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Verizon customers who buy phones at full price can keep their unlimited data plans

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“Verizon is going to have to pry that plan from my cold dead hands.” Don’t worry Sean Riley, you can keep that grandfathered unlimited data plan as long as you purchase your phone a full retail price.

Today Verizon issued an updated statement to address concerns from subscribers that thought they might be forced to give up their unlimited data plans as Verizon migrates to shared data plans this summer. Customers who take advantage of upgrade pricing will in fact lose their unlimited data, but as long as they pay full price for their device then they can keep the same plan.

More information on the data-share tiers will be coming closer to┬áthe introduction of the new plans later this year. Check out Verizon’s statement below for the full details. Does this news calm your fears?

As we have stated publicly, Verizon Wireless has been evaluating its pricing structure for some time. Customers have told us that they want to share data, similar to how they share minutes today. We are working on plans to provide customers with that option and will introduce new plans later this year.

When the new options are introduced, Unlimited Data will no longer be available to our customers purchasing handsets and signing a new contract. Customers who choose to purchase phones at full retail price and are currently on an unlimited smartphone data plan will be able to keep that plan. The same pricing and policies will apply to all 3G and 4G LTE smartphones.

We will share specific details of the plans well in advance of their introduction so customers will have time to evaluate the plans and make the best decisions for their wireless service. It is our goal and commitment to continue to provide customers with the same high value service they have come to expect from Verizon Wireless.Brenda RaneyVerizon Wireless

Source: Verizon

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  • YMS123

    Buy a phone at full price AND BE ON CONTRACT ?! Way to treat your loyal customers Verizon.

    • tarwin

      would you really be on contract? If you pay full price normally you don’t have to renew your contract. You just keep the same plan (which is different from a contract as you can cancel it any time with no repercussions).

      • acnaugh

        G18+ Smart Phone Android 2.3 OS 3G GPS WiFi 4.0 Inch Multi-touch Screen

      • cb2000a

        At full price you would not have to be on contract. They should offer you a discount though if they are not subsidizing the phone. Really when Google is selling five Nexus models without the bloatware people will migrate to the best deals….which is the way it should have been all along.

        • Slith

          Wouldn’t you have to be on contract to maintain your current grandfathered plan?

          • eallan

            Not “on contract,” but “continue to pay without changing.”

            It’s a semantic, and important, difference.

        • UMA Fan

          That’s what T-Mobile does on their Value Plans.

    • Vance

      You would not be on contract in that case. That’s the whole point, if you “opt” back into a contract, but taking advantage of a subsidized phone, then you have to choose one of their new data plans and will no longer have unlimited data as an option. If you keep the plan you have, which means you can never get an upgrade discount on a phone, then sure, you can keep your overpriced plan. Hmmmm.. pay full price for a phone that’s still going to fall subject the delayed updates bloatware which plagues carrier specific phones? No thanks.

      • Adryan maldonado

        See i thats the problem ritght there what you mentioned. Why should i buy a phone at full retail price and still PAY contract like prices which as you mentioned are overpriced. Why should i pay for all those taxes and hidden fees and surcharges if im not on contract and havent bought a subsidized phone? Its ridiculous. Ebay or prepaid are going to be my best friends here very soon

    • mikeymop

      No, no, no. Think of what AT&T did a few years ago. All those customers refused to upgrade, Verizon’s now doing the same thing.
      So that means in a few years, when Verizon pulls an AT&T and ends all grandfathered plans everyone will jump ship again.

      • gadgetgirl

        what few years? They are doing this to push people out of their grandfathered plans. How many people have $500+ to spend on a new phone. This way to get the $200 phone, you have to give up your plan.

    • redraider133

      If you buy full price you are not signing a contract, you would just stick with what you currently had.

    • spazby

      you are no longer on contract in this case… you can cancel anytime

    • honourbound68

      yep.. I’m hoping that Sprint is able to deploy their LTE network in NJ by the time my contract is up so I won’t have to worry about buying a phone at full price.

    • krazytrixxxsta

      stop talking out of your ass. you obviously dont know and dont understand that when people buy phones at full price there is no contract and your current phone plan remain the same. when buying phones at full price you are no longer tied to your phone company, you can leave them anytime you want without havent to pay an early termination fee.

  • tarwin

    I think this is great and reasonable. after all, if you want a discount its reasonable to have to fulfill certain requirements (new plan). But if you’re willing to pay full price then it’s totally reasonable that you get to keep your old plan.

    • Gadgetgirl

      I think you are not grasping the concept of reasonable.

      • tarwin

        I meant reasonable within the scope of the major carriers and what they’re most likely willing to do. Truly resonable would be for a discount for not buying a subsidized phone.
        And the reason I think it’s great (for Verizon users as I am not even in the country) is that if I interpret it correctly they mean to say that grandfathered plans will apply to 4G if you buy the phone full price. Which depending on your usage patterns could totally behoove you.

    • Thays

      I have to say that Tarwin is an idiot. You think it’s cool that Verizon makes even more money off us. They made a huge profit already this year, and they want more. I mean enough is enough. How much money do they need? Those greedy bastards. I hate verizon now, and if everyone would stand up and fight for what was right, we could get this crap changed. Sprint here I come!

      • Dan Honeywell

        I couldn’t agree more- We have 5 phones and we are going to Sprint when that time comes

  • Ruben

    Oh good, so now I can just buy a $500 phone, with technology that will be obsolete in less than a year so we can avoid getting screwed further by having a “tiered” data plan?!
    Way to treat a 9 year old customer Verizon…

    • Gadgetgirl

      I completely agree and I have been a customer for well over 9 years, but perhaps not much longer.

    • Mike

      damn you are young to have $200 for a phone 0_o

  • Gadgetgirl

    That would seem to apply to android phones only, all apple phones get updated at the same time regardless of carrier.

    • yankeesusa

      Let me guess you have an iPhone? Well I have an HTC phone and it has been upgraded on time without any problems. I may not have 4.0 but my Android can still do more things than my wifes iPhone 4. But to each their own. Apple only has one phone so its very easy for them to update it.

      • I was actually just replying to Vance’s comment on carrier specific updates.

        • yankeesusa

          That is true about the carrier updating. Every carrier is different. With verizon and att being one of the worse. Sprint is usually ok. I guess we’ll see how all this turns out.

  • yankeesusa

    Does this apply to a phone purchased on Ebay or somewhere else? If not, then it does no good.

  • gadgetgirl

    No it doesn’t apply to phones bought elsewhere, but if you are buying a new phone or even a used phone that’s anywhere near recent, it will around the same as buying it off-contract from Verizon. Brand new phones usually sell for more on eBay than the carrier when they are first released if they are in high demand.

    • Max.Steel

      Learn to use the reply function. It’s right under each comment.

    • redraider133

      Actually it is the same if you buy from ebay or somewhere else as buying full price.

  • KennyL

    Well crap. If I am going to buy a phone at full price I want it unlocked, GSM (so I can swap SIMs when they piss me off like this again) and LTE. Verizon, you really don’t want my business do you?

    • yankeesusa

      If you want a gsm phone to be able to swap sim cards then you need to go with att or tmobile. Also if you never leave the states why would that matter? Unless you do world traveling sim swapping won’t do any good unless you want to use different phones all the time.

  • Adryan maldonado

    They still havent explained what will happen if say im the main line but i have 3 other lines and we all end at different contract points and one of the other not main lines upgrades. Does that force the main line and everybody else into this tiered data family shared plan thingy? Lets hope not.

    • thekaz

      Unfortunately, I would guess yes, since they are moving toward shared data plans, as well…

  • Skis03

    I feel like every company has it backwards. First they make the loyal customers that want to get a new phone by upgrading pay more than new customers. It should be the same price regardless because essentially either way you are becoming a new 2-year customer. And second, you are just pushing people away by taking away benefits customers earned by being a loyal for so long. I hope there is a backlash and they end up losing money on this one.

    • Thays

      One could only hope. I agree and hope the backlash is so bad, they are forced to give some kind of discount

  • JayB95

    I think it would be recieved a lot better if they just throttled users who go over 4 or 5gb. I use wifi a lot and probably never went over 2gb but I just like the peace of mind that I dont have to worry about how much I’m using. I could accecpt throttling but no unlimited is just swiping the rug from under our feet.

    • gadgetgirl

      Couldn’t have said it better myself!

      • jim rogers

        Im the same way. I never go over the 2gb but I want to keep my unlimited. Just reduce the speed and keep us long term customers Verizon.

  • http://Note Uncemister

    That’s find with me. I’ve been buying my phones full price since the nexus one was new.

    • mojeda

      Good for you, but for some not so much, not everyone is made out of money…

      • redraider133

        You don’t necessarily have to be made of money. I usually sell the phones I bought on contract and then only end up paying about the same for full price as I would with a contract anyway( especially with verizon jacking up the contract prices)

        • gadgetgirl

          but you still bought them on contract, which in this case means you would have to change your plan.

          • Tredigs

            I hope apple starts their own mobile network, and increases the competition!!

          • msgnyc

            I dont think you quite understand. I do the same with AT&T so let me see if I can explain.

            If I have an upgrade available, I sell my phone then use that money to upgrade FREE lots of times still having money left over.

            If I do not have an upgrade available and still wish for a new phone, I sell my phone and that money easily pays for half if not more making the phone equal to or in some cases still less then contract prices.

          • redraider133

            Well now I would buy full price and sell it later on which would make it more like getting the phone for an on contract price without having a contract.

      • ron fousek

        If you cannot afford the phone, you cannot afford the plan.

  • astroAK

    Either way you pay full price for the phone either up front or in two years when your contract ends. SIM based is the best way to go nowadays. You may not get the best customer service but you get a low monthly payment, more usage and a better selection on phones. Do it! =)

  • smith

    I feel like every company has it backwards. First they make the loyal customers that want to get a new phone by upgrading pay more than new customers. It should be the same price regardless because essentially either way you are becoming a new 2-year customer
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  • Neil

    What a load of bull…
    That is ridiculous. No way i will pay $600 for a phone in order to keep what you said we would be able to keep. They sound like a snotty child “FINE, if you want to keep your plan then you aren’t getting your discount.”
    Some loyalty!! I’ve been with them since they became Verizon. Verizon is treating their customers like trash that they don’t need. Well, guess what, you will see how much you need us customers when we all jump ship to go to your competitor.

    • gadgetgirl

      my sentiments exactly!

  • pekosROB

    I’m not up for a renewal until January and I want the GS3 so… it just made my decision that much easier to buy it ASAP.

    • thekaz

      It wouldn’t surprise me if Verizon had these changes take effect at the same time as the S3 release in order to force more people into the tiered plans :(

      • pekosROB

        Oh yeah, I thought about that dick move too… but Verizon said if you don’t upgrade (and pay full retail for the phone) they can’t knock you off of unlimited.

        • thekaz

          yeah, but I think a lot of people will be scared off by $800 for a phone. Most “common users” aren’t used to paying that in the US.

          • pekosROB

            You are totally right, but the way I see it, at least I can buy one or two more phones off contract before I give in.

  • bellken

    Verizon will need to show the benefits of their new plans, if they want to keep their customers. If enough of them leave, they will re-consider. It all about making money, and, retaining customers is key.

    Google Music had to back off their de-authorization limit, since, it was going to kick out customers. No customers -> no profit.

  • Brian

    Hopefully they’ll bring the discounted price back down to $200. No more of this $300 for new handsets nonsense.

  • bill

    it is really simple. if they are over charging and the customer makes a change of carrier. they lose that customer for a long time, maybe for ever.the monthly fee is where they make their money, not the price of a phone.if they get less and less monthly income, they will suffer. it is their choice.staying n business and making reasonable profit is paramount today.. Verizion, wake up before it is too late.

  • bill

    btw. Verizon also announce that they are going to charge $30.00 to everyone who upgrades their phone service. now they are eally getting greedy.more for less. lmao!!!

  • wr

    If you ask me, its a fair trade off. You may think you’re getting ripped off. But if you want to keep unlimited data, Verizon knows there are people out there who will pay any price they name. And here you have it. The price they’ve named. Will you take them up on their offer?

    • gadgetgirl

      Sure, then they will let you keep your unlimited plan until they start throttling them so it is no longer unlimited anyway and geez, just after you bought your new $500 phone…

  • Mix

    I smell a law suit coming from this, stupid “one sided” contracts.

  • Guest

    If I owned Verizon… or any company… I would just give away everything. For free. I wouldn’t want the company to make money. I would want to LOSE as much money as I could. The more money we could lose… the better our company would be.

    Face the facts: Verizon, like any company, wants as much money as possible. (Just like you would do… if you owned any company.)

    Solution: You are always free to “pay it”… or “not pay it”.

  • unicronic

    Which “geniuses” at Verizon came up with this idea?

  • Guest

    I get 4GB now… and another 100GB if I use wi-fi at 10,000 locations for free.

    No matter how hard I try… even with heavy use… I only use 1-2GB of my 104GB each month.

    What a horrible “limited” plan I have!!!!

    Can someone please help me to get 200GB or more…. I wanted “infinite data” plans only. That way I can NOT use 99% of the plan that I pay for.

  • snowbdr89

    I knew this was coming and personally I don’t care about having unlimited data but atheist make up for it in other areas like what att did get unlimited text and you get unlimited mobile to mobile any carrier!! Well I was more then happy to sell my p.o.s nexus to cover my Verizon ETF and jump ship because my ass is getting to sore from takin it in the ass from Verizon…

  • Frank

    I think what Verizon is doing is “fair” to allow customers to keep their unlimited data. I had a feeling this was what they would do.

    They would come to a compromise. Don’t sign a new contract, keep your unlimited data. How easy is that.

    Can’t have your cake and eat it too. So just don’t upgrade.

    Like I said, 99% of people in family plans will eventually just bite the bullet and upgrade cause of the significant handset discount to renew their contract.

    There are those who are individual plans who may rack up 100GB of data (probably using it as home internet) who will find it more economical just to keep paying full price and never renew.

    This is the fairest resolution Verizon can make.

    If you don’t like it, let the contract expire and move on to another carrier or just suck it up and go to a tiered data plan and use wifi more often.

  • JIW

    If google keeps adding phones to the Play Store for $399 then this might not be such a horrible thing for people that absolutely need unlimited data and a new phone. Especially when you consider that many power users have nice handsets already that could probably fetch $100-$250 on CL or Ebay. Still sucks though. Can’t imagine ATT won’t follow suit.

  • LiquorBox

    Bottom line, This SUCKS!!!!

  • YNWA

    Guess I will have to keep my Gnex forever then. Hopefully they get in an update before my contract is up.

  • red tie john

    it is time to change my cellphone company.
    I will change to at&t.
    They have better choice of phone.
    I am gonna get samsung note.

  • Verizon Mad

    Everyone go here and sign the petition.

  • jcole17

    If it is my upgrade do I still have to pay full retail price to keep my unlimited data plan?