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Weekend threads: Next Nexus, Galaxy S III sexy?, pentile displays, best Android browser


Happy Cinco de Mayo! We hope everyone is out enjoying the weekend with their friends and family, but we also wanted to share some of the liveliest discussions from our community this week. We recently launched Threads so our users could share their voice and talk about the topics that matter the most to them.

Best threads of the week:

What is a thread? You could think of them as a community forum, but we have introduced some unique game elements to make people think twice before posting. Each thread costs a user 20 points, but they have the opportunity to earn them back if people leave comments. Check out our docs section for the low down.

Our very own Clark is hard at work implementing some exciting new features for threads, but I’m sure he would love to hear your feedback if you have any suggestions on things you would like to see.

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  • Joel

    Hey thanks Taylor, sometimes I forget to check for the latest Threads, ‘Best Threads of the Week’ is a pretty good reminder.

  • txbluesman

    I do like the threads and don’t mind using my points. Thanks for having a place for us to speak. Keep up the good work Clark. Can’t wait to see what you have coming up.

  • androidindia

    threads are fun :D we need categories though !!

    • jaxidian

      There are already categories (things like “Smartphone/Tablet”, “Opinion”, and some others), plus there are Tags. If you’re not sure exactly how to tag your thread, take a look at the various AndroidAndMe bonefied articles to see how they tag them, and follow along.

      That said, I wish the categories and tags were a bit more useful/flexible. I don’t think they’re really used at the moment.

      • androidindia

        well thank you :D

  • spazby

    i love the addition of threads, makes the site even more interactive….

  • arie

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