any day now.


Another alternative is LazyDroid Web Desktop. It allows you to┬átake the control of you mobile phone from a WiFi, mobile internet, or USB connection by using your web browser and accessing their website. LazyDroid is free to download, but the app only contains a 24 hour demo and you will have to pay up to get full access. The app and website doesn’t appear to be as well polished as AirDroid, but it has a lot of positive reviews and we thought it should be included.


Finally, we should also point out that most of these same functions can also be accomplished with Google Voice and Google Drive. Voice lets you access all your contacts, SMS, and voicemails from the web and Drive lets you easily transfer files between your mobile device and desktop computer. The whole process might not be as seamless as others, but it still gets the job done.

Feel free to try out the different solutions and let us know which you like best. How do you manager your phone from your desktop computer?

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  • Clark Wimberly

    AirDroid has owned a spot on my homescreen for months and months now. Totally solid app and I like using it when I’ve got a bunch of messages needing replies.

    • amgala

      +1, I’ve been using AirDroid for a while now and it’s a must-have app!

      • zerosix

        +1, the first app to install after FW update.
        I used to use Remote Web Desktop ( By the way, the screen streaming feature is really cool, but after 5 or 6 times of using it you understand, that it’s useless.
        I switched to AirDroid, which is 10 times better. It’s free, it has extremely pleasant interface (yep, and icon) and, IMHO, is much more comfortable.

  • ranwanimator

    I like air droid but I can’t seem to get it to see the MicroSd card on my ATP. So I end up having to copy files to a temp folder and then move them to the removable storage. Not a huge deal, but annoying.

  • ZzX44

    Kies might also be another mention to throw out there but it might only work on Sammy phones. Going to try out Airdroid it might be better anyway =D

  • Seph

    another app similar and equally polished to this ,

    SmartDog Studio’s Remote Web Desktop

  • leaponover

    Good move with this article and thanks for all the commenters for pointing it out on the other article. I downloaded Airdroid after reading about it and checking out the reviews and it’s been awesome! Does everything I need it to do and flawlessly!

  • Said Tahsin Dane

    Phonedeck is way more better.

    The app in your phone is not have to be open when you send sms from your browser for example.
    And you dont have to ben in the same wifi network also.

  • Jeff

    This was such a great app and it worked well for me but now it force closes upon logging in with the pass code. Too bad………

  • regbs

    AirDroid’s ability to display phone display on desktop quit with rooted and unlocked Android 4.3.

    Hope they’ll fix it.