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Gaikai and NVIDIA to bring next generation console gaming to Android with GeForce GRID


Cloud gaming on Android is going to get a shot of adrenaline later this year. Today at the GPU Technology Conference, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced that their new Kepler chip was the world’s first GPU for cloud computing and it would be powering Gaikai‘s multi-platform gaming service.

Gaikai’s open cloud gaming platform offers a fully managed system that is optimized to deliver high-end video games and applications within seconds to all leading web browsers, operating systems, and devices. The Gaikai app is already available on Facebook and it will be coming to Android devices in the second half of this year.

Gaikai will work on on types of displays.

We have already seen other cloud gaming platforms like OnLive, but they suffered from lag and didn’t offer a wide variety of brand new games. Gaikai is focused on next-generation titles from the leading game developers and they say they have fixed the lag problem with the help of NVIDIA.

GeForce GRID will offer the same game experience as traditional consoles.

NVIDIA’s Kepler chip allows for virtualized GPUs so a single server can power thousands of low-latency remote displays. Gaikai has designed custom servers and distributed them in data centers across the globe, and they claim to offer the lowest latency, highest quality experiences possible.

To demonstrate the technology in action Gaikai showed off an upcoming game called Hawken that was running on the ASUS Transformer Prime. This first-person shooter mech game looked amazing and it easily topped anything we have ever seen on Android. The developer Adhesive Games says Hawken will be available on December 12th, but we expect Gaikai and other games should hit Android before then.

Right now we don’t have a release date for Gaikai on Android, but I highly suggest you play with their Facebook app for a quick demo. I just wasted a good 30 minutes playing Dead Rising 2, and I can’t wait for this service to come to Android devices. Check out Gaikai’s promo video below to get a feel of some of the other games that are already available to play.

Does this look like a service you would pay to play on Android?

Source: NVIDIA

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  • jaxidian

    I would need to see what I should expect in compatibility with future devices, but this looks promising!

  • Nathan D.

    If I can play crisis two between classes at school with out them blocking me I would sooo be on this like white on rice, this will make my friends so jealous =)

    • Anonymous

      If ur school tries to block you world wide resource then set up a torweb… just google it.
      I don’t feel like explaining it lulz.
      ; }~

  • Oskar Wismierski

    Looking at the chart, I would want one of those cloud gen 1 thingis lol

  • YMS123

    More relying on the cloud and high speed internet, = less expensive hardware, that’s the future

    • LukeT32

      Good thing we are all on capped data plans

      • Anonymous

        That’s why u use wifi… if u use ur data for gaming then ur just crazy!
        : }~

  • NamelessTed

    I will need to test it out for myself at somepoint, but I don’t use Facebook so I won’t be doing it that way. I know from experience that past versions of Gaikai and OnLive have been totally worthless due to the massive amount of input lag involved. Not to mention the god-awful compress video quality made all the games look like a console game through composite cables.

    And I realize that this service is targeted at the casual market. If they can improve the input lag drastically but still have low quality visuals, then that would be good enough for that market. But something like this would be a LONG ways away from being possible in the mainstream/hardcore market.

  • CJ LaFleur

    This is a dream come true! this kind of thing could be the beginning of the end for consoles as people can just play amazing games on a computer or mobile device from the cloud! This will change gaming forever making it more accessible at lower prices, and at higher quality with nvidia’s amazing GPUs. This is the ultimate gaming partnership!!!!

  • Yonas

    Say good bye to Admin rights,and welcome to office,school and work gaming ! :D

  • Minkiu

    Gaikai has been advancing in the shadow OnLive casted, and seems to be working in the right direction, let’s see how all this ends :D

    • Anonymous

      2 yrs later n all we have is OnLive
      But OL is still good… just waiting for GaiKai for android which I guess is now being called Grid bcuz Nvidia took over to help fix lag issues that OL was previously having. It has yet to launch but it is right around the corner.
      Grid will have GaiKais library and a bunch more features. I have seen stuff bout it supporting PSN purchases so all ur old digigames will show up just by logging in to Grid and connecting ur grid acc with ur GaiKai acc that should in turn be connected to ur PSN acc… so yup all looks good… who needs big bulky consoles when u can have just 1 portable device that does it al