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Rockstar Games lowers Grand Theft Auto III to $0.99 for limited time, Max Payne still MIA


Rockstar Games is celebrating Memorial Day weekend with a special sale on Grand Theft Auto 3 by lowering the price to $0.99, starting today through Monday, May 28th. The game normally retails for $4.99, so take advantage of this 80% off price before it’s too late.

Grand Theft Auto 3 is one of my all time favorite console games, and the Android port lived up to my expectations.  I’ve sunk hours into this game when I was traveling, and it’s still fun to pick up and play. The touch controls are great, but the game also supports controllers. I’d suggest the Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710 (Amazon has it for around $40) which connects with a USB receiver or the OnLive Wireless Controller that connects with Bluetooth.

In other Rockstar Games news, we are still waiting for the release of Max Payne. We have been waiting on the Android version since last year and we thought it would be released on April 26th, but it keeps getting delayed. Hopefully the game will be arriving any week now.


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  • spazby

    great game at a great price

    • Jeff Pan

      $1.08 with tax

  • ranwanimator

    Since when do they apply tax to play store purchases?

    • Trinhbo

      It depends on the state that the developer account is from.

  • spintrex

    Worth it when it first came out for $5 and even more now. One of my favorite games for Android. Can anyone say Metal Gear Solid to Android ?! lol

    • inviolable

      I do not need to lose more hours of my life on yet another platform offering of Metal Gear Solid…..

      But I would definitely buy it -_-

      • spintrex

        I’m in the same boat mate…. There’s just some really great games out there that you can play several times and it still be some good ol’ entertainment

    • Tony

      Metal Gear Solid to Android

  • Nathan D.


  • McLovin

    I must have already gotten this last Christmas during a sale.

    This item is not compatible with your device: T-Mobile HTC T-Mobile G2

    It is compatible with: Hp HP Touchpad

  • Mark

    And bought, I had the game on PC back when it came out, not normally my kind of game but worth it for when I’m bored and want to run my tablet in console mode (attached to a tv with a controller).

  • matb321

    Wtf….no atrix 2 support……argh….

  • inviolable

    I’ll probably get this now just for the hell of it

  • Max.Steel

    Govt trying to steal more money. There shouldn’t be tax on an intangible purchase especially when it’s transmitted to you wirelessly possibly form a server in another state.

  • uknowme

    Oh still incompatible with my Evo 3D…sadness continues.

    • tmihai20

      Why is it still incompatible??? I would really love to play it, for old times sake.

  • Himmat

    WTF. All 4 versions of the game cannot be installed in my country!!! Like WTF seriously. I’m living in Malaysia btw.

  • MobileGameDOODZ

    There is a huge indie game sale going on ! Check it out

  • mikeyDroid

    For the record, this is my favorite game on Android. Controls are blamed for a few deaths and mishaps, but they’re as good as they can be for a game like this on a phone… Buy it!

  • Patterson

    Great game!