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Vote in the TegraZone Player’s Choice Awards and win a free ASUS Transformer Pad


NVIDIA is celebrating the first year of TegraZone, the best place to find the hottest Android games for your Tegra-powered device. ASUS, NVIDIA, and Android and Me are partnering on a sweepstakes in which readers can vote on their favorite Tegra games for the chance to win the new ASUS Transformer Pad. Read on for the full details.

About TegraZone

Tegra Zone

NVIDIA debuted TegraZone one year ago and it now boasts over 3.5 million installs. Over 1.5 million unique visitors have used the app during the past quarter and the average user visits every 3 days. NVIDIA has also helped developers gain exposure for their games with an average conversion rate of 19%, compared to the 5% average conversion rate of Google Play. There are now close to 40 games optimized for Tegra devices and we are seeing the quantity and quality increase every month.


My favorite TegraZone Game


I’ve played so many Tegra games and enjoyed a lot of them so it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think I got the most enjoyment out of Shadowgun. I originally scored the game 7/10 for being too short and lacking a multiplayer mode, but the developer recently released an expansion pack with more levels and the free online multiplayer game is coming soon. Check out my full review of Shadowgun to see why bounty hunting has never looked so good.



First TegraZone Player’s Choice Awards

Scan to vote.

Starting today and running through May 31st, users can vote for their favorite Tegra games in three categories. Every user that votes in the TegraZone Player’s Choice Awards will be automatically entered to win a free ASUS Transformer Pad from NVIDIA.

Award Categories include:

  1. Best Graphics
  2. Best Gameplay
  3. Overall fun

Once the votes are tallied, the winners will be announced on June 6th at E3.

Vote now in the TegraZone Player’s Choice Awards

The Prize: ASUS Transformer Pad Prize Pack

Running latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the ASUS Transformer Pad is a value packed tablet that with multi-color style, and productivity with expandability when connected to the mobile dock. With a 1.2MP front and 8MP rear auto-focus camera with large F/2.2 aperture and exclusive office software, staying connected and productive has never been easier.

Gaming to go prize pack includes:

  • ASUS Transformer Pad
  • ASUS Mobile dock
  • Logitech game controller
  • Jambox Speaker

How to Enter

For week 1 we’re going to make it super easy for you. Simply leave a comment below and you’ll be entered to win. We normally allow anonymous comments, but for this contest you will need to be a registered user to leave a comment. Not signed up? It only takes seconds to join.

Multiple comments are allowed on this post, but each user will only be counted once. The winner will be chosen at random, so don’t bother downvoting each other.

Multiple chances to win: Users can win a tablet from Android and Me or NVIDIA. The Player’s Choice Awards will be running for several weeks, so be on the lookout for more chances to win an ASUS Transformer Pad. As each week passes, we will make winning a Transformer Pad take a little more effort (like starting a Thread).

Contest Rules

This contest is open to residents of the United States, Canada, UK and Germany. Entries will be accepted for one week after the contest goes live. We’ll announce the winner on this page and on our Twitter account as soon as we draw.

Contest Winner

Congratulations to golcarcol who scored our first Transformer Pad prize pack!

Source: TegraZone Player's Choice Awards

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • impulse101

    Shadowgun all the way! If I had a Tegra 3 then maybe it would be Dark Meadow!

  • aerohoff

    Yeah shadowgun is pretty awesome

  • spintrex

    Playing GTA III on my S II felt pretty awesome…especially beating the last mission.

  • jmc5377

    Shadowgun is an awesome game!

  • Hall Lo

    The Transformer Pad is surely a beautiful and powerful device ;)

  • Zach Stewart

    Wow, that is a great giveaway.

  • Probiewankenobi

    I still haven’t gotten a chance to play a Tegra game on a tablet. I’d love to get the opportunity to.

  • fradster

    Tablet me please!

  • janusPrime

    Need Tablet ASAP! :D

    And by the way: Androidandme(andme) :D equals AWESOME!!!

  • daveloft

    Shadowngun definitely, I had it on my OG Transformer. Would love to play Shadowgun THD on a new Tegra 3 ASUS tablet, especially considering I don’t have an Android tablet right now.

  • BriGo

    I would love to win the tablet to play these games.

  • bellken

    Shadowgun looks awesome, it would be nice to get Tegra to play it.

  • mikeystyles

    Been Trying to find a tablet that fits me & my budget but this would be perfect for my start-up business plus I’ve never won anything before hahaha…..Oh Ya Love ShadowGun FTW Lol!!

  • jeffb34

    I love my Tegra Tablet!

  • Doug Wesson

    Great tablet and site….read for the news, stay for the giveaways!

  • impromark

    Games such as Shadowgun would get me to wear down the pad’s thumb control areas for sure. Please let me win, O gods of fate!

  • Glenbot3000

    *insert generic comment*

  • eioous

    Best graphics: Riptide
    Best gameplay: Shadowgun
    Overall fun: Shadowgun

  • Patrick Mahoney

    Dark Meadow

  • dandroid4g

    I want one!

  • Al Lopez

    Although they’re already awesome on my phone, I would love to play Shadowgun and Riptide on a Transformer Pad!!!

  • clarkeblaise

    Would love to take this baby home!

  • Chris Lewis

    If I dont win this I will be buying one next week!!

  • jacobsloan

    Tablet + me = happy

  • willmoser


  • Adryan maldonado

    Such nice device. I’ve read that the wifi and gps work better.

  • ASUDave

    I need the prize so that I can play some of these TegraZone games.

  • txbluesman

    Sure is a lot of comments when there is a give away.

    • WlfHart

      There sure are. Especially new 0-5 accounts.

  • surg3d

    Bought Shadowgun during a sale. Epic win. I really had no idea this type of gaming was possible on a mobile device. Really just an awesome experience.

  • David Gomez

    nice i love these contests

  • mabramson1

    Would be great to win!

  • Pallen

    As for the reason I would like this tablet! I am still using a Palm Tungsten E2 PDA. Does this count as needing a newer device?

  • sic4672

    gimme gimme gimme!!

  • xen13

    Me me me me!

  • smeghead68

    Looks great! this should be nice

  • NegaNexus

    I will surely become the king of nerdfighteria with this tablet.

  • KujiRA

    For tablet, I definetely want Transformer Prime from Asus ;)

  • SanzaBlancoAkA2C

    Shadowgun ftw!

  • shimawn

    I’ve always wanted an android tablet, I hope I can get one right now!

  • atul0002

    i wish i Had a Tabwet :*(

  • Brennen1

    This tablet would just be great

  • Tony Torres

    Shadowgun is awsome on my phone but, it would be even better on a tablet!

  • netbay00

    I love my Tegra and Shadowgun. A tablet added to mix would be a great time enhancer!

  • Alec Waddelow

    Shadowgun is a hell of a game!

  • Greegoor

    Need bigger mobile device for books and scribbles :)

  • tobin_o

    Badly need… my current laptop is about to die… c’mon, c’mon :)

  • classic_hero

    shadowgun is a fun game, maybe Ill play some NOVA 3 on this tablet as well? :)

  • No_Smoking

    This site is great! Always love the contests.

  • Always love these give aways good luck to everyone.

  • Lewis McGeary

    Worth a shot!

  • Grandmaster

    is it too late to join in

  • Schmidty850

    I would really love if I could win this, I so want this tablet.

  • Boding

    I would love to finally get an Android tablet.

  • Hugo Ramirez

    I can haz???

  • Baron Munchausen

    Would love to win one so I can give it to my gal.. Always enjoy using ASUS products when I build desktops.

  • isidorus13


  • GEnx320

    Still hoping to pick up one of these. Winning one would just make my life easier! Thanks guys!

  • gstorrs

    I want to win. Pick me.

  • Greg


  • james_lee46

    sweet. this would be cool to have

  • josegb2011

    Give me now..I command youuu… from the most bad ass tablet dell streak 7

  • jcsoccer


  • cmorris

    I find games much more enjoyable on tablets than my G2

  • simulant

    Hello and welcome!

  • mexman

    i’d have to say ShadowGun

  • Explodee

    It’s my birthday this week and if I won this that would be amazing!

  • JoshJ47

    Rlly want this tablet!!!

  • sangheon96

    I enter this contest. I luv playing shadowgun!! i luv nvidia

  • Androidcrazed6

    I say riptide!

  • heeros

    I’d love to vote on the TegraZone event, but I haven’t played any of the games since I don’t own a Tegra device.

    Please help me AndroidAndMe!!


  • JayB95

    Tegra 3 is awesome. That is all lol.

  • maormark

    Tegra 3 is awesome want it

  • martinsm9

    I want it

  • krishna sheth


  • stfjonz

    I want to win!

  • alexleonard

    Count me in :)

  • christiaangombert

    “This contest is open to residents of the United States, Canada, UK and Germany.” Why is the Netherlands left out of this contest?

  • desean

    I would love to get this Pad! Good luck everyone!

  • acuda27


    I’ve been wanting an Android tablet. Hope I win!

  • Ope

    This could be my future tablet :-D.

  • Shawn Clark

    The perfect tablet for any occasion of any day.

  • sciroccohsd

    Shadowgun THD ftw.

  • Quizzy317

    Shadowgun all the way for best graphics!! Truly console quality

  • arj

    Vendetta Online is great…bet it rocks on the new TPad.

  • edsondj

    I want one!

  • slyder0244

    Awesome I couldn’t join in the last contest. Hope I win this one.

  • another581

    Zen Pinball THD it is. Because I like to bounce those hard balls and juggle them around for my personal pleasure. No homo intended

  • aj34

    Shadowgun is my fav. Thanks!

  • eon69nc

    The transformer is the best ever, does it really matter what game, Android is the best

  • Grant Molden

    The Transformer series leads the way! Android!

  • ms20422

    Don’t be a suck-up everyone… I love you Android&me, please be my Santa

  • colyne11

    Well I don’t need an android device. My phone has a full physical keypad and it folds! Let me see your smartphone fold in half, kicking the cool 160′ Fonzie flick…nevermind that’s how poor I am. I am a level 99 2G master

  • saranghyun

    If you don’t give that to me, I am going to throw myself on the ground wining like a stubborn kid and never stop crying.

    Not really, thanks for offering a chance to win the holy mighty Transformer. If not I’ll just go into my spot on the corner and cry…

  • daniellelove3333

    If I miss this chance, it would be emotionally harder than a breakup with my boyfriend…

  • christinec3c3

    Probably all the guys are winning these giveaways since the fact is that majority is indeed male in all tech sites…It kind of sucks to be a female when it comes to technology; Don’t undermine me, I run CM9 overclocked and undervolted on my Samsung Fascinate. I hope I win the Asus Transformer Pad…that will definitely prove that you guys care about girls too.

  • hkz4lf

    Love me some TegraZone

  • peterkenne

    Back in the day just under a decade ago, very few people used laptops during lectures, but these days laptops are considered as stone tablets next to an android tablet. I wonder what would it be like a hundred years later…Asus Transformer Pad will likely be a pickers’ find out of an old abandoned garage, looking like an ancient technology.

    But as of today it is the latest piece of technology, so I want it.

  • sohyunpark20

    Goodbye, notepad
    Hello, Pad!

  • Juan Almanzar

    This would be a fantastic bundle to win. One which I would use on a daily basis.

  • isovich

    Still want one! come one let me be the winner please!

  • mstofle

    …This is the ultimate package for extreme internet addiction; working, walking, seating on toilet, driving, eating, while being argued by my wife, during night, during sex, anytime everywhere. We are not the consumers; this bad Apple f*cker will consume us.

  • johnmayfield44

    I will let you smash that package right into my face. I am gonna be jolly as a kid after dental anesthesia even with a nosebleed and a probable brain damage.

  • peterbbbbb

    is it over?

  • ffkelsdmq

    I posted a comment just now, but it is not appearing here…possibly an error?

  • cb2000a

    Shadowgun for sure…

  • awundrin

    Count me in…been dreaming of owning a Transformer.

  • tymberlin

    I’d love to have one…thank you for doing this giveaway. I really do.

  • Burnd

    Lame. Dutch people can’t enter the contest. :(

  • lhopki01

    Sweet! I’ve wanted a Transformer since the original came out.

  • Roger Rabbi

    Hmm, there’s more than meets the eye here…

  • javon27

    My son has abused my OG Transformer. Would love a new tablet for next semester!

  • DrewJaeger

    Thanks for the contest. Please enter my name in the drawing.

  • ranwanimator

    Jumping in on the off chance that the contest is still going on. I voted for Shadowgun and Demolition Inc.

  • eldenW

    I wanna play some ShadowGun

  • Duncan Mackenzie

    I really need a tablet to give to my girlfriend so she can stop stealing my phone. Thanks

  • CrCross

    Would be nice to win. But I have the worst of luck when it comes to contests or gambling. But I can’t really complain since I think I’ve been very lucky at other things. Anyhow good luck everyone.

  • gmaninvan

    Ooooh yes please!! I have to say GTA is the best. Can’t beat the classics. I remember playing the original overhead version back in the day. It was an excellent game then and still is now!

  • jtownspowell

    Since only about 70% of my time is wasted playing with my current gadgets, I’d say I could use one of those…

  • SomeAudioGuy

    This is the tablet I want to buy! Winning one would be SO much nicer…

  • dunner87

    What an awesome prize pack!

  • Mark Beaty

    Transformer Pad would be sweet! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  • Rik-Sik

    Dark Meadow !

  • mdiciero

    Here goes nothing

  • sungam

    What’s my chance of getting this awesome Tablet?

  • jamesj

    Shadowgun plays great on my galaxy nexus.

  • alee

    Well, that was easy! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  • pudgypanda3

    I want to play sprinkle on this tablet

  • No_Smoking

    oh my gosh I want to win this! =D

  • jimmy2027

    Count me in too!!! Let’s get this on!!

  • parental92

    love to join!

  • Jkthomas33

    Wait for it….. Wait for it…. I did and now the TF300 is out and I would like one.

  • Nathan Cheung

    Nothing beats Sprinkle. Fun, creative and look amazing.

  • tacehtxilef

    i cant wait to play gta3 on the bus to learn how to hi-jack it when im late for work

  • YMS123

    I would love to try the Tegra 3 version of riptide

  • Yonas

    Hallelujah, another competition neither you and me will win !

  • marilyn70

    I would love to play Sprinkle on this awesome tablet

  • G3K


  • coggy9

    I’d love to win again.

  • Surge1

    Deez tablets…….

  • YellowDucati

    Do want!

  • MrMrMan

    ME sure could use one.

  • steve19137

    *generic comment about how I deserve to win*

  • aggiesherpa

    This would be a great wedding present for me!

  • fatal3rror

    Already enjoying Tegra 3 on the One X, can’t wait to try it out on a tab!

  • tkminter

    yes please!

  • tsanikgr

    pretty sure I will never win.. but I will never stop trying either!

  • dpleus

    Got a Tegra 2 device, would love to see a Tegra three.

  • b.assenza

    I want a transformer pad so bad! Quad core goodness.

  • dja808

    Ready to catch up to 2012 with my first Android Tablet!

  • SSJGohon

    Insert random witty comment on why I should win.

  • TunedFish

    I almost missed this

  • coryteague

    good luck to everyone! I would love to see the difference in the Tpad and Tprime!!

  • verset

    I’ve never won anything before and I’m really really interested in the asus transformer. You should definitely pick me. Plus I love AndroidandMe!

  • lew247

    Winning this would be much better than getting the new Galaxy S3

  • Varindarpal Bhaura

    Getting in it, to (try) and win it! 8-)

  • halo0

    I would enjoy winning.

  • Healthy

    whu whut. jeah lets win this

  • Tonio_00

    I sceam, U scream, We ALL scream for ICE CREAM!!!!! Theres goes my opperuity to say something cool and witty.

  • nmccart

    Sign me up as the next winner!

  • Dopos

    The device I’d be happy to own

  • champlification


  • Spaniard85

    Would love to get in the Android tablet game!

  • vachea

    Such a device would surely help me do homework and write documents so much more proficiently while reading more

  • droid tider

    Transformer prime goodness!!!

  • cola

    Sign me up captain. Good luck to all ~

  • nephroid

    These are the androids I was looking for.

  • smithey253

    Yes please!

  • Rory Oldham

    Such an amazing device. Really want one.

  • cyanslowly

    Get chance!

  • li tsai

    Check this out. I’m leaving a comment

  • bigdeezer20

    Definitely Shadowgun. Good luck everybody.

  • David Shellabarger

    Love Shadowgun. Love Android. Perfect combo.

  • GUI_Center

    Shadowgun ftw. Would love to play it on a tablet!

  • smwinn7

    I would love to get in there and try out all the tegrazone games, especially on a rip roaring fast prime


    Shadowgun is my favorite! Love playing it on my Tab 10.1. Would love it even better on Tegra 3!

  • Fone_Fanatic


    This is the best tablet currently out and about to be undone by the TF700T! :D

  • anikko

    That game looks great! I’d like to give it a play. On the tablet that I win of course.

  • motzvi

    This wud b gr8 if I wud win :)

  • flip3547

    Shadow gun for sure, here’s to hoping my son gets an early birthday gift!

  • nwilliam3

    I’ve never been a big gamer, but this would certainly give me a reason to start.

  • NateDogg

    Sweet! I have only played these games on my old tmobile LG G2X, they were awesome!

  • Kashim

    Well maybe lady luck will make me a visit. She’s usually cheats on me with other people and she hasn’t been coming round much lately ;-)

  • tdurd3n

    I want a Transformer Pad.

  • tinym

    This is a great contest! I know who will be gifted a great prize if I win.

  • djembeman

    Really want an ASUS Transformer of some sort. PadFone looks awesome!

  • ama332

    I’ve been looking at the Tegra Zone games list for awhile now, but I would really need a Tegra device to weigh in on what’s best (hint hint).

  • seaps

    I could use this bad boy. First tablet for me. Come on…

  • trvbone

    I’ll take one !!! I can has no tablet

  • AceoStar

    By the power of greyskull!

  • pespence


  • thelazy8

    Count me in!

  • varref

    yes please….

  • andy1005

    I want it!

  • MDK

    Always wanted the Prime!

  • dancow

    pick me

  • KingCrow02


  • Marcus

    I really hope I’m not too late to join. Haha

  • daguilar1975

    Here we go! This is it! I’m going to get it this time. I’m going to start shopping for a decent case.

  • Chamboncito

    It would be great to have an ICS device, my droid2 still has six months on the contract :(

  • Craig LeBaron

    Nice looking device. Those Tegra games should look awesome on it!

  • dark_funk

    Enjoying my Tegra 2 tablet, would love to try out the Tegra 3. The TF300 is a mighty fine looking tablet.

  • Dan Jones

    Oh, I want that so much. The only table I have now is a sucky Kindle Fire. If I had this tablet, my KF would become just another ebook reader (or maybe I’d just give it to my 2-year old).

  • Laurentiu V.

    Very nice price. Great tablet.

  • Ruben Alvarez

    Almost time.

  • MrQuestion

    I’m planning on buying one, but winning one would be even more awesome.

  • Brandon Thomas

    i think this would be a wonderful complement to my Tegra Powered Toshiba Thrive!

  • tweetyscute

    Thank you for the opportunity to win. These look like awesome machines

  • uribam

    Tegra Zone app came on my galaxy tab. It’s showed me so many great games.

  • Abideen Mohamed

    I would love to win this AWESOME prize pack!

  • propilot72

    Ironically I have been obsessing over the ASUS Transformer pad tf300 at my desk all day. lucky I found this contest. would love to play shadow gun on it if I won. And would love to stick charts on it and use it when I fly.

  • David Keller

    Winning would be awesome. Boom.

  • lion766

    My favorite would have to be Riptide GP.
    Tegra 3+ Transformer Prime/Pad+ Riptide GP= 100% pure awesomeness!
    Why? It nails the graphics with awesome splash effects for Tegra 3, which make it a super fun game to play! Riptide for the win!!!!!!!!

  • RootMe

    Love Shadow Gun THD and Dark Meadow but have never actually played, only youtube vids.
    The Transformer Pad would be great because it doesn’t have the GPS problems like the Prime and has Tegra 3=awsome gameplay

  • Ashish Raj

    May my gut feeling be right this time… & choose me as the winner!!

  • Zeratoda1

    well good luck everyone… may your chances be just as fair as mine :D

  • Scottyb112

    Thanks AndroidandMe, as well as Asus & Nvidia tegrazone for the chance to win this awesome prize! If only I’ll be so lucky ;)

  • agwednesday

    I’ve been saving up for an Asus tablet for a while now. Asus FTW!

  • mvndaai

    Pick me, pick me ;)

  • nc54

    Win win win!

  • markstcn

    Don’t pick mvndaai!! Pick me :)

  • Bradley

    Yes please

  • Jiltedae

    Congrats, golcarcol!

  • nouninou

    i had no chance in my intire life

    i dont know why i steel have hope what ever hope i win

    good luck bothers