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Qualcomm reveals speakers for Uplinq 2012, win a free pass or get 30% off admission


Today Qualcomm announced the keynotes and agenda for their Uplinq 2012 mobile developers conference and we are celebrating the event by giving away a free pass to one of our readers. The conference will be held June 27-28, at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront hotel and will cover the Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, HTML5 and Brew platforms.

Qualcomm’s developer network, QDevNet, will also sponsor a pre-conference Mobile CodeFest & Hackathon on June 26 for hardcore coders. The event will include device giveaways, provide coders hands-on, deep-dive training on how to exploit leading mobile technologies to create extraordinary user experiences. The hackathon will end with a lightning round of presentations, with judging and awards totaling more than $50,000 immediately to follow.

Uplinq 2012 keynote speakers and breakout sessions

Keynote speakers include:

  • Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, chariman and CEO of Qualcomm
  • Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box
  • Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, charimand and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation
  • John Hering, co-founder and CEO of Lookout

Super session topics this year are:

  • How Do Developers Take Control of Their Destinies in a Cross-Platform World?, a fireside chat between Rob Chandhok, senior vice president of software strategy for Qualcomm and president of Qualcomm Internet Services, and Ben Wood, director of research for CCS Insight
  • Snapdragon Processors Powering the Next Million-Dollar App, presented by Raj Talluri, senior vice president of product management for Qualcomm

Uplinq 2012 breakout sessions will cover such topics as:

  • Growing the Ecosystem: The Future of HTML5 Web Apps
  • Designing Graphics & Gaming Apps Across the Snapdragon S-Class Tiers 
  • MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) LTE Gaming
  • Developing Connected, Proximity-Aware Apps with AllJoyn
  • Drive Consumer Engagement with Vuforia
  • Premium, Freemium, Bundles & More: The Evolution of Brew App Business Models
  • Harness the Rise of the Machines: FastCV, Accelerating Mobile Computer Vision
  • Trends in Technology & Digital Content in Education: An Untapped Market
  • The Windows 8 Platform for Metro Style Apps
  • Diving Into the Windows Phone Market: Should I Make the Jump?
  • Nokia’s Inside Track for Developers to Leverage Its Devices, Reach & Relationships
  • Tapping into the Next Generation of Location-Based Applications
  • Accelerating your Android Application with Renderscript and LLVM

Get 30% discount on admission

The registration price for Uplinq 2012 is US$375, but our readers can get 30% off using a special coupon code. The price includes registration for the pre-conference Mobile CodeFest and Hackathon (limited to 300 coders). The Uplinq 2012 registration page can be found at

Uplinq 2012 30% discount code: UB2012

Win a free pass to Uplinq 2012

As we mentioned above, we also have a free, 1-time pass to give away to one of our readers. If you live in the San Diego area and are able to attend, just leave a comment below to be entered to win. We are looking for someone who has experience with Android development, so include a link to any apps you have published in the Google Play Store to increase your chances of winning.

Source: Uplinq 2012

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  • CTown

    Sounds like it will be a good time. Never thought I would see LLVM be used in an Android project. But then again they do have similar licenses, right?

    I also agree that HTML is going to get even bigger as desktop applications use HTML more. I think iTunes has been using HTML for a while and Qt not only includes Webkit with its own bindings; but it also includes many ways to use Javascript such as the XML-like Qt Quick can use a lot of javascript:

    Sorry for being off-topic but has Qualcomm announced a Quad-core Krait yet? If not will the do it soon?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yes, QCOM announced a quad-core Krait (APQ8064) that should be shipping in devices by end of this year.

  • Dennis Lee

    I’m a developer in San Diego, I would like to go to this event.

  • Dominique

    I’d like to attend! I haven’t developed an app yet, but went to an Android Developers’ meeting about speech recognition and am very fascinated! I’d like to attend this event to network and get into the development scene. Pick me!!!

  • jaduino

    This would be cool to go to. My only question is why would they hold this during the exact days of Google io???

  • Dominique

    Would love to check this out and learn more about Android Development as well as network with other developers out there! No app under my belt yet, but would definitely like to create one and I hope to get inspired at this event!

  • Homncruse

    Wait… it overlaps Google I/O? What a CRAZY weekend for tech conferences!

    Will any of the staff from Android and Me be attending, or will you all be at Google I/O?

  • vinay


    I am a software developer in San Diego. Looking to attend this event for networking.


  • Nathan D.

    Going to be a busy day for reading =)

  • peyman hesami

    A new employee at Qualcomm San diego, love to go!

  • curdriceaurora

    Would love to go. Count me in.

  • nick

    I’d like to go, please and thank you.

  • Jorge Branco

    Did anyone else initially think uplinq was some awesome new wifi speaker setup, designed by qualcomm?

  • Erich Cervantez

    I’d LOVE to go! And I have an Android app that you’ll love too…WordCam!

    WordCam allows you to re-construct images (gallery or camera) from scratch using only text (words) and various fonts. This is known to many as “typographic art”.

    Here’s some examples:

    There’s two versions, Free and Pro:

    If you have any questions, let me know but I thought you’d love to take a look ;)

  • Adam Jones

    Not in the San Diego area, but couldn’t i just buy a plane ticket? I hope so. I’d love to go to a conference like this. Rub elbows and network. Learn more about the equipment. Here’s hoping!

    link to my apps on Google Play Store

  • melissa lamoureux

    i went to the 2007 Brew Conference (as it used to be called); i had only been working for QC in QIS for 6 months or so. only a few of the QIS staff got free tickets to the after party. the day of the after party, i saw Paul Jacobs in the hall at the convention center and asked him if he happened to have an extra ticket for the party. he said, “let me check. what is your cell number?”. 20 minutes later, he text me that he had a ticket for me. the most generous & coolest guy around!!

  • Erik Roessing

    I would love to attend. I’m an android developer from San Diego that has a interest in SnapDragon. Here is a link to my apps.

  • Pavan

    Any one attending Uplinq Event, San Diego? We would be glad to meet and discuss our solutions/offerings and possible synergies in Mobile, Telecom and Social Media Space.

    Request you to visit and please get in touch with us at pmadiraja @

  • Darshana

    I am android developer in San Diego. I would love to be a part of this event!

  • Arun Kumar Karka

    I live in San Diego. I am working on Android Apps for Sony’s Google TV. I am learning daily about android platform. I want to attend this event and I will be really happy if I can get a free pass for this event. :)

  • Mohammed Alam

    Yes, I live in San Diego. I will like to learn about more in Android since we are in application development space