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7-inch Google Nexus tablet shipments to reach 600,000 units in June for a July launch


The latest rumor circling the fabled 7-inch Nexus tablet claims that ASUS will soon be ramping up production of the tablet and will ship roughly 600,000 units of the device in June in time for a July release. According to the report, the Nexus tablet is expected to sell between two and two and a half million units between July and the end of the year.

Originally, the Google Nexus tablet was expected to launch in May, but the tablet launch was postponed to make changes to the design and find way to reduce hardware costs even further.

While there have been plenty of Nexus tablet leaks over the past months, Google has never officially acknowledged that they are working with ASUS on developing a tablet. Our assumption is that Google will keep things under wraps as best they can before officially unveiling the device during Google I/O in late June.

Originally, the Nexus tablet was rumored to be based off of the $249 ASUS MeMo 370T which was shown off at CES, but more recent reports indicate that Google may want to reduce the price even further by not including a quad-core processor, though we now expect that the Nexus tablet will likely ship with NVIDIA’s quad-core Kai platform.

We may not know exactly what Google has planned for its budget friendly Nexus tablet, but we’re sure that it will force Samsung, Sony, Asus, Acer, Motorla and other OEMs to produce basic tablets which will directly compete with the likes of the Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet.

How many of you already own an Android powered tablet? How much would you be willing to pay for a decently spec’d 7-inch Nexus tablet?

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Source: Digitimes

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  • jaxidian

    Exciting times!! Too bad it’s a bit too early to expect Jelly Bean on these guys but I might need one of these! Do we have any rumors if they’ll have a SIM card slot?

    • Nick Gray

      To my knowledge, there is currently nothing to indicate that the Nexus Tablet will have a SIM card slot. If the goal is to make a cheap tablet, it will most likely only feature WiFi connectivity.

      • McLovin

        Sadly the Google design (Nexus) seems to not have an SD card slot. Please let it have a user replaceable battery tho and a stylus!

        • Pallen

          In fact we do not know. The Asus 370T DID have a micro SD slot, IF they do base the nexus the CES 370T tablet, then we could see the micro-SD card slot. A user replaceable battery would be nice but I don’t know of a 7″ tablet yet that does. I think it will come with ICS and be upgrade-able to Jelly Bean later. Of course it will also be a WiFi only device to keep the price down. One thing I hope they do change from the 370T is to swap the Rear only camera for a Front camera, although both would be welcome.

        • thel0nerang3r

          I’m yet to see a tablet with a user replaceable battery. Is there one?

          • ipshdg

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            Signal repeater is an effective equipment which designed to pick up the outdoor reception from service provider’s cell phone tower and amplify it. Absolutely loved it!

          • Pallen

            I only know of the 10″ Toshiba Thrive, the 7″ Thrive is not.

          • bolpen

            Yes, the ZTE V9.

          • vike

            Oddly enough, I have an original Nook, and it has both a microSD slot AND a user replaceable battery. Not exactly a tablet, but still a perfectly serviceable book reader to supplement my Android handheld. Interesting that some things go backwards.

      • jim Andrew

        google tablets with removable batteries and sim slots some are now dual sim

    • sgb101

      We don’t need a data slot, we can all tether.

      I’d stup up £250-300 at a push. I’m on the look out for a tab, as my iPad 2, is starting to look a bit long in the tooth, these days.

  • Slith

    My birthday is the day after the Google conference. Just saying…

  • rantmo

    I am ready and willing to stoop to positively childish levels in order to get some manner of confirmation from Google about this, that is how badly I want them to take my money for a 7″ tablet. I haven’t decided on openly sobbing, holding my breath or flopping to the ground for a good, old-fashioned tantrum, but so help me; if I don’t get something solid soon, I will make a decision/ass of myself until I get my way.

    Your move Google.

  • halo0

    It has to be $199. I wouldn’t pay more for a screen that is just over 2 inches larger than my phone’s.

    • redraider133

      Yet you get stuck with a contract and a price the same if not more than that for something with as you said 2 inches smaller……

  • skugern

    I would certainly pay $200 for a “Nexus” tablet, meaning no bloatware, as a superior alternative to the Kindle Fire.

  • deanex

    why did it take this long? there should have been a nexus tablet out last summer!

    • Arcospark

      There was – it’s called the Nook Color. Root it, put your favorite flavor of Android on it, install BOTH the Kindle App and the Nook App and you have the best of both worlds, plus full Android market access. #Winning

  • Sascha

    7 inch only? As much as I’d love a Nexus tablet, I would never buy at this cippled screen size.

    • sgb101

      Imho 7″ is the sweet spot. I have an Ipad and find its just a tad large to be proper portable.

  • Mix

    $200 is the sweet spot for me and this tablet but in Canada I expect a $249 price point.

  • NasLAU

    I would pay exactly 0.00 dollars for a 7″ Nexus tablet. I would buy a 10″ version without a doubt. But I’m getting too much value from a Kindle Fire + Amazon Prime membership to make a tablet of the same size worth it. Nexus or not.

    • txbluesman

      What? I mean what?

  • shadhussain

    $200 and i’m getting one for my parents and one for my in-laws to replace all their computing needs (i.e., video chat, emails, browsing and youtube).

  • Vance

    I would consider selling my prime and buying a 10″ nexus tablet, but not a 7″.. for me, at least. I may selfishly snag one of these, though, and wrap it up for my daughter’s birthday (she turns 3 in Oct.) :)

    • jay

      lol I got my son a 50 inch led for my son he’s 1

      • kiddy

        neither do i. i am the only kid i have. that’s exactly why i want this toy so bad… :)

    • NrowS

      … unless he’s using his daughter as an excuse for getting himself one of these! =D

  • bellken

    I hope its early July, I got some Bestbuy rewards money to spend.

    • uknowme

      Probably going to be a Google play exclusive for a little while.

      • Antony

        Google Play doesn’t work fully in a lot of countries.
        Unlikely, that Google ready to sell Google Nexus phones and tablet via own online store in CIS, Africa, Middle East and other and other…

  • nmccart

    I would love to see a Google-branded Nexus tablet. Maybe that will finally give me the push I need to get a tablet!


    As for what we have available right now, I think people would pay up to $250, but they would be way happier if it was $200 but even people that say they wouldn’t buy a 7-inch Nexus tablet would buy if it reaches $150.

    • JayB95

      I’d buy it for 250 if it has hdmi and either ext sd or 32gb on board storage.

  • Arcospark

    I have the Nook Color (the original, not the “Nook Tablet”) which is rooted, has Gingerbread loaded and a 32 GB microSD card. I installed both the Kindle App and the Nook App, so I shop both markets for the best price.

    To buy a Google 7″ I would be willing to pay $250, but it has to have MUCH more than the Nook has:

    That means, quad-core
    More built-in RAM but still expandable
    CAMERAS – front and back – that clearly beat anything else in the tablet/phone market
    Microphone – with software to control filtering, background, voice change, etc.
    A super-duper color screen
    Gorilla Glass or something similar that will not scratch and not require an anti-glare screen
    Nice to add: Great Speakers – plural – we want LOUD STEREO like a boom box, in a small package. (Talk to Bose – it can be done!)

    I don’t want/need 3G/4G service. I’ve used my Nook for over a year with WiFi only and it’s not a problem.

    Anyone think this is too much to ask for…or not enough?

    • RMXO

      You’re asking too much. Bose speakers would make the tablet in the 499+ range just like their over-priced speakers.

    • Antony

      I am also want bluetooth, and, probably, GPS (unlikely in Tegra SoC, but I still want it anyway).
      Bluetooth need to wireless garnitures and bluetooth peripheries like gamepads, mouses, keyboards, external GPS and others.
      GPS would be need people, who still don’t have a smartphone. 7 inches very comfortable for car’s navigation and even walks or rides bicycle – 3.2-4.7 inches displays not very comfortable, IMHO.

  • Pallen

    Just waiting to see how close it will be to the original CES 2012 370T specs. I am hoping for the new “Kia” Quad Core platform, mSD card is a must, Front cam only(although original 360T spec called for a Rear cam only), a Nice screen and Battery life.

  • JabbaDaHutt

    I would buy a Nexus 7″ if the screen is IPS & would spend from 199-249 tops. I already have a Prime & don’t want to pay as much as I did back when they were first released. Plus, I have a MediaPad with IPS.

  • Tal

    I would buy it only if there is no bezel. If a 5.3″ can get into a pocket with minimal bezel, then they can make it so also with 7″. Otherwise I am not in on this device.
    On the other hand with minimal bezel AND SIM card, it may be my next phablet!

  • Healthy

    yeah. this is what i’ve been waiting for. i’d probably buy it as soon as it showed up on the play store.

  • guyb99

    I love my GNEX phone and have an iPad 1 so minimum for me is front and back cameras.

  • MrQuestion

    I’m hoping to see some official information soon, since I really want a tablet and am thinking about getting the Asus TF300.

    If this one really hits the $/€199,- mark, it would be the one I’m getting. Even with a 7″ screen.

    So, Google, come on and hurry up with the announcement.

  • Sheila

    I will pay $250 for one! In preparation, I just purchased The Verizon Jetpack 4620L off contract from Amazon. I also switched from my Verizon 3g Tablet plan to the Verizon 5g Mobile Broadband plan. I don’t know what Verizon will do with it’s data plans and I want to be grandfathered into the $50 5g plan.

    I currently have the Galaxy Nexus with unlimited data and the orginal 7″ Galaxy Tab from Verizon.

  • Trinhbo

    I think it would retail for $250 because it would be a better value than the Kindle Fire if this device has front/rear cameras, mic port, better screen, faster CPU, etc and would compete with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.

    However if they really want it to sell like hotcakes, they should sell it for $200 and take a loss on the hardware but make more money on the back-end with app purchases in the Google Play Store (Android Market).

    • rantmo

      That’s the thing, they don’t need to compete with Samsung and more importantly likely don’t want to. Samsung isn’t really a competitor, Google is better off with Samsung where they are now; as a partner and vendor. This tablet is an attack on Amazon and to a lesser extent Barnes and Noble. Those are the real competitors because they’re developing their own ecosystems.

      They could make a killing at the $250 price point but at $200 they get to change the market.

  • Matt

    Wow for $200 we are down to chinese knockoff prices. I’d still pay serious cash for a 4:3 nexus tablet

    • impulse101

      4:3 is disgusting. Anyone that wants 4:3 ratio and isn’t somethat time traveled from 1973 needs to be shot

  • Daniel Smedegaard Buus

    The 7″ form factor is *exactly* what I want in a tablet. I want something that’s light and small-book-sized, perfect for reading, and which also wouldn’t be annoying to put into a (large) pocket and carry around with you.

    The Samsung 7.7 seems like a great option, what with its AMOLED screen which is perfect, but it’s a tad pricey considering the specs (when compared to the Excite 7.7 which also has AMOLED but unfortunately fake metal plastic crap (keep plastic plastic for christ’s sake!!!)), it has proprietary connectors, and it’s not Tegra…

    A 7″ Tegra device in this price range is so attractive that I’d have to think up arguments NOT to buy it unless it’s hideous, of course. In which case I’d wait for other vendors to present something similarly prices and specced with a decent design (i.e. either metal or just regular black plastic, which is nice because it is what it is, instead of trying to look like something it’s not).

  • Mediagerms

    Now this is what i was looking for!
    Iphone , Galaxy now Nexus Cool competition is ahead. But what next? But i think they need to foucs on their Apps store as well they need some serious development for their stores

  • guyb99

    “might appeal to geeks” – where exactly do you think you are? LOL

  • rantmo

    You’re right that the OS version means less to the general public than it does to the fans that read sites like this (though I would argue that the OS version matters a lot in terms of device quality.) Where you’re way off-base is in thinking that the OS version is the brand name; that is utter nonsense. This Nexus Tab is going to have one of the best brands in the known universe attached to it: Google.

    • rantmo

      It’s true that all Android devices are ultimately tied to Google but there’s a big difference between that and being Google-branded. If you look at the various Droid phones the branding is Droid/Motorola and Verizon *not* Google. The Nexus line isn’t yet synonymous with Google but it’s getting there and I suspect that, given the Play Store’s recent addition of Nexus phones, we’ll be seeing that push very soon. I don’t say this as a Nexus cheerleader, I’ve never owned a Nexus device, I say it because it’s a reasonable analysis.

  • Janson

    I’d get 3 if the cost came in at $250 or below. I’ve been waiting for something like this and am getting impatient. if it costs much more than that I just have to fold and get some Fires…

  • Vyrlokar

    I own an OG Asus eee Pad Transformer. It’s certainly handy, but I’m finding that there’s a sweet spot between my phone (currently an HTC Desire) and a 10″ tablet that would be filled perfectly with a 7″ tablet. I was going to buy the original MeMo for 249 bucks, but a Nexus tablet for 199 bucks, I’ll get it sight unseen.

  • shadhussain

    this is the same tired old argument against nexus devices (e.g., no brand recognition and google can’t make/sell/market hardware) and android (e.g., laggy, doesn’t work, clunky) that’s been thrown around since the nexus one came out. but somehow android on phones has chugged along, gotten bigger (literally), better, more stable, giving different users (general consumers and geeks) who are at different price points an opportunity to enter the mobile revolution.

    so it’s just natural for android blog-following tech geeks to be excited of a “potentially” new chapter of growth for android … this time on tablets. i doubt outselling/killing ipads is google’s goal here (a pretty unrealistic one if that). they can coexist and cater to their own markets, because there definitely is a market for android (see latest stats) and those users might just want a tablet. and they might just need a nexus push …

    • Pallen

      This comment deserved two pluses’s +1 so here you are.

      • shadhussain

        why, thank you! if only plus-es could be monetized … is there an app for that?

  • rauelius

    I already own a Transformer Prime and an Iconia A100, and I’m STILL going to order this from the PlayStore the moment it’s available for sale/pre-order.

  • uknowme

    I think you are a little off with your assumption. First this isn’t meant to go after the iPad. This is 2 things. First it’s Google getting its feet wet personally in the tablet market. Second this is about a pure Android experience. Most people that purchase Nexus branded products do so because they like to root and customize.

  • aranea

    Personally I’d rather pay a little bit more and buy a 10 inch tablet. 7 inch ones are just a little bit bigger than a phone and I already own a Nook touch to read books. Transformer prime for example works really well for browsing, games and watching movies.

    • Pallen

      As one of those who chose not to buy a nook and wait for a 7′ tablet with full features I will enjoy the 7″ form for reading as you do, as well as any other variety of Apps I choose from Google play. I do not have a 10″ budget to play with and 7″ is great for me to be somewhat more portable as well.

      • aranea

        For reading books e-ink screens are the best in my opinion. LCD or amoled screen tire my eyes with light coming directly to my eyes while e-inks are very soft. And I do reading at the beach too which as you all know is great on an e-ink and very hard on a tablet screen. So if you’re going to do mainly reading get an e-ink one.

  • jamal adam

    I can’t wait till they finally release this baby. If the price is right, which, from all these rumors and sources, looks to be right, I am more than willing to give Google my money.

  • bk11222

    I’m surprised the recently released samsung tab 2 7.0 was not mentioned. I think the 7 inch tablet is perfect for my needs ie a reader (news and books), email and light browsing. I’ve had this since its US release and really like it. only 2.5 inches bigger than my skyrocket but i feel 7 inches is the sweet spot for a tablet

  • icbolsh

    If it was closer to $150 I would not even think twice. If itwas $200 I probably wouldriously consider it. AnyAny higher and I would just wait and see if I could get it cheaper later. I am really happy with my or Asus Transformer. But a smaller tablet for the family especially while traveling would be gret(then they will leave mine alone). I buy only Nexus phones and love Asus so far, so this sounds great.

  • masterpfa

    For a decently spec’d 7″ tablet i would be prepared to pay £149-250 (approx $199-300) and I would assume a Nexus tablet to still be a quality tablet too.

    I won’t speculate on what features it’s likely to have but would like to add a minimum wish list
    1. Decent capacity 16-32GB
    2. Recent CPU Tegra 3 or S4
    3. Quality screen with high resolution

    • aranea

      + at least 1gb of ram

  • hector

    Count me in!

  • RocketDroid

    As the Kindle Fire has shown, there is a definitely a large market for a low priced 7″ tablet.

  • Skis03

    I will totally get one of these.

  • SanzaBlancoAkA2C

    I will be selling me Acer Iconia A100 asap. Definitely getting one of these.

  • bambang

    hopefully it will be all country when relesed it, if it true, than worth waiting for, if not then maybe it will be Acer A101

    • Pallen

      for me if this unit never came available i would have purchased the Galaxy 7 plus or the Toshiba thrive 7

  • mcjw

    I wish it has a special non-glare matte surface. IMO that’s the difference between eye fatigue and comfort, not to mention fingerprints.

  • awundrin

    I’ve been waiting for this and can’t wait until I can buy one! Almost gave in last month – was going to buy the HTC Flyer but Talked myself into waiting for this one! 7 inches is a great size for me as I am on the go a lot and don’t want to lug around a big tablet.

  • MoSDeeb

    Google I/O can’t come soon enough. I am really curious to see what Google has been cooking up for a tablet device.

  • Neel Gupta

    Already own Nexus One & Galaxy Nexus.

    Definitely buying 1 @ $250
    probably 2 IF $200
    maybe 3 IF $150